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WWE Smackdown Spoilers For Tonight

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Hunter said he didn’t want to fire Cody, Cody fired Cody. Hunter gave him a chance to fight for his job. He doesn’t want anyone to fear for their jobs so he set this up as an open forum. He opened it up for wrestler questions. None would step forward. He said he wants to grow together. Sandow stepped forward and said he supports the firing of Cody. Hunter said he doesn’t want them to kiss his butt like that. Kofi stepped up and said the locker room is living in fear because Cody was fired and he doesn’t see how that’s best for biz.


Heath Slater stepped up and complained about Show not stepping up. Hunter thanked him for emptying what he is sure is the entire content of his mind. RVD stepped up and said what’s happened hasn’t been cool, dude. Hunter said he has waited since 2000 to hear RVD call him dude. Ryback complained about being called a bully. Hunter booked a Ryback vs. Dolph rematch.


Hunter noted that Daniel Bryan was not onstage. He said it’s because Bryan’s ego is out of control. Hunter said Bryan can pick any member of The Shield to face tonight. HHH booked Kofi vs. Axel in a non-title match, and RVD vs. Randy Orton as rewards for speaking up. HHH introduced Orton. Oh, Shield have been standing guard at ringside. Just noticed…


1. Rob Van Dam (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Randy Orton.Alberto Del Rio sat in on commentary. No crappy intro from Ricardo. There are people walking the aisle selling the “Yes!” towels for $5. One actually sold in front of me. Del Rio ran Ricardo into the post, then RVD did a flip onto ADR, who spent the rest of the match shaking his hand/arm. Orton won clean with the RKO. ADR looked fine when he beat up RVD afterward. Big RVD chant afterward.


A Los Matadores vignette aired… Backstage interview with Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, who said he was told by management not to attend the town hall meeting. He said he would let The Shield decide which one of them will face him since he knows it won’t be 1 on 1… AJ told Layla, Alicia, and Aksana she would rather put her title on the line against one of them than Total Divas cast members…


2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback. Dean Ambrose attacked Ziggler during the match and then Ryback got the win.


3. Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Kofi Kingston in a non-title match. Shout out to Dot Net reader Andre who said hello! “Welcome home” chant for Axel. Believe it or not, loud dueling chants for both men. Only in Minnesota. Kofi won with the SOS.


The Wyatt Family video from Monday aired…


4. Naomi (w/Carmen) vs. Brie Bella (w/Nikki). Crickets in the crowd. The Divas that AJ riled up earlier attacked both women for a no contest. Layla introduced AJ.


The Real Americans made their entrance. Another Los Matadores vignette aired. Only a “We the people,” from Zeb. Weak…


5. The Real Americans vs. the Usos. One of the Uso’s went up top, Swagger pushed him off and Cesaro caught him with the uppercut on the way down and pinned him. Cool finish.
HHH told Show to treat 3MB as human stress balls by blowing off steam…


6. Big Show vs. 3MB in a handicap match. Show hit a double chokeslam on Jinder and McIntyre, then the KO punch on Slater for the 3-1 handicap match win. 3MB left. Bryan intro. Show headed to the stage and Hunter led him to the back while The Shield entered through the crowd.


7. Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan. Reigns and Ambrose at ringside. Great yes/no dynamic in punch exchange. Bryan with a wicked German, then a great missile drop kick. Bryan tossed to the floor, where Reigns clotheslined him to boos. Rollins went up top, Bryan caught him in the Yes Lock on the way down. He released it because he was distracted, but Bryan came back with the running knee for the win. Bryan went to the ramp to celebrate and was struck with the title belt. Orton stood over Bryan to end the taping.


Dark Matches:


Two darks advertised. Vickie came out and mocked Bryan. She said he better get up because she promised the people a championship match.


1. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship.Bryan locked in the Yes Lock and Orton teased tapping, but The Shield ran in for the DQ. RVD, Dolph, and Kofi made the save. RVD frog splash capped off the crowd pleasing finishers on Rollins to end the show. RVD chants followed. Faces shook hands at ringside as Bryan’s music played to end the night.

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