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WWE Raw Recap for April 13th from Atlanta, Georgia

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This week’s three hour RAW starts with a video recap of the Orton and HHH/McMahon feud. Last week Vince got in Orton’s face and they set up a match for Legacy to face HHH, Shane and Vince for Backlash. Vince then faced off in the ring last week with Orton. Shane and HHH made the save when Legacy became involved in the match. Batista made his return and ends up replacing Vince in the Six Man Tag Match at Backlash.

Music and pyro.

Cole and King talk about the Draft and how the winners of Inter-Promotional Matches will earn Drafts for their show. Then Grisham and JR spoke about it followed by Striker and Matthews. They run through some of the matches slated for later in the show.

Batista comes out to the ring to big pop. He basks in the glory of the love from the fans. He has a mic, but it takes a bit for him to talk. He says he can’t tell us how good it feels to be back. He missed us more than we missed him. It took him four months to get back in the ring and the one thing that drove him was retribution for this. Video of Orton hitting an RKO and then punting Batista’s head off. Cole says that cost Batista four months of his career. Batista says he’s replayed it over and over and over again and it’s all he could think about. The worst part was waiting. Waiting to get his hands on Randy Orton. He’s tired of waiting and he’s back. He tells Orton to stop being a little punk and get out there to face him like a man. If he doesn’t Batista will rip apart every inch of the arena to find him. Nothing from Orton so Batista says they’ll do it his way. Batista starts leaving the ring but Shane-O-Mac’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Shane welcomes Batista back. He says Orton did the same thing to Shane as Batista and did it to Vince. Never mind what Orton did to his sister. So if anyone gets retribution tonight, it’s Shane. They talk off mic and HHH’s music starts. HHH comes out with his hair pulled back in a ponytail! He’s got his strap and is in wrestling gear and a HHH T-shirt. He takes Shane’s mic and says this all happened because Orton wanted to get to him. All due respect to Batista, but Orton tried to take out his wife. He tried to take out the mother of his kids while he watched. From the crowd a man yells, “Hey HHH, suck it!” HHH says Orton is his. They talk off mic for a moment then… “Excuse me!” Vicki out in her wheelchair pushed by Chavo. She says she’ll be the only one to make these matches. They will face Orton at Backlash. She reminds them that if they’re going to be over zealous in that match, they could be counted out or disqualified and Orton could be Champion. If they want Orton before Backlash, there’s an opportunity for one of them. Orton is here, but has a well deserved night off. Tonight they will be in a Handicap Match. The three of them facing Legacy. If Legacy wins, they don’t get Orton. If they win, then the one who gets the pinfall will face Orton naxt week.

- Commercial

Lilian announces the first Match for the Draft. Rey comes out to the ring in pink and black with the IC Strap around his waist. Evan Bourne comes out to face him.

They lock up their hands in a test of strength. They chain wrestle and flip around like that a bit – beautiful! Back elbow outside to Rey outside and then Rey hits a drop toe hold on Evan sending Evan face first into the barrier. In the ring Evan gets the upper hand and pins for two. Beautiful back boot to Rey’s face. Huge hurricanrana to Evan from up top. Another hurricanrana sets up for the 619. Rey hits the 619 and the splash for three.

- Winner: Rey

Rey with his win from this short match, gets the first draft pick and it’s… MVP!!! They did the same flashing faces in the screen as they did last year. MVP’s music and he comes out with is US Championship around his waist.

Out back Kane is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Chief Jay Strongbow was in the front row and while he looks really old, he actually looks pretty good!

Kane out to the ring. The Brian Kendrick comes out with Ezekial. Brian struts and talks smack at Kane.

A hit to Kane then Brian ran. Outside a big boot to Ezekial. Brian runs into a chokeslam and it’s over.

- Winner: Kane

Another RAW Draft and it’s… Big Show! Now they can continue the romance. He comes out to the stage and Kane glares at him. Do I smell a feud?

- Commercial

Vicki says to Chavo out back how much support she’s getting from the board of directors. Orton comes in and tells Chavo to take a walk. Vicki says no! Orton says that if HHH wins tonight the title better be on the line next week. She says no. Orton is pissed off and tries to threaten her. She doesn’t back down. She says if Legacy wins tonight, the one who gets pinned will be in a Three On One Handicap Match with Legacy next week. This seems to sooth Orton and he leaves.

Out back Swagger goes up to Cena and says the Champ Is Here. Swagger says he’s the future of the company. After he wins tonight WWE will have a new poster boy. Cena says he’s not sure they’ve met. They shake and get into a confusing conversation about the All American American. Cena says it’s stupid sounding. Like Cena saying the Champ is Here, Here. Or You Can’t See Me, Me. Swagger can call himself the All American Jackass. He’s a punk kid with a couple wins under his belt and tonight he will get a lesson in respect.

Kelly, Mickie and Melina are heading for the ring.

- Commercial

JR and Grisham talk about how RAW’s on top so far tonight.

Natalya, Michelle and Maryse are in the ring. Kelly, Mickie and Melina enter. Michelle, Maryse and Natalya fight over who will start and the RAW Divas attack them for it.

Mickie and Michelle finally start out. Bad low dropkick as Michelle falls back before Mickie hits her, but her boob fell completely out – the right out. She very discreetly tucked back in. Mickie climbed but Michelle got a boot to her face and covered Mickie for three!

- Winner: Michelle, Maryse & Natalya

They Draft Melina! So Melina is going to SD! and looks very happy about it. Wonder if Maryse will end up on RAW?

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – Cena in Edge’s face on SD! last week demanding Edge hit him. Edge removed his shirt while Cena beat his own naked chest. Edge then turned and left the ring with his head hung low.

King and Cole go through the Draft picks so far.

Lilian says that this match is worth two Draft picks. Cena comes out first. Jack Swagger comes out to face him. They all seem to be calling this match, back and forth between tables.

Jack takes Cena down and talks smack to Cena. Another slam to Cena. Front facelock on the mat and they roll back and forth. Cena sends Jack from the ring and they end up back in. Cena telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Jack covers for two. Clothesline to Cena for two. Cena sent face first into a corner and then Jack locks on a full nelson. Cena tries to muscle out by prying Jack’s fingers. He manages to do this. Shoulder block to Jack. Slam to Jack. Five knuckle shuffle. Boot to Cena’s head. Cena shoulder first into a corner.

- Commercial

Jack sent flying to the mat. Both are down. Cena blocks Jack’s punches and hits his own. Jack counters, Cena counters, it looks terribly wrong and screwed up and I think Jack hit a pathetic DDT. High knee to Cena’s face through the ropes and Jack gets two. Huge scoop slam to Cena! Jack’s looking good against Cena, better than I thought other than that screw up. Cena catches Jack and gets him up. Cena hits the AA. Cena locks on the STF and Jack taps out.

- Winner: Cena

Two Draft picks for RAW. The first is… Matt Hardy. Matt comes out to the stage to show off and pose. Cena shakes his head in disgust when Matt does a you can’t see me. The second is… HHH – no big shocker there. HHH comes out and stares at Cena. HHH says something about the two of them. Edge attacks Cena from behind. Cena gains control, gets him up, but Edge gets away and flees the ring.

- Commercial

Orton out back. Legacy came in and they talk about what’s on the line for next week. He wants to know their strategy. Cody says they’ll keep them at odds. Ted says they’re egomaniacs and will all need the pin and it’s how to keep them away from Orton next week.

Santino to the ring as himself for a Draft Match. Cole and King wonder where his twin sister is.

- Commercial

Slam of The Week – Last week when Santina beat Beth.

Khali comes out with his interpreter to face Santino. Santino looks freaked out. Beth’s music and she comes out to the stage with Rosa. She calls him her little Canolli. She had a talk with Vicki and there’s more on the line than a Draft pick. If Khali wins, Santina will be a guest on the Khali Kiss Kam!

Punches to Khali, but then he’s tossed off. Santino monkeys the ropes and won’t let go. Finally the ref gets him off the ropes. Huge clotheslines to Santino and a foot on Santino for three.

- Winner: Khali

Beth and Rosa are all happy on the stage about Santina having to kiss Khali. The next Draft to SD! is CM Punk! Punk comes out holding his briefcase high. He looks quite happy about this.

Out back Miz and Morrison are heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Miz out to the ring with Morrison in tow. Kofi comes out to face him (since when is Kofi part of RAW?).

Sid headlock on Kofi. Kofi rolls out. Lock up again and side headlock on Miz. Shoulder block to Miz. Kofi jumps over Miz running the ropes a couple times then hits a back elbow. Arm bar on Miz broker by ropes. Miz uses Kofi’s hair to slam him to the mat. Kofi sends Miz outside and he gets caught a bit. Kofi stops a suicide dive when Miz and Morrison move, but Kofi hits it off another side. Morrison distracts Kofi and Miz gains control in the ring Miz covers for two. Knees to Kofi’s face for two. Headlock to Kofi and then Miz drops a knee to Kofi’s face. “Let’s go Kofi!” chants. Knees to Kofi’s face and he’s down. Miz covers for two. Knee to the back of Kofi’s head on the second rope. Miz covers for two. Side headlock on Kofi, but he elbows out and slams Miz over his shoulder. High forearm to Miz. Kofi is whipped but moves and kicks Miz in the face. Miz takes Kofi down for a long two. Leg sweep to Miz and then the double leg drop to Miz for two. Miz ducks a kick to the head and pins Kofi for two. Miz rolls Kofi up, Kofi rolls through for two. Boot to Miz and Kofi goes up but Morrison gets involved and the ref calls for a DQ.

- Winner: Kofi

RAW wins another Draft pick from this. It’s… Miz! Just as expected they’ve been broken up! They stand in the ring and then hug. Then Miz attacks Morrison with a kick and then a neck breaker! Wow!

- Commercial

A 15 Man, Tri-Branded Battle Royal. For RAW it’s MVP, Shad, JTG, Knox and Big Show! They’re all in red RAW shirts. ECW in black is Finlay, Tyson Kidd, Paul Burchill, Mark Henry and Ricky Ortiz. SD! comes out in blue and they’re Primo, Carlito, R-Truth, Chavo and Edge – quite a small team! Both shows stare off with RAW.

The bell rings and it’s a mess! There’s bodies everywhere and most seem to be red, but that’s just color on the TV and size of the RAW guys. Big Show hits head butts on anyone who comes by him. Big Show eliminates Ortiz and then Burchill. Finlay eliminates Knox. Big Show eliminates Chavo then R-Truth. Tyson kid then someone else is eliminated! Carlito is out by Big Show! Henry eliminates MVP and Big Show is the only RAW guy in. Then Finlay was tossed out and it’s Edge, Henry and Big Show.. Edge realizes it and is in fear. Edge tries to get the other two to fight, won’t happen. Choke slam to Edge from Big Show and then Henry goes after Big Show. Big Show picks up Henry and puts him over the ropes to the apron. Henry tries to pull Big Show over, but it doesn’t happen. They exchange blows. A big right and Henry’s gone! Edge stares at Big Show in shock as Big Show grins. Edge won last year, but was barely in the ring. Big Show rushes Edge who pulls down the top rope and Edge goes flying out.

- Winner: Edge

Big Show starts to destroy the SD! announce table covering. Edge won 2 Draft picks. Kane’s going to SD! Edge looks freaked out and nervous when Kane comes out. The second Draft to SD! is Chris Jericho! Jericho comes out and looks pissed but then smirks at Edge, his long time friend.

- Commercial

Christian comes out to the ring. Shelton comes out to face him.

Suplex to Christian right off the bat. Kick to Christian’s head and then a cover for to from Shelton. Shelton hung up on the second rope and then he hits the kill switch. They both end up on top and Shelton sends Christian flying almost across the ring! Shelton covers for two. Scoop slam to Christian. Knees to Christian’s back as he sits on the mat. Christian takes Shelton down and comes back in the match. Christian tries to set up the unprettier, but it doesn’t happen. Monkey flip but Shelton lands on his feet! Shelton face first into a corner. Unprettier – now called the kill switch – and Christian gets the three!

- Winner: Christian

So one Draft to ECW! It is… Kozlov! Good spot for him. He comes out looking surely.

- Commercial

King and Cole go through the matches slated for Backlash. They then talk about the Handicap Match with Legacy tonight.

HHH out back and Shane comes in. Shane says Orton’s his. HHH tells Shane to stay out of his way, if Batista was there, he’d say the same thing. Batista’s behind him and says it’s every man for himself, that’s cool. Batista leaves. Shane says he’ll see him out there and leaves.

- Commercial

Punk comes out to the ring representing SD! Matt Hardy comes out to face him. They’ve both changed shows, so it makes some sense.

Matt and Punk chain wrestle a bit and get a few quick pins between them. Suplex to Matt for one. Knees to Matt in a corner. Matt plants Punk face first to the mat for two. Matt kicks Punk a couple times and covers again for two. Abdominal stretch on Punk. Punk fights back with feet and a clothesline. Back kick to Matt for two. Elbow to Matt’s neck, but then Matt starts to fight back. High knee in a corner and Punk covers for two. Matt gets out of the GTS, holds punks hair and then hits the side effect. Jeff comes in and takes Matt down.

- Winner: Matt Hardy

Face plant to Matt on the mat, and he climbs, but Matt rolls from the ring. Matt runs off and Jeff pursues. The Draft to RAW is… Maryse! She comes out to the stage with a huge smile on her face and holds he strap high.

- Commercial

Jericho comes out to the ring. Tommy Dreamer comes out to face him.

Side headlock on Dreamer. Shoulder block to Dreamer. Couple of arm drags to Jericho and then Jericho rolls from the ring. Jericho back in the ring and when Dreamer comes back in, Jericho attacks him. Dreamer down and Jericho in control. Jericho sets up for a suplex and Dreamer block, but Jericho finally gets it. Punches to Jericho in a corner but a boot to Dreamer in the opposite corner. Dreamer hung up on the second rope and Jericho lands on his back. Arm/headlock on Dreamer. Elbows to get out and then a clothesline to Jericho. Jericho hun upside-down in a corner. Dreamer slides in to Jericho’s face with his feet. Jericho reverses a DDT from Dreamer and locks on the walls but Dreamer rolled him up for two. Slam and Dreamer rolls Jericho up again. Dreamer hung up in a corner – the bad way for a guy. Jericho climbs and sets up for a superplex. Jericho is pushed off. Dreamer comes off but into a code breaker for three.

- Winner: Jericho

Rey is then drafted to SD! Rey comes out and he and Jericho glare at each other.

JR and Grisham go through the Drafts so far. King and Cole talk about the Supplemental Draft coming up on Wednesday.

Cody and Ted come out to the ring.

- Commercial

HHH comes out to the ring. Shane is next to the ring. Batista rounds out their team.

They’re discussing who will start but Shane rushes off and goes after Cody and Ted. Shane has control of Cody with punches and slams. Batista gets a blind tag as Shane’s dancing and he’s not really happy about this. Ted tags in and is worked over by Batista. Kick to Ted’s head. HHH grabs a blind tag and works over Ted. Face buster then clothesline for two. Ted is whipped and gets a foot up but an inverted atomic drop and spinebuster to Ted and HHH covers. Batista pulls HHH off Ted and they’re mad at each other. Ted gains control tags Cody in briefly, then Ted back in working over HHH. Dropkick to HHH for two. Cody works over HHH’s left leg. Cody covers a couple times, but doesn’t get the fall. They double team HHH in their corner. Ted tags in and gets the two. Ted sent face first into a corner. HHH going for the tag bit tad drags him back and tags in Cody. He keeps working on HHH until a back body drop and both are down. Ted and Batista tag in. Batista in control. Huge back body drop to Ted. Slam to Ted for two but Cody breaks it up. Shane dives and takes Cody over the top. Spine buster and Batista’s revved up! Batista bomb but Shane breaks the count. Batista pushes Shane down and HHH gets a blind tag, they argue but Shane takes Batista down with a spear. Pedigree and HHH gets the three.

- Winner: HHH, Shane & Batista

Batista and Shane look shocked and a little mad. The three stand around staring at each other over Ted’s body. Orton’s music and he comes out all bowed up staring at HHH. They glare holes in each other.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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