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WWE Smackdown House Show Results (3/1/09) – Glen Falls, New York

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Reader Eric Jones sent in these Smackdown house show results from Glen Falls, New York from March 1.

Hey guys, I just got back from the Smackdown house show at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY. The GFCC was pretty packed, about 7/8th filled with nothing roped off. The event started at 5 so the audience was primarily kids.

Justin Roberts gets in the ring to say that Triple H and Edge, previously advertised for the event, wouldn’t be showing up. Minor boos for that.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Titles Triple Threat Match: Carlito & Primo vs. Jesse & Festus vs. THE Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson
Good way to start things. Odd moment at the beginning with Carlito coming out alone and wondering where the hell Primo is, who finally comes out about 20 seconds later. Festus gets a big pop for his bell-rings-and-he-goes-nuts schtick, running after Kendrick who hightails it into the crowd. Jesse then jumps on the mic to calm his partner down, saying “Who do you think you are, Hacksaw Jim Duggan?”, drawing a few “hooo!”s for our local hero. Festus plays Ricky Morton for most of the match, surprisingly enough, and as you may expect he does a terrible job. Finish comes with Kendrick going for the Kendrick, which Carlito reverses into the Backstabber for 3. Pretty slow paced but it got good near the end.

Match 2: Eric Escobar vs. Kizarny
Escobar’s off-tv training continues, and he yet again cuts a promo berating the hometown. Kizarny makes a balloon animal for a kid at ringside, and we’re underway. Crowd is dead for both guys, as Kizarny’s only had one TV match and nobody knows who the hell Escobar is. Kizarny wins with his double-arm DDT, then leads Justin Roberts around the ring to slap hands.

O…kay…Roberts throws it to Eve Torres in the crowd for the usual Wrestlemania trivia question. Kid gets it right, family gets comped to ringside seats. The usual.

Match 3: Matt Hardy vs. Kung-Fu-Naki
Funny moment at the start, as the crowd pops huge for Hardy’s music…then realizes he’s a heel and switches to boos. At the start, he cuts a quick promo complaining about Jeff and the fans, and we’re underway. Pretty eh match, finish comes with Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate, then taking down Funaki with UFC elbows until the ref stops the match and awards it to Matt. Alright then…

Match 4: Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Here we go! Things start up all comedy-like with Guerrero jawing with the fans. Things lead to a small “You can’t wrestle” chant towards Chavo, who actually gets on the mic to berate them back. He’s out for blood, folks. Pretty good back and forth match, with Yang hitting some nice high-flying stuff. Finish comes with Chavo going for Three Amigos, which Yang flips out of and nails a moonsault off the top for 3.

Intermission Time!

Before the next match, Eve is out again, and pulls a kid out to ring the bell for…

Match 5: WWE Divas Title Match: Maryse vs. Maria
My God, Maria is RIDICULOUSLY hot in person. Not a good match, as you may expect, as Maria is a terrible wrestler and Maryse isn’t much better. They roll around for a while until Maryse hits her DDT for the win.

Match 6: WWE United States Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. The Great Khali
MASSIVE pop for Khali, who is just enormous in person. Benjamin hides next to Justin Roberts to start things. Shelton plays the chicken heel for most of the match, ducking out of the ring at every opportunity. Finish comes when Benjamin evades the Khali chokebomb, escapes the ring, and gets himself counted out. Then Chavo(?) comes out and throws Shelton back in to get chokebombed. So apparently Chavo is a face now? Whatever.

Main Event: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jeff Hardy
Pop of the night for Jeff, who makes sure to slap hands with every single person in the front row. Pretty good back & forth match that saw Kozlov get most of the offense early. In an odd spot, Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind, then pops up and hit another one. Matt Hardy probably missed his cue, because he comes out immediately afterwards to confront Jeff. Kozlov goes for his headbutt on Jeff, who ducks, and it hits Matt. Twist of Fate, Swanton, goodbye. Pretty sure that’s Kozlov’s first singles loss, televised or not, which makes sense since he’ll likely job to HBK tomorrow night. Jeff then proceeds to give hugs, sign autographs, etc.

Overall, a good show despite the fact that NOBODY was there. No Triple H, no Edge, no Undertaker, no MVP, no Umaga, no R-Truth, hell, not even Michelle McCool showed up. I’ve seen better, but it could have been worse.

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