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WWE Raw Recap for May 4th, 2009

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RAW this week starts with a video of Orton ‘destroying’ the McMahon family. Video of him punting Vince, Shane and HHH. Then it went on to Orton’s speech last week about respect that was cut off by MVP. He came out and said he doesn’t answer to anyone. Legacy wanted to make an example of MVP, so Vicki put Orton in a match with MVP. During the match Shane rushed in with a kendo stick and beat the hell out of Orton. Cody and Ted rushed in with chairs but Shane fled through the fans and posed by the boxes, taunting Orton and Legacy.

Music and pyro.

Orton comes out to the ring with his strap over his shoulder. Shane’s music and Orton is waiting at the ropes, but Shane appears and attacks RAW from behind. The back of Shane’s obligatory baseball shirt has his name on front, on the back is McMahon, below that RAW and then vs. Orton. They fight their way up the ramp and then into the fans, back and forth. Orton is tossed over the barrier, Shane stands on it and flies with a clothesline. Orton is set up on the announce table and Shane climbs in the ring and up on a corner, but Ted and Cody come in and attack Shane. The three of them beat Shane down until MVP runs into the ring. The three of them toss Shane aside and beat the hell out of MVP. When Shane stumbles back into it they turn back on him. Batista rushes down, clotheslines Cody and spears Ted. Orton fled the ring. Batista begged for more. Vicki came out, announced herself. She screamed that her main event will not be jeopardized. Since everyone wants in… Batista against Ted. MVP against Cody. The winners will join either Shane or Orton. Win and you’re in.

- Commercial

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring with his hand casted and him holding it close – selling the broken hand. He went to speak to Lilian and the ref about his broken hand. Kofi came out to face him. Matt says everyone knows his hand is broken and he should not be wrestling tonight. He’s filed a formal complaint to the appropriate authorities and is wrestling under protest.

Matt immediately starts selling his pain. Matt uses Kofi’s hair to slam him back, but Kofi bounces back up. Matt again uses the hair to slam Kofi down. Matt flees the ring to regroup. Back in the ring Kofi rolls Matt up for two. Matt is slammed face first into a corner. Kofi climbed the corner to fly, but Matt side steps the crossbody. Matt hangs Kofi up on the top rope for two. Suplex to Kofi for two. Matt gets Kofi up for another vertical suplex, but while up there Kofi knees Matt in the head a couple times and reverses into a neck breaker. Dropkick to Matt then a high cross body and both are briefly down. Flying clothesline and then Kofi does his double leg drop for a long two. Matt telegraphs and gets punched. A huge kick to Matt’s head and Kofi covers for three.

- Winner: Kofi

Kofi celebrates in the ring. Video of high points of the match. Kofi comes off the corner and into a casted clothesline from Matt. “You suck” chants for Matt on the ramp.

- Commercial

Santino out back talking to Kelly about her tagging with Santino. He said she’s not there because last week she was breathed on by Vicki and has swine flu. That’s because she’s pig-like. Suddenly Chavo’s there and rips on him for making fun of his aunt. Santino says they’re not related and she’s younger than him. Chavo said there’s new management and Santino better not make fun. Santino said he had a message for Vicki. He then started squealing, pulling his nose up with his finger and making faces. He flexes his muscles and fades off out of camera range.

King and Cole talk about Cena’s health. Video of Big Show throwing Cena into the searchlight. They didn’t know if Cena would show last week, but he did. He was shaken and wobbly, but caused Big Show to be counted out of his match with Batista.

Out back Big Show walks into Vicki’s office and says they need to talk. Vicki says she know he wants a match with Cena. Big Show says he wants to destroy Cena. She says Cena can’t wrestle. Big Show says he can make him lose his match? She said we won’t be cleared for two weeks and makes the match for JD.

The Bella twins are all over MVP and then ask him out. He says sure, but let him win his match first. He says he thinks he’s going to like it there.

- Commercial

Cody’s in the ring waiting. Regal is at announce. MVP comes out to face him. Video of Orton being cut off by MVP last week.

MVP backs Cody into a corner, the ref backs him off and Cody gets in a cheap kick. Mat wrestling and lots of “MVP” chants. Backslide on Cody for two. Back elbow to MVP, Cody is slammed down, toe hold to MVP and they’re both down. Knee form Cody, but they both hold knees as they slammed into each other wrong. Cody starts working that knee in the center of the ring. MVP fights out and nails a few back elbows in a corner. Belly to belly suplex on Cody. Face buster to Cody. MVP drops an elbow and sets up for his finisher, but Cody rolls from the ring. MVP follows and Regal to his feet. Cody is tossed back in the ring. Regal takes MVP’s leg out from under him and MVP ends up counted out.

- Winner: Cody

Cody poses his way up the ramp while holding his ribs.

- Commercial

SD! Rebound – Cryme Tyme had Layla and Eve dance and Layla won but slapped down Eve.

Jerry Lawler in the ring talking about Eve and Layla in the ring dancing. Tonight there will be a Sing Off. In it is Jillian – she goes crazy with excitement. Her hand picked opponent is Festus. King starts explaining the rules but Jillian just starts singing – horribly. King finally has to stop her to give Festus a chance and our ears a chance to stop bleeding. Festus, in his bow tie, just stands there with his tongue hanging out. Jillian keeps thinking she won, but King says he has to sing. King calls for the bell and Festus sings from Annie, “Tomorrow”. King has them ring the bell to stop him and he goes back to comatose. The fans boo for Jillian and hugely cheer for Festus! Jillian demands one more chance. She follows King to announce begging for one more chance.

Miz comes out to the ring. Festus is still standing there with the mic in hand, raised in the air where it was when the bell rang. Miz removes the mic form his hand, and makes him put his own hand to his head in the loser sign. Miz says to get that fat, bald virgin out of his ring. He says last week he called out Cena who failed to come out. He thinks Cena’s afraid of him. He’s afraid Miz will call him out again. Where’s his hustle? Where’s his loyalty? Where’s his respect? Where’s his self respect? “Cena” chants. He says even if he was injured he’d be there if Cena called him out. Cena on the tron. Then Cena slowly walking out back, heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Miz is complaining that they’re booing him and Cena still hasn’t come out. Miz goes on and on about Cena not coming out. His arm warmer says Miz – 1, Cena – 0. Is Cena back there looking for his new script? He mailed it to the Rock for TP. Cena has been manufactured by WWE for the kiddies and their cougar moms. Cena says, want some, come gets some. He’s there for some and where’s Cena. Let the record show Miz called out Cena and beat Cena for a second time. Miz demands Lilian announce it again. She refuses, so he goes out, grabs her mic and is about to announce it but Cena’s music hits. He walks out VERY slowly. Miz is spazzing out in the ring about Cena who staggers very slowly down the ramp. Miz keeps taunting. Miz gets to the side of the ring and struggles to pull himself up on the apron and then carefully through the ropes and into the ring. Big Show’s music immediately starts and he comes out to the ring looking pissed. Cena looks nervous in the ring. Cena takes off his necklace, then his hat, but looks nervous and worried. Cena puts his fists up, but looks like a little kid. Big Show sizes him, but is seething under the skin. Big Show rolls his shoulders. Kick to Cena’s gut and he’s on the mat. Cena barely up and a fish drops him. Another fist as soon as Cena’s almost up. A third fist and Cena’s down again. And then a fourth fist to the gut. Cena keeps struggling to his feet. Double axe handle to Cena’s lower back. Big Show stands over Cena, pulls him up by the back of his pants and slams him down with his legs. Big Show straddles Cena, locks his hands in front of Cena’s throat and pulls back. Cena stops gurgling and seems to be out. Big Show lets go and Cena’s motionless, face down on the mat. Big Show stares down at Cena and the “Cena” chants start. Big Show looks around at the fans.

- Commercial

Video of Big Show beating the heck out of Cena.

Lilian announces Jared The Subway guy as the Guest Ring Announcer. He announce Mickie who bounces out in gunmetal grey. Maryse comes out in a white two piece outfit with a long sparkly black vest.

Maryse poses and Mickie attacks. Mickie slams Maryse face first to the mat. Mickie straddles and slams Maryse down. They leave the ring and Mickie is slammed back first into the barrier. Back in the ring Maryse covers casually for two. Mickie’s slammed face first,, then bent back in a chinlock. Mickie works to her feet but is pushed down. They exchange blows. Mickie hits a low dropkick to Maryse’s face. Mickie is whipped but gets her feet up. Mickie sitting up top but id flung off. Big DDT by Mickie for three.

- Winner: Mickie

Jared announces Mickie the winner and she’s all smiles.

Batista out back getting ready for his match.

- Commercial

Ted’s in the ring waiting. Batista comes out to face him.

They lock up and Ted’s tossed back in a corner. Ted kicks Batista and then flees the ring. Batista follows and Ted attacks as Batista follows him back in the ring. Knee to Ted’s gut then a slam to the mat. Batista pulls Ted into a clothesline. Ted slides off Batista’s shoulder and out fo a Batista bomb set up but runs into a clothesline. Ted ducks a kick to the face, while sitting, and hits a dropkick. Ted covers for two. Neck breaker to Batista for two. Reverse facelock on Batista in the center of the ring. Batista backs Ted into a corner hard to get free. Batista slams Ted into a corner and shoulder to his gut. Another whip to Ted who comes out to hit a drop toe hold on Batista. Foot to Ted’s chin and shoulders to Ted in a corner. Bitch slap to Batista who shoulder slams Ted back into the corner. Batista stomps Ted down in the corner and chokes him with a foot. Batista didn’t stop through the five count and was DQd.

- Winner: Ted

Batista argues with the ref, but to no avail. Ted is thrilled and Batista’s really upset with himself. Replay of the slap and the DQ.

- Commercial

Chavo talks to Vicki and he wants to talk care of Santino himself. He’s thrilled with the main event. He says he’s not her, but if he was, then he’d strip MVP of the title if he interfered. If Batista interfered Batista won’t have his title shot at JD. He asks what she thinks and then cuts her off saying he knew she’d love it and will tell them now. He rushed off and she withered into her seat.

The Brian Kendrick to the ring. Carlito comes out, Primo with him, but he sent Primo to the back as he could handle it himself. Carlito came down the ramp with both straps draped over his shoulders.

Brian pushes Carlito and then hides in the ropes. Brian fights dirty and chokes Carlito with a foot. Back body drop to Brian and then a spinebuster for two. Carlito springboards but runs into Brian’s flying foot. Brain grabs Carlito’s head and tries to run up the corner but appears to trip, or Carlito did something to trip him. He sits on the second ropes and Carlito hits a back cracker on him from there. Carlito covers for three.

- Winner: Carlito

SD Rebound – Number One Contender 4 Way Elimination Match. Jericho stole Jeff Hardy’s cover and eliminated Kane. Jericho was eliminated for using a chair. It was down to Rey or Jeff and Jeff managed the final pin after a hard fought match. Jeff got the pin by countering the pin after Rey’s finisher.

Out back Legacy and Orton are getting ready for their match.

- Commercial

Video of The View and talk of MVP. They talked about how MVP wants Shepherd in his corner. She showed up and was there for him. Shepherd bitch slapped Dolph to help him win and invited him to The View.

Shane out back heading for the ring. Batista stops him and apologizes. Batista says he’ll make Orton pay in two weeks and will take the title away form him. Batista is very upset about this whole thing.

Orton and Legacy come slowly out to the ring. Video from Backlash when Orton hit the RKO on HHH then punted his head off.

- Commercial

Shane-O-Mac comes out to his music the normal way this time. He slowly and cautiously gets in the ring facing the three of them.

Cody starts and Shane is very much trying to gain control. Cody gets an elbow to Shane’s face but runs into a clothesline. Cody backs Shane into the heel corner but he flies out as fast as possible. Shane down and Orton tags in. Orton telegraphs and gets kicked. Punches to Orton’s face and Orton tags out. Orton flees, Shane gives chase but gets clotheslined by Ted when he re-enters. Headlock on Ted. Knees to Ted’s back. Shane nails Cody so Ted can’t tag out. Neck breaker to Ted and then he sets Ted up. Shane climbs watching out for Orton and hit the flying elbow. Cody breaks the cover. Cody and the ref argue. Shane clotheslines Cody but gets pushed from the ring – the whole things looked sloppy. Outside Ted is slammed face first into the steps and a kick to Cody’s gut. Shane grabs a chair but Orton blind sides him. Back in the ring Orton tags in and stomps his way around Shane. Orton drops a knee on Shane’s face. Cody tags in and stomps Shane some more. Cody hit a nasty knee drop on Shane’s face. Cody climbs and flies, but Shane moves! Cody manages to tag Ted in. Shane to his feet but punches from Ted in a corner. Shane is whipped but gets a foot up. Shane rushes out with a clothesline. Shane tries to hold Ted’s ankle to keep Ted from tagging out. Ted kicks him off and tags Orton in. Punches from Shane and a flying back elbow. Orton sent out over the top, then the other two sent out too! Shane beats on them outside and then takes the front off the announce table again. Orton is laid out on the announce table. Shane gets in the ring and climbs. It takes a bit for him to get his balance and he flies, but Orton moves. Shane goes through the table. But Shane hit the opposite end of the table form when Orton had been – they wouldn’t have connected even if Orton had stayed. Ted and Cody grab Shane and set his ankle precariously on the steps. Orton screams at Shane that he’s going to pay. Orton swings a chain onto Shane’s ankle. Shane’s screaming in agony while Orton taunts him. Orton grabs the ankle and pulls on it. They remove the top layer of the steps and set Shane’s ankle up again. Orton throws down the chair in his hands and picks up the top layer of steps. Shane screams for him to not do it, but Orton slams the steps down (barely hit the tip of Shane’s shoe). Shane crawls back and finally refs show up and keep Orton away from Shane. Orton glares. Video of Shane flying through the announce table, then the ankle shots by Orton. Not Batista’s music plays and he chases them all off. Shane’s ankle is immobilized. Shane’s screaming at them to not touch it as they get him on the stretcher. Shane says it’s broken. Orton grabs a mic and says Batista’s Judgement Day is coming. Batista’s in the ring screaming that they don’t have to wait, for Orton to come and get it.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Orton/ Legacy
Big Show

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