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WWE RAW Report for 3/2/09 from Boston, Massachusetts

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This week’s RAW starts with a replay of JR’s interview with HHH about Orton. This was overlaid with video clips of what Orton has done to Vince, Shane and Steph. That was followed by what happed between HHH and Orton/Legacy last week, including HHH’s chasing them through the back of the building and using his sledge on Ted, a mirror, almost Orton and then a back car window before Legacy pulled away and the show ended.

Music and pyro.

King is in the ring wearing a horrible black shirt with a gold argyle crown pattern! He said Vicki asked him to announce that on RAW tonight will be a WHC Match. Edge will face Cena!

The stage is set up (starkly) for a Piper’s pit! But the music changed from Piper’s pipes to Jericho’s. The fans hit him with huge heat. He said he wasn’t planning on doing this today, but ‘Welcome to Piper’s Pit’. He said he got the orginal set (not) and is putting it on himself. There were many episodes of the Pit, but the most famous was this. Video of Piper and Snuka. First Piper hit him with a banana and then hard over the head with a coconut. After Snuka fell through the set Piper force fed him a banana. Jericho then introduced Snuka. Snuka came out and sat with Jericho Snuka turned his chair and sat right up next to Jericho and faced him, staring. Jericho said that after that Pit that Snuka and Piper tore things up for quite a while. Video of Snuka and Piper in the ring in 1984. Jericho said it was great footage and he’s a legend. But he’s also a poster boy for what The Wrestler is all about. He’s in his 60′s but works indy shows each weekend. Last year Snuka and Piper joined in the RR. Too many people were not allowed in the RR because of Piper and Snuka. All because they had to be in the spotlight and hear the cheers one last time. They’re all sick in the head and their egos won’t let them let it all go. He wants the guys in the back to see him so they won’t end up like him, a pathetic disgrace. Jericho stood and then Snuka stood up and kicks his chair away. Jericho told Snuka he’s finished and no one wants to see him any more. He needs to go home and stay home. Jericho asked if he understands. Snuka screamed he doesn’t. Jericho said old school is cool, so here’s old school. Here’s a pineapple. Jericho pulls it from a brown paper bag. Jericho pulls out bananas and tosses them at him. Jericho then pulls out a coconut. Jericho tosses it in the air and keeps talking about egos. Snuka caught it in midair and backed Jericho off. Jericho went out back and Snuka on one knee posed. The fans were loving it until Jericho crashed through the set and attacked him. Jericho hit him with a board. Jericho then took off his belt and whipped Snuka with it. To end it all Jericho forced bananas down Snuka’s throat while yelling and screaming at him. “Asshole” chants!

- Commercial

Video of Jericho’s attack on Snuka.

King and Cole talk about Jericho’s actions and how horrible he is.

Rey comes out for his MITBLM Qualifying Match wearing red. Video from last week when Punk won his match to qualify. Knox comes out next. Rounding out the match is Kane. Video of See No Evil that will be on SciFi.

Kane sends Rey flying and he drops to a baseball slide into Knox. Kane gets Rey up but he punches to get out. Rey gets sent from the ring and that leaves it for Kane and Knox to go at it. Knox is whipped and a big boot from Kane, but Kane was leaved too far back and landed hard.

- Commercial

Knox has Rey bent backward over his knee. Knees to Knox’s head and Rey is out. Rey ducks a big boot but Kane grabs Rey from outside and drags him out. Kane enters and Knox hits blows. Kane’s whipped and splashed. Snap mare to Kane and chinlock. Kane picks Knox up and suplexes him. Kane runs into a big boot. Rey on the apron and Knox goes for him but Rey off the top rope hits a hurricanrana and then a bulldog for a long two on Knox. Knox then takes Rey down for two. Rey up on Knox shoulder but her reverses it into a DDT. Kane picks Rey up but Rey reverses into head scissors sending Kane into snake eyes. Rey runs at Knox who sends Rey flying over his head and takes Kane down. Knox down for 619 but Kane catches him for a chokeslam. Rey gets out, drops Kane and hits a 619. Rey pins but Knox kicks him off. Kane manages a choke slam on Knox for the three.

- Winner: Kane

Kane starts to leave but comes back to hit a chokeslam on Rey.

Out back Kozlov is getting ready to face HBK.

- Commercial

WM promo. They narrator talks about Iron Man Matches. WM12 it was between Bret Hart and HBK. It was a tie and continued until HBK beat him to win the title for the first time. After an ugly hour between the two men who really do not like each other. That famous clip of HBK holding the belt while on his knees and staring at it in awe.

Out back Grisham with HBK. Grisham says Kozlov hasn’t lost in singles competition and beat Taker last week. HBK says he knows as Kozlov about chokeslammed him through the mat. But HBK has stole the show at every WM since he came back. Tonight Kozlov’s streak is over and at WM he’ll end Taker’s.

Mickie bounces out (quicker than usual) in pink and purple. Kelly comes out in black and pink to tag with her.

- Commercial

Melina and Maryse are at announce. Beth slams Kelly into a corner. Helicopter head scissors to Beth. Beth had Kelly up and slammed her down her – she seemed to land bad! Jillian tagged in and flung Kelly across the ring by her hair. Maryse said she can beat Beth in five minutes. Mickie tagged in and really worked over Jillian and a cheap shot to Beth. Mickie is whipped but gets an elbow up. Jillian punches away on her then tries for a handspring back elbow but Mickie gets her feet up. Mickie covers but Beth breaks it up. Kelly tags in, takes Jillian down and pins Jillian for three.

- Winners: Kelly & Mickie

Rosa attacks Kelly but Mickie rips her off. An all out brawl in the ring. Melina rushes for the ring to help but Maryse grabbed Melina’s ankle and pulled her from the apron so she hit her face and landed on the floor.

Video of HHH’s interview, again.

Legacy comes out to the ring followed by three lawyers (?) and a whole slew of armed security.

- Commercial

They’re all in the ring. Orton is getting huge heat from the fans. He says as the winner of the RR he’s entitled to a Championship match at WM. He’s challenging the winner of tonight’s match between Edge and Cena. Most thought he’d challenge HHH. But it’s not going to happen as he’s not going to WM, he’s going to jail. He’s pressing charges. Last week he committed assault with a deadly weapon. We all saw it. Orton dropped his but HHH had one hidden. He used it on them. He could have ended Orton’s career or life. HHH, it’s time to face the music. If he has anything to say, it’s time to come out and say it. Because he’s going to be going away for a very long time. HHH’s music plays and he comes out with his sledge over his shoulder. HHH says that Orton’s doctors and lawyers have a disease called IED. That Orton’s not in control of his actions. But HHH is in complete control of his. HHH walks to the ring but the security rush in front of Orton. “Triple H” chants. HHH dropped the sledge and turned around to show he doesn’t have another. He walks up the steps and stands on the apron glaring. HHH says they all tell Orton what he wants to hear. He’s going to tell him what he needs to hear. Orton says he knows he attacked a… HHH says that this is about Orton and how he wants it to end, how he needs it to end. Orton took out the entire McMahon family and not Orton has to go to WM and beat HHH. Orton needs it because he needs to avenge the moment that defines his life. Orton knows what he means – Evolution. HHH watched him become the youngest WHC in history, but what happened the next night. HHH turned on him, beat the hell out of him. How long did Orton have the title? Was it a month? Was it even that long? HHH says he’s not a good person, never has been a good person. He wasn’t happy for Orton’s success. He mad a decision and took what was his. Now Orton has the opportunity to avenge that night. He can go to the biggest stage ever WM25 and beat HHH. He could do that but he makes the ecision to run. That’s because he’s afraid. Orton’s been afraid his whole life because he knows he doesn’t have what it takes. He can hide behind his lawyers and security. But HHH knows the truth. Orton’s that same little kid that was carrying HHH’s bag around in Evolution. That same little boy with all the talent in the world, but ultimately gutless. One of the lawyers says he has nothing more to say to HHH. Unless HHH turns himself in, security will remove him from the ring. They all grab HHH and move him back. They get to the ropes when Orton yells at them to let him go. After a second admonishing they let HHH go and get back. Orton says he thinks he’s changed his mind. He won’t be facing Edge or Cena at WM. He’ll be facing HHH, under one condition – they settle it at WM. HHH doesn’t put his hands on Orton unless provoked. Orton doesn’t touch him, HHH doesn’t touch him. HHH attacks him and he spends WM behind bars. Orton asks if they have a deal. HHH says deal, drops the mic and leaves the ring. Orton stops HHH on the ramp to tell him it felt great when he kicked the old man in the skull. It felt even better when he did the same to Shane. But when he hit the RKO on HHH’s wife. He replays that over and over and over in his head. He can still smell her scent, her skin was so soft. That’s what he remembers. He wonders what she remembered when he grabbed her neck and slammed her pretty little face to the ground. HHH turned back to Orton and got back in the ring. They stood nose to nose. HHH says the last time they fought in the ring he broke Orton’s collar bone. That was just business. This is personal. HHH tells Orton he’s going to break his neck. HHH drops the mic, leaves the ring and stomps away. Orton glares and shakes.

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – HBK beat JBL last week to be able to face Kozlov so one of them can face Taker at WM. After the match Kozlov came out and they fought. A huge chokeslam to HBK from Kozlov.

HBK comes out to the ring to huge pop from the fans. Kozlov comes out to face him. Video of Kozlov beating Taker this past week on SD!

“HBK” chants. HBK is briefly backed into a corner but gets out. HBK is backed in again and a couple shoulder to his gut. Unfinished sunset flip form HBK but Kozlov picks him up into a bear hug. HBK claps out and gains some control. Figure four from HBK but Kozlov quickly reversed it. HBK released and rolled from the ring to regroup.

- Commercial

Kozlov backs HBK into another corner. HBK reverses it and hit chops. Kozlov reverses a whip and HBK lands hard. HBK across a corner and Kozlov hits headbutts to HBK’s back. Put on Kozlov’s shoulder and a running slam to HBK for two. Kozlov scoops HBK up and hits two back breakers. Kozlov gets HBK up in the rack and screams in Russian. Kozlov bounces. “HBK” chants. Punches to Kozlov’s face and HBK gets out but runs into a punch for two. More punches to HBK while he’s down. Bear hug on HBK. “HBK” chants. Punches and HBK is free. Chops to Kozlov on the ropes. HBK went for his flying forearm but Kozlov caught him in the air with a headbutt for two! Kozlov chokes HBK on the bottom of a corner with his foot. Kozlov sets HBK up top and climbs. Bear hug up there but HBK beats on his back. More punches and Kozlov falls to hit the mat. Flying elbow and he hits it! HBK tunes up the band and hits sweet chin music. HBK easily pinned Kozlov for three.

- Winner: HBK

GONG! The lights go down and HBK looks up the ramp. Out comes Taker! Taker stops on the stage and looks up at HBK. HBK stares back. Taker dragged his thumb across his throat while staring at HBK. HBK still stares back. They just continue to stare while thunder roils around them.

- Commercial

Video about Cena’s newest movie.

The next inductee into the Class of 2009 HOF. Cowboy Bill Watts is the next to be announced. Great video for him and JR will be inducting him.

Edge is out back with Grisham. He asks about Edge putting his title on the line three days after Cena was knocked out by the Big Show. Edge is mad that he’s the bad guy in this. He wanted to face Cena in Boston, so close to Newbury, Cena’s hometown. He wants everyone to see the hometown boy get squashed.

- Commercial

WWE Slam of The Week – Cena got Show up for the AA. They were down after and Edge slid through and did something to Cena. Chokeslam from Show for three. Edge over Cena and told him the title is Edge’s!

Edge comes out to the ring. Cena’s music and he rushes out and slides into his hometown ring. Lilian does the formal announcing and the fan go wild for Cena and give huge heat to Edge. The ref patted them both down before the bell.

Side headlock on Edge and headlock takedown. Edge backs Cena into a corner. When they come out Edge gets the side headlock on. Cena telegraphs and Edge kicks him in the chest. Cena pulls the top rope down and Edge goes flying from the ring.

- Commercial

Reverse chinlock on Cena. Edge takes Cena down for two. Edge keeps working on Cena’s repaired neck. Cena in a corner receives punches. Cena is whipped, bounces out and runs into a clothesline for two. More punches to Cena and he’s whipped but ducks this clothesline. A couple of flying shoulder from Cena and then a slam to Edge. Cena barely misses the five knuckle shuffle and Edge covers for two. Cena goes for the AA but Edge counters, slams Cena back hard and covers for two. Cena flies over the ropes but can’t take Edge down. Edge hits an elbow drop. Cena fights back and covers for two. Edge then takes Cena down for two. Edge climbs. Cena climbs and gets Edge up on his shoulders but Edge wiggles out and sends Cena flying over the corner and to the floor. Cena dives back in the ring at nine and Cena is in control. Cena climbs and hits a leg drop to the back of Edge’s neck to drop him to the mat. Five knuckle shuffle connects but Edge wiggles form the AA. Edge manages to lock in a sharp shooter. Cena makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Edge is ready for the spear. Cena hits a drop toe hold and into the STF. Edge wiggles and makes it to the ropes. Cena releases the hold. They both get slowly to their feet and Edge hits a sudden spear but Cena is able to kick out! Edge rolls from the ring and grabs his belt. He gets back in the ring. Cena grabs Edge for the AA. Edge drops the belt to the mat. The ref grabs the belt to remove it from the ring and Edge grabs it back from him. Edge drives the belt into Cena’s face while still on his shoulders. The ref calls for the bell.

- Winner: Cena via DQ

Edge flees the ring. Up on stage Edge sits there with his belt in his lap. The camera is focused on him, but suddenly there’s a huge leg standing next to Edge. The camera pans up and it’s Big Show. Edge looks up at Show in shock. Edge extends his hand, but Show does not take it or shake it. The Vicki is on Edge’s other side, as he still sits on the stage. She announces the number one contender for Edge’s title at WM is Big Show. Cena looks lost, Edge is in shock.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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