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WWE RAW Report for 4/6/09 from Houston, Texas

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RAW this week starts with a video and stills recap of WM.

Music and pyro.

Orton comes out, touches his hugely bruised eye/upper cheek/temple and heads for the ring very slowly. Orton looked pained climbing the steps and played it up. He says he doesn’t know what sickens him more, the fact that HHH used a sledge to beat him, or that the fans enjoyed every second of it. It’s good they have a moment of happiness in their otherwise miserable lives. But the fact is that last night proved nothing. HHH knows he can’t beat him on his own and Orton will get his rematch. The McMahon family owes it to him, this company owes it to him, and all of the fans owe it to him. When he gets it, his rematch, he will beat HHH and take his rightful place as WWE Champion. May God help the McMahon family of they decide to get in his way again. “RKO” chants. He bashed the old man and his son in the skull. He RKO’d and DDT’d Steph. What’s next? He attend a McMahon family outing. He hasn’t seen Linda in a while. He’s sure he’d be happy to see him. Or maybe he should introduce himself to those grandchildren. Vince’s music and he came stomping to the ring. Orton fled the ring while Vince yelled at him. Vince got a mic and talked about Orton running his mouth and talking about his grandchildren. Well, here’s a McMahon and he;ll give him what he wants. What he won’t give Orton is another Championship Match. For the hell he put his family through he’ll get a Championship Match? NO! He’ll get his Backlash. What a name for the next PPV. Legacy will be in the ring at Backlash against HHH, Shane and Vince. Orton said of course Vince makes a match that he can hide behind HHH and Shane. Vince is terrified of Orton. Vince says that he’s terrified without Cody and Ted. Without them Orton’s an abject failure. Orton challenges Vince to a match tonight. He says he doesn’t need them, didn’t need them to crush Vince’s skull. Vince’ won’t make it to Backlash and won’t need them to permanently put Vince down. He then condescendingly calls Vince sir. Vince says he might put him down, might put him in a coma for all he knows, maybe he’ll beat the holy hell out of him, or maybe he won’t. Orton’s on!

- Commercial

Lilian announces the Lumberjack Match and they’re around the ring. Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. Primo and Carlito come out to face them. They’re both each draped in two belts. One over each of Carlito’s shoulders, Primo had one on his waist and the other over a shoulder.

Morrison goes to work on Carlito. Carlito comes back with a springboard back elbow. The camera work sucks with all the lumberjacks, seems as though the cameras are always trying to look through a wrestler. Primo tags in, gets sent in a corner, somehow stands on his head on the second turnbuckle and then hits head scissors. Morrison tries to send Primo out of the ring, but Primo reverses it and Morrison goes into a group of faces who take their time to work him over before sending him back in.

- Commercial

An arm/head hold on Primo by Morrison in the center of the ring. Miz tags in and they double team him. Miz covers for two. Chinlock on Primo. Jaw breaker to Miz and Primo’s able to tag out. Back body drop to Miz the a knee lift. A swinging neck breaker to Miz for two. Carlito goes up, Miz follows and tries for a superplex, but they both fall from the top. Morrison climbs, does this sick flip and takes out about ½ of the lumberjacks! In the ring Miz covers for two. Carlito fights back and covers Miz, but Morrison breaks it up. Morrison flies out of the ring somehow and then Carlito goes for the back cracker, but Miz holds the ropes. Miz covers for two. Carlito ends up on Miz’s shoulders but wiggles down and hits the back cracker on Miz for three.

- Winners: Primo & Carlito

Primo scrapes Carlito off the mat and they celebrate.

Out back Vince is in his office. Shane comes in and talks about the Backlash Match. Vince says he doesn’t back down from a fight and won’t tonight. He’s sorry, but he has too. He knows if Cody and Ted get in there, Shane has his back, but he has to do this on his own. Shane sadly nods.

More video about Cena’s movie and how he’s been pushing it on shows all over the country.

- Commercial

Lilian in the ring announces the RAW Versus SD! Diva Match. Mickie, Jillian, Layla, Kelly and Melina to the ring together – No Beth? Eve, Natalya, Maria, Gail Kim and Maryse come out together.

Kim and Melina start. Headlock takeover on Kim who reversed into head scissors on the mat. They chain wrestle better than most of the men! Melina was a bit slow on one handstand, but then Melina from the ring and Maryse attacked her out there. Kim was pissed that Maryse got involved when not needed. Natalya tags in and ties Melina up and rolls back to bridge/back bend Melina. Mickie tags in and takes Natalya down. Low dropkick to a sitting Nataly’s face. Alabama slam to Mickie and she covers but Layla breaks it up. Natalya tosses Layla from the ring – HARD! All the girls get into it outside. Mickie plants Natalya and pins for three in the ring.

Winners: RAW Diva’s

Out back Shane goes to see HHH. They hug. Shane says it’s supposed to be three on three and he can’t talk sense into him. He asks HHH to talk to Vince. HHH says Vince is stubborn, but he’ll try!

- Commercial

Slam of The Week – Stills from Rey beating JBL last night. Then JBL quit on mic!

Jeff Hardy comes out, slightly staggering and holding his back, to the ring. Punk comes out with his briefcase in hand. Video of still from the MITBLM including Shelton’s sick spot and Punk’s win. Rey is next to the ring in a horrible light green with over mask and long fingerless gloves. Steamboat comes out to decent pop! Cena rounds out their team. Then Jericho came out, Steamboat is on the ropes staring at him. Video of stills from their match last night. Jericho on the steps but won’t get in because the rest are too close, especially Steamboat. Kane is next out quickly followed by Matt Hardy. Big Show comes out to join his team. Edge comes out, strapless, to round out his team.

- Commercial

A right to Rey followed by a boot to his chest, but then Rey lands Matt in a corner. Sunset flip but Rey rolls through and tags in Jeff but Matt quickly tags out. Edge is in. Edge and Matt gets huge heat from the fans. Punches to Jeff in a corner and then he’s whipped. A hurricanrana and then a botched move and Jeff covers for two. Cena tags in but Edge hits blows in a corner. Cena comes out with a bulldog. Armbar on Edge and the fans are cheering for Steamboat! He comes in from the top on Edge’s arm. “You still got it!” chants! Crossbody to Edge fro two. Kane tags in and huge chops from Steamboat. Matt comes, Steamboat takes him down. Edge in to s dropkick! Steamboat takes Kane down then flies into a top of the head chop on Kane. Side slam to Steamboat and Jericho comes in to stomp him. Big Show tags in and stalks Steamboat in a corner. Big Show chokes Steamboat with his foot in a corner and I’m shocked he can get his foot that high. “Let’s go Steamboat!” chants. Big Show takes Steamboat down. Jericho in and clotheslines Steamboat for two. Head/armlock on Steamboat in the center of the ring. The fans are cheering on Steamboat in a huge way to help him out of the hold. Steamboat gets up and out. Huge punches to Jericho but then Jericho locks on the walls. His partners cheer him on and he reveres the hold to pin Jericho for two. Steamboat lands on his feet from a back body drop and tags in Punk who flies in onto Jericho. Punk sends Matt and Edge flying. Big Show grabs Punk and the ref yells at him. Kane blasts Punk from the apron and the ref misses it. Kane tags in and hits a boot to a sitting Punk’s face.

- Commercial

Punk runs into a big boot from Kane. Matt tags in and covers for two. Edge tags in and they double team. Edge covers for two. Edge hits Big Show to tag him in and he’s not happy with Edge. Edge flees to the other side of the ring and out. Head butt to the back of Punk’s head. Big Show shushes the fans and a slap to Punk’s chest. Big Show then tags in Edge in a nasty way. A little work on Punk and he tags in Kane. Punk set up top and Kane climbs. Punk punches Kane off the corner and then flies off the second rope. Kane catches him for a chokeslam but Punk reverses is into a DDT and both are down. Edge and Jeff tag in. Jeff works the heck out of Edge and covers for two. Jeff flies off a corner onto Edge and Matt rushes in but is sent right out by Jeff. Cena and Big Show in and Cena clotheslines them from the ring. Rey somehow tagged in during that. Rey sets up Edge then Jericho and hits a double 619. Rey and Steamboat both climb. Steamboat hits a crossbody on Edge and Rey splashes Jericho for the three.

Winners: Rey, Cena, Punk, Jeff Hardy & Steamboat

They celebrate in the ring while the heels back up the ramp looking pissed and hurt. They all leave Steamboat in the ring and on Cena’s urging he stays and poses on corners for the fans who love him. (Have to admit I hope he stays wrestling as I’m mighty impressed!)

Out back HHH walks in on Vince. Vince says he doesn’t want to hear it. HHH says Vince is the most stubborn and aggressive SOB he’s ever met and to finish Orton.

- Commercial

Lilian announce Vickie who is pushed out to the stage in a wheel chair. “Excuse me!” She says when the board of directors asked her to be the interim GM of RAW it came with a provision that after WM she had to pick a show. With the Draft next week a decision had to be made so she’s staying on RAW. RAW has become stale and stagnant and she can breathe a breath of fresh air with her heart and professionalism into the show. At Backlash Edge will face Cena for the WWE Championship. It will be his last chance for the Championship and his last chance to win his Championship. Also, the Six Man Tag Match will be a Championship Match. If HHH or someone on his team wins, HHH retains. If Orton or Legacy wins, Orton will win the title. She thanks everyone for welcoming her so warmly. Cole and King start talking about Vicki and the matches, but then she comes out again and says the Edge and Cena Match is now a Last Man Standing Match.

Video and stills from WM.

Out back Ted, Cody and Orton are in a hallway. Orton’s getting ready to face Vince.

- Commercial

Video from the HOF Ceremony.

Lilian then announces Santina Marella. She comes out to the ring in a pink sweater, a darker pink skirt, a tiara and sash. She says when her Brother wasn’t allowed to be in the Diva Battle Royal, he was crushed. But since his flesh and blood won, he’s happy. It makes the blood rushed through her female body parts. What’s next for her? She could be in Playboy, on a poster, or get married and have babies. No, that doesn’t sound good. Beth’s music and she comes stomping out with Rosa in tow. Beth gets in the ring and Santina introduces herself and then Beth. Her bother’s glamorous amazonian girlfriend. Beth tells her to cut the crap. She says Santina is embarrassing herself and she’d better not be seen in the Diva’s locker room. Santina asks where she should change. Beth says she sent Beth over the top rope. Beth challenges Santina. Santina says she’s more woman than Beth will ever be. Beth asks if she’s man enough to face her. Santina calls for a ref.

- Commercial

During the break Santina called for music and started dancing. Beth about killed him with the ire in her eyes.

Santina dances around Beth after the bell rings. Chops to Santina’s chest. Punches to Santina’s head in a corner. Over Beth’s knee and she tries to spank her, but Santina rolls from the ring. Beth gets Santina up, but Santina holds to top rope. Finally Beth gets her free and Beth falls. Santina pins Beth for three and flees!

- Winner: Santina

Santina yells down the ramp at Beth who screams back.

Vince out back heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Orton out to the ring. Vince’s music and after a very brief pause he comes out in black jeans and a black sweatshirt with the sleeves ripped off and elbow pads – his normal ring attire.

Bell rings and Orton just stares. Vince gets up close and bitch slaps Orton to the mat. Orton up and Vince punches him in the face – the same place as the bruise. Vince backs him into a corner with punches. Orton just takes all the blows. A kick to Orton’s gut and he rolls from the ring. Vince bounces Orton’s face off announce a couple times. Vince taunts Orton then kicks him in the face. Back first into the side of the ring and Vince slams him back again and again. Orton to the floor but Vince picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Vince charges Orton in the ring, but Orton hits a very careful back breaker on Vince. Kicks to Vince’s gut then really fake looking knee drops to the back of Vince’s head. Orton stalks around Vince smirking and looking like he’s in his glory or a fog – not sure which. Side headlock and into an RKO on Vince. Vince slowly starts to get to his knees and Orton sets him up for the punt. As Orton approaches Shane slides in and trips Orton. Legacy comes in and the three of them stomp Shane. HHH comes out and takes out Cody and Ted easily. HHH in the ring and he hits a clothesline on Orton. Cody and Ted are back and attacking HHH. Ted holds HHH while punches from Orton. Ted then takes Shane down again. Damn – Batista’s music! He comes out to the ring and spears Orton. Clotheslines to Ted and Cody. Clotheslines Ted from the ring and inverted atomic drop to Cody. Thumbs down for Cody but her rolls from the ring. HHH throws Cody back into the ring. Shane throws Cody to Batista. Batista bomb on Cody. Vince on mic, leaning against the barrier, says that Orton’s right about Vince not making it to Backlash. In Vince’s place will be Batista! Orton falls on his bum on the ramp. Orton’s in shock. Video of Batista’s return to take out Legacy.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat
Matt Hardy

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