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We get the rock – Cm punk Video package for tonight’s raw & with also hyping up The TLC match.


John Cena comes out & just a side note we got Tables , Ladders & Chairs everywhere. He says its a great way to kick off 2013 as we got a TLC Match with ryback & The Rock returning on Raw. He brings up that he is in the royal rumble match & thats a cue for Dolp Ziggler. Ziggler says with a black eye that all the fans came to see Him. Aj ask him if dumping all the crap on them last week is enough for him. Cena goes with some 6th grade Joke & then starts a wave with the crowd. He goes on with some more than Ziggler Rubs it in his face with Him beating him At TLC ppv. Dolp Ziggler announces that he is a official entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Cena says they should fight right now!! but Big E says that Dolp isn’t just hes problem but then says Dolp Will.


John Cena Vs Dolp Ziggler
They tie up, Cena with the knockdown then we tie up again with ziggler putting in a headlock then cena hip tosses out of nowhere into a arm lock. Dolp gets out of it with punches then hammers away in the corner. He throws cena in the corner hard, puts an elbow to the head then more shots in the corner & follows with some boots. Ziggler does some sit up until cena gets a count for 2. Cena hits a bulldog for a count of 2 followed by a chest lock. Cena hits a suplex for a count of 2 then gets kicked in the face after Ziggler blocks a back body drop. Ziggler hits a splash in the corner for  a count of 2. Dolp puts some punches followed by a drop kick for a count of 2. Dolp throws a punch then dancing around the ring until he goes for a drop kick but caught. He is thrown into the corner but puts up a elbow. Big E hits cena as Dolp Gets a count of 2. Back from break Aj distracts The referee & Cena as Dolp drop kicks him for a count of 2. Ziggler hits several elbows for a count of 2. Aj slaps Cena but The referee Throws here & Big E out. With Dolp being Distracted cena hits the shoulder block followed by the side walk slam but when cena going for the 5 knuckle shuffle he is hit with the face plant for a count of 2. Dolp misses a splash in the corner then a side walk slam followed by a 5 knuckle shuffle then misses the AA & Ziggler hits a the Zig Zag for a close count of 2. Dolp misses the super kick then goes for the STF but misses as Ziggler hits a big DDT for a count of 2. Dolp goes to the top rope but is caught & Cena goes for the AA but Dolp reverses it & Dolp hits a super kick for the count of 2. Ziggler goes crazy & attacks Cena with punches. They trade shots back & forth until Cena get the advantage then Dolp puts in the Sleeper. Cena throws Dolp off & knocks the Refree out of the ring. Cena puts in the STF but Big E comes out & lays out Cena. Dolp covers Cena for a count of 2. Cena hits the AA for the win.


Winner: John Cena


Divas Title Match: Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn
Lock up by the two divas. Eve with a headlock takeover for a one count. Kaitlyn counters into a head scissors. Eve floats out, cinches in a leg lock, then works on Kaitlyn’s ankle. Kaitlyn stops because the ref tells her to tie her boots and Eve takes advantage with a boot to Kaitlyn’s head. Sleeper hold in the corner by Eve. Eve with a reverse headlock, but Kaitlyn counters into a big sidewalk slam for two. A big reverse DDT get another near fall. Back body drop by Eve countered into a Kaitlyn kick. Gutbuster attempt, Eve floats out, exits the ring, and decides to hightail it with her title, giving Kaitlyn the count out win.


Winner: Kaitlyn

Team Hell No vs. The Rhodes Scholars
Kane starts off with some right hands in the corner, but Cody with a rake of the eyes. Sandow in, but Kane drops him for a two count. Bryan tags in, and a double team Irish Whip dropkick gets a two count. Bryan with the wristlock. Sandow fights out, Cody tags in. Bryan with the drop toe hold, then some kicks. Buzzsaw kick misses, but Bryan hits a nice Northern Lights suplex for two. Cody comes back with a Holly shot on the ropes, then tags in Sandow, who lays into Bryan physically and verbally. Cody tags in, and does the same. Sandow back in, hits the leg sweep, then the Cubito Aequet. Sleeper by Sandow, Bryan counters out, Kane tags in, swats Sandow away and hits the top-rope clothesline. He takes out Cody, and hits Sandow with a boot for two. Corner clothesline and sidewalk slam gets another two count. Sandow ducks out of the chokeslam, but Bryan with the knee of the apron and rolls Sandow back to the turnbuckle for some kicks. Bryan floats over on the reversal, but looks to have tweaked his knee. Rhodes and Sandow attack Bryan’s knee. Kane takes out Sandow, but Cody basement dropkicks him into the barrier. Small package by Bryan gets two, but a kick to his knee and a Cross Rhodes For the win.


Winners: The Rhodes Scholars


Randy Orton Vs Heath Slater
Orton slides into a headlock followed by a knockdown then orton clothesline him for  a count of 2. Orton puts some shots in the corner but heath kicks him into the corner until orton kicks him in the chest followed by a severe uppercut. Heath throws orton outside for 3MB to attack him but he fends them off til heath knocks him off the apron allowing them to attack him. Back in the ring with heath getting a count of 2, Heath puts in a a headlock but Orton fights out then misses a slam as heath hits a neck breaker for the count of 2. Heath goes to the top rope but orton knocks him down & hits a super suplex off the top followed by an clothesline & a power slam. He fights off 3MB then hits the Spike DDT. He hits the RKO for the win.


Winner: Randy Orton


Wade Barrett Vs Santino Marella
SM hits a hip toss then WB kicks him in the face followed by some shots. Wade throws him in the corner & puts some punches to him followed by a snap suplex for a count of 2. Wade puts in a headlock until SM fights out of it with some shots but Wade goes for the Finisher but out of nowhere SM hits a kick for a count of 2. SM throws some shots then a hip toss & a headbutt. Sm breaks out the cobra but Wade goes to the apron & uses the ropes. Wade hits the bull hammer strike for the win.


Winner: Wade Barrett


Antonio Cesaro Vs The Great Khali
Khali knocks him down the elbows in the corner & a huge chop to the chest. Even more chops in the corner by Khali followed by Throwing out Cesaro out of the ring then back in the ring. Cesaro uses the ropes to knockdown Khali. Cesaro attacks the leg then puts the boots to Khali. He puts in a leg submission but Khali chops the chest of cesaro to get out of it then a big boot. He clotheslines him then goes for the plunge but cesaro hits a spring board uppercut followed by his finisher for the win.


Winner: Antonio Cesaro


Sheamus Vs Jinder Mahal
They tie up until Sheamus hits a hip toss then back in the corner where jinder throws a headlock then a shoulder block but Sheamus grabs his nose & a shoulder block. Sheamus kicks him, Jinder regroups & grabs Sheamus Ass which is weird?. Sheamus kicks , slaps then throws him out of the ring. He pulls him on the apron & chops the chest of Jinder. Sheamus gets distracted by 3mb & is thrown outside the ring. They attack him then throws him in the ring for a count of 2. Jinder hits a neck breaker for a count of 2 followed by a headlock but sheamus fights out with a clotheslines, knee lift but pulls in heath then throws him into jinder. He clothesline both guys then back int he ring we go as sheamus probe kick drew & heath. Sheamus hits white noise followed by probe kick for the win.


Winner: Sheamus


WWE Title TLC Match: CM Punk (C) Vs Ryback
They tie up then punk throws some quick shots until ryback uses the shoulder & throws him in the corner for some more kicks by Ryback. Out to the ring Punk hits ryback in the ribs & back with a chair then ryback spears him followed with some shots. Ryback grabs a chair but misses & punk hits him with a kick followed by a chiar shot. Punk throws ryback in the barrier then puts a ladder in the ring. Ryback gets some shots in then in the ring we go with ryback hitting a suplex on the ladder. We got the outside of the ring & ryback pounces on him then hits him with steel steps. Ryback grabs the bottom of the steps then trys to the throw them on punk but he moves then kicks ryback in the face. Punk grabs a chair & attacks ryback knee & back. Back from break ryback hits an electric chair on the champion then throws him out of the ring. Ryback slams punk on the outside then gets some wood, Its table time!!. Punk knocks him down & sets it up, Ryback out of nowhere throws punk across the announce table. Back in the ring punk attacks ryback with a chair then puts the chair on ryback ankle then comes off the top rope but ryback moves. Ryback hits a back body drop , Spine buster then meat hook clothesline. He goes for his finisher but punk gets out of the ring. When ryback chases him out of the ring, ryback goes for a spear but misses punk & head first threw the table. Punk sets up the ladder then ryback joins him as they battle on the ladder. Punk is knocked off but quickly pushes ryback off the ladder who lands on his feet then ryback throws punk onto the ladder. Punk kicks him in the face followed by a knee to the face in the corner. When punk goes for the bulldog ryback throws punk to the outside of the ring threw a table. Ryback grabs a new ladder & climbs it then when he reaches for the ladder the shield attacks ryback but not for long he throws them out of the ring. They come back with chairs & attack him. They power bomb him threw a table which is on steel steps. Cm Punk which has a cut on his right side of his back climbs the ladder & retains his WWE title.


Winner: Cm Punk (C)


Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston
Kofi starts attacking Show Then the referee tries to break them up, but out of nowhere a KO Punch by Show and that’s that.


Winner: Big Show


They interview punk in the back & ask him about knowing the shield but He of course says he doesn’t know them. He also adds before the rock comes out that he will deliver a pipe bomb.


CM punk comes out & starts talking about something personal. He says the word pipe bomb means & he says its about the truth. Then goes off & talks about how all these guys have to be but in reality there great wrestlers like Daniel Bryan , Tyson Kidd, Etc. He takes shots at Edge , Shawn Micheal’s , Ric Flair. They suddenly cut to commercial but were back with punk still talking which is always a good thing. The Rock comes out & says he wanted to hear everything what punk had to say then called him crazy. He says that punk is scared to defend the wwe title against the rock in 20 days. He says the reason the rock is back to entertain the fans & to win The WWE Title Back!!. CM punk says the rock can’t compare to him. Rock says to get some more tattoos then he rock bottoms Cm Punk to end the show.


Thanks for watching along with me.
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