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WWE Raw Report for November 3rd from Tampa Bay, Florida

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RAW this week starts with a video of high points of RAW over the years starting with a bit from their very first RAW. They then talk about how RAW has more episodes than this famous show and that famous show.

Music and pyro. They pyro was the same as usual eve though this is supposed to be a huge celebration.

Cole and King talk about the steel cage hanging above the ring which they show.

Orton comes out to the ring looking really pissed. “We want Cena” and “fire Adamle” signs were seen as he walked down the ramp. Huge heat from the fans. He says last week he gave Steph and Shane an ultimatum. Either they fire Adamle or he walks. In typical McMahon fashion they’re making them wait to grace us with their presence. He’s staying out there until they come out. He goes and sits by the corner of the announce table in a folding chair.

Jeff and Matt Hardy come to the ring together for a tag match! Video of Jeff when he took Orton apart and flew from high in episode # 764. MVP comes out to the ring. The Brian Kendrick comes out with his bodyguard(?) in tow.

MVP hits a shoulder block on Jeff for two. Jeff fights back. A double leg drop between MVP’s legs for two. Matt tags in and they double team. Matt covers for two. Jeff tags in and they hit poetry in motion. Jeff covers for two. Jeff landed wrong and it gave MVP a chance to tag out. A low drop kick to a crawling Jeff’s head. The Brian slams Jeff down. Jeff fights back and slammed The Brian down face first. Matt and MVP tag in. High elbow to MVP. Matt goes for a bulldog on MVP and hits it but also clothesline The Brian as he rushes in. Matt covers for two until The Brian breaks the count. Jeff rushes in and end up distracting the ref. The ref did not see The Brian tag in and makes him go back. Jeff, not legal, hits a swanton. Matt covers for three.

- Winners: Matt & Jeff

The celebrate in the ring to huge pop.

Video of the first RAW. Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan argued to get in. He kept dressing up as a woman and other things to get in. Vince on announce, HBK in the ring. Finally Heenan got in!

- Commercial

Video of Episode #17 – 1993 – Razor Ramon beat the heck out of the 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac). 1-2-3 Kid came back, flew and got the win (they look so young, especially X-Pac!).

An 8 Man Over The Top Battle Royale. The winner will face Santino next week for his IC Title on RAW. Santino comes out with Beth in tow.

Manu seems a bit lost in the start of this match. Santino Cody almost eliminates Jamie who manages to crawl under and back in. Snitsky almost tossed JTG out, but he caught himself. Priceless eliminated Snitsky. Immediately after Ted tossed Cody and Manu out – they’re pissed. Jamie gets tossed out and pulls Regal out under the ropes and beats him down. Ted eliminates JTG which leaves Shad and Ted, do not know where Regal is. Shad over powers Ted but gets hung up top with a big boot. Ted finishes him off and thinks he won until Regal comes back and eliminates him.

- Winner: Regal

Layla primps Regal in the ring while Regal looks down at Santino. Next week they’ll be in Manchester, England for Regal to face Santino.

Really long limo out back. Steph and Shane get out of the limo. She looks absolutely beautiful. She tells him he can handle this one and he walks off.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #409 – 2001 – Vince talks about burying WCW and Shane. Shane showed up on Nitro. He said he bought WCW. Vince looked like he was going to barf.

Orton is back in the ring. He says that now and Shane and Steph are finally there, they can address this. Adamle put his career, well-being and life in jeopardy. Then Adamle slapped him in the face. Either Adamle goes or Orton goes. Which will it be?

Shane came dancing out and down to the ring. Shane stands in front of Orton and says he does not appreciate the agressive tones and does not like threats.

Orton said if his father was there, he would make sure his top star was happy.

Shane says he’s not his father, but they do share the same name. So, as was discussed…

Adamle comes out to the ring smiling and confident. Adamle says he needs to say something. Since the beginning of RAW somebody has had an agenda, good or bad. He wanted to be different and not take a side. He didn’t want to take a side and he think it made him special. He’s not going to let it happen to him. He’s getting emotional. Last week he let Orton get the best of him. He slapped him and did the very thing he did not want to become. This job corrupts and he doesn’t want to let it happen to him. He then resigns and the fans go wild with glee. He thanks Shane and Steph.

Orton demands Adamle stop and apologize.

Shane says Orton owes Adamle and apology.

Orton said, “Excuse me!”

Shane says Orton has not been excused. It’s more like an excuse. Shane has spoken to Orton’s doctors. Orton has been cleared to wrestle for weeks now.

Orton said he was going to get around to it about Survivor Series.

Shane said it will be tonight. He can’t deny the fans of Orton. So Orton will be competing. Orton tries to argue his way out of it, but says he’s not prepared. Shane says he’s taken care of everything. Tonight Orton will be competing against CM PUNK. Shane leave the ring but Orton stays and glares around.

- Commercial

Videos of Obama and McCain when they did their wrestling bits.

Kozlov comes out to the ring. Haas comes out as Bret ‘The Hitman’ Haas. He looks great! He puts his glasses on a kid ringside and gets back in. Haas says that the fans did not screw him by not voting him in on CS. He goes on to do Hart’s call phrase and the fans give no reaction.

Kozlov kicked Haas down hard. He keeps slamming Haas around and quickly pins for three.

- Winner: Kozlov

Video of the squash.

- Commercial

Video of Batista retaining at CS.

Grisham interviews Batista out back. He asks about classic championship matches, how confident is he tonight. Batista says it took him a long time to get his title back and he’s not about to lose it. Y2J is full of excuses, but he has nowhere to go tonight, but home without the title.

Video of Episode #257 – 1998 – DX invaded WCW!

DX is out back heading for the ring.

- Commercial

DX’s music and they come out to HUGE pop. HHH acted all goofy about the in ring pyro and the crotch chop. HBK hands HHH a mic and grabs one for himself. HHH says it’s been a while since they did it and forgot they had pyro. “Are you ready?” HBK says he’s not ready. He was watching ECW last week and Miz and Morrison were mocking them. HBK calls for the video. Back to HHH and HBK who’s mouths are hanging open. HBK says it could have been them. Think of the genius. They had guys dressed as them and beat them up. No one has ever done that before. HBK then brings up the size of HHH’s nose. HBK says he never noticed or must have gotten used to it. HHH says the camera puts on ten pounds. HBK asked how many cameras were on that nose. HBK says they mocked his chaps. You cap tease my kids or punch my wife, but don’t mock the chaps. Then they got on to HBK losing his hair. HHH says there’s no reason for that. HBK says he doesn’t remember them saying it. HHH says it’s obvious. HBK says they’ll never speak of it again. HHH says they were in high school when they were starting out, revolutionizing the industry. They show a picture of the Miz in high school. Then a pic of Morrison in high school. HHH says they look like guys who got beat up everyday in high school. And it’s going to happen again tonight. He asks HBK if he ready. He is. HHH asks Miz if he’s ready and they show a video of Miz getting a lap dance from Big Dick while blindfolded. HHH goes on to finish his schpeal, including calling Miz and Morrison gay. HBK’s part got cut off at the end with Miz and Morrison’s music.

- Commercial

Morrison pins HHH for two. Side headlock on HHH. HHH gets whipped but comes out with a clothesline, both are down. Miz and HBK tag in. Flying elbow onto Miz and then an inverted atomic drop. HBK climbs and hits his flying elbow. HBK tunes up the band. Morrison grabs HBK from outside and distracts him, but gets slammed off the apron. Miz hits a clothesline that sends HBK spinning in the air. Morrison tags in and covers for two. Interesting chinlock in the center of the ring on HBK. “HBK” chants. HBK gets to his feet and backs Morrison in the corner. HBK gets whipped and goes up-side-down. Morrison covers for two. Miz tags in and they double team. Huge running clothesline to HBK who is in a corner. HBK sloppily gets a backslide for one. Miz slams him down and tags out. Morrison goes for his finisher but it was reverse into an enziguri. HHH is able to tag in. High knee to Morrison and a cheap shot to Miz. Face buster to Morrison. Miz rushes in to stop the pedigree. Spine buster to Miz but HHH is taken down. Morrison covers but HBK breaks the count. Morrison takes HHH down. Morrison tunes up the band! And then he connects! Miz and Morrison both crotch chop in the ring. Miz tags in ad sets up the pedigree. Back body drop to Miz. Morrison rushes in but gets tossed out. HBK comes in and hits sweet chin music on Miz. Pedigree to Miz and HHH covers for three.

- Winners: DX

HBK is holding the side of his neck/head. HHH gets him to his feet and holds onto him. Video of Morrison hitting sweet chin music and Miz going for the pedigree. HBK does not look comfortable. DX stares at M&M before posing at them.

Shane and JBL are watching the monitor out back. JBL says the beating he gave HBK must not have been enough. Shane asks if that’s what JBL wants to talk about. JBL says that now that Adamle is gone the show needs a leader. A self made millionaire would be great for the job. Shane says he will talk to Steph. He thinks for tonight JBL should be in a high profile match. JBL says he will be in the Cage match. Shane says that it’s more like JBL against Taker. JBL doesn’t like this, but covers and says it’s an honor. Shane is cool and coy as ever.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #243 – 1998 – Mike Tyson in the ring with Vince and Austin came stomping out. Austin ripped on Tyson and flipped him off. A fight ensued.

Lots of Divas in the ring, all heels. Mickie comes out followed by Candy, Michelle, Eve, Brie, Kelly and others. Wow, there’s a lot of them and as I don’t get SD! I don’t know a few, so please bear with me! But suddenly Mae Young’s music plays and she slowly comes out in wrestling gear!

Beth beats on Kelly. Kelly hits a screaming head scissors on Beth and tags in Mae! Forearm and punches to Beth. Natalia got dropped, then a couple more heels down before Mae fell on her bum accidentally! A group of heels started advancing on Mae who was not looking. A bunch of faces tackled them. Then somehow Beth rolled Mae up for three!

- Winners: The Heel Divas

The heels celebrate on the ramp with Santino. In the ring they get Mae up and she’s ready to go for more! She looks more spry than I have seen her since before Moolah passed on!

SD! Rebound – Taker and Chavito in the Casket Match that did not last too long. Big Show got involved briefly, but it did not help Chavito much.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #456 – 2002 – Hogan in the ring talking how great he is. Rock came out and said he wants to headline Mania with Hogan. Hogan agreed!

CM Punk comes out to the ring. Video of Priceless beating down Punk at Unforgiven. Orton comes out to the ring to face him.

Orton avoids punks hands and feet but ends up in an enziguri. Punk beats on Orton in a corner. Orton hits a harsh clothesline on Punk. A knee to the head, slamming Punk’s face to the mat. Orton drops a knee on Punk’s head. Headlock on Punk. “CM Punk” chants. Punk elbows out. Punk is whipped but moves letting Orton run into the corner. Kicks to Orton. A huge kick to the back of Orton’s head. Orton runs into a dropkick. A high knee in the corner to Orton. Orton fights back and sets Punk up for the RKO. Suddenly Ted rushes in and attacks Punk.

- Winner: Punk via DQ?

Ted is still mounted on Punk and hitting him when Orton punts Ted in the head. Huge “RKO” chants! Orton stares down Manu and Cody as he leaves the ring and gets heat for not hitting the RKO. Ted is motionless in the ring while Orton walks up the ramp and glares at them over his shoulder.

- Commercial

Video of the end of the last match. During the break they took Ted out on a stretcher with a neck brace.

Out back Cody and Manu hunt down Orton. Cody screams at Orton, Manu actually gets in on it to. Orton said he was seconds away from winning his first match back and they got involved. He was trying to kick some sense into Ted’s head. If they don’t like it he dares them to do something about it. Neither touch Orton. He says there may be hope for them yet. Orton walks off and leaves them seething.

Video of Episode #772 – 2008 – Mayweather and Show in the ring. Show got his nose broken prior to that. Show tossed Mayweather from the ring.

Steph was texting and Adamle walked in. She said his speech was eloquent and to the point. Adamle said every time he made a decision, they’d call and change it. Everything she said was contrary to what Shane said. Motherhood has not done her a bit of good. She said to not blame her for his inadequacy. She says she’s a McMahon and running this show is her birthright. Shane comes in and says he has announcement for SS. She wants to know what it is. He says it a surprise an asks if she trusts him. She doesn’t quite looks sure, but lets him go. (Heel turn for Steph and dissension between the sibs?)

- Commercial

Video of Episode #475 – 2002 – Jeff Hardy faced Taker in a Ladder Match. Taker choke slammed him from the top, but then Taker patter him on the shoulder and raised his arm in respect.

JR comes out and Lilian says something about him being there for more than 600 episodes. He joins Tazz at their announce table (I’m such a happy girl!).

JBL comes out part way in his limo, yells at his driver and walks to the ring. Gong! Taker comes out in his usual long, but deserved fashion. Video of Episode #1 when Taker came out with Bearer.

Side headlock on JBL. Shoulder block to JBL. Punches to JBL in a corner. Old school! Taker runs into a clothesline. JBL throws punches in the opposite corner. Taker gets beaten down in the corner. They exchange blows but Taker takes over. JBL gets whipped then snake eyes. Big boot to JBL. A leg drop to JBL for two. Taker hits a choke slam and calls for the end. Up on Taker’s shoulder but her wiggles out. Taker goes down and JBL goes flying outside for – Taker sits up at 6. JBL won’t get back in the ring and gets counted out.

- Winner: Taker via count out

HBK rushes out and tosses JBL back in the ring. Taker hits the tombstone. Take poses in the ring for the fans. Video of HBK tossing JBL back in and Taker hitting the tombstone.

Y2J is out back in the office. He asks Shane about the big SS announcement as he will be the Champion after tonight. Shane says at SS the World Championship will be defended against Cena.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #304 – 1999 – Austin and his beer truck praying down The Corporation.

Kung FU Naki in the ring. Hornswoggle comes out and gets in the ring. Then Boogeyman joins them ad they all dance around in the ring. Goldust joins them. Jesse and Festus, Slaughter and Hacksaw get in the ring. Cole and King get in the ring and Lilian and they all dance! Dusty Rhodes is in there too! Ron Simmons shows up on the stage with a mic and after a long pause says – “Damn!”

Video of Episode #775 – 2008 – Flair’s farewell speech, HHH, Batista, Rhodes, Flair’s family and everyone else comes out.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #630 – 2005 – Edge and Lita got married. Kane came up through the ring and beat down Edge and the priest.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ringside.

Kane came down to the ring. Mark Henry comes out to join him, Atlas in tow. Rey comes out to face them! He has on his over mask tonight. Video of Evan getting hurt last week on ECW. Kofi comes out to join Rey and take Evan’s place.

Kane kicks Rey in the gut and slams him into a corner. Rey flies and takes down Kane. Kane hits a side slam. Henry tags in. Henry picks Rey up high but somehow Rey lands on his feet. Rey tries kicks but Henry takes him down hard. Kofi tags in and tries to take Henry down but he gets slammed in a corner. Kane gets hit with a cheap shot. Kofi works Henry over in a corner. Henry gets out and tries to rush into the corner to squish Kofi, but Kofi swings around to kick him in the head. Rey rushes in but Kane takes him down hard. Henry takes Kofi down for three.

- Winners: Kane & Henry

Kane tosses Rey from the ring hard. Khali’s music starts and he comes out. Kane gets Rey to his feet but Khali chops him down. In the ring Khali takes Henry down head and sets up the 619. He motions Rey to hit it and he does! Khali stands over Henry but talks to Rey who looks at him warily.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about the cage match and Cena returning at SS. They show another Cena video. This one was about Cena’s start in WWE.

Out back Shane is in the office and Steph comes in. She’s not happy to have been left out of the loop and doesn’t like the surprised. He agrees and says he wishes dad was there to see it. She says she thinks dad would be proud of them, but makes faces that says more that she does not agree with everything Shane is saying.

- Commercial

Video of Episode #761 – 2007 – Christmas in Iraq.

The steel cage is around the ring. Y2J comes out to the ring. Batista comes out to face him.

“Batista” chants. Batista tosses Y2J off a couple times. Y2J comes back with a bitch slap. Batista slams Y2J in a corner. Y2J gets whipped, runs up the corner and to the top. Y2J lays across the top before Batista can grab him and pull him back in and hit a power slam. Clothesline to Y2J. Batista covers for one. Punches and kicks to Y2J in a corner. Batista chokes Y2J with his foot in the corner. The fans are really quiet for a moment. Batista tosses Y2J into the cage and he slides down. Batista does it again. The fans keep getting very quiet, then loud, then quiet again – very strange.

- Commercial

Y2J is trying to lock the walls in and manages it! Y2J demands the ref open the door while the in ring ref checks on Batista. Batista grabs Y2J’s ankle and turns him around. Y2J gets flung at the door. He almost completely falls out but stops himself for Batista to grab him ad stop him from winning. Y2J’s hands are on the floor but Batista has the back of his trunks. Batista ends up half out and Y2J slams the door on his back. Y2J then slams the door on Batista’s wrapped knee. He yells for the door to be closed and starts to work on Batista’s knee in the ring. Y2J stomps the knee but Batista hits a side slam for two. Y2J is whipped and Batista hit a clothesline in a corner. Batista telegraphs but gets kicked. Batista tries to move but his knee lets out and they both go down. Y2J covers for two. Y2J goes for the code breaker but Batista caught him and slammed him into the side of the cage. A spear to Y2J, but Y2J moves and Batista hits the cage hard. Y2J goes up again. Y2J starts sliding down, but Batista opens the door and grabs Y2J as he slides in front of it. Y2J gets pulled back in. Spinebuster. Batista goes for the Batista bomb but Y2J grabs the cage and gets away from Batista. Batista gives chase and they both fall back to the mat. Batista rolls around with his knee in pain. Y2J is up top again but Batista gives chase and grabs him from the top. Batista stands on the top and sets up for a huge power bomb, but Y2J holds on. Then uses a metal ring he takes off the corner of the cage and hits Batista in the head with it. Batista melts to a sitting position. Y2J climbs out and starts going down the cage but Batista grabs him around the throat, then by the hair. Finally Y2J gets free and leaves a bleeding Batista in the ring while he wins back the title strap.

- Winner: Y2J!

Batista is bleeding in the ring while Y2J hugs the title belt.

Biggest pop
Adamle’s resignation
Matt & Jeff

Biggest heat
Kane & Henry
Miz & Morrison

*Spoiler* For Tonight’s Raw, Update On Low Ki, More Backstage Notes
New World Heavyweight Champion; Survivor Series Main Event
- Because this, individuals started searching for global locations to commit their breaks of.
- WWE and TapOut Launch New Partnership
- WWE Takes over San Francisco Area for WrestleMania Week
- Brock Lesnar Rules out Returning to MMA, Will Remain with WWE
- WWE WrestleMania 31 Betting Odds
- Kevin Nash to Celebrate WWE Hall of Fame Induction at PWR Shenanigans Party
- Ken Shamrock to Fight Kimbo Slice in Bellator
- Train With Team 3D Devon and Bubba in Florida, Team 3d Special
-, Search The Now.
- Backstage Reaction To Triple H Comments On Raw
- Major Update On Backstage Heat With Eva Marie
- WWE Officials High On Luke Harper - Details
- Preview For Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Tapings
- Rumor: Vince McMahon's TV Return Date + Big Show
- RVD & Chris Jericho To Be At Indy Show & Lots More
- AR's Cold Truth: WWE Monday Night Raw Review (10/21)
- Updated Card For WWE Hell In a Cell PPV
- TNA World Title Match Set For This Thursday's Impact!
- WWE Monday Night Raw 10/21/13 Live Coverage
- Former WWE Star Says He Wants To Return & More

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