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WWE RAW Report for 8/31/09 from Detroit, Michigan

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This week’s RAW starts with music and pyro.

Cole and King announce a Fatal Four Way for the US Title between Kofi, Miz, Carlito and Swagger. Also Big Show and Henry will be facing off tonight.

Lilian announces Dusty Rhodes as the Special Guest Host. He comes dancing out in jeans, cowboy boots, a dark blue/gray shirt and a navy blazer. He slowly dances down the ramp as the fans go wild for him. The camera cuts to King and Cole talking about how wild the night will be with Rhodes in charge. Standing ovation for Dusty as he gets in the ring. They love him! “Dusty” chants. He says hello to Detroit and they go wild. He is wearing his HOF ring. He says two years ago he was inducted. More cheap pops for Detroit. He said he’s proud of that day. He’s also proud of his son Cody. Heat for that. He says he knows he has an attitude and it’s bad him running with Orton. There’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son. That being said he might see the light and that light might shine tonight. In two weeks is one of the most devastating Submission Matches – I Quit Match. Cena challenges his son… Because tonight it will be Cody versus Orton for the WWE Title! Dusty will be in Cody’s corner. Special Ref for this match will be Cena! Of course that means Orton’s music and out he comes looking as bald as ever! He’s very freshly shaved. Orton walks very slowly to the ring and glares at Dusty. Dusty just stares back. Orton into the ring. Big heat for Orton. Orton says it’s obvious that Dusty is jealous of Orton. Dusty laughs to himself. He’s jealous because Cody looks up to Orton more than he ever looked up to him. Giving Cody a title shot is the most obvious way to get his son back. What makes Dusty think Cody will accept the match. Dusty says Cody is athletically gifted and hungry. He’ll be there to raise his son’s hand. Orton asks for one good reason not to Punk Dusty in the skull the way he did two years ago. Cody’s music hit and he comes walking out to the ring. Cody points to his father and says to Orton that the man Orton kicked in the head two years ago, happens to be his father. Dusty looks proud. Cody says his legacy in this industry runs much deeper than theirs. They’re associates, maybe even friends. But this is an opportunity that he cannot and will not pass up. Like Orton he plans on becoming the youngest Champion tonight. He’s not personal, strictly business. Orton says he’s facing Cody, Dusty in the corner and Cena is guest ref. So the fix is in. Dusty says Orton better believe the fix is in! Orton leaves the ring in a huff. Orton glares from the ramp. (I have to admit that was a kick ass segment. I rarely comment in such a way, but I’m slightly giddy.)

Backstage a ref going over the rules with six Divas for the up-coming match.

- Commercial

Promo for the HBK versus Taker Match from WM to be shown on ECW tomorrow night.

Lilian announces an American Dream Six Diva Battle Royal. The winner faces Mickie for the title later. Kelly and Gail come out together. Kelly in silver, Gail in light blue, both two piece outfits. Beth out in her normal ring gear. Rosa dances out in black pants with yellow roses and a yellow tiny top. Jillian out in purple and black. Fox out in an ugly gold boob top and really ugly black pants with the same gold in the wide flares.

Beth gets Kelly up, but it doesn’t last as they all fight. Beth tries to get Kelly from the ring but can’t. Rosa eliminated first Beth for bumping into Beth. Kelly fighting off Jillian and Fox. Fox hits a scissors kick on Kelly that looks sick. Gail quickly eliminates Fox. Beth then pitched Kelly from the ring to eliminate her. Beth and Gail fight as Jillian hides in a corner. Beth over the top, but on the apron. She and Gail keep fighting. Gail sends Jillian out, but she lands on the apron. Jillian out to the apron by Jillian. Jillian ducks a crossbody from Gail off the corner. Gail whipped by Jillian but Gail gets her knees up into Jillian’s back. Jillian gets Gail up, but not over the top, three times! Gail tries for head scissors but Jillian counters. Bum slam to Gail’s back. Gail over the top. She starts to skin the cat and then kick up to Jillian’s head. Head scissors sends Jillian out and Gail is still on the apron. Beth walks over, crosses her arms and shakes her head. Beth kicks Gail off the apron to the floor.

- Winner: Beth

Video of Beth dominating the match. Beth sits up in a corner celebrating.

Jericho out to the ring, Big Show no where to be seen. Jericho is in ring gear and in a match.

- Commercial

Video of Jeri-Show’s tag match with Henry and MVP. Mayweather celebrated with Henry and MVP. MVP comes out to face Jericho.

They start brawling like kids in a school yard, nothing that looks like wrestling! Finally a forearm to MVP’s face. MVP is whipped and Jericho in control. Jericho taunts MVP and kicking him. Jericho asks where the knucks are now. Suplex to MVP for two. They exchange blows. MVP gets the final blow knocking Jericho to the mat. MVP hit a very fast belly to belly on Jericho, but Jericho comes back to set up the walls. MVP reverses and kicks Jericho off. Boot to Jericho and MVP in control. Flying clothesline to Jericho for two. MVP tries for a boot in a corner but Jericho moves and MVP hung up top. Jericho dropkicks MVP tot the floor.

- Commercial

Headlock on MVP in the center of the ring. MVP fights out. Jericho is whipped, but gets a foot up into MVP’s gut. They fight int eh center of the ring. Boot to MVP’s gut and then bulldog on MVP. Lionsault but MVP rolls out of the way. Low dropkick to a sitting Jericho’s head. Ballin’ from MVP for two. Jericho reverses the playmaker into the walls, but can’t lock it in/ MVP rolls Jericho up for two. Code breaker on MVP for three.

- Winner: Jericho

Jericho quickly leaves the ring, grabs his belts and leaves the ring area. MVP still on the mat with the ref checking on him. Video of the end of the match. Jericho up the ramp and his nose is bleeding slightly, left nostril. (Yes, they actually showed three drops of blood!)

DX into Dusty’s office. HBK says they know how he feels about son. HHH does a great Dusty impersonation. Hh says Cody and Ted have not lives up to their families. Dusty says one of them will get a title shot after Cody wins. HHH says he’d love a title shot. HBK says why does HHH get it? They get into it over that. Finally they say they’ll iron it out when they get him. HBK and HHH say they have nothing to do. Dusty asks them to join him and watch a DVD. HBK plugs the WCW DVD. Dusty plugs his DVD. HHH says they don’t like shameless plugs like that. HHH then gives a gives a shameless plug for the new and improved DX DVD. They all stand there with the DVDs held out and smiling. HBK asks if they should watch the DVD? HBK asks about watching RAW. They tell him Dusty’s host and he can just tell them what happens. HBK likes that and goes to put the DVD in HHH says he might need help as he’s not good with these things. That HBK broke the projector at SS. HBK was looking around as to where to put the DVD.

Hornswoggle walking along in cowboy gear, out back. King says Dusty’s most famous match is a Texas Bullrope Match. We’re going to see one like we’ve never seen before.

- Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Mayweather put Chavo in huge boxing gloves to face Hornswoggle in a boxing match. Hornswoggle won by DQ. Evan Bourne rescued Hornswoggle from Chavo.

Lilian announces, with laughter in her voice, announces as per the Special Guest Host, a Texas Bullrope Match. The loser is tied up with the bullrope. Hornswoggle comes out in his cowboy suit. Chavo comes out in a brown and white cow suit – no cow head or Hornswoggle though, just the cow fabric in a one piece jumpsuit. The ref put the loop on Hornswoggle’s wrist. The ref says there’s one more thing per the order of the Guest Host. The ref leaves the ring and gets a cow head for Chavo. Tells Chavo to put it on or forfeit. Chavo puts the head on and then his hand through the loop.

Chavo pulls Hornswoggle in, but Hornswoggle gets Chavo’s tail and won’t let go. Kicks to Chavo’s leg and his head goes flying. Then Hornswoggle climbs on Chavo’s – on all fours – back and rides him. Chavo slams Hornswoggle down and the ret yells and Chavo to put the lost head back on. Chavo up top and ready for a cow splash. Evan to the ring. Hornswoggle pulls Chavo down to land on the mat and puts the head on him backward. Hornswoggle ran around Chavo a couple times, tying his legs up and then landing him to finish Chavo off for the win.

- Winner: Hornswoggle

Chavo attacks Evan from behind while he celebrates with Hornswoggle. Chavo tries to slam into Hornswoggle in a corner but Hornswoggle moves and Chavo shoulder first to the post. Evan tells Hornswoggle to climb. Evan puts the head on Hornswoggle up top, a loud moo over the speakers and Hornswoggle flies onto Chavo. Chavo rolls from the ring as Hornswoggle and Evan celebrate together.

Backstage Big Show is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Big Show out to the ring. Henry, grinning, out to face him.

Big Show right up in Henry’s face and bitch slaps him. They lock up and Henry pushes him off. Big Show looks shocked. They lock up and Big Show is pushed off again. Big Show with a hand up for a test of strength. They lock hands and they try, but don’t get far. Henry with the upper hand but Big Show fights back with a cheap knee. A couple head butt to Henry, but Big Show is more hurt. Head butt from Henry and Big Show to one knee. Big Show about to slap Henry’s chest and calls for quiet, Henry knees Big Show in the gut. Side headlock on Big Show. Big Show to one knee, then back up. Big Show can’t push out of the hold and is down to one knee again. Big Show up but not out. Big Show can’t get to the ropes, finally he gets there. Cheap shot to Henry. Big Show tries to pull Henry into the ropes and can’t move him. Spear to Henry who flew and landed hard. Front facelock on Henry while the replay that move. The facelock is in a corner and Big Show has to release it. Big Show back to Henry but gets punches. Henry slams Big Show into a corner and then splashes in a corner. Standing splash knocks Big Show down and then a splash on the mat for two. Big Show dazed in a corner but gets a back elbow up into Henry’s face. Big Show removes the top padding in a corner, the ref sees this. Henry face first into the corner and the ref calls for the bell.

- Winner: Henry via DQ

Big punch to Henry after the bell. Big Show leaves the ring while Henry still tries to get his bearings.

Backstage Cody’s lacing his boots. Ted asks if he’s ready. Cody says when Ted’s dad was there’ he had the spotlight. He plans on making an Impact. Orton comes in and asks if Cody’s still going through with it. Cody says he is. Orton reminds him that in the ring, nothing’s personal.

- Commercial

Hogan and Nash on screen with the ‘finger poke of doom.’ Dusty said the fall of WCW started there. Dusty and DX on screen. HBK asks how Dusty let that happen. Dusty said he wasn’t in charge then, it was their friend Big Sexy. HHH says if they’d been there they wouldn’t have let it happen and how could he? HHH says they won the Monday Night War. Dusty says WCW beat WWE from 96-98. HBK says they had all old WWE guys then. Dusty asks when HBK was on top and Champion. HHH tried to stop Dusty, but it was too late. HBK says 96-98. HHH says right after that, they made a big comeback right after WM that year. HBK says boom they were back, good guys on top. Dusty asked what year HBK got injured and was out for four years. What year exactly? HHH looks freaked. HBK says 1998, right after WM. HHH says he does think Dusty’s trying to say anything. HBK starts yelling that they can just reminisce about the good old days. HBK walks off. HHH says it awkward. He’s still wound up about not being part of the Attitude Era. HHH asks who’s idea was Johnny B. Bad, was the worst idea ever. Dusty said it was his idea. HHH says maybe they should go back to the DVD. HBK walks through screaming about the Attitude Era and it was all his idea and they’re rolling in the dough while he’s sitting at home. Attitude, his backside! (Love the PG-ness of ‘backside’.)

Swagger out to the ring. Carlito out to the ring with his hair looking even longer and floopier. Miz third to the ring for this Fatal Four Way. A “Put me out of my Mizery’ sign is shown. Kofi out as Champion to round out this match.

Miz rolls from the ring and leans against the barrier. The other three fight. Kofi dropkicks Swagger. Kofi beats down Carlito in a corner until Swagger grabs Kofi’s arm and attacks him. Belly to belly on Kofi. Carlito sends Swagger outside. Carlito pins Kofi for two. Miz in and throws Carlito out. Miz on Kofi. Carlito in and Miz sends him back out. Kofi sends Miz out. Kofi flies out onto all three, taking them down.

- Commercial

Swagger with Kofi in a semi-crab, but Kofi kicks out of the hold. Swagger gets the half Boston crab actually locked on. Swagger wrenches the leg up and back. Miz comes around and hits a knee to Swagger’s face, then neckbreaker to Swagger. Miz knocks Carlito from the apron as he climbs up. Miz covers Swagger, Kofi breaks it up. Miz works over Kofi with punches an kicks. Kofi whipped but Carlito springboards and pins Miz. Kofi breaks the pin. Carlito punches both of them. Kofi whipped. Miz reverse the whip into Kofi’s knee. Kofi pins Miz for two. Swagger breaks it up and whips Kofi. Swagger works them all over and pins Carlito for two. Swagger tries to land on Miz, but Miz gets his knees up. Kofi throws Carlito onto Swagger. They thing is that Carlito legitimately has Swagger pinned with his legs, but the ref doesn’t count as he watches Kofi hit his double leg drop on Carlito. Kofi pins Swagger for two but Miz breaks it up. Kofi sent flying from the ring by Miz. Miz slams into Carlito with a clothesline in a corner. Swagger goes for his gutwrench powerbomb on Carlito, but Carlito gets out of it. Miz grabs Swagger for the GWF, but Carlito breaks the count. Back stabber on Miz. Kofi in and takes down Carlito for three!

- Winner: Kofi

The ref raises Kofi’s hand in the ring. Kofi on a corner in celebration. Video of Miz’s SCF, then Carlito’s back stabber and Kofi’s trouble in paradise for the three.

- Commercial

Beth back in the ring. Earlier she was in black and purple. Now she’s in black and red. Video of Beth winning the Battle Royal earlier. Beth looks so proud of her earlier win. Mickie bounces out to the ring in blue. Mickie talks smack to Beth who just glares.

Mickie takes Beth down fast for one. Mickie with a side headlock on Beth. Beth gets Mickie up and slams her into a corner, upside-down. Beth stomps Mickie in the corner. The ref backs Beth up, Mickie still down in the corner. Beth baseball slides into Mickie sending her into the ringpost. The thing is Mickie didn’t look like she was in the right spot and seemed (camera work swapped angles quickly) as though Mickie hit the ringpost with the side of her head. When she slide back around Mickie was holding her ribs, but it was more like her jaw or ear that hit the post. Even King said it look like she hit the post with her head. Then Mickie held her shoulder. Replay showed her hitting her head. The ref gave Mickie a little time, but Beth attacked with a huge clothesline as soon as he let her go. Shoulder breaker to Mickie for two. Knee drop to Mickie’s sternum, twice! Arm hold on Mickie. Forearms to Beth. Back kick to Beth. Forearms to Beth. Back elbow to Beth in a corner. Mickie ducked a clothesline and hit a clothesline to Beth’s knee. Mickie’s favoring her left arm/shoulder. Beth slams Mickie face first into a corner. Mickie uses a foot to gets free in a corner and then hits head scissors on Beth. Mickie climbs but Beth knocks her to the floor and she lands hard, Beth out after her and slams Mickie shoulder first into the barrier. Mickie rolled in and pinned for two. Beth runs and kicks a kneeling Mickie in the chest! Beth gets Mickie up and she somehow counters with a sick DDT for three.

- Winner: Mickie

Mickie holds her shoulder and is really playing up an injury. Mickie won’t let the ref raise that arm. Video of the great DDT. Beth is sitting in the ring seething.

DX and Dusty. HBK says he gets a little sensitive about that, but people say he hides it pretty well now. HHH says he hides it really well there, psycho boy. Dusty talks about all the great people that came out of WCW. HHH says WCW’s greatest moment isn’t in there. HBK says the greatest moment ever? HHH says the Shock Master. HBK says he might be the only guy who doesn’t know this one. Dusty is motioning for HHH to stop, but he keeps going the way Dusty did early. They takes a huge fat guy and put him in a Stormtrooper helmet. Someone sprayed glitter paint. And a deep strange voice said… A deep voice from nowhere said, “Triple H.” HHH says it’s just like that. Then the voice says, “Shawn Michaels.” HBK and HHH says it’s coming from over there. There’s a big huge Flash of fire, then nothing. Then through the wall comes The Shockmaster. He’s obviously really padded up and wearing a wig. He talks to DX and says he will shock them. They don’t know where the voice is coming from. The camera pans over to where they’re pointing and there’s Arn Anderson with a piece of paper in hand and talking into a mic. He says, “Sorry Dream” and drops everything and bolts. HBK says he’s almost happy he didn’t see that. It was horrible. DX leaves and Dusty looks really embarrassed. “The Shockmaster” (originally played by Typhoon – from what I could find online). “The Shockmaster crosses his arms and stands next to Dusty. Dusty yells that it should have worked! It should have worked! Off comes the helmet and it’s Santino. He says he knows, he love-ahd The Shockmaster! Dusty stared into the camera in shock.

- Commercial

RAW Did You Know, claims last Monday RAW was watched by 2,000,000 females, beating every show on CW, Lifetime and Oxygen.

Josh, looking goofy, backstage with Cena. He says tonight the fate of the championship lays in Cena’s hands, will there be another controversial ending. Cena stumbles in saying to Tweet your friends and update your Facebook we have a hell of story tonight. He knows Josh is after a good story. Actually with Cena as Guest Ref he holds the fate of the Championship and the WWE Universe knows he doesn’t like Orton. Cody with Dusty in his corner. Cody is the youngest WWE Champion. A story like that proves Cody doesn’t have to live in Orton’s shadow. So epic it could end Legacy. It could crumble Orton’s career. But then the story would be Cena gives Cody his championship. If Cody wants to win, he will do so by being the better man, if it’s his time. If Orton wins, then he will run into a brick friggin wall. He won’t quit. He’s been beaten down, busted open, but won’t quit! Heros are measures in heart rather than bloodlines and you’re in Cena’s house, because he won’t quit! He guarantees victory at BP because he will not quit.

King and Cole talk about Breaking Point and how all the main events are Submission Matches. Taker faces CM PUNK. Jeri-Show faces MVP and Henry.

Lilian announces the main event. Orton is first out to the ring! I’m amazed how much his hair has brown in just two hours! He now has a shadow of hair on his head.

Backstage Dusty is giving Cody a pep talk.

- Commercial

Promo for Bob Barker who will be Special Guest Host next Monday!

Orton still standing in the ring waiting. Cody out with Dusty in tow. Cena running out to some pop. He gets the fans going a bit more. Cena talks briefly to Cody and pats him down. Cena then to pat down Orton and lots of glare. Dusty calls a hold. He said that he said early there’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son. Sorry Cena. They attacked Cena. Then Ted joined them and they beat the hell out of Cena. Dusty half into the ring, but then DX’s music and they run out. About ten second before the music hit, one guy in the front row already had his arms up and crossed, ready for DX. Then again, they hadn’t been to the ring all night. Cody and Ted at HHH and HBK. Then Orton into it too. Dusty into the ring, removes his boot and hits HHH over the head with it. HHH down to the mat hard. Legacy and Orton all working over HBK. They drop HBK, he lands on Cena. Huge “Cena” chants. Super Cena tries to will himself back into it, but they stomp him. Legacy, Orton and Dusty all raise hands across the ring. Cody and Dusty hug. Orton then looks Dusty square in the eye as if they’re about to talk, but Orton hits an RKO on Dusty! Cody goes crazy! Cody is seething. He yells at Orton to look at him, but Orton just stares down. Finally Orton turns to look at Cody who has his head hung in a corner. Cody doesn’t do a thing, just stands there cowed by Orton and in shock. The fans start changing something in unison just before the show fades out, but I can’t understand it.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Big Show

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