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WWE Monday Night Raw PBP Coverage (10-8-12)

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We kick things off with John Cena Coming to the ring & he says he missed the wwe universe. He’s only been gone for a week but it felt like a year he said. He runs down some different superstars feuds & whats going on with them then makes fun of them. ( Aj, Tag team champions & Antonio Cesaro) He hypes up the show  & who is gonna be on it.

Cena then focuses his attention on cm punk & says he will fight cm punk at hell in a cell ppv.

Cena leaves the ring but what ryback comes out & gets ready for his match.

Ryback Vs Primo & Epico

Both epico & primo are in the ring. Ryback slams both guys then epico slaps ryback but gets thrown in the corner. They double team him with drop kicks then a back drop on him for a count of 2. Ryback trying to battle back but can’t, they continue to double team him.

Ryback comes back with a big drop then clothesline both guys twice. Ryback hits his finisher on both men for the win.

Winner: Ryback


We’re back with the Funkadactyls and Brodus Clay, who “boogie” down to the ring for what seems like to be in-ring action against R-Truth, but Truth begs off, claiming Little Jimmy’s going through some changes, puberty to be more exact, and just wants to strut his stuff tonight instead of seeing Truth fight. Clay, Naomi, and Cameron oblige and start dancing with Truth and Jimmy.


Vince McMahon comes out & address the state of the wwe. wow this soon ok what you got to say Vince. He says people want to see the best vs the best & every kind of entertainment there is. Cm Punk Comes out & says that vince is disrespecting him. Punk says it because he won’t fight cena at HIAC PPV. He ask Vince if he respects him & vince says he respects how long punk has been champion but doesn’t respect him for being a heyman kind of guy. He isn’t a cm punk guy but punk goes off & says he is the best in the world.Vince says he needs to shut up & says how dare him say he is the best of all time.

Punk goes off about steve austin & says he should be beat down vince McMahon just like steve austin did. He says that vince has been slaping him in the face for years then slaps Vince in the face. Vince stands up & says he gonna fight him tonight.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Vs Prime Time Players
Cara & Darren young starts this off & cara gets the offense going with a arm wipe then a hurricanronna. Rey is tagged in then young is thrown outside the ring & lays out young then cara lays out Titus O’Neil. Back from commercial & young has control with a body lock on cara. He gets thrown off the top rope & cara hits a tornado ddt. Rey gets tagged in off the hot tag then hits some signature moves until the pin attempt gets broke up. Cara gets laid out by young finisher. Rey hits 619 then the splash off the top rope for the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

In the back Cm Punk & Paul Heyman talk about the match with Vince McMahon tonight.


Wade Barrett Vs Sheamus

They tie up then in the corner they grapple but then the big show comes out to commentary.

Back to the action sheamus take a head lock. Sheamus hits a flying clothesline that transfers into a side head lock. Elbows in the corner by Barrett then beats down sheamus.

He gets suplexed by sheamus then Barrett kicks sheamus in the face but walks right into a knee that knocks barrett out of the ring. Sheamus misses a kick on the apron & wade knocks sheamus of the apron to go to break. Were back & there brawling, Wade gets thrown outside of the ring. They even brawl out there & barrett is using the steps to his advantage. Wade throws sheamus back in the ring for a count of 2. Wade puts a head lock on sheamus then a big knee to the midsection of sheamus. Further beat down by Barrett then barrett uses several knees to midsection & a big kick to the face. Wade comes off the top rope but misses the elbow drop. Sheamus hits a clothesline then ax handles , couple knees & misses a scope slam. Wade going for his finisher but is thrown outside the ring & gets clubbing blows to the chest. Tensi comes to the ring for the dq & Wade helps out to further the beat down as big show just watches but Sheamus probe kick to tensi. Show throws sheamus hard out of the ring. He slammed his head hard on the mat as big show just walks away.

Winner by DQ: Sheamus

A Video Package Of John Cena on the Kelly & Micheal Show today.

Antonio Cesaro Vs Tyson Kidd

Cesaro is on the attack first with a shoulder & elbow strikes. An wrist lock is applied but tyson is out of it quick then an arm drag that transfers into a roll up for a count of 2. Cesaro throws tyson in the corner & hits a double kick to the chest. He slams tyson thats followed by a headlock but tyson gets out of it but tyson is thrown outside the ring. Kidd kicks him in the chest twice & back in the ring he hits a over the top rope roll up for a count of 2. Spring board elbow drop is reversed then Cesaro hits an uppercut then his finisher for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Dolp Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio Vs Team Hell No

Daniel Bryan & Ziggler start things off with them tieing up then an arm drag by ziggler.

Ziggler tags in adr but then knocked down by bryan with kane being tagged in. In the corner kane working on the left arm of adr. ADR continues to get beat down until he kicks kane in the face to allow ziggler to get tagged in. ziggler gets uppercut then drop kick to the jaw. Ziggler beats down kane in the corner like a dog on bone but is thrown outside the ring. Bryan knees ziggler in the face. Back from commercial Bryan is double teamed then a drop kick. He tags in adr & double team bryan even more. A headlock by adr but bryan battles out of it & rolls up adr for a count of 2. Ziggler is back as the legal man as the beat down continues. A neck breaker by ziggler followed by an elbow & adr is back in after even more double team by adr. A kick to the back followed by more strikes in the corner but it doesn’t last long with bryan dishing some punishment of his own. A short big of offense by bryan is stop with an headlock by ziggler. Ziggler misses an splash in the corner but adr is tagged back in with more beat down & side slam. A big slam to bryan with kane breaking the pin attempt up. Ziggler once again in the ring with kicks but they go in a brawling mode until adr is back in the ring. Ziggler misses a shoulder block in the corner& kane is tagged in then goes for double chokeslam but is reversed with ziggler hitting a face plant for a count of 2. Side walk slam by kane that is followed with bryan being tagged in & a missle drop kick that breaks up the count. Vickie is distracting bryan allows ziggler to get a roll up for a count of 2 but a kick to the head of ziggler then followed by kane hitting a chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Team Hell No

Larry King & his wife are interviewing The Miz. Miz says everyone should sing happy birthday then Kofi Kingston comes out & talks about Sacramento. Miz makes fun of Larry King & his wife throws water in his face. Kofi & Miz start brawling.

Cody Rhodes & Damon Sandow Def Santino Marrella & Zack Ryder

Cody & Zack starts things off fast with several quick pin attempts. Damon is in off the double team thats transfers into a headlock. Cody is back in with a big kick to the midsection. Damon is back in off the quick tag in but not so fast more double team by cody. Santino is tagged in & goes for cobra strike but is spring board drop kicked to the face for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes & Damon Sandow

After the match Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre beat down Marrella.

Backstage Segment with Paul Heyman trying to talk Vince McMahon out of the match tonight.


Divas Championship Match: Eve Torres (c) v. Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn’s long-coming match for the championship. Kaitlyn with a pair of hip tosses, followed by a clothesline for a two, then a takedown for another two count. Fireman’s carry into a backbreaker. Eve slips out and kicks the bad ankle. Eve goes after it, but Kaitlyn counters into the backbreaker, which only hurts the ankle further. Kaitlyn goes after Eve in the corner, but another shot to the ankle and then Eve locks in a Brazilian Heel Hook, and eventually Kaitlyn has to tap.

Winner and still Divas Champion: Eve Torres


Vince McMahon Vs Cm Punk
As vince is making his way to the ring punk attacks him from behind & beats the hell out of him. In the ring vince takes down punk & they brawl back & forth before punk kicks vince in the back of the head. Punk throws vince outside the ring then slams his head into the announcers table. Vince throws punk into the post & over the announcer table. Vince says hes gonna treat him some respect and flys over the table. Back in the ring we go & vince grabs a kendo stick but punk leaves the ring in fear. Vince grabs the wwe title & slaps Paul Heyman. Cm Punk grabs another kendo stick then goes in the ring. Vince beats down punk with the stick but punk low blows vince then beats him down with kendo sticks. When punk goes for the gts ryback comes out. John Cena throws punk back in the ring & ryback goes for his finisher but punk escapes. Vince says punk needs to make a decision time. Punk can choice Ryback or John Cena if he doesn’t than Vince McMahon will make the choice for him to end the show.

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