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WWE Raw Report for January 5th, 2008 from New Orleans

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RAW this week starts with a video of HBK from Armageddon where he basically agreed to work for JBL. The video continued to last week’s Fatal Four Way Match where HBK fought hard but then had to face off with JBL. HBK was torn on what to do and finally could not lay down for JBL to pin him. HBK had to be knocked down for the cover. After the match he sat in the ring forlorn.

Orton and Jericho are in the ring posed for the fans to boo. Jericho says they’re there to face the atrocity of last week. But from watching that footage HBK was working in collusion with JBL and they will not stand for it. He and Orton have filed a formal grievance. Orton says JBL should be removed from his Championship Match and HBK should not be able to compete for the title again. He and Jericho have agree to face each other and the winner will face Cena. Jericho says that he and Orton fought a fair match last week while JBL and HBK were underhanded. JBL’s music but HBK comes out of the limo! The door stays open and JBL slowly climbs out after him. They both make their way to the ring. HBK gets in the ring, JBL slowly follows. HBK’s head is hung low. “HBK” chants. JBL says they can protest all they want but JBL won the match and JBL will face Cena at the RR. He tells them they have the audacity to case aspersions at him? They’d have done the same thing with the resources. Jericho says they don’t fight like that. Jericho then turns on HBK and says that Jericho was right all that time that he said HBK was a sell out. HBK says the only thing that lets him sleep at night was knowing that neither Jericho or Orton will fight for the title. Orton says HBK took a turn for the worst. He says Flair’s career was ended by a weak, pathetic sell out. Once their plea is heard the decision will be overturned – tonight. Steph comes out in a long black shirt and a tiny dark denim mini! She looks great! Steph said that HBK did not lay down. HBK took the clothesline from hell and was pinned. The ref’s decision stands. It’s her show and they can complain all they want. But they’re both in the Royal Rumble Match. Jericho says HBK shouldn’t be in the Royal Rumble Match for he will poison it the way he poisoned the Fatal Four Way. Steph starts to say it’s not up to Jericho. JBL steps in and says HBK’s only function at the RR will be to be in JBL’s corner. Steph says that three weeks from now and she wants to talk about tonight. The easy thing to do would be a tag match between JBL and HBK versus Orton and Jericho. But to see HBK’s integrity it’s going to be Orton and Jericho versus HBK and Cena.

- Commercial

Video of The Diva Battle Royal last Monday that Melina won. Beth went in and attacked Melina. Finally Beth’s greatest fan Rosa got involved before being dragged off.

Goldust is in the ring Melina comes out in her beige and black two piece outfit to tag with him. Rosa is in the front row yelling nastiness at Melina. Glamarella comes out together in blue and black. He bites her arm and she slugs him.

Beth yells at Santino to leave the ring so she can fight. Beth starts to gain control but Melina fights back with punches until she runs into a back elbow. Santino tags himself in while Beth has Melina high in the air. Melina bitch slaps Santino and Goldust tags in. Goldust scares Santino a bit. Nice headlock takeover by Santino! Santino telegraphs and gets an upper cut for it. Goldust taunts Beth who then saves Santino in a pin. Santino gets tossed and Melina tagged in. Melina slammed into a corner. From the top rope Melina face plants Beth to the mat. With a bridge Melina barely gets the three on Beth.

- Winners: Goldust & Melina

Rosa talks smack to Melina who taunts her. Rosa comes over the barrier and they fight. Through the crowd Melina keeps up the fight until they drag Rosa away. Melina gets back in the ring to celebrate and pose with Goldust. On the way up the ramp she stopped him to raise his hand.

Grisham out back with Punk. Grisham asks about Regal attacking Punk last week. Punk says he’s always watched the IC Championship and lists elite men who have held the title. Punk has not forgotten the cheap shots from Regal, like the one last week that loosened a couple of molars.

- Commercial

Video of Bourbon Street.

CM Punk comes out to the ring. Video of Regal attacking Punk last week. Regal comes out with a snotty looking Layla in tow. Regal actually looks almost healthy this week compared to how he had been looking of late.

Regal backs Punk into a corner. Punk comes out punching with a cover for two. Snap suplex from Punk for two. Regal is whipped but moves out of the way of the high knee. Regal leaves the ring. Punk comes flying as if to dive but Regal pulled Layla in the way. She screamed her head off and Punk stopped. Regal pulled Punk’s feet from under him slamming him face first on the apron. Back in the ring Regal has full control. Punk is whipped and slammed hard for two. Layla is outside the ring looking extremely pissed. Punch to Punk’s gut hard. Kick to Regal’s head and Punk covers for two. A high knee in a corner and Punk gets Regal up for the GTS. Regal holds the ropes then the ref to avoid the move. The ref calls for the bell.

- Winner: Punk Via DQ

Layla grabs the title and bolts from ringside with Regal right on her tail. He catches her and grabs his title as they back up the ramp to get away together. Suddenly, behind them, Steph is up on the tron. She says the first title match of 2009 cannot end this way and Punk will have a rematch. If Regal is disqualified then Regal will lose his title.

- Commercial

JBL is out back standing over HBK saying things could not have worked out better. HBK needs to work Cena in and take him out, let Orton punt Cena in the head. HBK just hit the lottery if he lets it happen. HBK is pissed. JBL says he hired HBK to get JBL to WM as the Champion – in Texas as the Champion. It’s financial security for the rest of his life. The hard part is over. JBL walks off and HBK still looks upset/pissed.

Orton with Cody and Sim. He said they both won last week. They win this week and they’re in. He will not accept failure. Manu comes up and asks for another chance to prove himself. He says even Orton lost his match last week. Orton gets pissed and demands to know what Manu has done compared to Orton. He says Manu’s father is nothing compared to Orton’s father or Orton. He doesn’t want to see Manu’s face again. Orton walks off, Cody and Sim follow.

Dolph introduces himself to Mickie, but then Rey and Kofi walk by and the camera follows them as they head for the ring.

- Commercial

Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. Morrison and Miz have mics. Miz in giving the fans heck for booing them. He says they need to be booed. Morrison says the newly elected murder capitol of the USA has nothing on them. Sorry if they’re so great and they best Tag Team Champions of the 21st Century. Rey comes out in orange and green and saves us from them. Video of the huge tag match they won last week. Kofi comes out and joins him as they enter the ring together.

Kofi and Miz lock up. Kofi is backed into a corner. Miz tries for a dirty move but Kofi is ready and counters. Kofi is moving so fast in his moves that Miz leaves the ring to get a break. Kofi looks like he’s about to fly but stops in the ropes faking out Miz.

- Commercial

Miz has an arm/neck hold on Rey. Rey punches out but gets forearms to the upper back from Miz. Rey lands Miz face first in a corner. Kofi tags in and flies over the top. A dropkick to Miz. Kofi slides out between Morrison’s legs and pulls him off the apron to slam his face. Morrison takes out Kofi’s knee as he climbs. Back in the ring, Miz keeps working on it. Morrison tags in and does a slide taking out Kofi’s leg when he goes by. Miz tags in and kick’s that same left leg. Miz stomps Kofi’s left ankle then kicks the leg. Leg holds on Kofi in the center of the ring. Front facelock on Kofi. Kofi tries to fight to Rey but Miz hits a cheap shot. When Kofi finally gets there, Rey isn’t there. Morrison tags in and is all over Kofi. The ref makes him back off a bit. Morrison stomps Kofi. A knee to Kofi’s face for two. Kofi sort of half nips up and hits head scissors on Morrison, but Miz manages to tag in and keeps Kofi in the match. Miz sits Kofi up top but Kofi pushes Miz off. Kofi flies onto Miz and the fans cheer Kofi to his corner. Rey manages to get in, as does Morrison. Hurricanrana to Morrison then a sunset flip for two. Morrison fight back and gets the cover for two. Rey somehow stands up on the top rope, flips back and sends Morrison flying! Miz tries to get in but Kofi takes him out. 619 to Morrison. Miz distracts Rey briefly. Rey flies off the top into a boot to the gut from Morrison. Morrison covers for three.

- Winners: Miz & Morrison

Knox is suddenly in the ring assaulting Rey! Kofi gets tossed hard from the ring as he tries to help. Rey gets hung up on the top ropes the bad way (for a guy) and then tossed out. Outside the ring Knox walks by Rey as if he’s not even there as Rey lolls on the floor in pain. Knox looks over his shoulder as he leaves.

Out back HBK is sitting there and Cena comes up to him. Cena asks if he’s fighting three guys or two tonight. Is he getting HBK or JBL’s puppet? HBK snaps at Cena that he’s nobody’s puppet. HBK tells him to go by history and what should Cena expect. HBK stomps off.

- Commercial

Kelly comes out to the ring in black boy shorts and a tiny black lace up top. Jillian comes out singing in white pants and green boob top. “When The Saints Go Marching In” was destroyed by her tonight.

Drop toe hold to Jillian. Jillian lifts Kelly up and over the ropes then kicks her in the ribs as she comes back in. Snap hair mare to Kelly for two. Jillian wrenches Kelly’s head back by her hair and then stands on her hair. More hair pulling as the ref yells at her. Kelly’s face is slammed into the mat. Jillian tosses Kelly across the ring by her hair and covers for two. Jillian screeches when it was only two. Full nelson on a sitting Kelly in the center of the ring. Kelly works her way partially up then slides out. Spinning head scissors to Jillian. Kelly climbs and flies in a huge cross body for two. A couple clotheslines to Jillian for two. Kelly went for a victory roll but it didn’t work and Jillian pinned but Kelly got out. Cart wheel back elbow and Kelly gets a foot into her back. Kelly slams Jillian down hard for three.

- Winner: Kelly

Jillian attacks Kelly and keeps working her over until fire erupts. Kane comes stomping out. Jillian takes off leaving Kelly on the mat. Kane enters the ring. He says the truth comes out. She never liked Kane but Orton rejected her and never liked her. Doesn’t feel very good, does it? Next week he’s going to go back to what makes him feel good, eviscerating people. Next week he faces Orton. She should feel free to watch. She backs away from him on her bum. He leaves the ring and stomps up the ramp.

- Commercial

Sim and Cody come out to the ring for a Tag Match. Cryme Tyme comes out to face them. Video of Cryme Tyme as Santas in Iraq.

JTG has his hands full with Sim but gains control easily. Sim quickly reverses it but is taken down with a shoulder block for two. Shad tags in. JTG whips Sim into a huge Shad. Shad then threw JTG over his shoulders and into Sim. JTG tags back in and hits a couple drop kicks. JTG runs into a high knee. Cody tags in. Sim grabs the back of JTG’s hair on the apron and slams him back hard. Cody covers for two. Punches to JTG in the center of the ring. Scoop slam to JTG and Sim tags in. Flying headbutt to JTG. Headlock on JTG in the center of the ring. JTG up and fights out but gets a knee to the gut. JTG uses Sim’s move against him and both are down. Sim tags out, as does JTG. Huge clotheslines to Cody. A HUGE back body drop to Cody. Shad drops an elbow on Cody and covers but Sim starts to enter to break up the count but Shad gets up and faces off. JTG tags in, comes over the top and covers Cody for two. Cody hits his new DDT on JTG for three.

- Winners: Cody & Sim

JBL leaves Steph’s office and heads along the corridor.

- Commercial

Video about Kennedy’s new movie.

Sim and Cody go up to Orton who congratulates them. Cody made the pin, so he won the match. Orton wanted to know who the weak link is and he found it. Cody says he won the match. Cody shrugged and walked off. Orton left and Sim was pissed.

Beth and Santino with Steph. They’re talking about rosa and how she can’t be there. Santino says it’s not his fault Rosa is so attracted to him. Beth pinched him and dragged him off. Jericho comes in and asks why JBL was there and if he was paying her off. She says she doesn’t need JBL’s money. Jericho says she’s always bragging that she’s in charge. But Jericho sent the dispute to Vince too. He got a call from Vince’s office and he’ll be back in two weeks. Steph looks shocked as Jericho says they’ll find out who’s show it really is. He leaves her with her mouth hanging open.

- Commercial

Orton comes out to the ring. Jericho comes out to join him. HBK is out next, still looking tormented, except when on his knees. He gets a mixed reaction from the fans. Last but not least is Cena. Cena slides in the ring and looks closely at HBK as well as the heels.

Jericho and Cena lock up. Jericho takes Cena down and puts on a side headlock. Shoulder block drops Cena. Headlock takeover to Jericho. Cena keeps the hold on. They get to their feet and Jericho pushes out. HBK gets a blind tag and Jericho gets sent from the ring. JBL comes out and stands on the stage. HBK looks up at JBL.

- Commercial

Orton has a side headlock on HBK who elbows out. HBK takes Orton down. HBK tags out. Shoulder block to Orton. Suplex to Orton. Five knuckle shuffle to Orton. Cena sets up for the FU. Jericho rushes in and HBK stops him. Orton rakes Cena’s eyes. Cena puts Orton down and grabs HBK. HBK gets out and pissed at Cena. HBK back on the apron and they beat down Cena. Jericho works over Cena in the heel corner. Jericho chokes Cena with his foot and then drops him hard to the matc. A kick sends Cena rolling from the ring. Jericho bounces Cena’s face off the announce table. Back in the ring Jericho flies over and slams down on Cena for two. Head/arm lock on Cena in the center of the ring as the fans go wild with “Cena” chants. Cena somehow gets Jericho up for an FU but Jericho reverses into a DDT for two. Orton tags in and hits forearms to Cena’s upper back. Orton stomps his way around Cena. Orton drops a knee and covers for two. Orton stomps Cena’s mid-section. Cena, sitting in a corner gets choked by Orton’s foot. Jericho tags in and Cena tries to fight back. Jericho locks on a sleeper and Cena flails around like a freak. Finally Cena gains his location and tries to tag out, but can’t reach HBK who is also reaching. The hold goes to the center of the mat. Cena starts working his way up to a sitting position. Cena to his feet and unfolds Jericho’s hands to get out, but gets slammed in a corner. Cena gets set up top and Jericho climbs. Cena fights the move and throws Jericho face first to the mat. Cena flies and both are down. HBK reaches for the tag, but Orton tags in and stops it. Orton covers for two. Punches to Cena who can’t get to his feet. Finally up Cena hold the ropes so Orton’s dropkick lands hard. HBK’s acting like he wants in the match. Cena flies across the ring for the tag. HBK takes down Jericho who rushes him. Inverted atomic drop and HBK is in control. Lionsault and HBK gets his knees up. HBK climbs and flies but Jericho gets his knees up to HBK’s elbow. Jericho tries to lock on the walls but HBK reverses it into a pin that Orton breaks. Orton rushes in and slams Cena down with a back neakbreaker. Super kick to Orton and then to Jericho. HBK covers Jericho for three.

- Winners: HBK & Cena

HBK approaches Cena who backs from the ring, not sure what HBK will do. Out back JBL is watching on a monitor. Grisham approaches and asks about HBK’s maintained integrity. JBL says his boy was great tonight. He had a talk with Steph and HBK will face Cena next week. To maintain HBK’s integrity, JBL will be in his corner. In the ring HBK and Cena are talking face to face.

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