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WWE RAW Report for March 23, 2009 from Kansas City, MO

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Thanks to Kendra of for the following report:

RAW this week starts with Flair in the ring! He’s in suit and tie looking dapper as ever. Woooooo! He struts a bit and gives us more Wooooo! He then tells Jericho that on behalf of Piper, Snuka and Steamboat, he accepts his challenge for the Three On One Handicap Match at WM. He’ll be in their corner. He’ll be in the ring to raise their hands hen they beat him and shut him up forever… Jericho cut Flair off and showed footage of his three competitors in their heyday. He’s in the production truck. He said when he watched them he didn’t know he’d become more successful and popular then them. This is not The Wrestler, this is real. Rourke has the luxury of having a director yell cut. Flair doesn’t have that luxury, this is real. It gave him the feeling that people still care, but they don’t care about him anymore. He’s going to show Flair how dire it’s become. Jericho walks out and says he knew all along the Legends would accept his challenge. They’re afraid, like Flair, if they’re out of the spotlight too long he’ll be washed up and forgotten. It’s better to be a nobody than to drag your name through the mud over and over. At WM it will be a disturbing and uncomfortable beat down and Flair will be helpless to stop. Flair will cry and beg him to stop, but he won’t. Rourke will be watching and wonder what he’s done. At WM Flair’s friends will be known as the washed up has-beens who were destroyed by Jericho. Flair, to Jericho’s face, says Jericho’s wrong. They refuse to be told when it’s over by punks who will never reach the HOF. They respect their careers and the people who respect them. What Jericho doesn’t understand is that he’ll be so proud to stand by his HOF brothers, his peers and friends as they beat Jericho. Jericho asks if he’s done. Flair said no, he can’t wait to call Rourke in the ring to stand beside his friends and look at Jericho’s broken body. Then, and then, in front of 70,000 screaming people in Houston, and millions around the world that are watching WM, go Woooooooo! Jericho punched Flair in the face. A boot to a sitting Flair’s face then punches. Flair is tossed from the ring a Jericho follows to punch and kick him more. Jericho strips of Flair’s jacket and shirt. Flair is tossed across the announce table. Flair’s busted open. More punches and Flair is slammed face first into a chair. “You suck” chants. More punches to Flair and he’s tossed on the table again. Jericho uses the monitor covering to slam onto Flair. King demands Jericho stop, but he keeps going. Blood every where and Jericho strips off one of Flair’s shoes and his sock. Flair tries to flight back, but then he’s tossed into the steps. Flair’s then bounced off more steps and his undershirt is ripped apart. Flair slammed into the barrier behind the announce table. Jericho grabs a camera (a quite old one) and lines up Flair. Jericho slams the camera into Flair’s head and the blood continues to gush. “You suck” chants. Jericho steals Flair’s watch (supposed to be the one he got when he retired), spits on it and then stomps the heck out of it crushing it on a top step. Jericho walks away leaving Flair in a heap.

- Commercial

King says it’s the most disgusting thing he’s ever seen and there’s no excuse for it.

Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring for an Extreme Rules Match. Dolph Ziggler is in the ring.

Dolph wants to shake Jeff’s hand, Jeff stars to, then kicks Dolph. Dolph takes Jeff down then punches. Dolph goes out for a chair, but Jeff gains a little control when Dolph returns. Jeff misses poetry in motion off a chair when Dolph moves. Dolph goes out for a trash can. Can to Jeff’s head for two. Jeff set up top in a corner and Dolph climbs. Dolph tries for a superplex but Jeff flies off with Dolph slamming Dolph into the can. Twist of fate and Jeff goes to get a chair. Five chair shots to Dolph’s back. Twist of fate onto the chair and Jeff climbs. Swanton and Jeff covers for three.

- Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff poses in the ring. Video of Jeff abusing Dolph. Jeff grabs a mic and says he knows Matt’s watching. What he just witnessed is not extreme, but what he’ll encounter at WM will be!

King and Cole talk about the Edge/Vicki/Big Show triangle. Video of Edge and Big Show going after each other but Vicki being caught in the middle this past Friday on SD! Cena is out back to talk about this. He made a personalized card for her that he reads in typical Cena rap-type way. He morphs Edge and Vicki together to show their kid, then the same with Vicki and Big Show. He says he’ll win at WM and then the Champ will be here.

- Commercial

Video for WM21 – all the fun commercials they made spoofing movies that year. Video clips of the matches, focusing on the very first MITBLM. Kane, Shelton, Jericho, Edge all shown fighting for the briefcase that Edge won.

This is an 8 Man Tag Match with all of the MITBLM participants of this year.

Shelton and MVP lock up. Shoulder block from MVP. Suplex from Shelton. Forearms from Shelton followed by a side headlock. Suplex to Shelton and Punk tags in for MVP. Snap mare to Shelton. Face buster to Punk. Finlay tags in on the heel side. Knee to Finlay in a corner but then he takes Punk down. Drop onto Punk’s leg.

- Commercial

Chinlock on Punk from Kane. Punk punches out. Kick to Kane’s gut then face. Christian and Shelton tag in. Forearm to Shelton’s face. Shelton is whipped, Christian goes for a monkey flip, but Shelton lands on his feet. Shelton hung up on second rope and Christian flies over the top to hit an upper cut. Christian takes Shelton down and all heck breaks loose. Punk manages to take down Henry! A face buster to MVP from Shelton. Christina takes Shelton down for three.

- Winners: Punk, Christian, MVP & Kofi

Celebrations in the ring but Finlay comes in with a ladder! Finlay takes down Christian and Punk. Then Finlay uses the ladder to spear Kane. The ladder to Henry’s head as he’s on the apron then the same to Atlas on the apron. Hornswoggle joins him in the ring.

Video about Cena’s new movie.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about the attack on Flair and how horrible it was. They then went on to talk about Jeff and how he’ll be facing Matt at WM. They finished off talking about Orton and HHH. They show video of HHH breaking in and breaking the hell out of Orton. Orton then talked about ‘Orton’s law’ and WM. HHH faced Cody with Orton and Ted on the ramp last week. HHH motioned and a cage lowered over him and Cody with the door chained shut. HHH kept Ted and Orton from climbing over while he beat the hell out of Cody. Finally, with the sledge to Cody’s face, HHH got the pin and taunted Orton more. Backstage after Grisham asked how HHH got Vicki to lower the cage, but Steph was in the front seat of HHH’s SUV.

Out back Grisham asked Orton about what’s going on with him and HHH. Orton says he’s not a coward the way HHH claims he is. He did all those things to the McMahons full on. He was willing to wait until WM, but now he’s going to raise the anti. What he’s going to do will make everything else look tame. HHH and his family brought this on themselves.

Edge comes out to the ring, strap around his waist, to face off with Big Show. Lilian announces Vicki who is pushed out to the ring in a wheelchair by Chavo.

- Commercial

Edge is whispering to Vicki while she rolls her eyes. Chavo just shrugs when Edge looks at him. Big Show comes to the ring area. He walks around the ring to Vicki. He whispers to her, but she just turns her head and rubs her neck. Cena’s on the tron suddenly. He says he sends his regards and would like to be there, but is in California. He just hopes the beat the holy hell out of each other. They’re obsessed with Vicki, but they should be worried as they’re facing Cena. Everyone laughing at Big Show and Edge. They should start acting like men. They should prove tonight why they deserve to be in the main event at WM. After WM it might be that they both slept with Vicki for absolutely nothing.

Edge takes it to Big Show quite a bit, but Big Show pushes him off and hit a huge clothesline. Edge rolls to the apron and out. Big Show pulls him back up and over the top by his head! Clubbing forearm to the back of Edge. Big Show says to Vicki that he doesn’t deserve her. Outside the ring and a clubbing blow to Edge’s chest. In the ring Edge stomps the heck out of Big Show’s leg. DDT to the Big Show. Big Show lifts Edge high in the air and hangs Edge up on the top rope. Edge gets tied up in the ropes the way Cena was last week. Vicki to her feet screaming to Big Show to not do it. Chavo in the ring trying to stop Big Show. Chavo doesn’t touch Big Show, but the ref calls for the bell. Big Show flung Chavo across the ring. Forearm to Big Show’s back. Big Show walks at Chavo and then side steps Edge’s spear so Chavo gets it. Huge punch to Edge’s face drops him. Big Show leaves the ring, goes to Vicki and says he did it for her, then leaves.

- Winner: No Contest?

- Commercial

Video of JBL winning the IC Championship from Punk two weeks ago.
Rey comes out to the ring in black and white. King announces JBL has accepted Rey’s Championship challenge for WM. JBL’s music and out comes the limo. The driver opens and out comes JBL. Regal and Layla. Regal is in this match. JBL joins announce.

Arm bar on Rey. Rey hits a monkey flip and a pin for one. Rey sort of sets up Regal for the 619, but Regal rolls out. JBL distracts Rey and Regal gains control with a forearm to the face, then Rey is slammed down. Back in the ring forearms to Rey in a corner. Rey is whipped and slammed down when he comes out of the corner. JBL is as fabulous as ever on announce! “Regal sucks” chants. Huge knee to Rey’s face from a standing Regal. Rey un-does his chin strap and seems hurt but might have been playing possum as he set Regal up and hit 619. Splash to Regal from the top rope and Rey gets three.

- Winner: Rey

JBL to his feet and heading for the ring taunting Rey. Rey hits a double kick on JBL through the first and second ropes. JBL is left holding his mouth as Rey leaves the ring area.

Video of HBK stealing the win last week from Taker. HBK then hits sweet chin music on Taker on the top of the ramp.

- Commercial

Gong! Taker is in the ring glaring. The whole area is lit blue. He says to HBK that his bold and brash moves have taken this thing between them to a whole new level. Being Mr. WM and taking Taker down as WM has impaired his judgement of reality. It’s true, Taker’s never beaten HBK one on one. But the last time they did do battle, HBK spent five years at home in agonizing pain trying to recover. HBK says he’s not afraid of Taker, at WM they’ll find out. When he stands across the ring from him and starts to question his faith, and he will, it was HBK who opened the gates to hell. HBK’s music and the lights go up. On the tron HBK is in a cemetery. All things must die and Taker’s streak is one of them. Everything he’s accomplished in his career he’s gotten by seizing the opportunity. Taker might have intimidated others, but not HBK. HBK isn’t afraid of Taker. The last 16 corpses of his WM opponents – Snuka, Jake ‘The Snake’, then a giant, Big Show, Diesel, Sid, Kane – twice, Bossman, HHH, Flair, many in one same match, Orton, Henry, Batista and then Edge last year. As he named off each wrestler he pointed to a grave. Then he pointed to an empty one and said it’s Taker. The stone says 16-1. HBK says, “Undefeated streak, rest in peace.” Then HBK shovels dirt into a grave. Back to Taker who looks pissed. He’s so mad he’s shaking, seething. He paces the ring, unable to express his anger. He grabs the top rope and grunts/screams in rage.

- Commercial

Video about the HOF and who’s being inducted, mostly focusing on Austin. Still of the men to be inducted.

Santino is in the ring with Beth and Rosa. He says at WM there will be at 25 Diva Battle Royal to name Miss. WM. He knows who will be the winner – Santino! After Mickie attacked him last week he went to ask Vicki. She said if he beat Mickie with his hand tied behind his back, he could enter and become – Miss. WM! Mickie comes bouncing out in blue and purple with Kelly and Melina.

Mickie has the giggles. Santino pats her on the head. She moves out of his way and he bounces into the corner. She slams him down face first and ties his orth arm behind his back too. She raises a hand for a test of strength. He uses his foot to sweep her legs and head butt her bum a couple times. He drops to the mat and rolls her way. She bounces over him. He rolls back and she bounces over him again. She covers for one. He hurts her a bit and decides to climb without hands. It’s the funniest thing as Beth and Rosa want to help. Mickie punches Rosa off the apron. Beth on the apron accidentally knocks Santino from the corner. Chick kick to Santino’s head and covers for three.

- Winner: Mickie James

Mickie, Kelly and Melina celebrate in the ring while Beth, Rosa and Santino back up the ramp, Santino screaming the whole time.

- Commercial

Cole and King talk about Cena’s new movie and show another video about the movie.

King and Cole then go through the matches slated for WM.

Orton comes out to the ring with Ted, they’re facing off with HHH.

- Commercial

Video from the start of the show when Flair was ripping Jericho down, but then Jericho attacked and beat the hell out of Flair. After the video King called out Jericho for next week.

HHH comes out to the ring.

HHH immediately spears Orton in the ring. They all tussle and fall from the ring. More fighting outside and Ted rolls HHH in the ring. They beat the hell out of HHH in the ring and the bell hasn’t rung yet. Back outside and Orton is tossed over the announce table. HHH goes under the ring to grab his sledge but Cody was under there and attacked HHH. Cody has cuffs in hand. They get HHH back in the ring, work him over and manage to cuff him to the top rope. He tries to get free as they all stare at him. Finally they all attack and beat him down to huge heat from the fans. They stomp HHH after he falls to the mat. Orton leaves the ring and comes back with a mic. He says there’s only one person who can save him now and she had better hurry. Orton leaves the ring and grabs the sledge while the other two beat on HHH more. Orton stands in front of hh with the sledge. HHH kicks Orton in the gut and he drops the sledge. They beat HHH down more and Ted holds HHH’s head. Orton swings back but Ted stops him as Steph is running down the ramp. HHH yells at her to get back. She gets on the apron as Orton swings the sledge over his head to take off HHH’s head. She stares at Orton then realizes that she’s cornered. She ends up back in the apron and HHH slides as close as he can get but can’t reach them. A front facelock on Steph through the second and third rope and he holds her there taunting HHH. He pulls her off her feet and then finally slams her to the mat. He looks shocked at what he’s done to her. He attacks HHH again then slides Steph a little way further so HHH can’t touch her. He grabs the sledge and almost hits HHH with it. Then he stands over Steph as if he’s going to sledge her. He sets the sledge next to Steph and kneels around her head. Slowly Orton leans down and kisses Steph on the mouth. HHH yells that Orton’s a dead man. Orton gets almost within HHH’s reach, but just beyond and smiles. They get to their feet slowly at the same time. Finally Orton wraps his hand around the top of the sledge and hits HHH with it. Orton looks longingly over at Steph again and then back at HHH who’s lolling at the end of his cuffs in a corner. Orton leaves the ring to huge heat. He holds the sledge up and looks over the top of it into the ring at the carnage.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Edge/Vicki/Big Show

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