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WWE RAW Report for 8/24/09 from Las Vegas

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RAW this week starts with a SS recap with video and stills. The first part was the confuzzle that was the Orton / Cena match that after many restarts, Orton won to retain.

Orton on screen saying he defeated Cena. A fan rushed the ring and attacked the ref. Afterward Orton hit an RKO. But it wasn’t just a fan, was it Ted? Ted was in the screen and he said it was his brother Brett. Brett stands next to Ted. Brett bought a ticket and felt he had to get involved. Orton berated him for getting involved and that his Brother Ted would know better than do such a thing. The camera opened up further to show Cody on Orton’s other side. He says Orton would have won the match no matter what. Orton says he is and will remain WWE Champion.

King and Cole talk about Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather hosting tonight.

Lilian in the ring (thought last night was just that, her last night) announces Vince. Vince comes strutting out more wildly and spastically than normal. The fans are in shock. Vince says tonight’s guest host is one of the greatest showmen and fighters of all time. Mixed reaction to Mayweather. There’s no doubt that last night’s Championship Match was mired in controversy, but the ref’s ruling stands. But the controversy will be cleared up in a couple weeks at Breaking Point. The fans are not happy hearing that Cena and Orton will be happening – again! All the main events will be submission matches. Cena’s match with Orton will be an I Quit Match. The fans are a little happier. If anyone interferes for Orton, then Orton will be immediately stripped of the title. Vince is about to leave and DX’s music sounds. HHH comes out with HBK bouncing next to him. They get in the ring and Vince looks annoyed. Vince puts on a smirk that’s obviously humoring. Vince looks very nervous too. The fans are hot for DX. Vince tells them to have a good night and tries to leave, but HHH stops him. HHH says he’s sorry that they might have been expecting them to come out in a tank. But the economy the way it is and the drop fee on those things, they couldn’t get it to Vegas. That being said, he doesn’t like good guy Vince McMahon. Nice, honest caring Vince is creepy! It’s not right. It’s like Michael Vick at a PETA convention or something! HBK is all yucking. HBK makes barfing / spitting noises. HHH says it doesn’t work, but there has to be a reason Vince is in such a good mood. Vince tries to get out of it. HBK says today’s August 24th. HBK says, in a sing-songy voice, I think somebody’s got a birthday! HBK is grinning ear to ear. HHH asks if it’s Dave Chapelle? HBK says a lot whiter and a lot crazier. Marlie Matlin? HBK says older and far more incoherent. HHH tries to figure it out with those clues. HHH realizes it’s Vince’s 84th birthday. Vince looks appalled. The fans start chanting “84!” HHH stops them and says it’s his fault. It’s his 74th birthday. “74!” chants. HHH then says it’s his mistake. He’s actually 70. Vince growls that he’s 64. HHH and HBK are in shock that he admitted it on live TV, in front of the entire world. Vince tells them to leave. HHH says they can’t leave. At Vince’s age how many birthdays will he have? In Vegas? HBK says if Vince doesn’t want to have a happy birthday, it’s up to him. HBK says this man’s a pioneer. HHH says he was a pioneer with the wagon train. HBK cuts HHH off and says Vince is a genius. He’s why we watch WWE TV. HBK says if Vince doesn’t want to have a happy birthday, he understands, but hopes Vince will let HBK show this tribute. A video rolls of Vince as young man, non-WWE stuff, family stuff, kid’s photos all set to sweet music. Then it went to his horrible music video and DX screwing with Vince. Trump shaving Vince’s head. Vince loves cock. Dx in the promotion truck really screwing with Vince. Austin praying Vince with beer. Mae Young attacking Vince. The manure bath. Ripping the axle out of his limo ended it all. HBK on one side of Vince with an arm around him, HHH on the other side with his arm around Vince, both of them grinning at him. Vince says he won’t forget about this. HHH says at his age, he probably will forget about it. But, he’s pretty sure Vince won’t forget this… There’s nothing. Then a big cake comes out on the stage. The type that a stripper comes out of. HHH and HBK start singing Happy Birthday. HHH says he’s not feeling it, it’s not right. HHH says it’s Vegas. Anyone can have a cake, but Vegas it’s different. HBK says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. HHH says no matter how many memos one sends out about not celebrating his birthday on live TV, sometimes people just do things… HBK says he got pulled into this. HBK says they don’t follow Vince’s rules, didn’t then, won’t now. What’s a birthday without showgirls? Out on stage comes some showgirls. Six in all come out. HHH and HBK dance around and then hold the ropes for them to enter the ring. Hard with those head dresses on! Vince still looks really nervous. Birthday kisses for Vince. They line up behind them. Vince tries to get away. HHH says Vegas is also about Crique De Sole. Out comes a couple guys on handless stilts. They get in over the top rope. One guy bounces around in the ring to show off. Vince says the masks are really gay. Just what every man wants on his birthday. HHH then acts like he’s trying to jump like the guys on the bouncy stilts and ends up holding his groin after two bounces. Vince asks if they’re done. HHH tells him to hang on. Vince says one more thing? HHH says a couple more, but… HBK says you can’t have a birthday in Vegas without Elvis. Out comes a fake Elvis to the ring. Elvis shakes Vince’s hand. Then Elvis wants Vince to put on the Elvis glasses. He then wants some hip movements. Elvis is going to lead the singing. Everyone gets in on the song this time. HBK and HHH in very Elvis voices. HHH says he thinks… Vince says he thinks this is enough. HHH says he should have his cake because it’s not an ordinary cake. Out of the cake comes Big Dick Johnson! He comes out, gets in the ring and dances for Vince. He’s heavier than before, and quite oiled up. Vince throws Dick from the ring. Vince says no more birthday crap. HHH says one more thing, but it’s private. He asks everyone to leave. He asks everyone to bear with them, it’s a private moment. HBK says he had nothing to do with this. He had one thing on his piece of paper and doesn’t know what happened to it. Elvis holds the ropes for the girls. Vince says something and points to his watch. HHH says it’s his show, so what does he care? Vince doesn’t like that. HHH says this is a private thing and asks everyone to close their eyes. It’s a family thing. HHH says HBK and he pooled their Money and got something for Vince that they know he’ll love. They position Vince in a specific spot in the ring. But then Legacy is there and on the attack. HBK gets away and comes back with a chair. Legacy flees. Orton’s on the stage. HHH says since the Legacy girls didn’t get enough last night and Mayweather isn’t there yet, HHH is going to make a little match! Tonight it will be Legacy and Orton against DX and their partner Vince! Vince doesn’t look thrilled about this. Vince says it’s a No DQ Match! Vince then says he’s always wanted to do this… If you’re not down with that, we have two words for you… Crotch chops from HHH and HBK. Vince gets a DX hat and puts it on to show solidarity.

Mayweather video. Boxing, WM and him talking about money.

- Commercial

Santino in the ring, ready. The Miz comes out, in his new trunks, to face him.

Miz quickly with the upper hand on Santino. Nice arm drag from Santino. Santino chatting away but loses control. Miz covers for two and slams Santino back on the mat. Chinlock on Santino. Santino fights to his feet. Knee to Santino’s chest drops him. “Santina” chants. Santino fights back until he misses. Miz hits his skull crushing finale for three. Short match to make up for the DX segment running long?

- Winner: The Miz

Miz with a mic saying that he’s one step closer to beating Kofi and becoming US Champion. He’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

Kelly, Gail and Mickie, out back, on their way to the ring.

- Commercial

Fox, Rosa and Beth in the ring all in red, white and blue dressed like boxers, right down to training gloves. Mickie’s music and her team comes out in light pink and black, but dressed in boxing gear too. Cole said Mayweather still isn’t there, but should be anytime.

Gail and Beth start off. Gail in control. Kelly tags in. They double team Beth. Kelly in control briefly until Beth slams her down hard. Beth slams Kelly into the heel corner. Rosa tags in and throws some punches. Kelly fights back with punches and then a clothesline to Rosa. Fox and Mickie tag in. Mickie throws a bunch of punches to take Fox down, then after Beth with cheap shots. Mickie hits a neckbreaker for two, but Beth breaks it up. Gail off the corner with a dropkick to Beth. Kelly hits a dropkick to Fox knocking her to the floor. Mickie takes down Fox hard. Mickie slammed shoulder first into the ringpost. Scissor kick to the back of Mickie’s neck that looked really poorly executed and wrong. Fox pins Mickie for three.

- Winners: Fox, Rosa & Beth

The heels celebrate in the ring.

- Commercial

Out back are DX. HHH is looking through the new DVD. HBK says he’s concerned. Three superior athletes in the ring and Vince is 64. He realizes HHH isn’t listening. HHH starts a plug. A loud grinding or blowing noise and they decide to yell over it. HBK says he thought they left the shameless plugs to their own merchandise. HHH gives a cheap plug for his DX shirt and the new camo cowboy hat. HBK goes back to being worried about Vince tonight. He thinks they have to get Vince angry. What’s a man like him to be angry about? He’s a billionaire, got a great family, a great job, in shape for his age. How could he possibly be angry? HHH yells that he has an idea. The noise stops and they ask why they’re shouting. HBK says he doesn’t know anymore. HHH says if he’s right, Vince should be absolutely fuming right about now.

Vince in his office hears a noise. He turns to see Jillian dressed like Monroe, singing Happy Birthday to him in her style. He yells at her to get out of his office!

Jeri-Show’s music and out the come to the ring together. Video of WM when Mayweather faced Big Show. Chair shots to Big Show after his friends help. Then brass knucks and Mayweather won. Big Show looks at the tron and shakes his head. Big Show talks to Mayweather. Says he’s doing the right thing by avoiding or hiding from Big Show. Big Show hasn’t fogotten about WM and they have unfinished business. Until Mayweather shows, Big Show isn’t leaving the ring. Jericho says he’s not leaving either. Mayweather out back with his posse.

- Commercial

Big Show and Jericho are still standing around in the ring. Lilian announce the guest host, Mayweather. She goes through some of his accolades before his name. He comes out in white cargo shorts, white and silver belt, white wife beater and silver chain and pendant. Of course sunglasses on his face. Mayweather’s posse in tow. Mayweather takes forever getting to the ring. I’m shocked he’s there after the possible legal issues of last night. Shocked Vince still wanted him. Mayweather got a very mixed reaction. He said Monday night RAW, the Money Day. He got in Big Show’s face and says he knows what he did at WM and would do it tonight, but he has a September fight and that’s more important. Jericho and Mayweather nose to nose. Jericho says he was introduced as the greatest fighter in the world, but he disagrees. He thinks Mayweather is a great self promoter and showboater, but as a boxer, he doesn’t think Mayweather’s very good. He thinks on his comeback fight that he’ll be knocked out. Mayweather looks pissed. Big Show says after Mayweather has his clock cleaned, Big Show and Jericho might get in and wipe him from the face of the planet. MVP’s music! He calls for a timeout. He says Mayweather’s made his a lot of money over the years. They might be the Champions, but they’re not to bright. Big Show is a big, dangerous dummy. And Christina consults his Oxford dictionary for 16 syllable words to talk over everyone’s heads, but he’s not that smart because Mayweather could punch him in the face 32 times before he’d even get a chance to open his mouth. Last time Mayweather served him up, it was nasty. Jericho said Mayweather and 18 of his friends did it. MVP says Big Show could have done the same, if he had friends! Who wants to hang out with a big sasquatch. Maybe Jericho can do a beauty and the beast type thing. Jericho calls Big Show his friend. MVP should watch what he says to him. MVP tells him to shut up. He’s always running his mouth and no one wants to hear it. Only reason he’s on RAW is because he’s Unified Tag Team Champions. If they lost them Jericho would have to go back to SD! never to be heard from again. Big Show asks who’s going to beat them, little man? MVP asks Mayweather if he and a partner beat Big Show and Jericho, could they have a shot at the titles at BP? Mayweather says he likes that. Does MVP have someone in mind? MVP says he does. Out comes mark Henry! MVP and Henry to the ring together.

- Commercial

Jericho is whipped by MVP and then a boot to Jericho in the corner for two. Big Show gets the blind tag but Jericho still eats MVP’s boot. Big Show takes MVP down hard. Scoop slams to MVP, over and over. Side headlock on MVP. “MVP!” chants. MVP fights out then eats Big Show’s boot! Full nelson on MVP. MVP is whipped around a bit in the hold then slammed down. Jericho gets the tag and pins for two. Jericho taunts Henry and then kicks MVP in the ribs. Big Show chokes MVP from outside. Slingshot MVP into the bottom rope. Bitch slap to MVP. MVP fights back with a huge clothesline. Jericho holds MVP’s foot so he can’t tag out. MVP fights, but can’t get free. Mayweather is ringside screaming that Jericho is next. “MVP!” chants. Head / Chinlock on MVP. MVP up and free. Jericho tosses MVP from the ring. Mayweather screams that Jericho is next. Jericho struts around the ring and then out to get MVP. MVP is rolled in then kicked and stomped. Headbutt to MVP. MVP fights back with forearms. Jericho grabs MVP’s leg so he can’t get to Henry and tag out. MVP backed into the heel corner and Big Show tags in. Clothesline to MVP. Elbow drop to MVP’s knee from Big Show. Big Show wrenches the heck out of MVP’s leg. Big Show gets a two count while holding. Big Show keeps working that left knee of MVP. Power slam to MVP. Jericho tags in as Big Show stands on MVP to hold him down. MVP and Jericho hit a double clothesline.

- Commercial

MVP in a hold by Jericho, but he gets up and free. MVP manages to roll Jericho up for two. Jericho slams down on MVP to keep him from getting to Henry and tagging out. Big Show talks smack to Mayweather. Mayweather on his feet yelling. Big Show hits an illegal headbutt on MVP from the apron. Jericho yells at Mayweather. Lionsault but MVP moves. Jericho holds his knee and Henry gets the tag. Henry works Jericho over hard. Henry eats the top turnbuckle. Jericho tries for a code breaker but can’t do it. Henry gets Jericho up for the WSS, but Jericho somehow reverses it into a huge DDT for two. Henry kicks out forcefully! Both are down. MVP tags in, lloking like hell, but does well to work over Jericho. MVP hits ballin’ for two. MVP telegraphs and is kicked for it. Jericho pins but Henry breaks it up. Big Show tries to get in to Henry, but Henry pushes Big Show to the floor. Mayweather passes his brass knucks to MVP, puts them on MVP’s hand while he’s down and appears out. MVP uses the knucks on Jericho and then tosses them out, back to Mayweather. MVP pins Jericho for the three.

- Winners: Mark Henry & MVP

Mayweather in and raises the hands of Henry and MVP. hugs all around as Big Show carried Jericho up the ramp. Jericho is over Big Show’s shoulder like a sack of flour.

Out back Ted says it’s perfect, they get another shot at DX. He’s talking to Cody and Brett. Cody says the advantage is their since it’s No DQ. Orton comes in and throws Brett out. He says they’ve been handed a golden opportunity tonight. Not only DX, but he can shut down Vince on his birthday. They can redeem themselves for last night. When Orton kicks Vince this time, Vince won’t come back. Vince wants to make an I Quit Match? Then Orton will make sure it’s the last match Vince makes.

- Commercial

Sludge Slam – Hornswoggle face Chavo last Monday. Can of paint to Chavo’s head after Hornswoggle fled. Hornswoggle got the three.

Hornswoggle and Chavo are in the ring in boxing gear. Mayweather made this a boxing match between them. Before they touch gloves the ref tells Chavo he won’t need those gloves. The ref goes and gets huge gloves for Chavo to wear. King says it’s becoming a running gag between the guest hosts. Ref says it’s Mayweather’s orders. The ref gets them in their corners. Chavo swings down but Hornswoggle got a bunch of punches off. Hornswoggle backs Chavo back into a corner. Hornswoggle in control more than not. Big right to Chavo and he falls to the mat. Chavo takes his gloves off. Scoop slam to Hornswoggle and the ref calls for DQ.

- Winner: Hornswoggle via DQ

Chavo with a big grin. He leaves the ring and climbs. Evan Bourne makes the save. Lots of feet to Chavo and then he climbs. SSP to Chavo! Evan checks on Hornswoggle. Evan gets Hornswoggle sitting then scoops him to his feet. Video replay a couple times of the SSP. They taunt Chavo from the ring.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about Vegas and what a weekend it was – SS. Video from SS and the Fan Axxess. The red carpet with lots of stars. Then a Day Of Service, for the kids.

Vince training with Mayweather. Vince stopped and asked him, in their prime, who would win between Vince and Muhamed Ali. Mayweather says Vince has a lot more money and then pushed Vince to prepare some more. Carlito in and is pissed about not bing on the show. HHH and HBK come in and they cut Carlito off. Mayweather wants Vince to keep working. HHH says something about getting busy. HHH says that gives him more time to get busy with Vince’s daughter! Vince stops punching Mayweather’s hands. Vince punches Carlito out. HHH says he’s just kidding, but good to see Vince is paying attention. HBK looks down at Carlito and then at Vince and says that was cool!

- Commercial

Video from SS.

DX’s music. Out comes HBK and HHH with glow sticks. HHH’s are shoved in his knee pads! HBK throws DX glowsticks into the crowd. In the ring HBK continues to throw and HHH throws his to the fans too. Shirts and other gear out to the fans too. Vince comes out in his normal wrestling gear – black jeans, sleeveless black sweatshirt, black fingerless gloves. Orton’s music and all three of them come out to the ring.

Orton turns his back on the ring to talk to Legacy. HBK runs, HHH tosses HBK over the top into the three heels. In the ring Vince hits Cody with a big right then he tags in HBK. chops to Cody in a corner. HHH tags in and works over Cody. HBK tags in and takes Cody down. HBK flings Cody and HHH is there to elevate Cody. Cody flies out onto Orton and Ted. DX and Vince in the ring waiting for Legacy and Orton to regroup outside.

- Commercial

Promo for WM25 on NBC this Saturday night.

Ted in control of HHH with a headlock. HHH fights back to take Ted down. Both men are down. HBK gets the tag and hits punches, an inverted atomic drop, a punch and then cheap shots on Orton and Cody. Power slam to Ted. HBK flies and hits his elbow. Cody rushes in and hits a running bulldog. Ted holds HBK’s ankle so he can’t get away. Orton tags in and stomps his way around HBK. “HBK!” chants. Orton drops a knee to the back of HBK’s head for two. Cody tags in and stomps HBK in a corner. Snap mare to HBK and then side headlock. HBK fights out but can’t get away. Dragged into the heel corner and Ted tags in. Ted beats the heck out of HBK. HBK eats the top turnbuckle. Orton tags in and Ted holds him while Orton hits a nasty right. Big knee drop to HBK’s face. Another knee drop to HBK for two. Chinlock on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK looks about on on the mat with Orton. HBK starts wiggling and the chants for him start. HBK to his feet and free. Suplex to Orton. Both are down on the mat writhing. Cody gets the tag and hits cheap shots on HHH and Vince. HBK kicks Cody off when he grabs him. HBK tags out and HHH comes in. Big rights to Cody and then a (vintage – thank you Cole) high knee. Facebuster and then HHH takes out Ted and Orton with cheap shots. Spinebuster to Cody. Vince says he wants into the match. He’s holding the rope and begging. Pedigree to Cody. HHH tags Vince in. Vince covers Cody. HHH takes Ted out before he can break up the pin. Orton attacks Vince to stop the count. Orton sets up Vince for the punt. HBK flies in out of nowhere to take Orton down. HHH is suddenly there too. Orton flees the ring so he doesn’t have to deal with the both of them. Cena’s music and Super Cena comes out behind Orton who had been backing up the ramp. Cena beats on Orton and then rolls him into the ring. Cena also gets in the ring. Orton about walks into HHH but back away quickly only to run into sweet chin music. Orton is then elevated for an AA. After Cena hits his move Vince pins Orton for three!

- Winners: DX & Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Cena poses to huge pop. Video of Super Cena returning Orton to the ring. Orton ate sweet chin music and then the AA. Orton rolled from the ring as all four of them pose across the ring with hands raised.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Orton / Legacy


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