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WWE Night Of Champions 2012 PPV Live PBP Coverage

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Event: WWE Night Of Champions Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, September 16th, 2012 (Pay-Per-View)
Location: The TD Garden Arena in Boston, MA
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Live coverage begins shortly.


Preshow #1 One Contender For U.S Title Battle Royal Winner: Zak Ryder


We are welcomed by Micheal Cole & he address Jerry Lawler Heath Update.Then they announce Jerry Lawler Replacement & JBL Comes out for commentary.


Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz (c) Vs Rey Mysterio , Sin Cara & Cody Rhodes

They start brawling, The high flyers ( Mysterio & Cara) get there chance back but ultimately miz with cody beat both down. The double team continues from rhodes & miz until cara gets a fast offense. The Miz gets thrown out of the ring & now its on between Mysterio vs Sin cara. Cara gets hurricane rounna by mysterio, he then goes for a pin attempt but miz breaks up the count. Miz & Rhodes gets back where they started by beating them down again. Miz & Cody finally go at it, Rhodes gets thrown outside the ring then Mysterio goes for a quick roll up until cara breaks it up & goes for his own pin attempt but is only for a count of 2. Mysterio & Cara battle it out with strong kicks to the hamstring then into the corner we go cara gets thrown into the turnbuckle head first. There up top but cody breaks it up & hits disaster kick to cara for a count of 2. Cody goes up top but miz comes under him for a super slam with Mysterio getting the worst of it. Miz goes for a pin attempt on both men but only gets a count of 2. Miz motions for the end & chokes rey on the second rope & for a count of 2. Miz gets kicked by rey but rey is thrown outside the ring. Cara comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick to know miz outside the ring. Cara goes for a dive outside then a spinning corkscrew inside the ring for a count of only 2. Mysterio hits a Monsult on the miz until cody breaks it up. Mystero gets thrown outside the ring by cody & gets his pin attempt broken up by cara. Cody is trying to get the mask of cara off but he can’t. Cara brings out a mask likes his & puts it on the head of rhodes until miz stops him. Cara puts the mask on miz & miz hits the scull crusher finally for the win.


Winner & Still Intercontinental Champion: The Miz


There is a backstage segment with Kaitlyn getting attack & Eve finding her.

Tag Team Title Match: Kofi Kingston (C) & R Truth (C) Vs Kane & Daniel Bryan

Kane & Kingston Start things off with kofi kicking the legs off kane until kofi drop kicks him & gets the tag to truth. They double team him for a count of 2 but kane gets the advantage & tags Bryan in the match. Bryan starts the several kicks to the chest of truth. Truth gets wiped in the corner but reverse it & tags in kofi. Quick tags for the champions as truth is tagged back in. They double team him then truth gets some offense but what here comes kane with the suprsie tag in. Kane beats down truth in the corner with punches & kicks.
Bryan is back in the ring & more kicks for a pin attempt for only a count of 2. Kane is tagged in & puts a back stretch submission on truth. Truth is trying to battle out of this one but is thrown outside the ring. Kane & Bryan start pushing & screaming at each other then Bryan slaps kane in the face. Bryan wants to hug kane but truth is back in the ring & tags in kofi. Kofi off the hot tag goes into his offensive moves & hits the boom drop. Kofi motions for his finisher. Kane gets on the top rope & bryan pushed him off the rop & falls on Kingston for the win.
Winner & new tag team champions: Kane & Daniel Bryan

We get a backstage segment with Teddy Long , Booker T & Eve Torres & Eve is announced to face layla for the title tonight.


United States Title Match: Antonio Cesaro (c) Vs Zack Ryder
Cesaro gets the advantage first with a big slam then they argue with the crowd behind ryder. They go back & forth then Zak hits a drop kick for a pin attempt for 2 count. Zack is thrown on the ropes & then a face lock submission. Zack battles out with punches then a big knock down for a count of 2. Cesaro picks him up for a throw slam & chokes him on the ropes. A big double kick by cesaro & then a big suplex for a count of 2. Cesaro puts another submission but zack battles back with punches but then thrown up in the air & while coming down is uppercut for a count of 2. In the corner cesaro beats down Ryder then a neck submission but out of nowhere zack gets out of it with a face smash. Ryder gets some offense going & hits a missile drop kick off the top rope for a count of 2. Cesaro gets a neck breaker by ryder of a near fall. Cesaro goes up top but zak knocks him off & zak hits a hurricane carunna but when ryder goes for Broski kick cesaro gets pulled out of the ring. when we go back in the ring the champion hits his finisher for the win.


Winner & Still Champion: Antonio Cesaro


Randy Orton Vs Dolp Ziggler
They tie up to start things off then ziggler puts a side headlock then they brawl a bit.
Once again they tie up again but this time orton gets the side headlock & a shoulder block.
Orton hits a clothesline & starts to stomps the hands of ziggler. Orton throws a uppercut but out of nowhere ziggler hits a drop kick for the count of 2. In the corner ziggler beats down orton but they orton gets the advantage with punches. Ziggler will not be denied & beats orton down. On the ground ziggler punches & picks him up & goes for a drop kick but orton blocks it. Orton hits one of he’s own for a count of 2. Orton hits a back breaker & all of his signature moves. Orton goes for the ddt but rolls him up for a count of 2, ziggler kicks him for some more punishment. Orton hits a devastated power bomb then puts ziggler on the corner but ziggler pushes him off the top rope. Ziggler drop kicks him for a count of 2 & they start to brawl to there feet. Ziggler uses the ropes to his advantage for a count of 2. Ziggler who is in full control uses several elbows to the chest of orton for a count of 2. Ziggler puts a submission but orton battles out of it with a back slam. Ziggler hits a elbow & clothesline for a near fall. Ziggler goes for another headlock but orton battles out of it with punches & drop kick. Ziggler hits a huge ddt for a count of 2. Ziggler goes to the top rope but is knocked down by orton & then orton throws several punches. Orton Suplexs ziggler off the top rope for the count of only 2. They go back & forth brawling with punches & until ziggler gets the upper hand. Orton hits several punches until out of nowhere ziggler hits the face crusher for the very close 2 count. Ziggler gets thrown to the outside & thrown into the barriers. Orton setups ziggler on the barricade & hits the DDT. Well that’s a first & back in the ring for a count of 2. Randy motions for the rko but ziggler goes for a roll up for a count of 2. Ziggler puts in the sleeper but orton gets out of it. Orton throws up ziggler & while in mid air orton hits RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton


Divas Title Match: Layla (C) Vs EVE
They go back & Forth with arm bars to start this one off. Laya with a big knock down into a roll up for a count of 2. Layla has an headlock Then Eve gets out of it. Eve gets drop kicked in the face & they shake hands but eve attacks her & throws her outside the ring. Back in the ring we go with more kicks by eve. Eve gets thrown in the corner & is choked on the ropes then eve chokes her by hanging her off of her feet. Eve goes for a pin attempt for a 2 count. Eve puts in a midsection scissors but eve lets go but layla hits an arm breaker. Layla hits a dropkick then a clothesline. Layla hits a kick & misses a spring board cross body. Eve hits a neck breaker for the win.

Winner & New Champion Eve


World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus (C) Vs Alberto Del Rio
Before the match booker t comes out & says the probe kick to be reinstated.
Here we go & Sheamus probe kick David Otunga then they start brawling.
ADR Goes outside the ring then back in the ring & they start brawling again.
Sheamus is thrown in the corner but he kicks ADR in the face for a count of 2.
ADR put sheamus to the apron but adr goes through the ropes & sheamus flys off the apron. Sheamus throws adr in the ring & he goes up top. There both on the top but adr smashes sheamus head of the turn buckle & throws sheamus off the top rope onto the announce table. Back in the ring we go & adr goes for a pin attempt but only for a 2 count.
ADR puts a shoulder lock submission but sheamus battles back until adr kicks him the in the chest. ADR throws sheamus shoulder first in into the post. ADR comes off the top rop with a double handle & another shoulder submission. Sheamus battles out if it with punches & throws adr in the corner but adr puts the boot up. ADR then but another shoudler submission while hanging on the ropes. ADR comes off the top rope sheamus tackles him in mid air. Sheamus gets things going but adr quick punche to the midsection of adr & goes for pin attempt. ADr is thrown to the apron but adr battles back with head butts. Sheamus rams adr hits in the turnbuckle & then several clubbing shots to the chest of adr.
Sheamus goes for white noise but is blocked with a back breaker for a count of 2.
The crowd chants we want Ziggler As sheamus hits white noise. Sheamus motions for Probe kick but misses it then an Enziguri for a count of 2. ADR beats down sheamus & talks trash to sheamus then they start brawling. ADR goes for arm bar but blocked then sheamus goes for probe kick but blocked. ADR goes for arm bar but blocked yet again & sheamus gets thrown to the arpon but sheamus arm is hung up in the ropes. Back in the ring sheamus gets arm breaker that transfers into the arm bar. Sheamus picks up adr for a power bomb. Sheamus goes for probe kick but missed then adr puts in the arm bar & adr lets go. As adr is shock & misses the enziguri sheamus hits the probe kick for the win.


Winner & Still Champion: Sheamus (C)


Before the match Paul Heyman Does a promo saying that he will be watching history in this match.
WWE Title Match: Cm Punk (C) Vs John Cena
They start things of with a traditional tie up & yes punk is wearing Yankees style attire.
The crowd is split then cena put a headlock then a suplex until cena puts a body scciors but what punk throws a elbow then punk puts his own headlock of his own. Cena gets out of it then a big back body drop & runs into the corner but misses punk. Punk goes for a pin attempt but only for 2. Punk beats down cena with knee’s & punches then punk goes up top but cena comes behind him. As punk is on the shoulder of cena he reverses it to a ddt for a count of 2. Punk has cena for a head lock but cena gets out of it & hits a shoulder block. Punk knows him down & puts him in a weird back bridge submission. Cena eventually gets out of it & rolls to the outside of the ring. Punk dives through the middle ropes onto cena & throws him back in the ring. As Punk is taunting to the crowd punk gets kicked in the back. Cena throws punk into the crowd & suplexes him off the barricade. Back in the ring out of nowhere he kicks cena in the face. Punk puts on a front face lock submission but then cena lifts him up unitl punk elbows cena down to the mat. Punk punches & punches cena then goes for a count of 2. Punk goes ot the top top & comes off with a two handed punch. Cena hits the signature moves but when he went ot the side walk slam it was turned into a ddt for a count of 2. Cena shoulder blocks punk then goes for 5 nuckle shuff but blocked by a boot. Punk hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Punk spring boards & launches him self but cena catches him & gets thrown to the outside of the ring. Cena flys through the ropes & sucide dives onto punk. When cena went for 5 knuckle shuffle punk reverses it & puts the anaconda devise submission. Cena reverse that & puts STF submission on punk. Punk reverse it & puts on the STF of his own. Cena picks him up for a slam to break the submission. They start exchanging punches & kicks then punk kicks cena in the face. Punk hits a the knee in the corner & punk comes off the top rope with the elbow drop for a 2 count. Punk goes for the go to sleep finisher but cena reverse it & puts in the STF submission but punk gets the ropes to break it. Punk hits GTS for a close 2 count.
Punk kicks cena while he is down on the ground  then a big clothesline for a count of 2.
Punk slaps cena they both go for there finishers but blocked then cena hits 5 Nuckle shuffle & AA for a count of 2. Cena goes to the top rope but misses the leg drop then cena hits the straight kick for a count of 2. Punk slaps cena then a knee to the face for a count of 2. Punk goes to the top rope & misses a Monsult. Cena goes for AA but punk hits GTS for a count of 2. Punk mocks the rock then hits rock bottom for a count of 2. Cena hits AA for a close 2 count. Cena Carries punk to the corner & Cena hits a German Suplex for the win.


Winner & New Champion: John Cena

But after the match it was announced that both men’s shoulders were down on the mat & still WWE champion Cm Punk.


As cena was arguing with the referee punk lays out cena with the belt to end the show.

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