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WWE RAW Report for 3/30/09 from Dallas, Texas

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RAW this week starts with a hearse backing into the backstage area next to a production truck.

Music and pyro.

King and Cole say there will be a funeral for Mr. WM tonight. Also, Big Show will face off with Cena later in the show.

Melina’s music and all the face Divas come out to the ring together. The heels are already in the ring.

Mickie and Jillian lock up. Arm bar on Mickie and she’s slammed back. She moves out of Jillian’s move and tags in Tiffany. Arm bar on Tiffany, and then a forearm to her back. Beth tags in and sends Tiffany into a corner, but Tiffany gets an elbow up. Flapjack to Tiffany and Katie Lea tags in. Tiffany rolls her up for three.

- Winners: The faces!

Santino comes out and said he wasn’t allowed in to the match last week, but he went over Vicki’s head to Jack Tunney. Well, he’s been dead for a while, but he got clearance. He might not be able to compete in this, but he wants to compete in a swimsuit competition, then they can go back to the kitchen and make him dinner. He’s going to debut the “man-kini”. It’s a Speedo with straps. He struts his stuff and they all laugh at him. Finally Beth gets pissed enough and demands to know what he’s doing. She rips him a new one and then all the divas attack him and beat him down. He flees. Santino, Beth and Rosa back up the ramp as Beth tries to cover him with his robe.

Video of the growing feud between Orton and HHH. Much of the video was last week’s attack on HHH when he was handcuffed to the top rope and Steph rushed to the ring only to be attacked herself. Orton looked like he was going to hit Steph with the sledge, but instead kissed Steph and hit HHH with the sledge.

King gets to his feet and heads for the ring. He’s in wrestling gear and ready to face Jericho.

- Commercial

Video of Flair talking down Jericho last week on RAW. Jericho snapped, attacked Flair, busted him open the hard way and caused Flair to require 12 staples in his head.

King is in the ring. Jericho comes out to the ring.

Jericho talks smack to King before they lock up. King back Jericho into a corner. Clean break. Jericho talks more smack and pushes King. King corners Jericho and beats him down. Cheap shot to King and then Jericho chokes King on a second rope. Back elbow to King while Cole talks about legends. Jericho stands over King and punches him a couple times while talking smack. King into a corner and forearms to his back then his face. King reverse a whip and a punch to Jericho’s gut as he comes off the second ropes. Punches to Jericho so he hits the mat. King takes Jericho down and hits a bunch of punches to his head. Jericho locks on the walls and King taps out.

- Winner: Jericho

The ref raises Jericho’s hand and Jericho goes out to the apron. Jericho then re-enters the ring and stares down at King. Jericho pulls King up to talk more smack. King to his feet but King’s the one who throws the big punch. Jericho rolls out and grabs a mic. Jericho says Lawler might want him back in the ring, but he already beat them. At WM it’s not that he will beat them, but how. Pin them? Make them tap like Lawler? Or annihilate them? He knows he’ll be hated at WM, but it was all started by Rourke. Because of Rourke three of his friends will see their demise.

Video about Cena’s new movie.

- Commercial

Video of Cena facing Edge with Vicki as ref. Big Show came out and locked up Cena in the ropes. They abused Cena. Then last week Big Show faced Edge on RAW. Edge and Cena were both knocked out.

Grisham out back with Cena. Grisham sets Cena up, but Edge walks in and says Cena won’t win at WM. Grisham walks off. Edge says it doesn’t have to be that way. They’ve both been knocked out by Big Show. He could pick them off at will. If they put aside their differences and take Big Show out, then they can beat the hell out fo each other all night long. Edge asks if he agrees. Cena says it’s logical and makes sense, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t like Edge and would rather lose on his own. But it doesn’t matter as he’s going to WM to become WHC.

Cole says Orton will talk later, but Ted and Cody are backstage now. Cody says Orton has a lot to say about the McMahons and HHH. Ted says this is about more than them though. This will effect everyone after WM and will change the WWE Universe forever.

Out back is a hearse. From the back they pull a coffin. The top opens and it’s HBK in all black. He says, but no sound, “You expecting someone else?” The audio wasn’t working.

- Commercial

Video of Nicole from Pussycat Dolls saying she’ll be at WM.

Video of HBK in the coffin asking if we expected someone else, this time the audio worked.

King runs back down to announce to rejoin Cole after his match.

Rey comes out in black, silver and red with his over mask on. He gives this to a child on his way to the ring. Video of JBL hitting the big boot on Rey. JBL’s limo comes out. He has a smirk on his face and glares at a guy in a wheelchair who pats him on the back. By the ring JBL says that he said he’d deliver a great win at WM. Tonight is psychological. He’s going to beat him within an inch of his life, but don’t take it personally, amigo.

JBL backs Rey into a corner than slams him down. Forearm to Rey’s back then Rey’s slammed to the mat. Rey manages to hold the ropes and kick JBL in the face. 619 setup, but JBL hits a huge clothesline. JBL slams Rey down a couple more times.

- Commercial

Rey elbows out of an abdominal stretch. JBL then catches Rey and hits a fall away slam. Rey rolls from the ring and JBL follows. JBL kicks and stomps Rey outside before rolling him back in the ring. JBL pins for two. Big punch to Rey’s head. Punches to Rey in a corner and the ref admonishes JBL. JBL sets Rey up top but Rey comes back with punches. Rey flies off with a seated senton. Rey sets up for the 619, JBL gets up. Rey sets JBL up on the next side and hits the 619. Rey hits his splash and covers for three.

- Winner: Rey

Rey flees the ring and backs up the ramp while JBL lolls in pain on the mat.

Video from SD! of Cena giving an impassioned speech about WM and winning back the WHC.

Big Show is out back heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Video from WM11 April 2, 1995 – LT and got in Bigelow’s face leading up to WM, so they ended up fighting at WM. Bam Bam had control but suddenly LT got control and the win! Vince was on announce.

A bunch of Dallas Cowboys in the front row.

Cena comes out to the ring to huge pop. Cena throws his 3D hand symbols out there. Big Show comes out to face him. Vicki is out back, sitting in a wheelchair, watching a monitor.

Kick to Cena’s gut, then he’s tossed down. Knees to Cena’s gut, then he’s stomped. In a corner Big Show hits a huge slap to Cena’s chest. Punch to Cena’s back drops him. Big Show stomps Cena. Head butt to Cena. Big Show walks across Cena’s gut. Cena’s in the ropes and Big Show wrenches him back and hits him in the lower back, twice. Cena starts throwing some punches and goes for a shoulder block, but Big Show pushed back and Cena went flying! Head butt to Cena. Big Show whips Cena and Cena gets out of the way of Big Show’s splash. A right from Cena but Big Show throws Cena in the air for him to fall to the mat. Big Show puts Cena in a spot. Big Show climbs but Cena moves and Big Show goes splat. Cena grabs Big Show’s leg, maybe for an STF? But Big Show sends Cena flying into a corner. Baseball slide sends Cena from the ring.

- Commercial

Chin lock on Cena. During the break Big Show sent Cena back first into a ring post outside. Big Show stands on Cena’s side while holding the ropes. Cena rolls to the apron and Big Show stands on the bottom rope and Cena’s head. In the ring Big Show stands on Cena’s back without the ropes at all! Cena to his feet and sets up a chokeslam. Somehow Cena reverses into a DDT. Cena sets up for the STF, but Big Show is just too damn big! Big Show gets free and makes a fist. Cena ducks and tries to get Big Show up for the AA, but can’t. Big Show slams Cena down for three.

- Winner: Big Show

Edge is suddenly in the ring but Big Show turns before Edge can attack him. So Edge attacks Cena. Big Show stands in a corner and watches. Finally two refs get Edge off Cena. Edge smirks at Big Show. Big Show just stares.

Video of HBK’s tribute to Taker on SD! last week.

Out back HBK is walking slowly with the coffin being carried behind him.

- Commercial

Video of Big Show winning the last match over Cena. Then Edge showed up and beat on Cena a bit before being pulled away.

Taker’s music and the lighting is blue, coffin set up in the ring. Then HBK’s music and the lighting goes to normal. HBK comes out to the ring. HBK in the ring and the lights go back to blue and the music back to funereal. HBK says he’s not afraid. The ring, casket, procession is for Taker. Sunday his undefeated streak will cease to exist. They’ve had epic battles before and HBK has always come out on top. In all his illustrious carrier he’s never been able to beat HBK and this Sunday won’t be different. Over the past couple weeks he’s kicked Taker in the face, walked on his graves, and this past week on SD! he showed how his light will forever outshine Taker’s darkness. He opens the casket. He’s done it all without a hint of retribution. There won’t be any retribution. Not tonight, not Sunday, not ever. HBK takes the fact that Taker doesn’t think he can break the streak as a personal insult to Mr. WM. This Sunday everything else over the past 24 will pale in comparison. Next Monday they’ll talk about who won what, the ladders and legends, but the moment that will be etched in their minds will be when HBK pins Taker at WM. GONG! Lights went out, lots of crashing around, then the lights came up and Taker is in the ring but HBK is gone. Taker rips everything apart – the plants and pictures fly. Suddenly he looks back at the closed coffin. Taker walks over to it and opens the lid ready to strike but HBK isn’t inside. Taker turns away. HBK comes from the skirt under the coffin. The fans go even wilder and Taker tuns… Right into sweet chin music. HBK bounces around the ring, yells and screams then leaves the ring. Taker struggles but can’t get to his feet as HBK back up the ramp then walks out back. Taker holds the bottom rope and glares.

- Commercial

Video of HBK’s ‘funeral’ for Taker. The lights went out, Taker was alone in the ring when they came up. Taker tore the place apart, even opening the coffin, but then HBK came from under the skirt below the coffin and hit sweet chin music.

King and Cole talk about the feud. King says HBK is in Taker’s head. They go on to talk about the HOF Induction Ceremony. Austin’s video. Then a picture of all to be inducted. King will be hosting the event. King and Cole then go through the matches slated for WM.

Out back Cody and Ted are talking to security.

Spotlights on the briefcase. CM Punk comes out for an 8 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal. Kane is quickly the next out.

- Commercial

Video about the Hardy Boyz and how they came up through the ranks together, until… Jeff won the WWE Championship and Matt got jealous.

All in the ring, everyone in the MITBLM, attack when the bell is rung. Finlay over the top by Henry, but not out. Henry then gets Finlay out and eliminated. Hornswoggle taunts Henry who hangs over the top. Kane helps Henry the rest of the way out to elimination. Shelton and MVP fight while the rest try to eliminate Kane. Shelton sends MVP over the top, but not out. Both end up on the apron as MVP tries to suplex Shelton out. Kane runs and knocks them both from the apron for elimination. Again Kofi, Punk and Christian try to eliminate Kane. Punk somehow eliminates Kofi and shrugs at him. Kane sends Christian over the top, but he rolls back in without elimination. Punk reverses a whip from Christian and then hits a high knee in a corner. Punk over the top and holding on. Punk to his feet but on the apron. Kane picks up Christian and throws him into Punk eliminating them both when the fall to the floor.

- Winner: Kane

Kane goes outside and grabs a ladder. In the ring he sets it up and climbs. Kane removes the briefcase and holds it high above his head.

Out back Cody and Ted, surrounded by security, walk along. They knock on a door and Orton comes out. They all walk along heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Orton’s music and he comes out to the ring by himself, walking VERY slowly. Orton stands in the ring to huge heat. He’s about to speak but then soaks in more heat before doing so. He says that at the age of 24 he became the youngest World Champion in the history of the WWE. It was the greatest moment of his life, but it was short lived. The next night the man who was his mentor and claimed to be his friend turned on him in a fit of jealous rage. Video of Evolution turning on Orton and beating him down. Orton says that night everything started to fall into place. HHH ruined his life, so he made a vow to ruin his. He had to wait to find talent to form a group of his own, until HHH was the top of his game and HHH found something he cared about more than the title. So then Orton went on to win the RR. Video of all of Legacy and HHH being the last four in the RR. Hh eliminated Cody and Ted, Orton then eliminated HHH. More heat for Orton. Orton says he earned the right to face HHH at WM, but that wasn’t enough. He had to raise the stakes and take everything away from him. So he went after his family. He went after the McMahons. Vince, Shane and his sweet wife Stephany. Video of Vince about to fire Orton and then he attacked. Orton punted Vince’s head off, then Shane’s and then hit an RKO on Steph. Orton said that after five yeers after hh turned on him, he RKO’d HHH’s wife. He needed to make clear he knew what he was doing the entire time. IED? No, no, no. He knew what he was doing the entire time. He tells the fans to sit down and shut their mouths and listen to what he says. He’ll get pissed off and you don’t want to be too close to him. He knew HHH would retaliate. He went to his home and attacked him. He took a sledge to Cody and Ted. He needed HHH to feel confident and in control. If he felt that way it would allow Orton to do this… Video of last week when HHH was cuffed to the top rope and Orton hit a DDT on Steph through the ropes. Orton then kissed Steph and hit HHH with the sledge. At WM, every time HHH looks at Orton he’ll see the man who DDT’d his wife and sealed it with kiss. If HHH plans to come with his slegde, well Orton talked to Vicki. If HHH is disqualified, if he’s counted out. If HHH comes to the ring with a sledge it’s an automatic DQ. If HHH is disqualified, then Orton automatically wins the title. Orton wins without lifting a finger. So it comes full circle, Orton has taken everything from HHH except the WWE Title. That’s Sunday. That will change the landscape of the WWE Universe. Young challengers will try to impress Orton to stand by his side or face Orton. This Sunday that will come to fruition. A limo comes tearing into the back area full speed. Orton screams for the light to come up an for Ted and Cody to come out with security. Ted and Cody come out with security and have them stay on the ramp. Ted and Cody then rush to join Orton in the ring. Out back a camera looks in the back of the limo. Both back doors are open and it’s empty. Orton, Ted and Cody lined up in the ring. Orton says HHH needs to come out now. He’ll take HHH out tonight and have the title awarded to him at WM. He tells HHH it won’t be fast, they’re going to take their time with him. But it’s Vince’s music that starts to play! Vince comes out swaggering but looking really pissed. Vince rips off his jacket and tie only to throw them aside. He rolls up his sleeves. Orton is seething. Vince is talking smack. Then Shane’s music and out comes Shane. Orton swallows, but is pissed. They stand at the top of the stage together and HHH’s music starts. He comes out and they line up, the three of them mimicking Legacy in the ring. Shane is bouncing, ready to go. Vince is still and pissed. HHH looks at his father in-law and Brother in-law and then they go. They take out security at the bottom of the ramp easily. HHH rips off his shirt and they head for the ring. Legacy jumps out and they all meet. Ted and Vince go at it, Cody and Shane go at it and, of course, HHH and Orton go at it. Vince and Ted against the ring with Vince in control. Shane and Cody work over to the ramp with Shane in control. Orton and HHH fight their way around the ring and then in. HHH takes Orton down, keeping control the whole time, and beats Orton all over the ring.

Biggest pop
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Biggest heat
Big Show

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