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WWE RAW Report for 10/20/08 from Corpus Christi, Texas

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RAW this week starts with Kelly coming out to the ring? She’s in purple pants and matching bra top. Candice comes out to join her wearing a different purple. Jillian in black pants and red halter and Katie in a mostly black with some red outfit come out to Jillian’s music. Jillian has to sing to us (Willie Nelson) before her match. She gets huge heat.
Kelly attacks Jillian from behind to shut her up. Kelly proceeds to gain control over Jillian and gets a pin for two before tagging in Candy. Candy gets a two count too. Candy hits her legs/head hang over the ropes while Kelly distracts the ref, but Katie kicks her in the gut to break the hold. Katie tags in and quickly gains control over Candy. Jillian tags back in and hits a back spring back elbow to Candy in a corner. Candy hit a cheap shot on Katie on on the apron and tagged Kelly in. A couple clotheslines to Jillian followed by head scissors and Kelly climbs. Kelly would have had the three after flying but Katie broke it up. All four ended up in the ring, but Candy took care of Katie. Kelly managed to cover for three.

- Winners: Kelly & Candy

The purple girls celebrate in the ring.

Video from last week when Y2J picked HBK for Batista to face in a Lumberjack Match. It turned into a total mess with the jacks in the ring and ended in a No Contest. But in the end HBK and Batista took everyone out and shook hands in the ring. Then Batista set it up for Y2J to face off with Punk in a match and Batista was the Special Guest Ref. Batista was incredibly biased and ended up taking Y2J down for Punk to cover for the three that Batista happily counted.

- Commercial

Promo countdown clock that said WM25 tickets will be available in 18 days!

Y2J’s music and he heads to the ring in another beautiful suit. They cut away to tell us how to text for Special Refs for the Y2J and Batista Match at CS. Y2J enters the ring, stands there, then leaves the ring. He demands Lilian announce him again as the WHC. He then rips the mic from her hand and stomps back to the ring. “You suck” chants. He said that’s what he’s talking about exactly – respect or lack thereof. He said he should never have to ask her to introduce him ever again, she should just do it. He’s the Champion. He leads the locker room as Champion and it spreads like a virus to every one of the fans. “You suck” chants. They somehow got it into their brains that he’s going to lose the title at CS no matter who they pick to be ref. He goes off on Adamle and how he’s doing everything to be horrible to Y2J. He then goes through the list of people who could be ref for his match. Orton gets a little cheer, HBK more and Austin’s was huge. He says Adamle has forgotten who he is, he’s the first Undisputed Champion ever. He beat four people to with the title this time and retained against Punk in a Cage Match. When he beats Batista it will be known that he’s the most dominant Champion…

Batista’s music cuts Y2J off mid-sentence. Batista comes ut smirking in jeans and a black shirt. Batista asks if Y2J is seriously demanding respect. He says he’ll tell him what’s so ridiculous about that – besides his hair. You don’t demand respect, you earn respect. Batista laughs and says if Y2J beats him at CS, he will earn a lot of respect. He tells him until then to stop whining, crying and shut his mouth, or he’s going to shut it for him.

Adamle comes out and tells them to save it for CS when they can put their hands on each other. But he wants to concentrate on a term they’ve both been talking about – respect. Tonight they’ll both face the same three opponents in a Gauntlet Match. It’s going to be different, unpredictable and another Adamle Original.

In the ring Y2J bitch slaps Batista then quickly flees the ring. He yells about respect (off mic) as he backs up the ramp.

- Commercial

Slam of The Week – JBL faced off with Haas Hogan. HH got beaten down in a squash match.

JBL comes part way out in his limo and walks the rest of the way to the ring. JBL grabs a mic and tells everyone that it besmirches his identity to have him compete against some has-been impersonator. He’s a man of dignity and wealth. He’s a man us common folk call rich. The ring become richer and the poor – that would be us – become poorer. So he doesn’t need… Austin’s music cuts him off and it’s Haas with a bald cap in Austin gear. Cole calls him the Texas garter snake. He poses in every corner and the fans love it! He’s Stone Cold Steve Haastin. He grabs a mic and the fans chant, “Haastin.” JBL is pissed and asks who he thinks he is. Haastin asked, “What?” He asked if we wanted him to open a can of whoop ass, give him a hell yeah! He got one. JBL said neither of them are fit to lace his boots.
Haastin gave a huge Thesz press and gained control. Haastin was going for a stunner, but JBL gained control, hit a clothesline from hell and it was over for Hasstin.

- Winner:jbl

JBL ripped the mic out of Lilian’s hand as she sat by the bell. He said, “And that’s the bottom line because JBL said so!”

Out back Rey is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Rey comes out to the ring in red and white with his over-mask on. He puts his over-mask on a kid and again he’s wearing a backless mask. Snitsky comes out to destroy him.

Rey goes for head scissors but is slammed down hard. Snitsky stomps Rey and drops an elbow for two. Kicks to Rey I a corner. Rey is whipped but moves and Snitsky’s big boot gets caught up top. Rey manages to take him down. Rey climbs, flies and lands with both feet to Snitsky’s gut. Rey hits a 619 and a springboard splash and got the three!

- Winner: Rey

Video of Rey’s 619 and the finisher. Rey celebrates in the ring.

- Commercial

Cena promo video.

Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. Miz takes a couple mics and hands one to Morrison. Miz says there’s still time to vote for them. Morrison said he once voted for Pizza Friday to be changed to Tofu Tuesday. They stumble over each other’s words. They then rip on DX. They call them Geriatric X. They ask – Are you fifty? No! Are you fifty? The fans were not impressed but also not giving them much heat either. Finally Punk came out and saved us from our misery. Kofi came out and joined him.

Punk and Morrison lock up to “CM Punk” chants. Back elbow to Punk and Morrison holds him by the head to tag Miz in. An enziguri to Miz and Kofi tags in. They double team Miz and Kofi covers for two. Arm bar on Miz. High drop kick to Miz. Punk tags in. Huge kick to Miz’s chest for two. Forearms to Miz’s face. Miz is tossed from the ring. Kofi comes in as well as Morrison. They dump Morrison out over onto Miz. Back in the ring Punk covers for two. Miz is whipped into the heel corner and Kofi tags in. Arm flip to Miz for two. Front face lock on Miz. Monkey flip in the center of the ring to Miz. Miz distracts the ref and Morrison attacks Kofi from outside. Morrison tags in and attacks Kofi. Morrison slams Kofi and bridges for two. Head lock on Kofi in the center of the ring.

- Commercial

Morrison still (?) Has a headlock on Kofi in the ring. No, they show video that Miz had been in and hit a cheap shot on Punk so Kofi couldn’t tag out. Miz tags in and locks on the headlock. Kofi elbows out, but gets whipped into a corner and slammed down by his hair. Miz and Morrison double team Kofi as Morrison tags in. Morrison covers and Punk breaks the count. Punk gets the fans going for Kofi. “Kofi” chants. Kofi manages to get a foot into Morrison’s face and back elbow Miz who tries to attack from the apron. Punk manages to tag in and takes Morrison apart. A high knee to Morrison and Punk climbs. Can’t tell if Punk slipped up top or saw Morrison move. Miz made a blind tag. Punk hits the GTS on Morrison but Miz rushes in and rolls up Punk for three.

- Winners: Miz & Morrison

Video of the end of the match. Miz and Morrison celebrate on the ramp.

Y2J is out back talking to Adamle. He’s saying no one respects him. He goes through big names he should be talked about with.

Adamle says he’s giving him a chance to earn respect, from Adamle, Batista, the fans and most importantly self respect. Adamle then walked away.

- Commercial

Santino comes out with Beth in tow. He’s dressed like Piper, Goldust and Honky Tonk Man! Honky wig and guitar, Goldust’s makeup and Piper’s shirt and kilt. He says choosing his opponent should be hard, but all off his opponents are one in the same – all washed up. Like Rodney The Piper – Hot Rod doesn’t have a hot bod. He talks about Piper needing sugar free gum. Then Goldust too Joe the Plumber’s dream and turned it into a nightmare. Goldust’s dream has flamed out. Last, but not least, the Honky Tonky Man. He eats pork chops and combs his hair with pork chop grease. He actually made a career out of impersonating the King – and he’s not talking about Jerry Lawler. The one who died on the toilet while pinching off the career of the Honky Tonky Man. The fans are not liking this.

Hacksaw cut him off and comes out ready to battle. Santino rips him apart but the “USA” chants start! Hacksaw tells Santino looks like he’s on his last minute of his fifteen minutes of fame. He tells Santino he’s confused. He’s been around a long time and seen a lot of flashes in the pan and Santino is the flashiest. He doesn’t like Santino disrespecting his generation. Santino says Hacksaw is so upset because he doesn’t have a Honk-A-Meter. Santino does the meter. He says Hacksaw was never IC Champion. He cuts on Hacksaw more. Hacksaw tells Santino to stand up when he’s talking to him. And if it wasn’t for him boyfriend (Beth) he wouldn’t be Champion. He then gets in Beth’s face and calls her tough guy. Santino is pissed and strips out of all his garb. Beth throws the clothes at Hacksaw and then Santino hits him over the head with the guitar. Santino says whoever faces him at CS, they won’t forget the best IC Champion of all times, Santino Marella. (Somehow Santino is bleeding from the mouth.) Santino and Beth stand at the top of the ramp and stare back, blood dripping all down his chest.

- Commercial

Video from their Mexico tour.

Cryme Tyme comes out to the ring. Cody, Ted and Manu come out to the ring.

Manu, Cody and Ted rush across the ring before the bell rang and attacked Cryme Tyme. The ref can’t seem to gain control as they take Cryme Tyme apart with the three on two assault. They grab their tag belts and pose in the ring.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about WM then move on to CS. They go through the matches slated for CS and how to vote for each thing.

Y2J comes down to the ring in wrestling gear for his Gauntlet Match. Video of Y2J bitch slapping Batista earlier.

- Commercial

Batista comes out to the ring. Adamle is in the ring. He’s presenting an Adamle Original. We’re about to witness Y2J and Batista competing against the same three people of his choosing in a Gauntlet Match. Batista will start. Regal is first for them to face. He comes out with Layla in tow.

Regal tries to quickly gains control but runs into a spinebuster. Batista bomb and he covers for three.

Y2J demands Batista moves out of the ring, but Batista is moving slowly. Y2J demands the ref get Regal up. Adamle starts to say something but stops. A code breaker from Y2J and he covers Regal for three.

Y2J starts the next match with Mark Henry! Y2J looks a bit worried now. Tony Atlas comes out with him. Y2J attacks Henry but is tossed off quickly. A chop block to Henry and Y2J goes for the walls but can’t get him over. Y2J gets sent flying from the ring. Back in the ring Henry keeps tossing Y2J around the ring and then stomped him in a corner. Henry slams into Y2J’s back in a corner. Y2J falls flat but moves out of the way of Henry’s splash. A lionsault from Y2J for two. Y2J removes a turn buckle cover. Y2J grabs his title strap and slams it into Henry’s face. The ref saw it and gave Henry the win via DQ.

Batista comes in to face Henry. He gets pushed away but then hits a spinebuster and covers for three.

Adamle says Y2J will start the next match with… Kane. Again Y2J looks nervous. Kane comes to the ring.

- Commercial

Kane took Y2J down and covered for two. An upper cut to Y2J in a corner. Punches to Y2J in a corner. The ref makes Kane back off. Y2J runs out and tries to take Kane apart with kicks and attacks to Kane’s left leg. Y2J goes outside to use the ring post on that knee. Back in the ring a huge right to Y2J. Y2J tries to lock on the walls but can’t and is slammed down. A couple clotheslines from Kane. Y2J is whipped then a clothesline in the corner. Sidewalk slam to Y2J. Y2J moves out of the way of Kane’s elbow drop. Y2J went for the code breaker but Kane swatted him away. Kane climbs but Y2J climbs facing him. Y2J tries for a superplex. Kane pushes him off. Kane hits a flying clothesline but can only cover for two. Kane calls for the choke slam but Y2J battles out. Y2J is tossed fromt he ring. Batista climbs down from the apron and smirked at Y2J. He bullied Y2J into backing up and Kane grabbed him by the hair. Kane pulled him back into the ring. Kane takes Y2J down with a big boot for three.

Batista enters while Kane knocks Y2J from the apron. Batista hits a quick spinebuster for three.

Batista poses on a corner while smiling down at Y2J outside. Y2J holds his title high the whole time.

Biggest pop

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