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WWE RAW Report for 12/29/08 from Manchester, NH

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RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Rey is in the ring. He says last week he was seconds away from hitting the 619 on JBL and one match away from competing for the Championship. But someone took that away from him. Video of HBK saving JBL last week on RAW. Rey says he respects HBK and understands him falling on hard times, but the fact is – they have a problem. He wants HBK to come out to the ring because Rey has something he wants to say. HBK comes out looking apprehensive. Rey tells HBK that he knows in his heart that despite his affiliation with JBL, he’s a great person. He doesn’t want his spot in the match. What he wants is for HBK to face Rey one on one here, tonight. He wants his opportunity back. The winner will go on to the Fatal Four Way at the end of the night. HBK doesn’t say anything for a long time then accepts. They shake hands and Rey thanks him. But then JBL comes out on the stage and says HBK’s answer is no. HBK is his employee and any decision that relates to HBK goes through JBL. The only match HBK will be competing in is the Fatal Four Way Match. JBL, still on the stage, then tells HBK he’d appreciate if he’d leave the ring. “HBK” chants and boos. Rey pleads with HBK who walks away with his head hung low. Rey asks if he’s just going to do everything Bradshaw tells him. All the money in the world won’t make up for selling your soul. Then suddenly Mike Knox attacks Rey from behind. JBL demands HBK leave the area and go out back. Knox just keeps working Rey over in the ring. Suddenly the fans get loud and Cena is running for the ring. Cena clotheslines Knox from the ring. Cena’s ready to fight but Knox leaves the ring area. Rey manages to get to his feet and shakes hands with Cena.

- Commercial

Orton out back. Camera backs out and he’s not alone. Manu, Sim and Cody are there. He says his group won’t tolerate losers. Win tonight and you’re in, lose and you’re out. It’s phase one.

Cody to the ring. Punk comes out to face him. Before the match starts Regal and Layla come out. (Regal still does not look quite right – read: healthy.) They go over to announce area and demands a chair to sit in front of the table.

Cody gets a quick cover for one. Side headlock drag and Punk has control over Cody. Kicks to Cody’s upper back. Punk covers for one. Cody then hits a jacknife bride cover. Punk goes for a DDT but is pushed off and lands hard. Cody is fighting hard to win and continue on in Legacy. Cody then gets another cover. Sitting full nelson in the center of the ring. Punk gets to his feet and out to hit a kick to Cody’s face. Punk climbs and hits a crossbody but Cody rolls through for two. Punk elevates Cody over the top. Cody lands on the apron but a huge kick to the side of Cody’s head. Punk runs and flies over the top. Unfortunately in taking Cody down Punk hit the announce table badly. Outside the ring Punk hits a high knee. Punk gets distracted by Regal as the ref keeps counting. Cody rushes into the ring but Punk still argues with Regal.

- Winner: Cody Via Count Out

Punk is pissed and gets in the ring to continue working over Cody to show his displeasure. Regal enters the ring and hits a high knee on Punk.

Out back Cena asks Steph if she’s serious. She says he thought he’d want to be ringside doing commentary for the Fatal Four Way. He goes monotone and says that he, John Cena, is thrilled. He then goes on to give fake announce then. It was funny and then goes on to say it’s as bad as Adamle as GM of RAW. He asks Steph if the fans want to see brutal guest commentary or do they want her to give them a great match with Cena, Knox, Rey, whoever, that changes life on this planet. He says it’s her show and walks off.

- Commercial

Goldust give a Night After Christmas poem. Gifts are – Stunners for Steve, Boggle for Hornswoggle. Cody wanted a bike that he gave to Dad (Dusty). For Santino a healthy new scrotus, soon to be shattered by Goldust. (Looks like they’re setting up a feud.)

Video from two weeks ago showing Batista getting kicked in the head by Orton. Cole said Batista had two teeth knocked out due to it. He decided to get his hamstring fixed at the same time – the one he hurt at SummerSlam. Video of Batista’s surgery. Batista continues the Orton kick to the head storyline talking about dental surgery, migraines and other problems due to the kick. The doctor said the surgery went well.

Kelly comes out in a pink tiny top and white pants. Melina out next in shiny off white/beige. She does her normal ring entrance. Mickie comes out in a new pink and purple two piece outfit.

- Commercial

Santino in the ring announces Beth who comes out in her black and blue jumpsuit. Jillian and Katie are in all black. Candice is in silver and black. Beth leaves the ring to sit at announce.

All divas start fighting. Candy gets eliminated, by (I think) Mickie. Kelly gets eliminated by Jillian. Mickie is down holding her head from a double team. Katie and Jillian try to eliminate Melina but Mickie pushes both Katie and Jillian out, eliminating them both. Mickie and Melina then starting fighting. They go back and forth until they stop and smile at each other with a nod. Mickie out to the apron and holds on. But Melina is able to knock her off for the win.

- Winner: Melina

Beth goes to the ring and gets in Melina’s face. Beth holds the strap high but then bitch slaps Melina. Melina gets tossed out and Beth follows. Melina gets the upper hand outside and mounts Beth on the announce table. But then Beth’s fan is there attacking Melina. Security drags her off and away through the fans.

Grisham out back with Jericho who says the WWE Magazine named him Jerk Of The Year. What makes him a jerk? Telling it like it is? Calling the fans hypocrites? Tonight he’s going to win and go on to be Champion again. If the lying and hypocritical fans want to see the Jerk Of The Year, they should look in mirrors.

- Commercial

Sim Snuka in the ring and out comes “Super Haas” Charlie Snuka! He looks really good!

Sim slams Haas back hard and Haas loses his wig. Sim beats Haas down hard and works him over. Sim hits a new face first slam for two. Haas fights back with chops but Sim comes back with a high knee for two. Chinlock on Haas in the center of the ring. He gets up and out but gets slammed back hard. Forearm to Haas’ upper back. A strange sitting arms stretch to Haas. Haas works out and to his feet. Sim is slammed face first in a corner. Haas does a couple very Super Fly jumps and then takes Sim down for two. Back breaker to Sim. Haas climbs with the wig on! He poses and goes for ‘The Splash’ but Sim gets his knees up. Sim then pins Haas for three.

- Winner: Sim Snuka

Sim celebrates by talking to himself up the ramp.

Out back Rey and Cena are walking together.

- Commercial

Cena’s music and he comes bouncing out to the ring. Rey comes out next to great pop. Video from early when Rey said HBK had sold his soul but then Rey was attacked by Knox. Kofi is the third one out. Cryme Tyme rounds out their team. But then Kane comes out. Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. Dolph then comes out. Of course Knox is the last out for the heel team.

JTG and Dolph start the match. Dolph wanted to introduce himself but JTG started fighting and hit a high knee. Dolph is backed into the face corner and Shad tags in, they double team Dolph. Dolph gets beaten on but makes it back to his corner and tags in Morrison. Huge clothesline to Morrison who flips in the air, then Kofi tags in and comes over the top. A monkey flip to Morrison and then he’s slammed down. They all enter and face off across the ring, no punches thrown yet.

- Commercial

Chinlock on Kofi from Miz in the center of the ring. Kofi slams Miz down and tags in Rey. Hurricanrana to Miz. Rey’s whipped and gets his foot up. Rey hits a cheap shot on Knox and kicks Miz in the back of the head for two. Kane gets a cheap shot from outside and Miz tags Kane in. Kane works over Rey and tags in Knox. Knee sends Rey into a corner. Rey’s whipped then a clothesline/splash in the corner. Dolph tags in and kicks Rey. Dolph keeps a foot on the back of Rey’s head. Chinlock to Rey in the center of the ring. Rey drops lower to the mat, Dolph holds on tight. Huge clothesline to Rey who was trying to tag out. Morrison tags in and hits a number of punches to Rey’s head, Rey’s flat on the mat. Rey gets set up top facing out. Morrison tries for a back suplex up top, but Rey turns around, jumps and lands on Rey’s head, shoulders to hit huge head scissors from up top. Rey tags in Cena. Knox tags in. It all falls apart and Cena’s about to be choke slammed by Kane but Kofi flies. Dolph then gets slammed down as does Knox. Cena hits five knuckle shuffle on Knox while Kofi does his double leg drop on Dolph. Cena gets Knox up and hits an FU. Rey is bouncing on the apron calling for the tag and tags in and hits a splash for three!

- Winners: Cryme Tyme, Kofi, Rey & Cena

Video of the end of the match. The five raise arms across the ring and celebrate.

Grisham asks HBK about the Fatal Four Way Match. HBK says he’s Mr. WrestleMania and is only concerned with stealing the show.

- Commercial

Kelly is talking to someone and said she’s protected him from Kane and thought they had something. Pans out and it’s Orton. He said it was one night, not memorable and she’s only a distraction. Then he walks off.

Manu in the ring and Matt Hardy comes out to face him.

They lock up and Matt gets an arm hold on Manu. Side headlock to Matt. Matt punches out but gets hit with a shoulder block for one. Again side headlock on Matt. Matt pushes off but gets slammed in the gut then slammed down for two. Snap mare to Matt then a shoulder/head lock on Matt. Matt gets out and hits some punches. Matt elevates Manu over the top and out. Matt runs and double kicks through the ropes. Back in the ring Matt slams him down and hits and elbow for two. Slam and another cover by Matt. Upper cut to Matt who then gets hung up top. Manu covers for two. Head butt to Matt. Flying headbutt to Matt’s shoulder for two. Again the shoulder/headlock. “Hardy” chants. Matt falls to the mat, still in the hold. Matt tries to wiggle for the ropes and can’t get there. Manu covers twice for two each. Scoop slam to Matt. Manu jumps to the second ropes in the corner, flips and goes for a splash but Matt moves. Matt starts to gain some steam and covers Manu for two. Punches to Manu’s head. Side effect to Manu for two. Back elbows to the back of Matt’s head for two. Matt gets pushed off the twist of fate. Matt lands in a corner and Manu eats Matt’s elbow. Swinging neck breaker to Matt for two. Matt pulls himself up in a corner and then hits a drop toe hold to Manu who eats the second turnbuckle. Matt covers for two. Matt gets whipped and splashes him in a corner. Matt’s whipped again and eats another splash. Manu gets Matt on his shoulder but Matt holds the ropes and gets away. Matt hits a twist of fate for three!

- Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt celebrates, Manu looks upset and pissed in the ring. He slams his hands down on the mat in fury. Video replay of the twist of fate and the pin.

- Commercial

Video about Kennedy’s new movie.

Orton out to the ring, very slowly. HBK is out next and he’s all pumped up. Orton and HBK glare at each other across the ring. Jericho comes out and Orton holds the ropes for him. JBL is last out and rides part way in his limo.

The bell rings and they all stare around at each other. The ref orders Orton and JBL from the ring for HBK and Jericho to start. HBK talks to JBL and Jericho goes for a cheap shot. HBK gets two quick pins on Jericho for two. They go back and forth quickly until Jericho leaves the ring to regroup.

- Commercial

Orton stares down Jericho in the ring. Shoulder block drops Jericho. Standing drop kick to Orton. Punches to Orton. Orton is backed into a corner but then reverses a whip. Scoop slam to Jericho for two. Jericho tries for the walls but Orton tends Jericho flying from the ring. Orton is then tossed outside the ring and looks to be hurting. Back in the ring Orton hits a huge clothesline on Jericho and then tags in HBK. Chops to JBL in the corner. HBK is then whipped and flips up the corner only to slam down to the mat. HBK is set up top and Jericho climbs for the superplex. HBK headbutts Jericho from the corner. HBK all the way up and hits his flying elbow for two. HBK starts to tune up the band but JBL takes the tag and goes for the clothesline from hell but runs into the code breaker. HBK breaks up the three saving JBL. HBK tags in, hits sweet chin music on Jericho and covers for three. Orton slowly climbs in the ring.

- Commercial

JBL locks a sleeper
on Orton in the center of the ring. Suplex to JBL to get out of the hold. Big boot to Orton for two. Forearm to the upper back of Orton. “RKO” chants. Orton is slammed into a corner and then huge punches to Orton. Orton’s a ragdoll in the corner. JBL drags Orton out and up. He pulls Orton into a clothesline for two. JBL stomps Orton’s hand and then wrist. Punches to Orton’s head. JBL drags Orton up and whips him. Orton fights back! Punches and kick but JBL comes back and slams Orton down for two. Punches to Orton. Orton telegraphs and gets a forearm to the upper back for it. Orton fights back, slams JBL down and stomps all around him. JBL on his knees and Orton sets JBL for the RKO. JBL scurries to HBK and tags out. Back breaker on HBK. Orton drops a knee ot the back of HBK’s neck for two. Kick to HBK’s ribs. Orton stomps HBK ankle, then all around him. Stomp to HBK’s gut a number of times while holding HBK’s feet. Orton sets HBK up for the RKO. HBK slowly climbs to his feet but HBK pushes Orton off. Both are down. They exchange blows. Chops from HBK. Flying forearm to Orton and then HBK nips up. Inverted atomic drop to Orton and then HBK climbs and hits the flying elbow. HBK tunes the band in another corner, away from JBL. HBK hits sweet chin music and pins Orton for three. JBL comes in and almost gets sweet chin music himself. JBL glares at HBK who looks lost. “HBK” chants. JBL just glares. JBL points to the mat and gets huge heat. JBL looks pissed when HBK won’t lay down for him. HBK looks lost and upset. JBL points again. HBK says to JBL, off mic, “Don’t make me do this, man.” “HBK” chants. JBL points to the mat more firmly. HBK slowly drops to a knee but then stands up. Again he pleads with JBL. JBL yells at him in the ring. HBK says, “Okay, okay.” HBK slowly gets down on the mat and lays down for JBL who grins. JBL takes a step toward him and HBK gets up quickly. “HBK says he can’t do it. JBL points and yells at him some more. HBK looks about to fall apart and cry. HBK closes his eyes and tells JBL to go ahead. “JBL sucks!” chants. JBL takes HBK down hard for three.

- Winner: JBL

The fans are hating JBL now more than ever. HBK is down on the mat as JBL stomps up the ramp looking pissed. HBK rolls up to a sitting position and looks forlorn. On the stage JBL stares back and smirks. HBK sits in the ring like a lost little kid.

Biggest pop

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