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WWE Monday Night Raw – July 29 2013 Coverage

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Weekly recap video package hyping last weeks Daniel Bryan winning three matches last week plus the focus for tonight’s matches.



Vince McMahon & Brad Maddox comes to the ring to kick of Raw. Brad apologizes for letting Cena choose his opponent (Daniel Bryan) Vince goes on to explain what a troll is. Vince list all the negatives with Bryan. Vince ask Brad how he really feels about Daniel Bryan & his music hits. Bryan comes to the ring & says the words from Brad about him came from MR. McMahon. Vince says nobody interrupts Vince McMahon Damn It!. Bryan says that everything he has done for WWE, Vince never gave him a chance. Vince fires back with do you respect John Cena. He says yes because he picked Bryan. Vince says Cena was lying about all the complements about him. Vince says Cena is making him a fool.  He says Bryan can’t beat Cena because he doesn’t have ruthless aggression. Vince says he doesn’t want Cena to win because he walks around like he owns the place. Vince says he doesn’t want Bryan to win either. Vince mocks Bryan height & the way Vince wins is Bryan & Cena disappear. Bryan says if Cena is Lying then he will have hell to pay. Bryan mocks Vince then says it doesn’t matter what Vince thinks it matter what They think & let the yes chants starts. He says they want a new Champion at Summerslam.


The Shield Vs. Mark Henry & The Uso’s
Ambrose & Henry start things off, Mark with a push then right hands followed by a hip toss. Rollins is now in but tries to slam Henry only to get countered then a hip toss to him. Reigns tries it, They square off for a test of strength but Henry with right hands a hip toss. Henry tags in Jay off the tag with kicks in the corner now with Jimmy in off the head butt for a count of 2. Jimmy with a headlock but backed in allowing Rollins to get some quick shots in. Quick tags in & out by the shield until Jimmy puts a boot to tag Jay then a clothesline off the the hot tag. Jay with a suplex then a tag by Henry. Mark misses a elbow then Ambrose is all over him til he tags in Rollins. Henry powers out then a double clothesline to both guys out of the ring then sends Reigns over. Here comes the Uso’s with a suicide dive to the outside. Back from break with The shield in control beating down Jay until Jay fights out with a jaw breaker then Ambrose misses a shoulder block in the corner. Rollins gets the quick tag to break up the hot tag. Jay back body drops Seth & tags in Henry. Mark goes for a power slam but attacks the rest of the shield. Ambrose gets in the ring but gets power slammed. Reigns spears henry then Jimmy gets a tag & a cross body off the top rope. A super kick to Rollins then goes for a splash off the top rope on Ambrose but puts the knee’s up & finish it with his finisher for the win.



Winner: The Shield



After the match Henry attacks the shield & sends them out of the ring.



We get a backstage segment with Ryback at catering & he intimidates this one guy over saying something he didn’t say. Damn bro eat earlier. He then slams the guy through the table.


Wyatt Family Video package is shown.

Kane looking for Wyatt Family in Brad Maddox office make Kane think about Destroying Bryan.



RVD VS. Fandango

A side headlock by Fandango with shoulder block then a kick & roll up by RVD. They lock up then once again with shoulder block then a super kick out of nowhere by RVD. RVD goes for a dive but jumps on the rope then hits a moonsult. Fandango kicks RVD then a leg drop to the back of the head 4 a count of 2. Fandango with knee’s to the side of the head & locks in a headlock until RVD fights out with elbows but Fandango lays in some forearms then a kick to the head for a count of 2. Fandango goes to the top rope but RVD moves then a kick to the head followed by some clotheslines. RVD with a slam then nails rolling thunder. RVD with a monkey flip & a kick followed by a spring board kick & goes for the 5 star frog splash but Fandango walks out causing the count out.



Winner via Count out: RVD



After the match Fandango gets on the microphone & says his name.

Backstage segment with AJ Lee complaining about Kaitlyn to Big E. Langston.


Kaitlyn Vs. AJ Lee

Some right hands then AJ works the left arm. A bit of offense but AJ lays her out with a flying knee then works the left arm some more. Kaitlyn fights back then goes for a slam but thrown into the corner. A high elbow then some clotheslines, A side walk slam & goes for the spear but AJ puts the knee up for a count of 2. They trade shots then a arm breaker for a count of 2. AJ continues the total dominance until Kaitlyn fights back clotheslines then out of nowhere Kaitlyn hits the spear for the win.



Winner: Kaitlyn



AJ throws fit then Dolp Ziggler comes out & makes fun of her. He calls for a match with Big E.


Dolp Ziggler Vs. Big E. Langston

Right hands from Dolp until he runs into a knee from Langston. Big E runs into a boot then Dolp goes for the splash in the corner but caught & a big belly to belly slam. Langston nails a big stepping splash for a count of 2. Langston with a bear hug until Ziggler gets out with elbows then goes for a cross-body but caught & several back breakers for a count of 2. Langston with a chin lock then clubbing shots to Ziggler. Langston with a spear in the corner & he goes for it again but Dolp moves & into the the post he goes. Dolp with right hands then a drop kick. Dolp goes for a cross-body but caught again then Langston goes for the clothesline but is sent outside. AJ attacks Ziggler causing the DQ.



Winner Via DQ: Ziggler



After the match Dolp hits the Zig Zag on Langston



John Cena & Daniel Bryan have a Backstage segment with Bryan accusing Cena of lying.


Christian Vs. Alberto Del Rio

ADR quick on attack with right hands then a headlock then Christian with a knock down. A right hand followed by a head take over until ADR brings him in the corner & puts the boots to him. A suplex by ADR for a count of 2. Christian with right hands but a knockdown by ADR for a count of 2. He goes for a suplex but blocked then goes for the stepping right hand but blocked & is kicked in the midsection. Christian sends him hard to the outside. Christian goes for a baseball slide but ADR moves then sends him to the ring steps. Del Rio with a drop kick to the arm in the steel steps. Del Rio continues to beat down Christian until ADR goes for the DDT off the top rope but blocked with one of his own for a count of 2. They trade shots but Christian with a drop kick for a count of 2. Christian with a side step then a roll up for a count of 2. Del Rio with a clotheslines & a headbutt. ADR goes for a suplex which he hits then sends him to the apron but Christian hits a shoulder block & the slap. Christian back in the ring gets caught with a back breaker for a count of 2. ADR comes off the top rope with a back splash but Christian moves & Christian goes for the spear but ADR goes out & back in the ring allowing him to hit the superkick for a count of 2. ADR calls for the arm bar but goes for the eniziguiri but misses then Christian goes for kill switch but blocked & ADR locks in the arm bar but reversed into a roll up for the win.



Winner: Christian


Cody Rhodes Vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett on the attack but when he goes for a suplex its blocked then a right hand by Cody but clotheslines out of the ring by Barrett. Wade bounces his head off the barricade, Back in the ring where Barrett with a double handed suplex. Barrett sends him into the corner then racks the eyes. Cody with right hands but not for long as Barrett hits a stepping back breaker for a count of 2. Barrett with a headlock but Cody fights out with right hands then irish whips him in the corner & climbs up for the moonsult which connects. Cody with right hands then a kick & one to the midsection followed by a knee to the face. Cody misses a spring board kick & Wade goes for wasteland but reversed & hits cross rhodes for the win.



Winner: Rhodes



Damien Sandow comes out saying Damn you for throwing MITB briefcase. He filed a complain against him. He makes fun of his mustache & down grades his family. He says Rhodes is below him & walks out.


Daniel Bryan Vs. Kane

Right hands by Kane to show no love lost then kicks by Bryan but a knee to the ribs of Bryan by kane then a quick roll through into a boston crab but gets out of it. Kane with right hands & sends Bryan into the corner followed by a big boot. Kane with a right hand & several kicks. Kane with a suplex for a count of 2. Kane with a chin lock but Bryan gets out with elbows but is caught by Kane who suplex him for a count of 2. Kane with an elbow, He locks in a chin lock once again but Bryan gets out once again as well with elbows, Bryan with several kicks until he is put down with clubbing blows but he is like the energizer bunny with more kicks & comes off the top rope but caught & Kane goes for the chokeslam but Bryan sends him outside. Here comes Bryan with the knee off the apron. Back from break with Kane clotheslines Bryan but a knock down by Bryan. DB goes to the top rope for a missile drop kick. He hits 2 drop kicks in the corner for a count of 2. Bryan comes off the top rope but caught. Back & forth until Kane goes for the chokeslam but in mid air reverses & rolls him up for the win.



Winner: Bryan



After the match Kane chokeslams Bryan then the Wyatt Family attacks Kane & lays him out.


Brie Bella Vs. Natalya

Back & forth until Nattie goes for the sharpe shooter but Nikki comes out with a quack whistle to distract Nattie & Brie rolls her up for the win.



Winner: Brie


Curtis Axel Vs. R Truth:

Kicks by Axel to start it off then a side kick out of nowhere by Truth. Truth with a front suplex for a count of 2. Truth goes for the scissor kick finisher but blocked & a knockdown by Axel. Truth fights back with right hands but walks into a drop kick then a neck breaker but Punk pulls Axel  out of the ring & sends him to the barricade. He goes after Heyman but gets away. Ends in a no contest.


Tables Match: Ryback Vs. John Cena

They lock up but Cena clotheslines Ryback out of the ring. Cena goes outside & sends him into the barricade. He grabs a tab;e but Ryback knocks him down. Right hands by Ryback then sends him head first into the ring post. Ryback tries to take Cena out with a table but runs into the ring post. A sudden commercial break then were back with Ryback in control. He notices that most of the tables are plastic & sends Cena into the steel steps. Cena runs Ryback into the apron several times. Cena tries to suplex Ryback through a table set up on the apron but blocked & Ryback hits one of his own on the floor. Ryback grabs another one & slides it into the ring.  Back in the ring Cena locks in the STF but Ryback gets to the ropes to crawl out of the ring. Cena throws a table at him but Ryback goes under the ring & from the other side he spears him. Ryback rams steel steps into the head of John Cena. He grabs another table for no reason but Cena with right hands goes for the AA but Ryback beats him down then tries to suplex him threw a table but Cena reverse it. Ryback gets steel steps & breaks a table. They both have steel steps & square off to only throw them at each other. Back in the ring they trade right hands then lays him on steel steps to hit the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena brings another table in the ring but Ryback picks him up for somewhat of a slam. Ryback nails meat hook then tries to spear Cena threw a table but Cena moves & Cena AA Ryback threw the table for the win.



Winner: John Cena



After the match Daniel Bryan comes out screaming Yes! & hands Cena the WWE Title to end the show.

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