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WWE Royal Rumble 2013 PPV Ice Breaker Review

By : andyravens Posted on

U.S Title Match: Antonio Cesaro (C Vs The Miz
They lock up and Miz goes for a quick roll up. They lock up again and Miz applies a headlock. Cesaro fights out and they trade holds. Cesaro drops Miz but misses a clothesline. Miz drops Cesaro for 2. Miz with another roll up for 2. Miz with a headlock takeodown now. More back and forth action. Cesaro catches Miz in mid-air with a backbreaker for 2. Miz comes back but Cesaro catches him in mid-air with a slam this time for another pin attempt. Cesaro with another 2 count. Cesaro uses the ropes now.

Cesaro with an uppercut and a gutwrench suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro with lefts and rights in the corner now. Miz fights back and charges but once again gets caught in mid-air with a big slam for another pin attempt. Cesaro with a chest stomp and kick to the back. Miz fights out of a hold and hits the backbreaker neckbreaker combo. Miz unloads in the corner and hits a big clothesline. Miz goes to the top but lands bad on his leg after Cesaro counters. Miz still manages to hit a DDT for 2. Cesaro gets caught with his feet on the ropes. More back and forth. Miz with a big kick to the face. More back and forth. Cesaro gets the win with The Neutralizer.

Winner & Still U.S Champion: Antonio Cesaro (C)

AR’s Truth: A decent match with The obvious choice of the winner. Cesaro needed a extended run as Champion & got it. Decent Match 2.5-5*

We have a backstage segment with ADR And Bret Hart. Basically Hart saying good luck to ADR.

Last Man Standing World Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Big Show
They lock up but show throws him in the in corner & chops the chest but adr starts his attacks with strikes until show hits a shoulder block. Big show suplex, Back in the corner he chops the chest of adr. Out of nowhere adr kicks and punches him, he comes off the top rope but is caught with a big chop by the big show. Big show headbutts him then irish wipes him in the corner following with a splash. ADR kicks his knee making big show fall then he hits a super kick with show leaning on the ropes. Show picks adr up but adr hits a hurricanronna then adr hits crossbody. ADR hits an kick in the corner followed by strikes to the arm then goes for arm bar but show counters with a slam. Show goes to the outside and hits a chop then throws him back in the ring. Big show grabs a chair but adr kicks him and grabs the chair hitting him with it. ADR goes to the top rope but is caught and big show choke slam him. On the outside big show slams him down on the ground. ADR kicks him in the nuts then a kick to the face. Big show kicks, headbutt adr to the stage area. Big show throws adr face into the ground followed by him throwing ADR into the stage. Big show misses a kick then he grabs a light bulb of the stage & cracked it over his head. Show grabs a table then chops his chest. Show climbs the stage thing then brings ADR up there then he chokeslam threw the table!!!. Show brings ADR back in the ring with a kick to the gut. Show gets the steel steps and throws the steps but misses adr & hits the ring post. Big show goes for a spear but adr moves and big show goes threw the barricade. ADR hits him several times with chair. ADR grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it. DR puts in arm in the arm bar but when shows feet is on the ropes, Ricardo duck tapes big show feet to it for the win.

Winner & Still World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (C)

AR’s Truth: A good back & forth action match. I thought both guys got good amount of offense but Big show felt dominate which he needed. They did some really good spots with Chairs , The sick spot with Big Show chokeslamming ADR off the stage through a table. Big show went through a barricade & the finish was very smart by who ever booked the finish with Ricardo Duck Taping the legs of big show to the ropes.
A good match 3.5-5*

Dolp Ziggler & AJ Lee do a interview backstage.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars
Bryan and Rhodes kick things off. Rhodes catches Bryan with a boot to the gut before going to work on the arm. Bryan works his way out of it and hits Rhodes with a dropkick. Rhodes sends Bryan into the ropes and Bryan catches Rhodes by the leg, trapping him in a surfboard. Bryan tags out to Kane who hits Cody with a low running dropkick that’s good for a near fall. Kane drives Cody’s head into the turnbuckle before sending him into the ropes. Cody is able to catch Kane with a kick to the knee and a big dropkick before tagging out to Sandow. Kane is able to slam Sandow to the mat before tagging out to Bryan. Kane whips Bryan into Sandow in the corner for a big splash. Sandow gets to his knees and eats a series of kicks from Bryan to the chest. Bryan tags out to Kane who kicks Sandow in the side of the head and hits him with a big right. Sandow is able to catch Kane with a back elbow, but Kane kicks Sandow in the face and sends him to the outside before tossing Rhodes out after him. Bryan tags in and leaps through the ropes, taking out Sandow and Rhodes. Bryan tosses Sandow back into the ring, but Sandow pushes Bryan through the ropes to the outside. Sandow follows to the outside and drives Bryan’s back into the ring apron before bringing things back into the ring and tagging out to Rhodes. Rhodes comes in and slams Bryan to the mat before clamping on a half-crab. JBL calls Cody a tough Tom Selleck with that mustache. Bryan counters into a pin for two, but Cody tags out to Sandow who comes in and splashes Bryan. Sandow hits Bryan with a Russian leg sweep before getting right up for the elbow of disdain. Sandow gets a near fall, then drives his knee into Bryan’s back before dropping one across his face for another near fall. Rhodes tags into the match and takes it to Bryan until he’s caught out of nowhere by a heel kick from Bryan. Sandow tags in and is able to keep Bryan from tagging out. Rhodes tags right back in and shoulders Bryan. Bryan fights to his feet, but Cody prevents him from making a tag and slams him to the mat. Both men make the tag and Kane grabs Sandow across the throat. Sandow avoids the chokeslam, but eats a chop to the throat and a big side slam for a two count. Kane heads to the top but he’s stopped by Sandow. Kane shoves Sandow off but misses a clothesline from the top. Sandow hits a botches neckbreaker, and it’s only good enough for two. Kane catches Sandow and Rhodes by the throat, but Bryan makes a blind tag. Sandow and Rhodes fight out and hit Kane with a double suplex. Bryan hits Sandow with a missile dropkick and Kane chokeslams Rhodes. Bryan clamps on the No Lock and makes Sandow tap out.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No

AR’s Truth: The same old same old with these two teams. They put them against each other every week on either raw, smackdown or main event to the point im done with it. Put the title on Team road scholars already or end this feud. I don’t mind them hear & there then on a ppv but its been done so much ive had enough. Either way it was a decent match that had a surprise retaining the titles for Team hell no.
Decent Match 2-5*

30-Man Royal Rumble Match with John Cena Winning!!!

AR’s Truth: A decent rumble match with no real surprises except godfather who was in there for a second & Goldust who got actually a decent pop. Chris Jericho Returns which was awesome. They had carlito, Shelton Benjamin , Chris Master backstage but none appeared. I think Shelton will re appear on wwe tv in the near future hopefully. As far as the match goes i like the first two guys ( dolp ziggler & Chris Jericho) two work horse who was in there for awhile. It came down to ryback & John Cena with the obvious choice in Cena to win it. After that it was very predictable Rock would win in later that night. Good but not up to expectations rumble match 3-5*

The rock does a good interview backstage about becoming the wwe champion.

WWE Title Match: The Rock Vs CM Punk (C)
They kick things off with them just going at it with strikes but punk kicks and strikes him down. He throws him in the corner but the rock hits a clothesline but then Rock clothesline punk out of the ring. Outside the ring rock throws a punch but punk counters but rock throws punk into the barricade then focuses he way to the announce table allowing punk to get the advantage and throws him back in the ring. When they go in the ring rock throws him back out. Rock throws him into the barricade then Heyman attacks the rock allowing punk to knock him down. Punk suplexes the rock on the top of the barricade. Back in the ring we go with punk in control with heavy knees then a kick to the back. Punk locks in a midsection submission but rock gets out of it with elbows. The rock comes back with some punches but punk puts a knee up to the midsection for a count of 2. Punk puts the rock back into a midsection submission.Rock battles out of it then punk puts up another knee to the face. Punk works the midsection with some shots then uses the ropes for some clubbing shots. Punk throws the rock ribs first onto the ropes for a count of 2. Punk kicks the ribs then some knees to the ribs in the corner. Heyman throws in a cheap shot on the rock & punk hits a spring board kick to knock out the rock to the floor then punk comes off the top rope with a double handle. Back in the ring the rock goes after the knee to punk with kicks but punk throws out the rock. Punk goes threw the ropes for a suicide dive to the to outside. Back in the ring with punk on the apron & misses a spring board clothesline then the rock goes after the injured knee of the champion. The rock hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. The rock goes for the rock bottom but punk blocks it & punk goes for the gst but rock blocks it & goes for the sharpe shooter but its block then punk puts in the anaconda device. The rock counter it with a pin attempt then the rock hits a ddt. The rock goes for the rock bottom but punk caught him then rock puts punk in the sharpe shooter but punk grabs the bottom rope. On the outside the rock hits a clothesline & gets the Spanish announce table ready for some business. The rock throws punks head into it then they both are on the table. The rock goes for the rock bottom but the table broke before he hit it. Whoops Blooper right there then they rock hits a rock bottom on the outside. Back in the ring we go for count of 2. Punk hits a kick to the head of the rock, both guys to there feet with them trading shots until the rock hits a clothesline followed by a spine buster followed by the people elbows but then the lights go out. On commentary they say the shield put the rock through the announce table. Lights back on with confusion as punk grabs the rock & puts him in the ring, He covers the rock for a count of 3.

Winner & Still WWE Champion: Cm Punk (C)

AR’s Truth: Wow what a shocker with punk retaining. The shield coming in there & costing the rock was no surprise but the black out was a nice touch.

But The Vince McMahon comes out & says that the rules of the match with the shield. Vince is about to strip the championship but the rock says the night won’t end like this & the match is restarted.

AR’s Truth: Of course Vince would come out to stripe punk of the title & honestly i thought they might end the ppv right there and have an angle on raw the next night but then the rock standed up like a man and wanted the match restarts was a smart move which i liked.

WWE Title Match: The rock vs Cm Punk
We have the rock getting beat down by punk with kicks & punches. Punk hits the knee followed by a clothesline. Punk goes to the top rope & hits the elbow for a count of 2. Punk goes for the GTS but the rock blocks it & hits the spine buster followed by the people elbows for the win.

Winner & Finally New WWE Champion: The Rock

AR’s Truth: Ok thats the end of this match & what a up & down match for the fans to watch. I like that the shield helped punk win & it was opened event more that punk is of course working with the shield but im ready to have punk admit it already. As far as the rock coming back to win it after the shock factor was over and the match pt 2 was on it was clear the rock would win & did it style. Im a mark for the rock and glad he is champion. How this will affect the wwe house show business will be interesting and will the rock defend his title at the Elimination chamber ppv is unclear at this time but it would only make sense he would & im hopeful he will. Not a great match but Pretty close to it. Im gonna go with a good match with 3.5-5 * Rating.

AR’s Final Truth: A good ppv by wwe with a weird order of match listings with wwe title ending it but other than that i really don’t have to much complaints. For more of my opinion check out the youtube review show.

Overall PPV Rating: 7.5-10*

Thanks for watching along with me.
What do you think leave it in the comment area below.


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