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We get a video Recapping & hyping up all the current feuds in the WWE before the TLC which is this sunday on PPV.

Its dark in the arena then the lights come on with Ladders everywhere & Dolp Ziggler standing on a ladder talking about TLC ppv & his match with John Cena. He says he will beat John Cena then cash in his MITB & beat Big Show. Sheamus comes out & says he will become the new world champion then Face him for the strap. Sheamus says it will be Sheamus Vs John Cena for the title. Big show comes out & says there both wrong. Sheamus says he can’t touch him cause of no contact but he can have contact with Ziggler then he pushes Ziggler off the ladder.

Wade Barrett Is in the ring but Vince McMahon & Vickie Guerrero comes out. He talks about the main Event then Ziggler vs Sheamus but wait theres more with a 3rd Main event. She says Aj in a handicap match Vs Vickie.

Wade Barrett Vs R Truth
They tie up but WB starts with some strikes then throws Truth to the outside of the ring & into the apron of the ring. Back in the ring we go with WB getting a pin attempt for a count of 2. A elbow followed by some kicks to the face for a count of 2.. WB puts in a headlock but Truth fights out of it with some shots but WB kicks him followed by the Finisher but blocked with Truth gets a rolled up for the win.

Winner: R Truth

Fatal Four Way Tag Team #1 One contender Match: Team Rhode Scolars Vs The Prime Time Players Vs Epico and Primo VS The Usos
The winners face Rey and Sin Cara at the TLC PPV in a tables match to crown the #1 contenders for the tag team titles. Epico and Jimmy to begin, atomic drop by Jimmy and then tags in Jey. Double back elbow to Epico and a cover gets 2. Epico counters a suplex, tags in to Primo and works over Jey. To the corner, tag to Epico and a slingshot elbow connects for 2. Tag back to Primo, dropkick to Jey, and a cover gets 2. Primo with the chinlock, Jey to his feet, escapes, off the ropes and a clothesline by Primo. He chokes out Jey, and then gets the Russian leg sweep and a cover for 2. Off the ropes, superkick by Jey. Tag to Jimmy, splash off the top and Epico and Primo have been eliminated. O’Neil is in now. We are back from the commercial as Jey works a side headlock on Cody. During the break the Usos eliminated The Prime Time Players. Sucks to be them. Jimmy and Sandow in now, boot to the gut by Sandow, but Jimmy back with an uppercut. Splash off the ropes and a cover for 2. Jey tags in and sends Sandow to the corner, but charges in and eats a boot. Sandow lays the boots to him, and then chokes him out. Tag to Cody, rights and boots follow from him. We get a “Cody’s Mustache” chant. Tag to Sandow, Russian leg sweep connects and then the elbow with the fancy name and a cover gets 2. Tag back to Cody, boots to the gut and then to the corner. Jey counters the bulldog, and then tags in Jimmy. Clotheslines to Cody, sidekick and then a Samoan Drop. To the corner. Samoan clambake connects. A cover gets 2 as Sandow makes the save. Sandow to the floor, pulls Jey out as well. Jimmy up top, Sandow distracts him, Cody up top, head butted off to the mat, top rope splash eats the knees. Cross Rhodes, and that is all.

Winners: The Rhodes Scholars

Eve vs. Alicia Fox
Boot to the gut by Eve to begin, side headlock follows and then takes Fox to the mat. Fox works to her feet, elbows out and Eve with the shoulder block. Awkward exchange there and Fox slams Eve to the corner. Eve to the floor, Fox follows, slams her to the apron and tosses her back in. Eve begs off, Fox grabs her and gets a bridging northern lights suplex for 2. Forearms by Fox, off the ropes and a boot by Eve. Off the ropes and she runs into a side back breaker, and Fox covers for 2. Eve battles back, to the corner and misses the charge, but then pulls Fox off the ropes. Neck breaker by Eve and that is all.

Winner: Eve

Cm Punk comes out & talks about hes injury. He says that in fact its true that he had surgery. They show how he got injured with a video package. Punk says that the champion doesn’t have a double take or a stunt double. Punk says no one will strip him of the title. Punk says the rock will fail at winning the title. He ends it with saying he will be at the PPV & watching the Shield beating Ryback.

Dolp Ziggler Vs Sheamus
They tie up but DZ starts the shots to sheamus but sheamus goes after the left leg of the injured DZ. He works the leg with some submission & shots. Sheamus gets kicked in the chest now its DZ turn but Sheamus kicks the leg of DZ followed by a knee buckle slam for the count of 2. Sheamus puts the shots to DZ but DZ kicks him in the face but Sheamus hits a shoulder block. sheamus puts in a leg submission but DZ fights out of it with a drop kick. DZ puts some shots in but is thrown outside of the ring by sheamus. Sheamus hits a double Handle Clothesline. Back from break with DZ having a headlock on sheamus but sheamus fights out of it with some shots until DZ knee him in the ribs. Sheamus rolls to the outside of the ring for a moment but back in the ring DZ continues to put some shots on him in the corner. DZ hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. DZ puts in a headlock until sheamus gets out of it then Dz is thrown into the corner. Sheamus fights back with some shots , hits a clothesline but misses a shoulder block to hit the post. DZ rolls him up for a count of 2 but then hits a arm slam for a count of 2. DZ misses a elbow off the top rope but is caught & is thrown a crossed the ring followed by the clubbing blows on the apron. Sheamus gets knocked off the top rope & then DZ goes up there but is knocked off the top rope. DZ runs up there & hits a face buster for a count of 2. Ziggler goes for the Sleeper but is caught then sheamus goes for the Texas clover leaf but blocked then Sheamus hits the Cross breaker for a count of 2. Sheamus misses the probe kick then DZ gets out of the ring & then DZ hits him with a chair several Times until Sheamus hits the probe kick on DZ but barely misses him allowing Ziggler to get out of dodge.

Winner By DQ: Sheamus

Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder
Lock up, and a dropkick by Ryder. Corner clothesline follows, rights and the ref breaks them. Another forearm by Ryder and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Ryder, Del Rio escapes but a side headlock takedown by Ryder. Del Rio gets the ropes, and they break. Del Rio to the floor, Ryder tries to follow up and Del Rio works the arm. TO the corner, Del Rio counters and hits an enziguri to the back and covers for 2. Kick to the shoulder by Del Rio, Ryder tries to fight back, but Del Rio with a suplex and a cover for 2. Del Rio with shots to the back, and works a chinlock. Ryder runs into a back breaker, and Del Rio covers for 2. Del Rio charges, enziguri in the corner, and a cover again for 2. Kick by Del Rio, and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Del Rio, Ryder fights to his feet, Cole and Lawler are bored and discuss Lawler’s health, German suplex by Del Rio and a bridge gets 2. Kick to the face by Del Rio, to the second rope and Del Rio with the double axe smash and a cover for 2. Ryder fights back, and backdrops Del Rio to the floor. Del Rio back in and a clothesline by Ryder. Double knees by Ryder, and Ryder goes for the boot, Del Rio trips him up and then gets the cross arm breaker for the win.

Winner: Del Rio

AJ vs. Vickie Guerrero
They wait for the ref, and as Guerrero yells for one, Brad Maddox arrives in his ref gear. AJ and Guerrero argue, and then AJ yells at Maddox. The bell rings and Guerrero attacks, taking AJ down and choking he rout in the ropes. Guerrero laughs, and pie faces AJ. She slaps AJ now, and celebrates. AJ tackles Guerrero and unloads with rights. Guerrero escapes to the floor and bails. AJ follows and tackles her on the floor. Back to the ring they go, AJ attacks again and AJ then slaps Guerrero, covers, but Maddox will not count. AJ wants to know what is up, Guerrero rolls her up and Maddox counts the pin.

Winner: Vickie Guerrero

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro
Kofi with the hammerlock, countered and Cesaro works the arm. Kofi rolls out, tries a trip and gets kicks in the face. Head butt by Cesaro, and the side headlock follows. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cesaro. Off the ropes, counters and Kofi with the back elbow. Mounted rights in the corner by Kofi, and leaps off with the top rope chop. Cesaro to the apron, stun gun by Cesaro, and then slams Kofi to the mat. Double stomp follows and Cesaro covers for 2. Cesaro lays the boots to Kofi in the corner, and then chokes him out. Boots by Kofi, but another slam by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. Cesaro works the arm a bit, Kofi works to his feet, and leg kicks by Kofi. Forearms and a dropkick by Kofi. Off the ropes and the boom drop will not happen as Cesaro rolls to the floor. Kofi chases, back in and a sunset flip by Kofi. Monkey flip follows, but Kofi runs into a boot from Cesaro. We are back from commercial as Cesaro works a grounded bear hug. Kofi fights out, sunset flip try, Cesaro counters but Kofi gets the roll up for 2. Cesaro fights back with a slam and cover for 2. Gut wrench suplex by Cesaro gets 2. Kofi back with rights and kicks, but Cesaro with a spinebuster and a cover for 2. Cesaro back to the grounded bear hug, Kofi again working to his feet, and escapes. Cesaro charges, eats the back elbow, Kofi off the second ropes with the splash to the back Delirious style and covers for 2. SOS countered, uppercut to the back by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. To the corner, rights and lefts by Cesaro to the body of Kofi. SOS by Kofi and he gets 2 as Cesaro gets the ropes. Kofi is upset, charges and misses in the corner, counters and kicks Cesaro in the face. Up top, cross body caught by Cesaro into a sweet back breaker. Neutralizer by Cesaro connects and that is all.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

The Miz comes out for Miz TV & hes guest is Team Rhode Scholars. Sandow says Rhodes is a new man & Rhodes says the team is a new tag team who is awesome. Miz makes fun of them while he ask question. Pure comedy segment.

John Cena Vs The Big Show
We are back from commercial as Cena fights back, but then runs into a side slam and Show covers for 2. Head butts by Show, Cena fights back with rights and boots, dropkick follows. Cena charges, but Show kills him with a spear, and covers for 2. Body slam by Show, and off the ropes and an elbow drop connects, Show covers for 2. Boot to the head by Cena, off the ropes, and Show catches him with the bear hug. Long bear hug by Show, Cena tries to power out, does and looks for an STF, Show kicks him away and Cena rolls to the floor. Show follows and slams Cena to the barricade. Show stares down the ref as he counts, rolls back in and then grabs Cena by the head and pulls him to the apron. Clothesline by Show as Cena tries to fire up. Show walks across Cena gut, and then talks trash. Show up the ropes for the Vader splash, and it connects and Show covers for 2. Show is not happy about this, works body shots in the corner, goes for the splash again but Cena rolls out of the way. Shoulder blocks by Cena, belly to back suplex. Five-knuckle shuffle connects. Show up, chokeslam to Cena and a cover gets 2. Show looks for the KO shot, Cena up and ducks under, AA connects and BOTH men are down. The Shield hits the ring for the DQ

Winner by dq John Cena

After the match The shield continues to attacks Cena but then Team Hell no comes out & attacks The shield. Everyones starts to brawl until sheamus comes out. Cena spears the big show throw a table. Ryback finally comes out. Everyone brawl to end the show.

Thanks for watching along with me.
What do you think leave it in the comment area below & you can follow me on twitter @AR_official_94

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