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WWE Monday Night Raw 9.23.13 Results

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We get a Recap from Last Weeks Raw, Daniel Bryan & Triple H continues feud. Also Superstars from the back coming to his aid.



All the Babyface Superstars who came to Daniel Bryan’s aid are standing on the stage. Triple H & Stephanie come to the ring to address the situation last week.  Triple H thanks them to helping Bryan & For finally being Men. He adds & says that it had nothing to do with Bryan but RVD speaks up & says they were fighting for Bryan. Triple H says Bryan has more chances at the WWE Title than Dolp Ziggler. Stephanie picks out R Truth & Zak Ryder but the reason they aren’t WWE Champion because of the Shield? Triple H says the Shield has beaten down all of them. Triple H are going to give all of the Superstars a chance to take out their frustrations on the Shield tonight. It will be an elimination Handicap match against them, Their partner will be Daniel Bryan.  They thank the WWE so we will have the chance to vote for an opponent against Randy Orton tonight.



Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kofi Kingston 

Del Rio with a cheap kick & a shoulder block, He beats him in the corner than throws him back in but Kingston reverse & clotheslines him out of the ring. Kingston hits a front senton to the outside. Back in the ring, Kingston hits the 10 punches in the corner then an uppercut for a count of 2. Out of nowhere Del Rio with a kick, ADR hits a snap suplex for a 2 count. Del Rio with a head lock & more offense. He stays in control until Kofi fights back with punches & drop kicks him out of the ring. Kingston goes for a outside dive but ADR goes to the corner & they stare off to commercial break. Back from break ADR in in control & working on the arm but Kingston gets out of it when he tries going for a roll up. ADR continues to work the arm but once again Kingston gets out of it. Kingston puts him up in the corner but out of nowhere ADR locks in the arm bar on the ropes, Back in the ring where Kofi rolls him up for a 2 count. ADR with a clothesline, He comes off the top rope but Kingston drop kicks him down.  Kingston with some clotheslines then a drop kick, He gets kicked in the arm but Del Rio. ADR runs into the SOS for a count of 2. Kingston with a kick to the chest then hits boom drop. Kingston goes for trouble in paradise but blocked by ADR who turns it into a german suplex. He kicks him in the back to flatten him & ADR calls for the end, He goes for the arm bar but blocked & goes for back breaker but Kingston hits a SOS for a count of 2. ADR runs into a kick & Kingston spring boards a move but he misses it. Del rio throws him into the corner & locks in the arm bar for the win.



Winner: Del Rio 


Miz Was about to do a backstage interview but Triple H interrupts & says due to his injury he can’t fight Randy Orton but He can have a Miz TV with Big Show.


Wyatt Family Vs. Prime Time Players

The Wyatt Family are in full control & Eric gets in with the mask, He suplex Young. A elbow drop then some tag team work in the corner. The Family are in control until O’Neil gets the hot tag. He cleans house & Young takes out Eric but when O’Neil turns around Luke takes him out with a massive clothesline.


Winner: Wyatt Family


Bray Wyatt Takes out Young with sister Abigail.


Lord help us, Miz TV time with Big Show.  Miz asked why Show is letting Triple push him around. Stephanie comes out & tears apart the Miz. Says that Orton destroys him last week. She says Miz isn’t a big player but when they give him a chance to be someone but always fails. Stephanie tells Big Show to knock him out & he does. Bam wam thank you mam.

Randy Orton Vs. Rob Van Damn

Orton takes control early on with Right hands but RVD with a wild kick to have Orton roll out of the ring. RVD takes him down the several kicks in the corner & a kick to the face in the corner to have Orton go outside once again. RVD with a soccer kick then goes for a spring board but Orton takes out the leg of RVD. Back from break with Orton in full control but when he goes for an RKO he is kicked in the face & rolled up for a 2 count. TVD throws him in the corner & lands a touch kick. RVD goes for the frog splash but Orton gets up & RVD lands a front senton but Orton kicks the rope to knock him off. Randy sends him into the barricade then spine first into the exposed barricade.



Winner Via DQ: RVD


Randy Orton talks down to Brie Bella about being with Daniel Bryan.


Backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon & AJ Lee about her tag team match tonight.


Fandango Vs. Santino Marrella

Lots of comedy from Santino then misses a cross body. Fandango throws him around for  a bit. Santino makes his comeback with a head butt & when he goes for the Cobra Fandango nails a suplex then nails the leg drop for the win.


Winner: Fandango


CM Punk comes out & talks about how he let everyone down by not beating Paul Heyman. He says that he is proud to be from Chicago & talks/ compares how he gonna get back up & finish it off. Heyman comes out on a scooter singing, He brings up clips of Ryback putting Punk threw a table at NIght of Champions. Punk fires back by saying will his two guys get to Punk before punk can get to him. He says he is going to rip his face off. Heyman says bye & tries to leave but his scooter won’t start but Axel & Ryback attack him from the side. It was a set up & Ryback puts him through a botched table.


Daniel Bryan & Faces Defeats The Shield

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