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WWE RAW Report for 12/8/08 from Philadelphia, PA

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RAW this week starts with a new WWE video about things that have happened the past year for the Slammy Awards.

Music and pyro.

JR and Taz are there on announce talking about matches and Slammy Awards. Cole and King are also there on announce talking about more matches.

Maria and Festus come out to present. She’s in a beautiful black gown. He’s in overalls and a tie. She held his hand and pulled him out to the podium. Festus said nothing. This is for Tag Team of The Year. Nominees – Carlito & Primo, Team Priceless, Miz & Morrison, Cryme Tyme Tyme. Maria says the Slammy goes to Miz and Morrison. The fans are not impressed. Miz and Morrison come out to accept. They pose then hug. When they accept the award they fight over it. “You suck” chants. Miz tries to get Festus to kiss his hand. Miz then moves Festus’ mouth to make him talk. Maria leads Festus away. They thanks all sorts of strange people. Morrison acts like he’s crying. Miz says they’re not only the best Tag Team of 2008, but they’re the best Tag Team of the 21st century. “Be jealous.

Morrison then heads for the ring as Lilian announces a match for the IC Championship Tournament. Regal and Layla are out back watching on a monitor. Regal and Layla are sitting and Regal really does not look healthy. He was not expected to show, was not really scheduled to show, but he showed up at the arena today, so they wrote him in. He’s still sick. Punk comes down to face Morrison.

The match starts with them pinning each other back and forth. They keep reversing things. Morrison hits a huge dropkick to Punk then pulled Punk from the ring. A couple high knees to Morrison. Punk slingshots from the second rope onto Morrison.

- Commercial

Morrison has a leg hold on Punk who’s reaching for the ropes. During the commercial Punk landed strangely outside on that ankle. Punk kicks Morrison and sells the ankle injury. Morrison climbs but Punk attacks with punches. Punk climbs and somehow hits a hurricanrana from up top! Punk’s ankle bounces painfully when he lands. Punk crawls and covers for two. A back breaker then Russian leg sweep to Punk. Shoulder’s to Morrison’s gut in a corner. Punk tries for a kick but Morrison ducks and hits his own kick in a beautiful move! Punk on the apron jumps and slingshots off the top rope into a cross body. Regal and Layla are still watching. Regal looks terribly sick. Punk tries for a GTS but Morrison counter and rolls Punk up for two. Punk gets Morrison back up, hits the GTS and covers for three.

- Winner: Punk

Video of the win. Punk limps around the ring and celebrates.

Vide of last Monday when Cena faced Kane. Y2J came running to the ring just before Kane tapped out from the STFU. Cena hit the FU on Kane for three. Y2J tries to get away but Cena follows and attacks him. Cody and Manu came to Y2J’s rescue. Then Orton came out and helped beat down Cena. In the end Y2J locked on the walls with a knee on the back of a bleeding Cena’s head.

Grisham out back with Cena. Cena looks pissed. Grisham asks about the attack. Cena talks about hustle, loyalty and respect. Y2J says they don’t exist. Cena says when he was home recuperating his dog Lou would watch RAW. When Y2J came out Lou would start washing himself and would wash himself until he threw up. He’s sorry about Y2J’s son, who Cena’s never met. It wasn’t because of the WWE, it was because his father is a snot nosed punk. If five guys had beaten Y2J down last week he’d be in the ring demanding Cena be stripped of his title. But that’s not how Cena does things. Cena’s going to fight Y2J tonight. He does things one on one, face to face. Hustle, loyalty and respect are Cena’s beliefs and Y2J gets a reeducation in respect.

- Commercial

Candice Michelle and Cryme Tyme Tyme to announce Best Finishing Maneuver. JTG gets the crowd going with “YO”. She tries to be hot and looks a bit lame, but beautiful in her silver dress. They talk about the Stunner, Rock Bottom, Figure Four and Sharpshooter. The Nominees are Taker’s Hell’s Gate, Orton’s RKO, Bourne’s SSP and Big Show’s Knockout Punch. Cryme Tyme hides the award from Candy but she gets it back and they wander off. She announces Evan Bourne wins! He’s not there so she accepts it on his… Mike Knox comes stomping out and stands almost on top of Candy. He takes the award and she leaves. He glares at the fans who chant, “You suck”. He slightly smirks.

Orton comes out to the stage in wrestling gear and his T-shirt and mic in hand. He says that being WWE Champion for four months and winning the main event at WM was impressive, but it’s not enough to be nominated for Superstar of The Year, even though he beat all the nominees. So again it’s the lack of respect. Like in Evolution HHH was the star, Flair was the legend, Batista was the muscle and Orton was ignored. Tonight HHH and Batista face off tonight. Orton has a better idea. Orton, Cody and Manu challenge HHH and Batista to a 2 on 3 Handicap Match. “Tonight the legacy is born.”

- Commercial

MVP is in the ring talking about his losing streak that’s been blown out of proportion. He rips on Jimmy Rawlins in the front row behind the announce tables. He talks about how it took Philadelphia 25 years to win something. MVP says he’s going to be a dynasty. Then suddenly his own music starts and out comes MVC! Haas looks really good like this! JR and Taz are announcing.

MVP is freaked out about facing ‘himself’ who’s acting like him too. “MVC” chants. Swinging neck breaker to MVC for two. MVP mounts MVC and throws punches. Rawlins is shown to be still pissed at MVP. MVP puts and abdominal stretch on MVC. “MVC” chants. MVP drops an elbow and covers for two. MVC gets tossed from the ring. MVP drops MVC face first on the barrier. Rawlins harasses and distracts MVP. Back in the ring a huge dropkick then punches from MVC. MVC tries MVP’s elbow drop but MVP gets his knees up. MVC gets whipped. MVC drops low below MVP’s boot. MVP’s foot gets caught up top. MVC grabbed MVP’s leg and rolled him up in a school boy for three.

- Winner: MVC (Haas)

- Commercial

Tiffany and Matt Hardy come out to announce Extreme Moment of The Year. Matt’s in a very sexy, but a bit too big stripped suit. The nominees are – Cena & JBL’s Parking Lot Brawl, Taker’s Crash Landing, HBK Through The Jeritron, Jeff Hardy’s Plunge. Tiffany and Matt announce Jeff’s the winner. Could tell by the smile on Matt’s face. Matt and Jeff hug and Matt gives Jeff his award which he holds high. The fans love it! “Hardy” chants. Jeff says it all started years ago on a trampoline in NC. Now it comes to Sunday. He doesn’t care if he walks out, crawls out or has to be carried out, he’s leaving Armageddon WWE Champion!

Matt takes the award out back and Jeff heads to the ring. Y2J’s music and he comes out to face him.

- Commercial

Jeff tossing punches onto Y2J then slams him in a corner. Y2J kicks Jeff in the gut and slams him down. Suplex to Jeff for two. Y2J bitch slaps Jeff. Y2J then pulls the rope low to send Jeff flying. Jeff holds on but a springboard dropkick sends Jeff flying from the apron. Jeff manages to get back in before ten. Snap mare to Jeff followed by a head lock of sorts. “Hardy” chants. Jeff works to his feet and out. Lariat takes Y2J down. Jeff throws punches and hits a flying forearm. Jeff double drops his heels on Y2J and covers for two. Jeff slams Y2J down face first. Jeff climbs but Y2J knocks him down to sitting. Jeff pushes Y2J off. Jeff misses his swanton when Y2J moves. Y2J’s lionsault hits but he can only get two. Y2J tries to lock on the walls but Jeff twists out sending Y2J flying. Y2J tries again but Jeff reverses for two. Y2J gets slammed into a corner then both of Jeff’s feet slammed into his gut. Jeff hits whisper in the wind for two. Y2J gets out of the twist of fate and hits his code breaker for three.

- Winner: Y2J

Y2J celebrates outside the ring. Y2J looks up the ramp to make sure Cena’s not there. Video of Y2J winning the match. Y2J backs his way up the ramp but keeps checking over his shoulders.

Out back Orton, Cody and Manu are walking along together.

- Commercial

Kelly and Kane come out to announce Couple of The Year. (Love it!) He glares down at her in her little hot pink prom type dress. Kelly says love’s a wonderful thing, then grimaces at Kane. He says the last time he was in a relationship he tombstoned a priest. Kelly looked nervous. The nominees are, Glamarella, Edge & Vickie, Regal & Layla, Finlay & Hornswoggle. Edge and Vickie win. Vickie comes out in a neck brace to accept. She gets huge heat and screams, “Excuse me!” Many times only making the crowd louder. She accepted on behalf of herself and her husband.

Glamarella come out and Santino is pissed. He never was loved, hated then sent to hell by Taker because of his love. He challenges any couple to a match. Even though he strained his scrotiscerous region, they will win. They head to the ring.

- Commercial

Finlay and Hornswoggle come out to face Glamarella. Horney has a drawn on unibrow and act like Santino in a goofy way. Finlay snuck behind Beth and put a little green hat on Beth head. She took it off purposefully and stomped on it. She bitch slaps Finlay. Finlay bitch slaps Santino. Santino leaves the ring and Beth berates him for letting her be embarrassed.

In the ring Finlay easily gains control. Horney tags in with Santino on his knees. Horney hit a DDT on Santino. A tadpole splash and horney covers for three. Beth looks really pissed.

- Winners: Finlay & Hornswoggle

Horny blows kisses to Beth. Video of how it all went down. Beth is yelling at Santino in the ring.

Melina and Teddy Long come out to announce Diva of The Year. She says all Divas posses beauty, talent and athleticism. Teddy says they’re all hot. The nominees – Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool. Beth wins. The camera goes to Beth trying to hold Santino up in the ring. She tosses him aside and runs up to accept. Beth glares at Melina. She accepts on behalf of all the dominant divas around the world. She then pushes Melina. Melina thinks for a moment then attacks Beth. They fight on stage. Beth gets pushed back while sitting. The back of her head hits him in the… Yup! She’s apologizing to him, he’s dry heaving.

King and Cole say that the match is now hh and Batista against Orton, Cody and Manu.

- Commercial

Video from last week when JBL offered HBK a job. HBK walked away rather than attack JBL, which I guess is an acceptance.

Joey Styles and Alicia Fox come out to announce The OMG Moment of The Year. She seems a bit lost up there. Joey gave us his “Oh My God!” and the “ECW” chants started. The nominees – Punk cashed in MITB, Taker sends Edge to Hell, Mayweather breaks Big Show’s nose, Cena returns at the RR. Punk wins! He comes out to accept. He’s all excited and little kid-ish about it. He says this has been more than his miracle year. He’s not sure anyone has done everything he’s done all in one year. He thanks Batista for the assist and Edge for being in the right place. He pulls a list out of his pocket. Most of the names are people he came up with but finished with Rocky Balboa. He has the fans say OMG, but it doesn’t feel right. Punk runs off and comes back with Joey to say it again! Joey looks annoyed but says, “Oh My God!” again after a couple set ups from Punk. Punk says he has to say it as it’s Philly! Joey’s cool and does play along.

Kofi comes out to the ring. Rey comes out to face him wearing black and white. They’re still selling Rey’s badly faked elbow injury. Video of Knox attacking Rey last week.

Head scissors to Kofi but he kart wheels rather than flies! The start is so fast and high flying! Regal and Layla are watching out back as it’s an IC Championship Tournament Match. Arm bar on Rey. Kofi keeps working that elbow. Rey elbows out and hits a drop toe hold into 619 position but Kofi comes out and dropkicks Rey down for two. Rey then gets a cover for two. Rey misses a dropkick as Kofi holds the ropes. Rey is whipped and jumps but lands on the ropes when Rey moves. Kofi comes off in a cross body that misses. Rey takes Kofi down and manages to get three.

- Winner: Rey

Rey holds out his hand to Kofi. Kofi shakes and then raises Rey’s hand. Rey will face off with Punk to see who will face off with Regal for the title.

- Commercial

Eve Torres and Mr. Kennedy come out to announce Match of The Year. Kennedy is in a great black pinstriped suit, black shirt and gold tie. He tells Eve how beautiful she looks and has the fans tell her how great she looks. His mic comes down and he “Mr. Kennedy”’s for us, but has her do the second Kennedy! The nominees – WM24 MITBLM, 2008 RR, Taker & Edge HITC SS, WM24 HBK & flair. The winner is HBK & Flair! HBK comes out all pumped up and takes his Slammy. He says he doesn’t know where to begin. He’s been a part of many unforgettable moments and matches, but the Flair match will hold a special place in his heart. Flair’s not only a friend, but inspired him to get into wrestling. He knows Flair is watching and is serious in what he said at the end of his match, he loves Flair. JBL comes out and accepts the match and says it will go well in his penthouse in NYC. HBK looks lost and dejected. The fans are pissed.

- Commercial

Batista comes out to the ring. HHH comes out to huge pop to join him. They shake hands and hug in the ring. Orton’s music but all three come out.

HHH and Cody start. Hh easily gains the upper hand. Batista tags in and retains control. They work over Cody in their corner. Back elbow to Cody then Batista kicks him in the face while sitting in the ring. HHH tags in and the work over Cody. Manu rushes in and they remove both young guys from the ring. Orton enters behind HHH and Batista but as soon as they turn he flees the ring.

- Commercial

Orton stomps his way around HHH. Orton pins for one. Orton again stomps around HHH and pins for two. Side headlock on HHH but he fights out. HHH can’t get to Batista but Orton tags in Manu. Manu works HHH over to the heel corner and Cody tags in. Cody works HHH over in a corner and hits a snap mare. Side headlock on HHH in the center of the ring. HHH is bounced face first off the heel corner. Orton tags in and applies a rear chinlock on HHH. Batista gets the fans going, but it doesn’t help. HHH works to his feet and suplexes Orton. Orton tags Cody who grabs HHH ankle. HHH kicks Cody off. HHH tosses Cody and they’re both down. Manu and Batista tag in! Batista knocks both Cody and Orton from the apron. Spinebuster to Manu. Cody climbs but Batista send Manu flying into Cody’s move. Clothesline to Cody in one corner and Manu in another. Orton rushes in and tries to hit the RKO on Batista who pushes him into a clothesline. Orton had gotten the tag at some point Batista didn’t see. Batista gets Orton up for the slam but Cody attacks with a forearm to Batista’s back and Orton gets the RKO for three.

- Winners: Cody, Manu & Orton

Video of the loss. Orton, Cody and Manu raise arms across the bottom of the ramp while HHH and Batista recover in the ring.

- Commercial

Video of Kennedy’s movie.

Mickie and Ron come out to announce the Damn! Moment of The Year! She says there’s just one word to describe the next category… He won’t say it! The nominees – Khali’s Kiss Cam, Punk surprises Chavito, JR as a sailor, Santino’s split goes splat. Khali Kiss Cam wins. He comes up in an amazingly cut suit that fits him beautifully, Singh by his side. He says that awards are a frivolous things and we shouldn’t be obsessed with frivolous possessions. It’s more important to worry about our natural resources. He holds it up and yells. Khali looks Mickie up ad down. She smiles at him and says she had him at “Khali says…” They embrace to kiss but Jillian comes out singing. Kung Fu Naki comes out too! They all start waving back and forth. Hacksaw and Sarge come out. Khali picks Mickie up and they KISS! Ron gets on mic and says… Damn! They all walk out, but Mickie has Khali’s arm around her and a funny smirk on her face.

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – Cena locked the STFU on Kane but Y2J distracted him. After the match Cena got beaten down by Orton, Cody, Manu and Y2J.

King and Cole talk about the attack and that Cena said he was coming for Y2J sometime tonight. They then talk about the Slammys.

R-Truth comes through the crowd singing. He has his Slammy in hand. He really has to fans pumped. Dolph Ziggler comes out to face him.

Dolph starts to introduce himself but R-Truth doesn’t shake. Dolph starts to gain the upper hand but R-Truth’s feet get in the way. Dolph tries to hand R-Truth up top, but he wasn’t close enough and R-Truth had to cover for it. Dolph covers for two. Lots of elbow drops on R-Truth. Again Dolph covers for two. Headlock on R-Truth. R-Truth gets up but slammed back. Kick to R-Truth’s head. Another headlock on R-Truth. R-Truth starts to fight out but doesn’t get far. A reverse whip and Dolph hits the mat hard after hitting the corner. R-Truth clotheslines Dolph from the ring R-Truth flies and they clunked heads when he landed. Knee to R-Truth’s gut. Huge knee to the side of R-Truth’s head and Dolph rushes in the ring before the end of the ten count.

- Winner: Dolph Ziggler via Count Out

Dolph grabs a mic and introduces himself as the winner. Dolph seems to be bleeding a bit from the mouth.

- Commercial

Steph comes out, already behind the podium, to announce the Superstar of The Year Slammy. The nominees – Jeff Hardy, Y2J, Batista, Edge, HHH, Cena. The winner is Y2J. He comes out looking over his shoulder. Steph gives him his award and leaves immediately. Y2J looks pissed. He says first of all… Then he walks off and heads for the ring? Yes, he gets in the ring, keeps looking over his shoulder. He grabs a mic and listens to the heat. He’s ecstatic we couldn’t cast our votes for this. We’re nothing more than mindless sheep, biased and easily influenced and we know it’s true. He knew he would win as he’s the best in the world today and we’ll listen to the list of accolades he’s accrued over the past 12 months. He goes on and on about what he’s done this year. He says he lost something too. He lost an identity when he threw HBK’s head through the jeritron he lost an identity he’d created. He had become what Cena is, a pandering sycophant. He can’t think of a better way to end off the year than destroying Cena at Armageddon and wearing the WHC around his waist.

Cena’s music hits and he comes out. Y2J runs from the ring and through the crowd. Edge comes out to face Cena. Cena gets back in the ring, ready to fight.

Back elbows to Edge then a bulldog. Edge gets tossed from the ring.

- Commercial

Reverse chinlock on Cena. Cena fights out but runs into a kick. Edge covers for two. Back elbow to Cena in a corner. One armed flapjack to Cena. Reverse chinlock on Cena. They exchange blows. Bulldog to Edge. Edge slams Cena down. Edge sets Cena up for the spear but Cena hits a shoulder block. Five knuckle shuffle to Edge. Edge up for the FU but he wiggles out. Then Edge up again and wiggles out. Up a third time. Cena then locks in the STFU but lets go when Y2J runs down to the ring. Cena goes out and they fight. The bell rings. They fight through the crowd. Edge is in the ring watching it all when HHH attacks. HHH is kneeling punching a sitting Edge when he gets double feet to his back spinebuster to Edge. HHH tosses Jeff from the ring. HHH then clotheslines Edge from the ring. Jeff runs the rail and takes Edge down. Edge goes up the ramp and falls down. On the stage. Jeff stands between them not sure what he wants to do. Finally Jeff walks off. Videos of all the mayhem.

Biggest pop
HBK (at first)
Matt & Jeff

Biggest heat

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