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WWE Monday Night Raw PBP Coverage (9-24-12)

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Paul Heyman & Cm Punk is in the ring as punk is sitting in a chair. Heyman says justice will be dished out. A video package of last weeks match with cena pinning punk & heyman saying/ showing that punk’s foot was on the bottom rope. Heyman wants the referee to come out to the ring. The referee comes out & He says that he made a a bad call. Heyman says to resign but he doesn’t feel like he shouldn’t. Punk then goes off on him & asking who is. He says he is an replacement then heyman gives him a sleep eye wear with wwe & NFL logo’s on it. Punk says aj lee should be fired then she comes out. She tells the referee to go to the back then heyman says she is out here to serve justice to the WWE champion. she says that isn’t going to happen & punk shows a video package of why she doesn’t like him from 2 months ago. He says that reminds her how crazy she is if she will reverse the decsion on the call last week. Heyman grabs the mic, gets on one knee & ask her to marry him. He offers her all these idea’s if they were a couple. She slaps him & leaves the ring.


Kofi Kingston Vs Dolp Ziggler

Before the match truth throws soda on Vickie & Truth with Vickie gets thrown out of ringside.

Both me start with kicks to each other but kofi gets the advantage & throws him outside the ring. Ziggler on the outside of the ring, Kofi fly’s over the top rope. Back from commercial ziggler is in full control & puts a sleeper on him. Kofi battles back & in the corner ziggler fly’s into the corner but misses. They exchange blows but kofi gets the majority with several punches. Kofi hits the boom drop & misses trouble in paradise. Couple of reverse then kofi springs board of the top with a clothesline for a count of 2. Kofi hits a cross body of the top for another 2 count. Ziggler hits the face leg drop for a count of 2. Ziggler goes for zig zag but misses then kofi hits SOS but for a close 2 count. Kofi goes to the top rope but ziggler try’s to reverse it but ziggler comes off the top & kofi hits a crossbody for a count 2. Kofi misses the spinning kick then gets thrown in the corner & ziggler hits zig zag for the win.


Winner: Dolp Ziggler

We get a video package of last weeks smackdown between Bryan & Kane.

A Segment between Daniel Bryan & DR Shelby in a diner.


Zack Ryder & Santino Marrella Vs Prime Time Players

Zack & Darren starts in with ryder hitting a front body splash into a count of 2. Ryder runs into the ropes then a headlock by young. Ryder comesback & tags in Marrella. He hits a diving head butt. Zack gets thrown outside with young then santino goes for the cobra but Titus Oneal is the legal man & Titus hits his finisher for the win.


Winner: Prime Time Players

Mick Foley is out in the ring talking about what happened to cm punk & wants to know why he has changed. Cm Punk comes out to the ring. Punk asked if he is plugging a new book & why is foley here. Punk says the he became somebody & finally realized it because he is a Paul heyman guy. Foley brings up hell in a cell ppv & he say’s he knows that match very very well.

Foley adds that he never asked for respect but earned it. Punk says what does he want & the old cm punk back. How well by stepping in the ring with John Cena at the PPV. He says that foley is beneath him & he wants to be the longest reigning champion. Foley says that he needs to be a legend. Hey says that Punk Vs Cena at HIAC ppv for the title & all punk has to do is say yes or no.
Ryback Vs The Miz

They lock up but then miz starts with kicks but ryback gets mad then throws him in the corner & throws him in the middle of the ring. ryback slams miz with a running slam & slams his head in the matt. Miz gets outside the ring & they run around the ring but miz kicks ryback in the barrier.

Miz with several kicks into the pin attempt for 2 but Ryback power bombs miz then a fan gets in the ring. ryback spears & hits his finisher for the win.
Winner: Ryback

Another Segment with Kane & Daniel Bryan at the diner.

Aj Lee With David Otunga, Ricardo & ADR in the back & she makes a 6 man tag match.


Wade Barrett Vs Tyson Kidd

Tyson gets the advantage with kicks & speed but a count of 2. In the corner Tyson goes but then gets kicked in the face by Barrett. A Rope choke by wade then a big kick to knock kidd to the outside of the ring. Wade throws kidd into the apron of the ring then were in the ring. Tyson battles back & flips over the apron for a count of 2. Wade gets control with a big knock down & big elbow to pick up the win.
Winner: Wade Barrett

Micheal Cole introduces Jerry Lawler via satellite & he says its great to be back then talks about what he can remember from the heart attack.

David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo rodriguez Vs Sheamus , Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Back & forth action until otunga beats down mysterio with slams. Ricardo is tagged in as he beats down rey rey. David is tagged back in then tags in ADR & they double team him for a count of 2. A headlock by ADR but Rey fights out of it & rolling drop kick to the face of adr. Sheamus & David otunga gets the hot tag. Sheamus lays out otunga then goes for probe kick but misses. Ricardo gets tagged in & he gets slapped in the chest on the apron the rey hits 619. Rey does a hurricanrana onto adr on the outside & sin cara does a splash for the win.

Winner: Sheamus , sin cara & Rey Mysterio.

A final Segment with Daniel Bryan & Kane is shown.

It is announced for the new name for Daniel Bryan & Kane is Team Hell No
After the announcement Cody Rhodes & Damon Sandow attacks them. They tell them that there the next tag team champions.


Layla & Alicia Fox Vs Eve & Beth Phoenix

Layla & Beth starts things off with layla hitting spring board now fox is in the ring with a drop kick but then a roll up for a count of 2. A couple of punches by fox but beth hits a power slam then eve is tagged in after Beth Suplexed on fox. Eve wins it with her finisher ( Neck breaker)

Winner: Eve & Beth Phoenix

After the match Kaitlyn comes out & says that her attacker was blond headed then eve lays out Phoenix.


Tensi Vs Brodus Clay

They tie up & tensi gets things started with an uppercut then a splash in the corner then a head butt by clay & a splash of his own. A throw by clay but both men miss there splashes then the big show comes out & hits the knockout punch to tensi for the dq then to clay.

Winner by DQ: Tensi

John Cena comes out & thanks to all the support from the fans then he apologized to officials & Cm Punk. He says that every monday night is crazy because of the fans & it sucks that he has to sit out. He says he will guaranty that in HIAC ppv he will be there. Punk comes out & says that he is 10th longest reigning champion but cena says shut up & face him at HIAC. Punk says no because cena always gets a title shot & the most important reason is he doesn’t deserve it.  Punk says that he has to 5 for cena to get out of his ring & if he doesn’t than he will beat him down. Punk counts all the way down but cena has a lead pipe in his hand then hits punk in the midsection to clear the ring & cena says he will see punk at HIAC PPV. In the back punk is seen walking in the back & lays out Mick Foley but ryback is shown looking at him to end the show.

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