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WWE RAW Report for 7/6/09 from San Jose, California

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This week’s taped RAW starts with music an pyro.

Lilian announces Ted DiBiase Sr. He comes out to huge pop, then his son and Cody come out to join him on the stage. They came down to the ring together. Fans held up hundred dollar bills as if DiBiase had never left. DiBiase says Trump and McMahon proved that everyone has a price. He had his people make a phone call, he wrote a check and RAW’s being run by The Million Dollar Man. This give him a national forum to remind the people of the greatness that stands before us. In that ring with him are two of the most naturally gifted yound surpstars we’ll ever see in our lives. Cody Rhodes and his son Ted DiBiase. He been informed there will be no title defenses before NOC, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. At NOC the new Tag Team Champions, Edge and Jericho will go up against and be defeated by Legacy. It’s official, we can take it to the bank. DiBiase asked Cody how he felt when Henry beat Orton in the Three On one Match. Cody said he felt mad and couldn’t believe the disrespect Henry showed Orton. DiBiase asked if Henry needs to suffer and be punished. Cody says without question. DiBiase says Henry will be taught a lesson when he faces Cody tonight. Ted asks his father what he’s doing? DiBiase says he’s making an impact. He’s sorry he didn’t get to tell Ted earlier… Ted asks what. DiBiase knows Ted told Orton off at The Bash but they made up later. But he saw a look in his son’s eyes. He knows what everyone else knows, Orton’s keeping him down. Orton is holding Ted back. Tonight Orton has a match. It’s not a title match, but will make a statement. It will change careers. Tonight Orton will face Ted. Ted says he won’t face Orton. DiBiase says he won’t just face him, but he’ll beat him. DiBiase laughs that legendary laugh and leaves the ring. Cody and Ted are left in the ring when Edge and Jericho come out to Edge’s music. They all glare.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about DiBiase and the matches he made.

Carlito and Primo out to the ring. Video of Carlito and Primo facing Edge and Jericho last week.

Carlito and Edge lock up. Arm bar on Edge. Edge reverses it. Kick to Edge’s gut then a high knee to Edge for two. Carlito backs Edge into a corner and hits some punches. Out of the corner Edge telegraphs and is kicked in the gut. Edge gains the upper hand and pins Carlito for two. Jericho in and Carlito into a back elbow. Suplex on Carlito. Headlock on Carlito and back into his own corner to tag in edge. Edge keeps control. Carlito tries punches to the gut but Edge slams Carlito to the mat face first for two. Edge stomps Carlito in the heel corner. Primo ends up distracting the ref and Jericho stomps too. Jericho tags in and takes Carlito down in a head/armlock. Hold on the center of the mat. Carlito to his feet and elbows out. Slighshot back elbow to Jericho. Both manage to tag out. Primo takes Edge down with clotheslines. Primo gets a cheap shot on Jericho knocking him from the apron. Edge into a corner and then Primo off the top rope flying into a cross body for two. Back elbow to Edge but then Primo gets hung up top. Primo tied up in the ropes. Primo out with help from Carlito. Edge rushes Primo who moves and Carlito is knocked from the apron. Primo rolls Edge up for two. Carlito rushes in after Edge but the ref gets him out. During all this a code breaker from Jericho and then a spear from Edge. Edge covers for three.

- Winners: Jericho & Edge

Video of Carlito causing the mayhem in this match. Edge and Jericho on the ramp and stage celebrating. In the ring Carlito attacks Primo, tossing him around the ring. Primo from the ring and Carlito follows. Carlito beats the heck out of his Brother then flings him over the announce table. (Looks like Carlito is heel again!) Carlito stomps off, looks about to cry and then continues out as people check on Primo and try to help him.

Ted and Cody out back. Cody asks if Ted’s going to do it. Ted says he has to. Orton walks in and Ted tells him his father is stubborn. Orton says losing to Orton on TV won’t help him. Ted asks what makes Orton think he’ll lose? Orton tells Ted not to let his pride get in the way. Ted should tell his father thanks, but no thanks. If he was Orton’s father… Ted says he isn’t Orton’s father, he’s much better than Orton’s father ever was. Ted says he’s going to face Orton and beat him.

- Commercial

Maryse out to the ring with Alicia Fox. Both are in black and white and ready to tag. Video of the Fatal Four Way Diva Match last week that Mickie won. Mickie’s music and she bounces out with Gail Kim. Mickie in blue and Gail in sparkly red!

Mickie tries to slap Maryse who moves back grinning. Maryse hides in the ropes from Mickie. They lock up and Maryse gets an arm bar. Mickie cart wheels out but Maryse slams Mickie back hard by her hair. Fox tags in and Mickie covers for two. Huge neckbreaker to Fox and a cheap shot to Maryse. A kick to Fox’s jaw and a pin for two. Kim tags in gets whipped, then a back elbow to Fox. She hits a hurricanrana on Fox and takes her down hard. Fox fights back and while Fox distracts the ref Maryse kicks Kim in the head from outside. Maryse tags in and slams Kim to the mat face first. Back breaker to Kim for two. Kim fights back. Maryse hits a cheap shot on Mickie so Kim can’t tag out. Kim puts her foot against Maryse’s face and falls back to the mat about taking Maryse’s face off with her foot. Kim pins for three.

- Winners: Mickie James & Gail Kim

Mickie and Kim celebrate in the ring while Maryse holds her face outside. Video of the cheap shot on Mickie followed by the hot move by Kim for the win.

Out back DiBiase is getting his nails done. Cody comes in to see DiBiase. DiBiase asks if he wants his nails done, then tells him he doesn’t want to as the girl isn’t very good. He asks what Cody wants. Cody thanks him and says he loves having DiBiase on RAW. He’s the original Trump. Cody has a handful of money and DiBiase says he’s there because he doesn’t want to face Henry. Cody says it makes more sense to focus on the Unified Tag Titles. DiBiase asks Cody what Legacy is. Cody says it’s a multi-generation, born better, superstars, the best of the… DiBiase says blood’s thicker than water. DiBiase says he’s the son of a son of a plumber. Cody sings – Just a common man… DiBiase says he hates Cody’s father. Why would he like that the common man is the the HOF and he’s not. Cody’s still in the match and he’d better get out of his office or he’ll put Cody in polka dots just like his old man! DiBiase laughs his laugh. Cody about flees and DiBiase says he might put him in polka dots anyway!

- Commercial

WWE Slam Of The week – Henry into the ring to face Orton in his Three On One Match. Henry said he was there to make an impression and it would be a good one. Orton tried for an RKO but ate a world’s strongest slam and a pin for three.

Cody comes out to the ring by himself, but to the Legacy music. He does look nervous, for good reason. Henry comes out to face him.

They lock up and Henry pulls Cody into a headbutt. Forearm to Cody’s back and then to the ribs. Cody is whipped but then up on the corner. Cody flies but Henry catches him and hits his world’s strongest slam. Cody rolls from the ring. (Not sure if this is a screw up, but Cole actually referred to the ref, Charles Robinson, by his name. Thought they were not allowed to do that as way to take focus off the ref’s and onto the superstars, by order of Vince.) Cody starts to make his way up the ramp as the ref counts him out. Cody keeps backing up the ramp and is done with the match. The ref counts Cody out.

- Winner: Mark Henry

Henry looks a bit annoyed, but happily raises his hands in victory. Video of Henry catching Cody as he flew, then slammed Cody to the mat. Then Cody ditched the match.

Out back Cena’s getting ready for his match.

- Commercial

Orton’s music and he comes stomping out with his strap over his shoulder. Ted comes out to Legacy music, looking a bit apprehensive. In the ring Ted glares at Orton.

They lock up and Orton takes Ted down in a side headlock takeover. Orton keeps the hold on until Ted gets his legs around Orton’s head and he lets go. Ted is backed to the ropes and the ref counts to five for Orton to let go. Orton steps back and yells “Why?” at Ted a couple times. Ted bitch slaps Orton, then a deep arm drag to Orton. Dropkick to Orton and he rolls from the ring. Orton glares up at Ted form outside the ring.

- Commercial

Headlock on Ted in the center of the ring. During the commercial Ted got slammed into the steps shoulder/head first. Ted to his feet and out, but a forearm to Ted’s upper back. Orton stomps his way around Ted. Orton looks more and more disgusted before each stomp. Orton goes to drop a knee on Ted, but Ted rolls out of the way and rolls Orton up for two. Orton regains control. Ted rolls to the apron and Orton talks smack. Orton kicks Ted in the chest through the ropes as he hangs over the second rope. Orton hits that horrible DDT on Ted through the ropes. Orton motions the ref to count, but Ted manages to kick out. Orton recovers with his hand across Ted’s face. Orton beats on and stomps Ted. Orton drops his knee and pins but Ted kicks out. Headlock on Ted in the center of the ring. Ted to his feet and suplexes out of the hold! Orton is pissed and rushes Ted in a corner, but Ted gets a back elbow up. Ted flies off the second ropes with an elbow to Orton for two. Punches to Orton but Orton fights back with a back breaker. Orton stalks Ted who slowly gets to his feet. Ted counters the RKO and back slides Orton for two. Knee to Ted’s gut, but Orton runs into a scoop slam from Ted for two. Knee to Ted’s gut. Ted goes for dream street, but it’s countered. Orton hits RKO for three.

- Winner: Orton

Orton points to Ted who’s down on the mat. Orton talks smack. Video of Ted almost hitting his finisher only to have it reversed, an RKO and Orton’s win. Orton grabs his belt and starts heading up the ramp. Orton motions to Ted in a show of respect. Ted seethes in the ring.

HHH out back and Josh stops him. He asks about facing Cena and the possibility to face Orton. HHH says if you’re looking for epic you have to go no further than putting Cena and HHH in the ring together. Add in Orton and the Championship and all bets are off. He doesn’t care who he has to go through or who he has to hurt. All bets are off.

- Commercial

Video of MVP and Sherri Shepherd at the BET awards show, on the red carpet. Video of stars talking about their relationship.

MVP is in the ring in a white t-shirt, blue plaid shirt unbuttoned over it and jeans. He spoke about enjoying The View and enjoying the VIP Lounge. He talks about DiBiase and liking money. He goes on to talk about his former boss Trump. It’s because of Trump that this man is on RAW and can be in the VIP Lounge. He invites out Jack Swagger. Swagger to the ring in a blah colored shirt and jeans. MVP offers him a seat, but he wants to stand. MVP says he wants to ask him what it was like to make his debut as a RAW superstar… Swagger interrupts MVP who interrupts right back. MVP says he knows Swagger is just drooling to get an answer out, however this is his VIP Lounge and his quesitons. How does it feel to make his debut as a RAW superstar only toget himself counted out against Orton? What kind of All American does that? Swagger says he’s a two time, two time All American. He went to the University of Oklahoma. Does MVP know what that means? MVP says it means he couldn’t get into a better school? Swagger says no, he’s a division one athlete. Swagger says MVP spent time at Florida State, but not the University. Swagger says he’s a fraud. He tries to pass himself off as an athlete and an MVP? He’s a con. he spent almost ten years behind bars. Swagger says he’s never gotten a parking ticket, never mind behind bars. The only he’s been MVP of is a prison basketball league. MVP looks annoyed, sheepish and pissed all at the same time. Swagger says if anyone’s MVP on RAW it’s Swagger. MVP says Swagger feels like he knows him? MVP says he talks openly about his past. He’s always been open and will talk about it now. When he was a juvenile he ran the streets, got caught up in the game and made bad decisions and those bad decisions cost him dearly. Now that he’s in the WWE he uses his superstar to influence kids to not due what he did. He accepted things as a man. When Swagger went to school he was taught the difference between an excuse and and explanation. There’s a huge difference between them. Swagger didn’t go to prison and that’s a good thing, but bigger is this. MVP takes off his over shirt. MVP says that unlike Swagger he’s never been afraid of a fight! “MVP” chants. Swagger backs off and says he doesn’t fight people below him and he doesn’t fight criminals. Swagger leaves the ring. MVP says it’s obvious to everyone that since he came to RAW he doesn’t fight at all. But if he ever wants to be a man and wants a fight, MVP can be found in the Lounge. Straight up ballin’! Swagger backs up the ramp looking nervous. MVP smirks at him.

Out back Ted is in with his father. He says he knows Ted didn’t win the match, but someday he’ll be Champion. Ted looked great in that match. Ted gets pissed. He said his father set him up to fail, put him in an impossible situation and it’s still all about DiBiase. He’s there to steal Ted’s spotlight. It’s his time. DiBiase says it’s not like that at all. Ted says it is and bitch slaps him HARD! Ted says, “Thanks a lot, Dad!” then stomps out. DiBiase removes his glasses and turns to looks at his son’s retreating form while holding his cheek.

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – Big Show faced Kofi last Monday. Kofi and Big Show were both counted out.

Kofi out to the ring with the US Championship in hand. Evan Bourne comes out to face him.

They dance around and then lock up. Hammer lock on Kofi. Evan runs the ropes, Kofi jumps over Evan twice and then Evan stops himself to roll Kofi up for two. Evan ties Kofi up for two. Then a backslide to Kofi for two. ½ Boston crab on Evan! Evan tries and gets to the ropes to break the hold. Side headlock takeover to Kofi. Kofi gets his legs around Evan’s head. They go back and forth in great chain wrestling. Kofi jumps on a corner and bounce off onto Evan for two. Dropkick to Evan and then a flying forearm in a corner. Evan up in a corner and manages to his his SSP for three.

- Winner: Evan Bourne

Video of key points in the match including the SSP. Evan helps Kofi to his feet in a show of respect. Big Show’s music and he comes stomping out. Kofi gets in front of Evan and she’s it’s his fight. Big Show over the top and into the ring. Big Show kicks Kofi in the gut then a headbutt to Kofi. Evan approaches and is swatted away. Big Show back to work on Kofi. Evan back after Big Show and is thrown across the ring. Back to work on Kofi. Evan again attacks Big Show but gets more abuse. Big Show back to work on Kofi and locks on the camel clutch neckbreaker. Big Show drops Kofi and leaves the ring leaving only carnage. Big Show up the ramp, backward to view what he left there.

- Commercial

Video of Cena in San Jose promoting his movie after RAW last week. It was after midnight and he did a huge signing.

Josh out back with Cena. Josh says their match will be epic, but when it comes to the Championship all bets are off. Cena says HHH is right, all bets are off. Tonight RAW has transformed itself into WM. It’s everyone’s opinion. It’s two of the greatest fighting for a chance at the Championship. If HHH means he’s going to walk through Cena to continue his personal vendetta, he’s wrong. What he meant to say is two f the biggest forces in the WWE lock heads tonight and have a chance at gold and diamonds. He respects HHH, but hopes he’s listening because it’s been way too long since he’s said the words everyone wants to hear… The Champ is here.

Lilian announces the Finals in the NOC Tournament. HHH is out to the ring.

- Commercial

HHH paces the ring while King talks about this being the biggest main even on RAW – EVER!!! Cena out to the ring.

They get right up in each other’s faces. Cena raises his eyebrows and HHH looks to the side. Lots of pop and heat for them. They both back off and get ready. They lock up. Side headlock takeover on HHH. They stop and start again. “Cena” chants from women and kids. They get face to face and talk some. They point to the fans on both sides and talk. They again back off. Lock up and another side headlock takeover by Cena. Punches by HHH to Cena’s head. Cena comes back with blows. Shoulder block to HHH. High knee to Cena from HHH. They both reverse whips but it’s HHH who is sent and goes over the top rope. Outside Cena gets HHH for the AA, but HHH gets out and sends Cena into the ringpost.

- Commercial

HHH whips Cena hard, Cena hits the mat face first. Cena hits an arm drag in HHH and the a fisherman’s suplex on HHH for two. Cena then runs into a back elbow. Back breaker to Cena. Another back breaker to Cena for two. Suplex to Cena. HHH drops an elbow to Cena’s lower back. Forearm to Cena’s lower back after he’s up. Punches to Cena’s face. HHH drops a knee to Cena’s face for two. Punch to Cena. Cena comes back with a punch. HHH gets a punch. Cena gets a bunch of punches in. HHH gets a big punch on Cena. Shoulder block to HHH. Another shoulder block to HHH and then a slam to the mat. Cena sets up and hits a five knuckle shuffle. Cena gets HHH up, but he gets out and throws punches. Cena telegraphs and gets a face buster for it. Cena is whipped but gets a foot up. Spinebuster to Cena. HHH ste sup for the pedigree but Cena counted with a back body drop. HHH manages to lock on a sleeper. Cena starts to fade… Cena about flat on the mat, HHH cradling his upper body. Cena starts fighting back to his feet and muscles out of the hold. Cena locks on a sleeper hold himself! HHH starts to fade and down to one knee. HHH starts fighting back a little but fades more. HHH on both knees, but a hand goes out and he starts fighting back. HHH to his feet and suplexes out. Both are down on the mat. The ref starts counting. Cena to his feet at 7 and HHH at 8. King calls Cena’s punch a slobberknocker. Cole says HHH is also a slobberknocker. They go back and forth with the exchange. HHH gets on a roll but a kick from Cena to the gut and then a snap mare sends HHH to the mat. Cena up for his leg drop, but HHH moves out of the way. HHH kicks Cena in the gut and again sets up for the pedigree. Cena counters with a jacknife cover for two. Cena gets HHH up for the AA, but HHH reverses and covers for two. Cena hits a drop toe hold and tries to lock on the STF. Cena manages, after lots of scrabbling, to lock on the hold, but HHH is close to the ropes and the hold has to be broken. Cena tries to drag HHH into the center of the ring and reapply the hold, but HHH reverses it and rolls Cena up for two. HHH goes for the pedigree again but Cena counters and sends into the corner for snake eyes. Cena gets HHH for the AA, but HHH hold the top rope for dear life. HHH gets free and they hit double clotheslines. Both are down and the ref starts to count. They both make it to their feet. They exchange blows and suddenly Legacy is there attacking both Cena and HHH. Lilian starts to announce the end of the match but Orton on the stage stops her and says he has this. This match is a double DQ. This means there’s no winner and he won’t be facing either of them at NOC. DiBiase’s music plays and Orton looks like he’s going to be sick. DiBiase comes out and says to Orton that he says that neither one of these men won. DiBiase says neither one lost. Tonight DiBiase’s opinion carries a whole heck of a lot more weight than Orton’s does! Here it is! AT NOC Orton will defend in a Triple Threat Match. Orton versus HHH versus Cena. DiBiase leaves and Orton looks royally pissed. Orton paces the stage while Cena and HHH stare up at Orton.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Big Show

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