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WWE Raw Report for September 14th, 2009

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September 14, 2009
Toronto, ON
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: Hunter Golden of

Batista came out to the ring to say ‘thank you’ to the crowd. He said his announcement was that he was saying good bye. He went on for a little while before Randy Orton’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Orton said he was upset over losing the WWE title last night, but he was really thrilled that Batista, the big bad Animal, was going out with a wimpier. He said Dave could save it, because no one cares.

He said Batista wasn’t retiring because of his health, he was retiring because of him. Batista started laughing at him. He said Orton was very predictable. He said the second thing, was that he knew something he didn’t. Batista took off the cast on his arm and unloaded on Orton, chasing him from the ring. He said he wasn’t retiring… he was going to Smackdown.

He said Trish Stratus, the interim GM, gave him a match tonight, and it’d be no holds barred… against Randy Orton.


Guest host Trish Stratus came out to the stage. She put over the job Bob Barker did last week. She said she knew Randy Orton was owed a rematch. She was thinking, at the next pay per view, Cena should face Orton in a Hell in a Cell match.

Primo & Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger & The Miz

The two locked up only for Miz to take a cheap shot at Kofi. Primo jumped him and hit some lefts and rights before going for a hand stand hurricanranna only to get face planted to the mat. Miz stomped away on him on the mat before tagging in Swagger.

Swagger hit a big body slam before working a bow and arrow. The hold turned into a half nelson before Swagger started hammering away on Primo’s back. Eventually Primo caught the hot tag and Kofi came in a house of fire.

Kofi flat backed Swagger a few times before dodging some Miz interference and hitting an inverted leg sweep for a two count. Kofi hit ten punches in the corner, but got distracted by the Miz making off with Kofi’s US title belt. Swagger tossed Kofi off and hit a doctor bomb for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger & The Miz via pin fall


#1 Contenders Match – Divas Title
Alicia Foxx vs. Gail Kim

The two started off brawling before Kim hit a series of hurricanrannas that send Alicia to the outside. They ended up back in the ring where Foxx hit a tilt a whirl back breaker for a two count. Alicia slapped on a half nelson as Gail fought to her feet. Alicia cut her off with a northern lights suplex for a two count before working a body scissors.

Kim fought out of the hold again only for Alicia to spike her head off the mat. Alicia went for a big kick only for Gail to duck under and hit a neck breaker. Gail followed up with two big lariats before hitting a splash in the corner and a cross body off the top rope for a two count. Alicia shoved Gail off her only for Kim to go for a missile drop kick and whiffed completely. Alicia hit a HARD kick to Gail’s head for the win.

Winner: Alicia Foxx via pin fall


Beth Phoenix is confronting Trish Stratus about not being in a #1 contenders match. Chris Jericho comes in and starts running down Trish, referencing their feud in 2004. Beth calls her a coward for retiring. Trish says she’ll get a partner and face both of them tonight.


The Legacy came out to the ring and gave us an ‘are you ready?’. He said this was the dawn of a new era in the WWE. He said the truth was that they didn’t just beat DX, they made them submit. They made DX tap out. Cody asked Ted if he knew who hadn’t made DX tap out. The McMahons, The Undertaker, Rated RKO, The Rock, Steve Austin… the only people who did, were them.

They said what they did was truly historic, and something no one else could do. They said they were no longer their father’s sons. Their father were now their parents. DX is watching in the back, not looking happy.


Shawn Michaels vs. Ted Dibiase

The two brawled around the ring until Michaels was able to hit a back body drop and a stomp. Dibiase connected with a running powerslam. Dibiase pounded away on HBK’s face before sending him into the ropes and hitting a back body drop.

Michaels fled to the outside of the ring to catch a breather. Dibiase brought Michaels in hard way before dropping a pair of fists for a two count. Dibiase slapped on a side headlock as the crowd rallied Michaels to his feet. Michaels punched his way out of the hold and connected with a chop, only to eat a standing drop kick to the face. Dibiase went for a pin fall but only got a two count.

Dibiase slapped on a rear chin lock, and again, HBK fought out. Dibiase went for the drop kick again, but whiffed. HBK tried a figure four, but Dibiase grabbed small package for a two count. HBK kicked out and went for the hold again and cinched it in, only for Dibiase to fight out with a poke to the eye.

Michaels seemed to be favoring his eyes, only to connect with a wild right to buy himself some time. Dibiase looked for a million dollar dream, only for Hbk to desperately fight out. Michaels looks effected.

HBK began to fight back and hit a flying forearm and then kipped up. He tackled Dibiase and went for rights and lefts, before hitting his top rope level. When he hit though, he obviously hurt his eye. He lined up SCM, but Cody cut him off, causing the DQ.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via DQ

A brawl broke out afterwards, as the four brawled all over the ringside area. Michaels and Dibiase ended up in the crowd, while Triple H and Cody fought around the ringside area.


Chavo Guererro & Carlito vs. Evan Bourne & Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle head butted Carlito in the nuts and tagged Bourne for a roll up near fall attempt. Bourne hit a drop kick to the head before Chavo tagged in. Bourne hit a drop kick for a near fall.

Carlito dropped an elbow on Bourne for a one count. Carlito pounded away on him in the corner before tagging in Chavo. Chavo hit some stomps before getting flung across the ring with an arm drag. Chavo hit a back elbow on Bourne only to get killed with a wheel kick. Carlito made his way into the ring only to eat a knee to the face.

Hornswoggle tagged in and went to the top rope. He chewed on an apple while Bourne took out Carlito. Chavo cut him off up top only for Hornswoggle to spit the apple in his face, hit a frog splash and win the match.

Winners: Hornswoggle & Evan Bourne via pin fall

After the match, Chavo admitted defeat.


Josh Matthews is with WWE Champion John Cena. He puts over the Hell in a Cell match in a few weeks.

Trish Status comes out to the ring for her match. MVP is her mystery partner.


Chris Jericho & Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus & MVP

Beth picked up Trish with ease and planted her in the corner before uncorking a huge body slam. Trish fought back with some hard elbows to the face and some chops. Trish ducked under a Beth charge and went for a cover until Jericho shoved her. MVP came bounding in, and hit a clothesline that took him and Jericho to the outside. Big Show ran down to help causing the DQ. Mark Henry ran in and we’ve got a brawl.

Winners: Trish & MVP via DQ

Trish was upset after the bell and said if Show wanted to join in, he could, but so would Mark Henry.


Trish Stratus, MVP & Mark Henry vs. Beth Phoenix, Chris Jericho & Big Show

We came back to Big Show working over MVP. Jericho tagged in and began stomping away. Jericho missed a lion sault as Trish and Mark Henry got the crowd into things. Jericho drop kicked Henry before there was an opportunity for things to get much nuttier for him. He slapped on a rear chin lock, holding on as again, the crowd rallied him.

Beth tagged in and tried to get MVP to fight her, but MVP just caught her kick. Trish tagged in and Trish jumped her, reigning down big right hands. Trish and MVP hit a double ballin’ elbow drop. Jericho came bounding in only for MVP to intercept him. Trish went for something off the ropes, only for Show to trip her up hard. Mark Henry came bounding around the outside of the ring and hit Show with a huge shoulder block, taking him out.

Beth tried to take advantage and go for a pin, but Trish kicked out. She went to the top rope only for Trish to hit the Statusphere. Trish loaded up Statusfaction, and nailed it for the win.

Winners: Mark Henry, MVP and Trish Stratus via pin fall


No Holds Barred
Randy Orton vs. Batista

Orton went for a chair, but Batista cut him off. Orton fled for the ring and looked for the DDT, but Batista kept coming through the ropes. He attempted some strikes only to eat a big clothesline. He chased the former champion to the outside and hit Orton hard to the floor before tossing him back into the ring and giving chase. Orton hit a thumb to the eye and an inverted back breaker to gain the initiative.

Orton went into the Garvin Stomp and then went back to the chair. Batista hit a massive spear before chasing Orton to the outside yet again. Batista slammed Orton’s head off the announce table multiple times before throwing him over the table and hanging him up on the barricade.

Batista slammed Orton into the ring steps, before stepping on Orton’s face. Orton took a side slam before leaving for the back. John Cena came out to the ringside area and clotheslined Orton to the floor. He threw Orton back into the ring who ate a spine buster and a power bomb.

Winner: Batista via pin fall

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