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WWE RAW Report for 3/9/09 from Jacksonville, Florida

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RAW this week starts with a video of Orton last week talking about pressing charges on HHH. That HHH isn’t going to WM, he’s going to jail. HHH came out and said Orton took on the entire McMahon family and now he has to go on to face HHH at WM. Orton said he’s changed his mind and will face HHH at WM. One condition – they finish it at WM – there’s nothing between them before them. HHH agreed. Orton went on about how great it was to punt Vince and greater to punt Shane. But the best was the smell and feel of Steph when he drove her face into the mat. HHH said last time they fought it was business, but this is personal. He’ll break Orton’s neck. On SD! they stalked HHH. The video cut out before Legacy touched HHH and went to Orton’s home in St. Louis. They will talk to Orton via satellite and HHH is scheduled to compete tonight, but what condition will he be in?

HBK’s music. He comes out in jeans, an un-tucked off-white/beige button down shirt an cowboy hat. He says Taker is 16-0 at WM. But HBK is no slouch himself. This past week on SD! he put together an HBK video package to remind Taker of who he is. Taker might be 16-0 but HBK is Mr. WM. Streaks come to an end and nothing lasts forever. At WM something’s got to give. So the best he can tell… GONG! A Taker video package from his WM Matches of past. Clips from each year and each opponent. The video ends, the fans go wild and Taker is behind HBK in the ring. HBK, still leaning on the ropes said hello to Taker. HBK said he’s been expecting him. Taker’s arrogance has clouded his judgement. He does respect Taker, but HBK’s fought many men and they have fallen. Taker will be no different. They’ve taken very different career and personal paths. HBK sais he shouldn’t have to qualify to face anyone at WM. He created the Ladder Match, set the bar and retired Flair. He’s the Show Stopper and is ready for this. Taker says HBK’s had epic wins at WM, and huge defeats. But his dream of beating Taker at WM is a dream. It will so be laid to rest. HBK concerns himself with being the Show Stopper. HBK concerns himself with breaking the streak. He should be worried about what Taker will do to him. Taker doesn’t have to steal the show. But when Taker enters, everyone knows he’s the most dangerous entity in the ring. HBK should be careful what he asks for, because he’s got it. At WM25 Taker stumbles here – for the second time in his speech) HBK will… HBK cut him off and said he’ll rest comfortably after it over for beating Taker. HBK says Taker’s never beaten him, and never will. HBK leaves the ring with Taker standing there glaring.

- Commercial

Lilian announce and IC Championship Match. JBL comes part way out in his limo and walks the rest of the way in his wrestling gear, towel around his neck and his hat on his head. Punk comes out to face him.

They lock up. Side headlock on JBL. “CM Punk” chants. JBL takes Punk down hard for two. Punk ducks a clothesline and lands kicks and punches. Punk takes him down for one. Punches to JBL but then Punk runs into a sleeper. Jaw breaker from Punk to get out, then a high knee on the ropes. JBL rolls out but Punk flies out between the ropes to take him down.

- Commercial

Abdominal stretch on Punk. Punk hits elbows to JBL’s leg to get out, but then Punk’s cross body was caught by JBL. Fallaway slam to Punk for two. Punches to Punk’s back and another short cover. Bear hug on Punk. Punk punches out but is whipped into a corner. Punk gets a foot up but runs into a big punch from JBL. Punk manages to come back with a beautiful tornado DDT. Punk drapes across JBL for a long two. Kicks to JBL, then a flying forearm. A high knee but then Punk is sent over the ropes. From the apron he comes over with a huge clothesline. A running bulldog and Punk covers for two. Punk waits for JBL to get up then set up for the GTS. Rake to punks eyes and JBL hits his clothesline from hell for three.

- Winner: JBL

JBL is now the new IC Champion. JBL, on his knees in the ring, cradles the belt. Video of JBL raking Punk’s eyes and hitting his clothesline. JBL actually looks happy.

Orton is sitting on his sofa with his wife, talking off camera.

- Commercial

JBL is all excited out back talking to Vicki. She did something for him – put him in that title match – now he has to do something for her. He said that’s the deal. Edge comes up and asks JBL to leave. He wants to know what Cena said to Vicki last week. She screams that it doesn’t matter. He said that’s right as long as he signs his WM contract tonight.

King and Cole talk about Orton’s attack on HHH this past week. Cole thanks Orton for being there. Orton introduces his wife Samantha. Cole asks why Orton violated his own stipulation. Orton asks Cole to run the SD! footage when Legacy attacked HHH. The video showed the three of them attacking HHH in the ring, then ringside. Back in the ring it keeps going until HHH can’t fight back. Orton then stomped HHH’s face while the other two held him. Orton then stomped HHH’s face a second time while they held him. HHH was left lolling in the ring with spittle falling from his mouth. Orton says that Cole calls it a violation, but he calls it restraint. He could have punted HHH or hit the RKO. But he didn’t. He’s proud he had the self control to take his place at WM. Despite all the pain and contusions, he knows HHH will show up at WM and even at RAW. Every time he does show up, Orton will take a little more out of him, but leave enough for HHH to fight at WM. Cole asks if they can ask more questions through the show. Orton says he’ll be there all night as he’s watching RAW with his wife.

- Commercial

WWE Slam Of The week – The Diva Match last week deteriorated after Kelly won and Maryse attacked Melina.

All (or most) of the SD! and RAW Divas are around the ring to support their own Diva. Maryse comes out first in black, red and gold. Melina comes out in black, silver and gold. Leg sweep to Maryse. Melina ducked and enziguri. Melina is tossed from the ring to the SD! side and they roughly toss her back in. Maryse sits on Melina’s back and wrenches her head back. Then further and further. Maryse had control them a bad kick to her head. Melina comes off the top to slam Maryse down hard for two. Maryse is whipped, gets her feet up, but gets her head slammed into the corner hard a couple times. Melina flies at her, but Maryse moves. Melina is slammed back hard and Maryse covers for three.

- Winner: Maryse

Rosa starts to dive in the ring, but Beth holds her ankle. They all rush in and stare/posture. They all start fighting. It looks like RAW versus SD! at first, but then the faces toss all the heels out and celebrate together.

Video of Vicki setting up the contract signing on SD! Edge wanted to know what Happened between Vicki and Show. Vicki said they’re friends. Edge wants to know what makes Show so special. Show comes out and says the truth is that Edge is not a good Champion. That’s why Vicki made this match. Edge apologized to Vicki and tells Show he’s more of a man than Show will ever be. Cena showed up before Edge could sign. Cena beat down Edge and then whispered in Vicki’s ear. Vicki looked shocked and freaked out.

- Commercial

WM promo. WM6, April 1, 1990 in Toronto. Mary Tyler Moore was in the front row. The narrator says it’s the last time Andre performed in a ring. Hogan faced off with the Ultimate Warrior. A big splash and Warrior won the Championship.

Lilian announce Vicki. Vicki says she has an announcement. Excuse me! To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WM, there will be a 25 Diva Battle Royal – Divas from RAW, SD!, ECW and the past. The winner will be crowned first ever Miss WrestleMania. Now it’s time for the contract signing. She announces Big Show. Show comes strutting out with a smirk on his face and a beautiful suit on his body, sans tie. She then announces her ‘husband’ Edge. Edge comes out in jeans and a T-shirt with sunglasses. Edge kisses Vicki on the cheek. She asks them to sit. “You suck” chants are quiet, but are there. Edge says that he has to say something. Last week they said things between them – Show and Edge – things that can’t be taken back. Edge remembers WM6, he was just a kid in the arena. He saw Hogan and Warrior fight. He knows Show’s better than Warrior and Edge knows he’s better than Hogan. Heat from the fans. Edge knows they can have a great match. Even if the fans don’t like it, but they’re the top two in the company today. They should put the past in the past and concentrate on WM. Edge signed. Show said he’s glad Edge said that. Show signed. They stood and shook over the table. Cena’s music hit. Edge runs to stand next to Show. Show buttons his jacket. Cena in the ring and Vicki looks freaked. Edge asks what Cena’s doing there. Cena doesn’t belong there. He’s not in this match. Cena asks if Vicki didn’t tell him. Cena asks if Vicki should tell him or should Cena? Edge says to show that they should get rid of this leach. Vicki stops them and said it’s only fair that Cena competes for the title at WM. Show is pissed as he’s the Number One Contender. Cena signs and says it’s time everyone knows the truth. Cena says he interrupted the signing, not because he doesn’t like them. Everyone knows he doesn’t like them. He came because he had a piece of info for Vicki. At SD! he told Vicki that he loves her. Vicki looks confused and shook her head slightly as the fans went weird. Cena says this is weird as they may be legally married. He can’t control who he falls in love with. He knows she feels it too as she wouldn’t have let him sign the contract. His heart wants two things, the WHC and Vicki. He tells her again that he loves her and will see the other two at WM. Cena goes through the ropes, looks at Vicki once more and then leaves. Edge yells at Cena to stop. He says Cena doesn’t love Vicki, he’s just worming into WM. It won’t work as Vicki will rip up the contract. Edge tells her to rip it up. Cena says she won’t. Edge tells her to do it. She doesn’t move. Cena says Edge is right, he doesn’t love Vicki. The sight of her makes her sick. He told Vicki that RAW was in his hometown and he has friends. The guy who takes tickets, even the guy who works the security camera. Video from above in black and white. Vicki says they have to slow things down until after WM. He kisses her tenderly. She tells him she hopes he wins at WM. He turns to leave and she slaps him on the ass hard and bites her lip when Show turns. (Both were GREAT!!!) In a Ricki Rickardo voice Cena tells Vicki she has some ‘splainin’ to dooooo! Edge demands Vicki look him in the eye. Cena’s smug. Vicki looks like she’s about to laugh/cry. Show is right outside the right looking a bit shocked.

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – Jericho’s version of Piper’s Pit last week with Snuka. Jericho ended up beating Snuka with his belt.

Lilian announces the next WM MITBLM Qualifying Match. Jericho is first to the ring. Kofi comes out to face him.

They lock up. Side headlock on Kofi. Shoulder block slams Kofi down hard. Jericho runs the ropes with Kofi bouncing over him until Kofi hit a very high elbow. Heel kick to Jericho then punches in a corner. Jericho pushes Kofi off hard and covers for two.

- Commercial

Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi to his feet and out of the hold. Flying clothesline to Jericho. Kofi off the corner in a cross body on Jericho for two. Kofi got stopped before his double leg drop. Kofi counters out before Jericho can lock in the walls. Enziguri to Kofi for two. Bulldog to Kofi. Kofi rolls out of the way of Jericho’s lionsault. Kofi hits his double leg drop for two. Jericho blocks a kick and locks on the walls in the center of the ring. Kofi works for the ropes but is pulled to the center of the ring. Wooooooo! And Flair comes out to his own music. Flair stands on the stage and stares down. Jericho lets go. Enziguri to Jericho and Kofi covered for three.

- Winner: Kofi

Flair stands on the stage and congratulates Kofi. They celebrate together. Flair and Kofi hug and then leave together.

King and Cole talk about HHH and Orton. Cole asks Orton why he’s not there? Orton asks if Cole’s implying that he’s afraid? Orton asks why to temp himself? He’s not always in control of his actions, or is he? He’s showing restraint.

- Commercial

Jericho out back, holding his face, talking to Grisham. Jericho blames Flair for losing to Kofi. Jericho dares Flair to come out of retirement and face Jericho on RAW. He knows Flair wants to step into the spotlight one more time. Bask in the love of the hypocrites one last time. Just like The Wrestler, the story of Flair will end, forever, on RAW.

King says he’d love to see Flair kick Jericho’s butt and hopes he does it. Cole talks about the Class of 2009 HOF. The newest inductee is… Koko B. Ware and a great video about The Bird Man. King said he’s happy for his friend and hopes Koko will bring Frankie to the ceremony. I was under the impression that Frankie was killed in a house fire in 2001. How would King not know that?

Rey comes out to the ring. Fit and Hornswoggle come out to join him. Christian comes out to join them.

- Commercial

Miz and Morrison come out, but do not enter the ring. Fire and out comes Kane to join them. The three heels enter together.

Christian and Miz lock up. Kick to Miz after they run the ropes. Slam back and Christian covers for two. Kane gets the blind tag and Christian is whipped into a corner. He comes off a corner, but it doesn’t help much and he’s whipped. Kane covers but Christian kicks out at two. Morrison tags in and kicks a sitting Christian in the chest/face. Miz tags in and they double team Christian. Miz covers for two. Christian tries to fight back and gets some when he mores out of Miz’s way in a corner and kicks him in the head. Fit and Morrison tag in. Finlay takes Morrison down and slams Miz in over the top. Rey tags in an comes off the top. Rey stands on the top rope then hits a hurricanrana on Morrison who sits up top. Miz breaks the count. Morrison set up for the 619, but Kane rushes in. Finlay and Christian clothesline Kane out of the ring. 619 to Morrison and then a seated senton to Morrison for three.

- Winners: Finlay, Christian & Rey

Them and Hornswoggle celebrate in the ring.

Out back Cody and Ted are heading for the ring.

- Commercial

King and Cole say Taker and HBK will team up next week. They go on to talk about Cena’s newest movie. Video about the movie.

Cody and Ted come out to the ring for the Handicap Match. Orton and his wife are watching closely. HHH’s music, but he doesn’t come out. The music stops and then Lilian announces HHH again. His music starts again, but he doesn’t come out. Ted and Cody look around, afraid HHH might show up from anywhere. They demand their hands be raised. Lilian announces a forfeit. They celebrate in the ring. Orton is pissed. He tells them they shouldn’t be smiling. HHH let everyone down. He gave HHH to much credit. Him not showing up tonight means he won’t show up for WM. If he doesn’t show up at WM, Orton will have to send him to the hospital. There’s a knock on the door and Orton sends Samantha to answer it. Orton keeps talking until it clicks and he jumps up. Orton yells at her not to answer the door. Orton goes over the back of the sofa but finds Samantha standing there screaming (really bad canned scream over and over about four times) as HHH uses his sledge to get through their door. Orton grabs her and they run through the house. HHH pursues with his sledge in hand. He finds one female from the crew and scares her when he thinks she’s Orton. He then grabs Frank (I think that’s the name he said) and asked where Orton went. He just shrugged at HHH. HHH kept hunting through the house in his leather jacket with the sledge in hand. Finally, in the kitchen, sitting on the floor behind the island, he finds Samantha who clutches her cell phone to her chest. HHH takes the cell phone out of Samantha’s hand and asks twice where is he. HHH knocks down a door to the laundry room and another woman comes screaming out. HHH keeps stalking through the house. He gets to the steps and slowly goes up. About half way up and he comes back down. Orton runs from a little doorway under the fake steps and attacks HHH with a sledge in his own hands. They fight back and forth. HHH tosses Orton over the black leather sofa and into the wall. Orton is then tossed out through the big windows. HHH climbs out through the window and starts to kick the crap out of Orton. HHH rips off his jacket and keeps attacking Orton. Sirens and police show up wearing Sheriff’s straps. HHH automatically laces his fingers behind his head. They lock on the cuffs while Orton yells that he broke in and attacked him. Orton suddenly is up, rushes HHH as he’s about to be put in the back of the car. He jumps and tries to hit HHH, but more hit the officer. A couple other officers pull Orton back to his ‘home’. HHH is in the back of the car shaking with rage.

Biggest pop
CM Punk

Biggest heat

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