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WWE RAW Report 4/5/10 Moline, Illinois

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This week’s RAW starts with Justin announcing the new WWE WHC, Jack Swagger. He comes out in a dapper pinstriped suit. King and Cole talks about the quickest turnover of the MITB briefcase. Heat for Swagger in the ring with the mic. He tells the truck to roll it. The video of Edge attacking Jericho and then Swagger attacking Edge and then cashing in to win. Swagger says last week on SD! He made history. He cashed in and became our new WHC. Before he begins with his address he has some remarks. “You suck” chants. Last week he was considering cashing in on Cena, but then he thought if he’s going to be recognized for what and who he is, he needs to face the best in the world at what he does, Jericho. If he’d taken on Cena he’d have beaten him faster than Jericho and that was 9 seconds. But now he’s exclusively on SD! because no one on RAW compares to his abilities. Now, as to the state of the… Cena’s music cuts him off. Cena is all smiles in the ring. Cena congratulates Swagger who’s the luckiest man in the world. He cashed in to become WHC. It’s not about what you’ve done, but what you’re about to do? What’s Swagger going to do? He said he’s going to SD! We’ll be so sorry to see him leave! The WHC belongs to SD! But he said he’s leaving because no one on RAW can compete with Swagger. The problem is there’s one RAW superstar, standing in this ring, wearing orange, who’s calling him a liar. That same RAW superstar… “Cena” chants! The same one who’s staring at him sweating and clutching that title who says he’s not championship material. Cena earned his. Behind all of swaggers bravado, he’s nothing but a weasel. Swagger wants to shut him up? Be a Champion and face Cena in a match. Cena says he’ll step up and is so sure he’ll do to Swagger what he did to Batista, he’ll put the WWE Championship on the line. Swagger says it doesn’t work for him on a couple levels, this is why…. Orton’s music cuts him off. Orton in Cena’s face says that Swagger would want to face the man who beat him last week, Orton. Sho-Miz’s music and they come out all dressed up. Miz asks really, Cena, Orton. So typical of them trying to steal the spotlight. Let’s face the issue at hand. They show isn’t about them, it’s about the Unified Tag Team Champions, Sho-Miz. He’s the Miz and he’s awesome. But then he’s cut off by David Otunga. He comes out and introduces himself to a mixed reaction. All of them know him as the most promising rookie on NXT, but he’s the Guest Host tonight. Tonight’s show will be top notch, A list all the way around. Swagger tonight will face the man who pinned him last week, Orton. What else can he do? Sho-Miz will defend their titles against Batista and Cena. Cena doesn’t look happy about this one. Orton tries to hit an RKO on Cena, but he’s pushed off. Orton flows through smoothly and hit’s the RKO on Swagger. Video of Orton’s attack in the ring.

- Commercial

Kofi Kingston comes out in red and black, little bit of a different look to his ring gear. Sheamus out to face him.

Sheamus on Kofi hard. Kofi fights back with kicks and a cross body, but is caught. Backbreaker on Kofi and then Sheamus stomps him in the corner. Sheamus covers for little more than one. Arm bar on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi out but slammed down. Kofi whipped but gets his feet up. The ref has to get Sheamus off Kofi. Kofi slingshots off the top ropes and flies. Sheamus tries to send Kofi out, but he bounces off the top rope and dropkicks Sheamus. Kofi split leg on Sheamus in a corner with punches. Two kicks to Kofi’s head. Sheamus picks Kofi up and hits his finisher for three.

- Winner: Sheamus

Heat for Sheamus winning this match. He leaves the ring and then digs under for his pipe. Into the ring with it and a nasty look on his face. He pulls Kofi to his feet and then hits Kofi in the back of the head with it.

Backstage HHH is heading for the ring. Sheamus looks at the tron to see him.

- Commercial

Slam Of The Week – HHH’s little speech for HBK, but Sheamus attacked HHH from behind with his pipe.

Sheamus said last week HBK’s career came to its end. It was 25 years, but it took him 8 years to win the WWE Championship. It took him 6 months. It was supposed to be capped off at WM, but that was taken away from him by HHH. So he took something away from HHH, attacked him from behind with the steely pipe and left him lying. Rather than get his revenge, he came out to say goodbye too HBK and cried. He cried rather than face him. At WM HHH and HBK had one great match in him. HBK hung it up before Sheamus could take him out. HHH is more stubborn. He doesn’t think HHH has one great matc left. Does he want to go out in a blaze of glory or carted out after Sheamus drops him. HHH’s music and he comes out, wet hair, leather jacket, nasty glare. HHH stares up into the ring. Off comes the leather. HHH spits the water he’s been holding in his mouth the whole time. HHH up on the apron as Sheamus winds up with the pipe. “Triple H” chants. HHH backs off the apron, then reaches under the ring and pulls out his sledge. HHH blocks the pipe with the sledge handle. Kick to Sheamus’s gut, then to the gut with the sledge. Sheamus rolls out. HHH swings but hits a monitor on announce, one of the tubes pops (or it was pyro). Sheamus flees the ringside area, through the crowd. HHH back into the ring and says, Isn’t that like a silly Irishman? Brings a pipe to a sledgehammer fight! HHH poses in the ring.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about HHH swinging the sledge and if Sheamus hadn’t moved. Maryes is ringside. She said her dress is Channel, haute couture. Diva’s Dress To Impress, Red Carpet Battle Royal. Kelly out in a blue pageant gown. Fox out in brown and gold zebra stripped mini. Kim out in a mottled blue/green gown. Rosa out in light pink and not very dressy. Jillian out in a blue sparkly halter mini. Katie out in black, looking very goth and as if she can’t walk in heels. Bella twins out in red strapless gowns. Eve out in a blue on blue rouched floral that hugged ever curve.

Rosa was quickly eliminated. One Bella, then the other eliminated. Katie and Kim fighting hard, out to the apron, Kelly eliminated both with a dropkick. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors from Kelly on Fox. Jillian then eliminated Kelly. Eve slammed into the corner by Fox and Jillian. They then double suplex Eve and then double slam her. Fox tried to shoulder slam Eve in a corner, but was eliminated. Fox tries to help from outside to eliminate Eve, but Jillian was instead tossed out.

- Winner: Eve

Maryse cuts Eve down verbally, talking about her weight, while Eve poses.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about Otunga and NXT. They show a video about ‘A List’. He said he’s from Hollywood and is known by all. He dates Jennifer Hudson. He goes to the Award shows. He went to Harvard Law, like the president. He’s the total package. People are jealous of him. He’s never failed at anything and won’t fail now.

Otunga talking about how great he is while staring into his sunglasses. His posse all agree with him. He had them bring him 427 green M&Ms. The show will be A List from the top to the bottom. Santino comes in and wants to know where the A Team is. Otunga is pissed. Santino says he’s the president of the Mr. T fan club. Mr. T wouldn’t let that happen to his green M&M’s. Hornswoggle is eating them. Otunga freaks and tells him to put them back, Hornswoggle spits them into the bowl. One of the posse flies at Hornswoggle who flees and runs. Santino says he loves it when a plan comes together.

Backstage Sho-Miz is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Sho-Miz out to defend. Cena out to face them. Batista out looking really pissed off. Cena took off his shirt and threw it, Batista rolled his eyes.

Cena on Miz in the ring. Miz out of the headlock, but into a drop toe hold. Miz up for the AA, but holds the ropes and Big Show tags in. Head butt to Cena who hit the mat. Another head butt drops Cena. Huge “Cena” chants. Cena whipped into the heel corner. Big Show lays a big slap to Cena’s chest. Miz tags in. a couple punches drops Cena. Cena whipped. Miz runs to slam into Cena, but Cena moves out of the way. Batista won’t tag and leaves the ring; Cena gives pouty face. Cena chases Batista and attacks. Cena and Batista are counted out.

- Winners: Sho-Miz

Otunga comes out and says Sho-Miz isn’t off the hook yet, they have to defend again later. Since Cena and Batista can’t get along, so Cena’s new partner is Otunga.

- Commercial

Video of Batista turning on Cena and leaving their match. Cena attacked.

Legacy’s music and Ted DiBiase comes out with what looks to be the ‘Million Dollar Championship belt’ (does appear to be the same one from 1989). Video of Sr. trying to talk to Ted in the ring last week and was pushed off. Ted says last week his Dad was inducted into WWE HOF. He guesses that prestige went to his head because he did something he’s never done before, he tried to act like a father. One act of random kindness does not make up for it all. The ball games, the Birthdays, graduation. But his father knows how to win him over. Not through his heart, but through his bank account. Thanks for the trust fund and the Million Dollar Title. It is great to be the fortunate son. Christian comes out to face Ted.

Christian on Ted in the ring. Back body drop on Ted who then landed on the second rope for Christian to land on him. Ted set out the other side. Christian drop kicked Ted through the ropes. Christian then used the second ropes inside the ring to fly out onto Ted! Ted hit’s a neck breaker through the ropes on Christian. Back elbow to Christian. Punches to Christian’s head and pins for two hooking both legs. Christian in a headlock in the center of the ring. Hand up he calls for his peeps. Up and out, but then into a clothesline for two. Punches to Ted who punches back. Christian whipped but moves and kicks up to Ted’s head through the ropes. Ted onto the second rope. Christian out and hits an upper cut. Christian up top and flies with a cross body. Ted counters killswitch, Christian counters dream streets, back and forth. Christian sitting up top went for a tornado DDT, but Ted out and slammed Christian shoulder first into the corner. Ted manages to hit dream streets for three.

- Winner: Ted DiBiase Jr.

Ted shows off his inherited belt.

- Commercial

Video of HBK’s farewell last week. A little but of his speech from last week, then high points of his career set to music, including Taker tipping his hat and all the chants for HBK last week. Some of the video was from very early in his career, some with Sherri, Marty, HHH. HBK wiping those tears away along with the rest of us last week. Standing ovation from the fans, Cole and King. Hugs and tears between HBK and HHH. Beautiful video.

King and Cole talk about Sheamus attacking HHH last week. Then to the earlier fight between Sheamus and HHH.

Backstage Orton heads for the ring.

Video of Orton trying to RKO Cena, but then hitting the RKO on Swagger.

- Commercial

Swagger out to the ring. Orton comes out to the ring, Swagger talks to him off mic as he comes down the ramp. Orton just stares as Swagger runs him mouth.

Swagger with a kick to the gut, forearm to the back and punches. Into a corner, then another. Orton whipped then splashed. “Randy” chants. Orton whipped but moves and Swagger eats it then a kick to the chest. Orton stomps his way around Swagger. Orton drops a knee to Swagger’s face for two. Punches to Swagger in a corner. Ref gets Orton off and Swagger gets Orton up and slams down. Orton sent outside with a clothesline.

- Commercial

Punches on Swagger. A couple of upper cuts. Swagger leaves the ring, so does Orton. Clothesline to Swagger as Orton rounds a corner. Orton rolls Swagger in, but Swagger hangs Orton up on top. Swagger runs the ropes and slams into Orton sending him flying from the apron to the barrier. Swagger sends Orton into the ring and then hit’s a suplex for two. Another suplex on Orton for two. Swagger tries for an abdominal stretch, but Orton locks his hands. Swagger muscles Orton into the hold. Orton works out and then kicks Swagger when he telegraphs. Swagger tried to re-apply the stretch, but Orton sends him flying from the ring. Swagger partially into the ring and Orton grabs him in a ‘vintage Orton’ DDT for two. Couple of clothesline to Swagger. Fast scoop slam to Swagger. Backbreaker on Swagger. Orton slams his hand on the mat a couple times preparing for the RKO. Swagger counters and give Orton a boot to the head for two. Swagger runs, bounces off the second ropes and splashes Orton for two. Another of Swagger’s splashes to Orton. Orton uses the ropes to get to his feet in pain. Orton reverses the gut wrench (Swagger played that badly) into an RKO for three.

- Winner: Orton

Swagger grab his belt and goes up the ramp. Video of the last two moves of the match. They stare at each other across the distance.

Cole explains Cena tagging with Batista earlier. Video of Batista not tagging, but leaving the match. Cena gave chase and attacked. Otunga then put himself in the match, tagging with Cena.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about the Hoff being Special Guest Host next week.

Sho-Miz out to the ring with all their gold. Otunga out to NXT music. Big Show shakes his head at Otunga as he comes to the ring. Cena out with another entrance, third of the night. Cena looks at Otunga warily.

Cena starts against Miz, again. Arm bar on Miz. Cena keeps the hold on as Otunga tags in. Otunga takes the hold, then into a headlock. Shoulder block to Miz, then another. And a third for two. Headlock on Miz into the face corner and Otunga tags out. Cena jacks Miz jaw and works him over. Miz distracts and Big Show hits Cena. Big boot to Cena and Miz pins for two. Front facelock on Cena and Big Show tabs in. Head butt to Cena. “Cena” chants. Cena fights back. He tries to hit a shoulder block but Big Show doesn’t even budge. Big Show then stands on Cena in the heel corner. Big Show then kneels on Cena as Miz gets a cheap shot. Miz tags in and Big Show sends Miz into Cena in the corner. Clothesline to Cena in a corner for two. Chinlock on Cena in the center of the ring. “Cena” chants. Cena reaches, as does Otunga, but they can’t tag. Chinlock still on Cena and back to the center of the ring. Otunga yelling support into Cena. Super Cena muscles out of the hold, but then a knee to his back. Double clothesline and both men are down. Otunga is over selling his need to get in the ring. Cena doves for the tag and Otunga drops off the apron and laughs. Big Show tags in. A big right hand and Big Show pins Cena for three.

- Winners: Sho-Miz

Sho-Miz celebrate in the ring. Batista comes out and grabs Cena. Batista bomb on Cena in the center of the ring. Batista grab a mic. He says, spotlight please, and gets it. Otunga says he’s still the guest host and Batista has an announcement to make. Squatting over Cena Batista says he’s invoking his rematch clause at Extreme Rules. He won’t be making anyone tap out as the only way to win will to be the Last Man Standing. Batista drops the mic and glares. The camera in so tight on Batista that his tiny nose stud is visible. Video of Otunga screwing Cena and Big Show taking the win, then the Batista bomb.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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