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WWE RAW Report for 6/15/09 from Charlotte, N.C.

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This week’s three hour RAW starts with Cole and King at announce. Cole talk about Vince being there to announce a new GM. King said he heard Vince was there for something else.

Video from last week – Batista in the ring with his new strap and then was attacked by Orton and Legacy. Orton ‘broke’ Batista’s arm. Orton then said he was using his rematch clause, if Batista did not appear he’d lose by forfeit. Vicki also stated Batista would lose by forfeit. The ref was in the ring counting Batista out and the ambulance returned. It was HHH who took out Legacy on his way to the ring. HHH tossed his sledge aside and attacked Orton in the ring. HHH got a chair and beat the hell out of Orton with it and left him prone in the ring.

Music and pyro.

Josh Mathews ans Matt Striker announce the ECW Championship Match will be happening. Grisham and JR talk about Edge, Jeff and Punk in their match.

Chris Jericho to the ring. JR and Grisham are announcing this match. They talk about Jericho being a nine time IC Champion, the most of anyone. He said since he was drafted to SD!, RAW has gone down the toilet. He talks about the GM quitting and how the fans are still twits. Someday we’ll realize what he meant to this show and how immense his talent is. One day Rey will realize his mask is his downfall and only Jericho can be his savior and set him free. Rey then comes out to the ring in yellow with black and red accents.

Rey rushes in and takes Jericho down. Rey all over Jericho and send Jericho from the ring with a clothesline. Jericho through the ropes and Rey flies from the corner with a legdrop onto Jericho for two. Jericho starts to gain control by sending Rey into the ringpost, but Jericho goes over the corner and Rey double kicks him to the gut. Outside Rey gets slammed into the barrier.

- Commercial

Jericho has a headlock on Rey. Rey elbows out. Rey is whipped but gets a foot up. Enziguri from Rey and Jericho in the 619 spot. Jericho hits a quick spinning backbreaker on Rey for two. Jericho starts ripping at Rey’s mask. Jericho pulls but Rey kicks him in the head. Rey manages to start to fight back. Chops to Rey but then sent to the apron. Rey hangs Jericho on the top rope. Rey hits a springboard off the top for two. Jericho goes for a bulldog type move but sends Jericho into a ringpost sideways. Rey hits a dropkick and then flies out onto Jericho with a suicide dive. The ref starts counting them out. He got to six when Rey rolled Jericho back in. Rey sitting up top and Jericho tries to send Rey flying but Rey hits an amazing sunset flip on Jericho for two. Rey sends Jericho into the 619 position. Jericho up and a drop toe hold send Rey to that spot on the ropes. Rey manages another springboard for another two. Rey hits a hurricanrana into a 619. Rey goes for west coast pop but Jericho catches him and grabs Rey’s mask. Rey grabs for the mask and Jericho hits a code breaker for three.

- Winner: Chris Jericho
Video of the end of the match.

Vince out back getting ready to talk on camera.

- Commercial

Josh is out back with Orton. Josh says Orton almost won by forfeit but HHH came back. Orton cut him off and said he put out Batista, HHH and Flair. HHH showed up with a sledge as he can’t get to Orton on his own. But last week’s nothing as Orton’s going to take back what’s his and everyone will be talking. Then Cena’s there smirking. Cena takes josh’s mic and turns into an announcer. He goes on about Orton being talked about Orton on the WWE Universe. Not about Orton winning back his title, but how he’s the grand wizard of the baby oil boy’s club. Cena said he’s just trying some new material. There’s two more in this match. An angry giant and Cena. Maybe that oil on his skin is starting to rot Orton’s brain. Cena says he’ll see Orton out there. Orton stomps off.

King and Cole talk about Vicki and her Hog Pen Match, then about how she came out and dropped a bomb last week. Video of Vicki quitting last week. She tired of it all and quit.

Vince out back. He says he expected more applause, but still… he’s there to announce a new GM for RAW. After much deliberation and thought about the candidates, well, he’s going to let someone else announce it. When opportunity knocks, you have to seize the moment. With mixed emotions, he’s selling RAW. He’ll make the announcement as to who he’s selling to after the WWE Championship match. If someone had told him he’d be announcing this person as the buyer of RAW, he’d have told them they were crazy.

- Commercial

They again show the video of Vince saying he’s selling RAW. King and Cole are in shock. They say he’s owned RAW for 17 years and that the announcement will come later.

Time for the ECW Championship Match. Christian comes out first. Of course Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are announcing this. Dreamer comes out to face him with the strap around his waist.

They chain wrestle a bit. Christian gets a quick cover and then goes for his signature kick through the ropes but Dreamer had it scouted and takes christian down. Christian fights back with a flying elbow for two. Dreamer sent flying from the ring and Christian flies off the corner. In the ring Christian covers for two. Christian tries for a swinging neck breaker from the top but Dreamer pushes him off. Dreamer off the corner to take Christian down for two. Kicks from Christian then off the corner but Dreamer kicks out. Dreamer out of the way of a flying Christian and he holds his ankle after landing. Dreamer sends Christian over his shoulder in a reversal of the kill switch and Christian holds his ankle. Dreamer covers for three.

- Winner: Dreamer

Dreamer celebrates in the ring.

- Commercial

A ‘don’t try this at home’ promo.

The Bella twins and Kelly talking about who bought RAW. Maybe Orprah, Paris Hilton or Obama.

Video of Orton and Legacy attacking Batista. Stills of Batista’s surgery, but not the normal way they do. They only showed the injury site opened up and said it was the muscle and not the tendon. (Questions still linger.)

Orton to the ring. Big Show is out to the ring next. Cena is third to the ring. HHH rounds out the match. Big Show glares at HHH as he gets in the ring. They’re all in the ring and Lilian announces them. HHH gets the biggest pop.

Big Show and Cena start fighting as HHH and Orton start. Orton gets clotheslined over a barrier. In the ring Cena goes for a bulldog but gets sent from the ring.

- Commercial

All four are in the ring fighting. Orton chokes HHH with his foot. The ref backs Orton off. Big Show has Cena on the mat in another corner. Big punch to Cena, HHH rools out of orton’s way. Cena is whipped and then HHH gives Big Show a facebuster. Cena fights back against Big Show and Orton are both tossed from the ring. Cena and HHH circle each other and start fighting. Flying shoulder and slam from Cena. Spinebuster to Cena. HHH sets Cena up for the pedigree but her reverses it into an AA, but Big Show breaks it up. In the ring Big Show and Cena fight, suplex to Cena. Outside the ring punches from Orton to HHH. HHH’s face bounces off the side of the ring. Big Show takes Cena down and pins but Orton breaks the count. Big Show sets Cena up for a chokeslam. HHH rushes in and Big Show grabs him too. They double clothesline him. Orton takes down HHH and Cena. Orton is about to punt Big Show, but he grabs orton’s foot as he hesistates. Big Show beats up on Orton in a corner. Punches and then a chop to Orton. Head butt to HHH and then one to Orton. Big Show sends HHH from the ring. Then he sends Orton from the ring. Scoop slam to Cena. Big Show to the second ropes and then a splash, but Orton breaks the count. Big Show again throws Orton from the ring. Big Show spears HHH and covers for two. Big Show climbs to the second ropes in another corner, but HHH moves out of the way of the splash. Orton rushes in for an RKP, but Big Show easily throws him off. AA to HHH and he rolls out. Cena pins Big Show for two. Big Show up and Cena hits the AA but Orton breaks the pin. RKO to Big Show and Orton gets the three.

- Winner: Orton

Orton grabs the belt and scampers up the ramp. Orton holds the belt high while Big Show is still in the ring and both HHH and Cena are outside trying to regroup. Video of key points in the match. All three are now in shock over losing. HHH glares up at Orton while still on his knees outside the ring.

Vince is out back and on his way to the ring.

- Commercial

Video from the last match.

Vince comes out to the ring with his normal smirk. He says he comes to us with a heavy heart. He’s done a lot of soul searching. He’s talked to family, friends and financial adviser. He knows he made the decision to sell RAW to someone he has a history with. Never let personal feelings get in the way of business. The man who bought RAW is there via satellite. Vince announces Donald Trump. Trump says it’s good that Vince put his ego aside and sold him RAW. He now is the sole owner of RAW. Vince never showed his appreciation for the RAW audience. He’s going to do things people haven’t seen before. Fans have been watching for 17 and it’s about time to give back. Vince finally breaks through Trump’s speech. Vince says he does give back but the fans should give back to him. Trump says raw’s produced more weekly shows than anyone in TV history. WWE Universe is the reason why. Time they got something for being a fan. He’s going to do something Vince was too cheap to do. Next week RAW will be commercial free. Vince says Trump can’t be serious. Trump says it will be commercial free. That’s because of Trump. Vince says no one’s heard of it and thinks Trump’s lost his marbles. Trump says he’ll be there to see RAW run the way it should be. And Trump says Vince looked better bald. He had a great time shaving his head. Vince says he’s sorry and wants to deliver his farewell address. He’s too emotional and will ask Trump if he can do that next week. Orton is now the Champion and they will find out who will face Orton next in a Ten Man Battle Royal. He’s going to do something Trump doesn’t believe in, take the show to commercial. Vince leaves the ring.

- Commercial

Video of Vince announcing Trump as the new owner of RAW. Trump then gave his speech and said RAW would be commercial free next week. King and Cole talk about how interesting it is that Trump bought RAW.

Mickie bounces out to the ring in blue and silver.

WWE Rewind – Diva Battle Royal from last month. Maryse attacked Mickie and sprayed something in Mickie’s face so Kelly would win and Mickie wouldn’t.

Rosa out in red with Beth in tow. Beth in jeans and a black tank sends Rosa to the ring by herself. Maryse comes out in a hideous lilac and black dress.

Rosa hits Mickie in the back. Mickie gains the upper hand but Rosa flees. Rosa trips Mickie up and gets back in the ring to continue the fight and get a two count. Rosa chokes Mickie in the ropes then a chinlock in the center of the ring. Mickie sends Rosa flying to the mat. Rosa rushes Mickie and eats a turnbuckle briefly. Mickie slams Rosa down and gets the three.

- Winner: Mickie

Mickie invites Maryse to the ring. Maryse on the apron and poses but runs off when Mickie comes after her.

- Commercial

Hornswoggle and Goldust are in the ring together doing the t-shirt gun. Miz comes out to cut them off. He saunters out with his huge ego. Goldust and Hornswoggle watch him carefully. He says he has a message for Trump. If he’s really looking to take RAW to a new level, then the new face of RAW is the Miz. Cena is the face of the past. This is the money maker of now and the future. Last week he backed up everything he said by leaving Cena unconscious in the ring. Tonight he’s going to toss Cena over the top and beat him for the title shot. He’s not going to stop at the wee Championship. He’s not going to stop there. He wants the magazine covers, the movies and everything else. The fans will be lapping it up and beg for more. Miz then demands to know why Goldust and Hornswoggle are still in the ring. Goldust takes a mic and says he doesn’t believe the mind game Miz is trying to play with Cena. Where’s the creativity? Goldust said he gave Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth to get in his head, what does Miz do? Run his! Goldust taunts Miz and says he’s awesome. Hornswoggle gets in on it. Goldust tells him to change his name from Miz to the Wiz. When he starts talking that’s what everyone goes to take. Miz gets pissed. Goldust gets his silly voices on and calls Miz a loser. Miz tells them to grow up and makes Hornswoggle nervous. Miz calls Hornswoggle a freak. Miz says Goldust has no right to tell him how to succeed in this business. What’s this his 4th or 5th go around in WWE? He keeps trying to recapture the little magic he did have. Goldust in 1999 was funny. Goldust 2009 is irrelevant. He’s a t-shirt shooting joke. He’d beat him down now, but no one will care. Instead he’s going to show Trump he’s not afraid to take risks. Miz starts to walk away and then attacks Goldust. He then goes after Hornswoggle and tosses him away from the t-shirt gun. He demands Hornswoggle get on his knees. Miz shoots Hornswoggle with the t-shirt gun in the gut. Miz poses and the fans give him huge heat. Video replay of the shot on Hornswoggle. Miz talks smack to Hornswoggle while he’s down.

- Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Stills from the Ladder Match at Extreme Rules when Jeff Hardy win the WHC, but then CM Punk cashed in his MITB and beat Jeff for the title.

Josh out back with Punk. He said SD! Has been good for him. Does he have any regrets cashing in on a beaten down Hardy? Last year at this time he wasn’t asked about regrets when he beat Batista similarly. But this time he cashed in on Jeff and now is asked about regrets. He thinks most of the WWE Universe agrees with him, but there is the minority that doesn’t see it that way. Matt Hardy comes in and gets between Josh and Punk. He tells Punk what he did is good stuff. He shouldn’t feel any regret for what he did. If he’d been in the same spot he’d have done the same thing. Punk said that would be hard as Matt’s never won MITB or won WHC once, or twice. Punk says they’re not friends and nothing a like. He’s done everything in his life by earning it. Punk looks at his title and walks off.

JR and Grisham talk about Edge last week. Video of Edge telling Vicki he used her and she’s worthless. He said he wanted a divorce and Vicki freaked out. He left her screaming in the ring.

Edge out to the ring. Jeff Hardy is next out to the ring.

Video of Trump saying RAW will be commercial free next week.

- Commercial

CM Punk comes out to the ring to face them.

“Hardy’ chants. Jeff went after Punk and then after Edge. Jeff pins Punk but Edge saves. Punk is up and beating on Jeff and Edge. Edge rolls out and Punk flies out between the ropes into a suicide dive. Jeff sends himself over the top and lands on both Edge and Punk. Jeff rolls Punk back in the ring and hits a snap mare and a kick for two. Punk whipped but gets a foot up. Punk comes out with a clothesline to Jeff for two. Scoop slam to Jeff and an elbow drop for two. Headlock on Jeff in the center of the ring. Edge climbs on the apron and Punk leaves Jeff to get a forearm to the face. Edge then goes after Punk. Jeff from the ring and Edge keeps on Punk. Huge heat for Edge. Punches to Punk’s head. Punk in a corner and an elbow to the top of his head. Punk set up top but he punches Edge in the head. Edge starts to climb but Jeff runs in and throws Edge odd. Jeff up on the corner and tried to send Punk flying. Edge gets up and puts Jeff on his shoulders. Punk tries for a clothesline on Jeff but he ducks and rolls Edge up for two. Punk then takes Jeff down.

- Commercial

Bear hug on Punk from Edge. Punk elbows out. Kick to edge’s face. Both are down. Jeff into the ring and he’s attacked by Punk. Punk then goes after Edge and takes them both down. Punk pins Jeff for two. Punk pins Edge for two. Punk gets Jeff up but Edge breaks it up with a chop block. Egde locks on a sharpshooter to Punk. Jeff locks a sleeper on Edge. Edge has to release his hold on Punk. Jeff covers Edge but Punk breaks the count. Punk whips Jeff. Edge reverses the whip and sends Punk into Jeff. Jeff takes Punk down with a dropkick, then Edge. Jeff covers Punk for two. Jeff goes for a jawbreaker but Punk gets a knee up to Jeff’s chin! Punk gets hung up on the top rope by Edge. Jeff climbs but Edge pushes Jeff off to land the painful way on the top rope. Edge rushes Punk for the spear but Punk grabs him in a scoop slam. Edge up for the GTS but Edge gets out and pushes Punk into Jeff. Jeff up for the GTS. Edge runs at Punk for the spear, but Punk jumped over it and he hit Jeff with it. Forearms from Punk on Edge. Punk rushes Edge but ends up up top. Edge pushes him off and Punk lands badly on the steps and seems to hurt his knee. A doctor is there right off. Edge and Jeff both hit cross bodies on each other. They’re still working on Punk outside. Two people working on Punk. Whisper in the wind to Edge but Punk breaks it on one leg. Jeff goes out and kicks the heck out of that leg. Edge rolls Jeff up for two. Twist of fate to Edge. Jeff climbs and the fans go wild. Jeff this a swanton but Punk pulls Jeff off of his pin on Edge. Punk slams Jeff into the stairs back first and then into the ring for the three on Edge.

- Winner: CM Punk

Video high points and the end of the match. Punk celebrates in the ring holding the left knee.

Teddy Long comes out to the stage. He congratulates Punk and says he’ll face Jeff Hardy at The Bash. Jeff glares at Punk who celebrates more.

King and Cole talk about all that’s happened so far tonight, the big things being Trump buying RAW and Orton winning Batista’s vacated title. Video from the match.

- Commercial

Legacy are at announce looking bored and annoyed. The Hart Dynasty comes out to the ring. Kidd and Smith pick up Natalya to the apron. Ted and Cody get all snotty with King and Cole about how graced they should be with Legacy’s presence. Primo and Carlito come out to the ring to face THD. At The Bash Primo and Carlito face Legacy for the titles. Ted and Cody tell King and Cole to give it a rest and they take over on how great they are.

Primo and Smith start. Kidd attacks from outside while Natalya distracts the ref. Smith got the upper hand. Primo moves out of Smith’s way and tags in Carlito. Carlito gets the upper hand and works over Smith to get two. Kidd comes in, gets tossed out and then Primo flies out onto him. Carlito hits the back cracker and gets the pin but at the last moment Legacy rushes in and causes the DQ. They beat down Carlito and Primo when he comes in to help.

THD via DQ

HHH is heading for the ring for the Ten Man Battle Royal.

- Commercial

Video from the most recent WWE European tour. Lilian and MVP did most of the talking.

Video of Vince announcing Trump as the new owner of RAW.

Santino is sitting out back with Vince. Vince asks what he wants as Santino went to see him. Santino asked if they still have their jobs. What about it possibly someone had a twin sister that had no cleavage, a five o’clock shadow and testicales. Vince says knowing Trunk he might be attracted to his sister. But no guarantees. Trump will do what Trump will do. Vince’s ring music plays and it’s his cell phone. He says it’s Trump. Santino yells over hello. Vince explains who it is. Vince says Trump was a little rough on him. Trump said a few things that were uncalled for. Trump wants to make some announcement after the Battle Royal. Vince says he’ll give the announcement for him. Vince says they’ll roll out the red carpet next week. Vince gets off the phone. He tells Santino he hates a billionaire with a huge ego. Santino says quietly that Vince must really hate himself. Vince asks what he said and Santino says he didn’t mean it like that! Next to Trump Vince isn’t even that rich. Vince is getting more mad. Santino says Vince is very rich and has a huge ego. Santino says Vince should spends some time with the grandkids and doesn’t look a day over 70, er, 60, er, 50. Santino then says Vince is younger than him. Santino then bolts out of there. Vince calls him a pervert after he leaves.

Lillian announces the Ten Man Battle Royal. Ted and Cody are already in the ring. MVP is out next. He’s wearing an AIG Insurance shirt! Matt Hardy comes out with his cast still on and looking mighty clean. Regal comes out next. Kofi comes out to join them with his US Title over his shoulder. Miz comes out with his ego blazing. Video of Miz attacking Big Show with a chair last week and then attacking Cena with the same chair after Cena had been beaten down by Big Show. Speaking of Big Show, he’s out next and Miz looks nervous.

- Commercial

Grisham and JR talk about this week’s SD!. It will be Jeff Hardy versus Jericho and Punk versus Rey. The visual graphic was wrong and JR admitted it, showing Edge and Hardy.

HHH comes out to join the match. Cena then comes out for the fight but holds back a bit before getting in and acts like they’re all out to get him specifically.

They all stands around watching until the bell rings and they all attack. Big Show chops Miz. Cody was almost tossed out. More chops to Miz from Big Show. Orton comes out to the ramp. Big Show stands on Cena. MVP tries to throw Ted out. Regal tries to throw Kofi out. Headbutt to MVP. Miz tries to get rid of Matt. Big Show stands on MVP. Cena tries to get rid of Big Show, but it doesn’t work. Matt sends Miz out to the apron. Kofi tries to toss Regal. Legacy tries to eliminate HHH. HHH almost gets Ted out. Miz and Matt try to get Cena out but Big Show gets into it and attacks Miz. HHH bashes legacy’s heads together. Big Show headbutts a number of people. Clothesline to Regal almost knocks Big Show over. Matt hits Big Show in the back with his cast. Big Show turns around and glares, so Matt rolls himself out of the ring. Big Show reaches out and grabs Matt by his head and pulls him to the apron, over the top into the ring and then tosses him out to eliminate him. MVP runs at Big Show with a big kick and ends up over the top to the apron on his own. Big Show pushes him off to eliminate MVP. Miz tries to send Big Show over the top. Regal tries to help and chokeslams Miz to the mat hard. Miz rolls out. The rest gang up on Big Show and eliminate him.

- Commercial

Regal has HHH partially out and Legacy is working on Cena. Quickly it reverses so Kofi and HHH has Regal almost out. Orton still watches closely. Kofi goes after Ted while Cody works on Cena. HHH still works on Regal. Cody lands on the apron from Cena, but doesn’t fall all the way out. Kofi works on HHH but then Kofi runs into HHH’s high knee. Legacy on HHH and Regal on Cena. Kofi then grabs Regal and hits a back suplex. HHH to the apron and Cena takes out Legacy. Kofi and HHH has Ted almost out but Cody makes the save. Cena starts working on Legacy again. HHH stomps Regal. Cena and HHH face off in the ring. HHH says something then attacks Cena. HHH gets Cena up but badly and can’t keep him up (an obvious flub). He gets Cena up again and Cena grabs the top rope. Cody rushes in to grab HHH’s leg. Cena gets HHH up but it doesn’t work. They both then double clothesline. Cody sends Kofi into a corner where Ted is. Kofi lands up on the second ropes and is grabbed but then flips down to the mat. Punch to Cody’s face and then Ted punches Kofi. Legacy eliminates Kofi. Regal attacks Legacy as they celebrate. Legacy eliminate Regal. Legacy backs unto a corner to regroup and look at Cena and HHH. Orton nod and Ted attacks HHH as Cody attacks Cena. HHH gains control so Cody gets in there to double team him. Ted to Cena and he calls for Cody. They flapjack Cena and then go back to HHH. Cena fights back and hits a bulldog on Ted and a clothesline on Cody. Suplex to Ted and a huge back body drop to Cody. Ted is tossed out and eliminated. Cena then tosses Cody, but he hangs on and skins the cat even though Cena doesn’t notice. HHH and Cena face off. Cena ducks HHH, but HHH clotheslines Cody from the ring. Orton goes ballistic on the stage. Cena gets HHH bu, but that doesn’t last. HHH kicks Cena and hits the pedigree. Legacy back in the ring and stomp the heck out of HHH. Refs try to get them out of there while Orton watches on. Orton looks freaked out and lost. Miz peaks into the ring from low on the apron. He was never officially eliminated. Miz into the ring as Cena and HHH are trying to get to their feet. He rushes Cena and HHH, but they both pull the top rope down. Miz goes flying from the ring. HHH then grabs Cena and tosses him quickly from the ring.

- Winner: HHH

Orton looks freaked out as HHH stares up at him seething. Trump’s music plays and he congratulates HHH. HHH gets to face Orton at The Bash. Trump said earlier he was going to do things that were new and right. So they’re not waiting for the Bash, but it will be next week. Not only will it be commercial free, but HHH will face Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. Orton looks like he’s going to barf and HHH looks ready to go right now.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

Most mixed
CM Punk

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