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WWE Summerslam 2013 PPV Results

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U.S Title Match: RVD Defeats Dean Ambrose (c) Via DQ

Welcome to Our coverage of WWE Summerslam. Are opening contest is The Miz coming out & he hypes up are main events. Fandango interrupts him but they just dance around him allowing the Miz to say welcome to Summerslam!

We get the opening Video packages for the Main Events. Up next JoJo sings the national anthem.

Ring Of Fire Match: Bray Wyatt Vs. Kane

Small flames, Kane with right hands in the corner to start things off. Kane takes him corner to corner then a big right hand. Bray with right hands & headbutts, He goes for a suplex but blocked & Kane hits one of his own. Kane with a right hand, He hits a drop kick & they get close to the flames. Bray throws him in the corner then with a big splash. Bray with a forearm shot, He lands several right hands. Bray continues to beat down Kane until Kane lands a big boot. Kane throws him in the corner with a clotheslines followed by a side walk slam. Bray catches him with an elbow then Harper tries to give him a kendo stick but the flames catch it on fire. Kane with a chokeslam but the Wyatt family tries to put the fire out but it comes back on. Kane hits a 2nd chokeslam then he lands a third one. Kane motions for the end but the Wyatt family puts blanket over it & get in the ring. They lay him out with their finishers & Bray tops it off with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match the Wyatt Family takes out Kane with steel steps to the head.

We go back to the Panel & They talk about The Ring Of Fire Match. Following this we see a pre-taped Promo with Paul Heyman about Lesnar Vs. Punk Match & the match changed to NO DQ.

Damien Sandow Vs. Cody Rhodes

No more mustache for Rhodes, Cody takes control of the match early with right hands. A brawling style at first hen a back body drop followed by a suplex followed by a count of 2. Sandow throws him out of the ring then use the apron for some help. Back in the ring with Sandow working the back of Cody followed by a snap suplex for a count of 2. Sandow locks in a submission but he fights out of it then goes for cross Rhodes but blocked & Sandow connects with some knee’s then a elbow for a count of 2. Sandow continues to work the back until Cody puts him on the top rope then hits a muscle buster for a count of 2. Rhodes walks into a boot but comes back with a clothesline. Cody with a uppercut then spring board missle drop kick then kicks him in the ribs but misses disaster kick allowing Sandow to hit neck breaker for a count of 2. Sandow with a roll through but gets out & Cody hits a disaster kick for a close two count. Rhodes runs into the ring post & Sandow rolls him up for a count of 2. Cody hits cross Rhodes out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Rhodes

World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio © Vs. Christian

They lock up, ADR with a leg kick then a head butt. ADR with shoulder block but walks into a slap. Christian sends him out of the ring then misses a sliding kick but backing the ring he uses the ropes to help him. Christian climbs to the top but jumps over him. He puts ADR on the top rope but ADR pulls him down & puts the boots to him. He sends Christian into the barricade & back into the ring for a count of 2. ADR locks in a arm submission but Christian fights out then ADR sends him belly first then a drop kick. ADR goes to the top for a drop kick to the shoulder. ADR continues to work the left arm of Christian until he misses a leg drop & falls through the ropes. Christian on the top rope & fly’s onto him, Back in the ring where they trade right hands but ADR wins the exchange. ADR comes off the top rope but Christian catches him with a drop kick. Back & forth until ADR hits a back breaker for a count of 2. ADR goes for the arm bar but Christian rolls him up for a count of 2. Del Rio hits a enziguri then goes back up top but misses the back splash. Christian goes up top & hits a spinning elbow. Christian calls for the end but ADR backs him in the corner then places him up top but Christian goes for a sun set flip but ADR doesn’t fall. Christian goes back up there & hits a hurricanronna for a count of 2. Christian goes for the spear but ADR drop kicks him out of nowhere for a count of 2. Del Rio calls for it but Christian trips him & nails the slap but when Christian came back in the ring he gets drop kicked in the face. Back & forth then Christian hits the spear after he was holding his hand but ADR locks in the arm bar out of nowhere & Christian taps.

Winner & Still World Champion: Del Rio ©

They show some Summerslam Axxess & Interviewed Marina Menounos.

Natalya defeated Brie Bella

No DQ Match: Cm Punk Vs. Brock Lesnar

Lesnar takes control early with just totally dominating Punk. He tosses Punk around like he is a doll. Punk with a high knee, then once more to knock him out of the ring. I had some technical difficulties but I did see the end with Punk with a low blow then goes to the top rope with the chair & comes off with a elbow for a count of 2. Punk with chair shots to the back then Heyamn takes the chair out of Punk’s hand but Lesnar from behind & goes for the F5 but Punk holds on Heyman & Punk gets out. Punk hits the GTS but Heyman breaks it up. Lesnar gets punk & goes for the F5 but he reverses it & hits a DDT for a count of 2. Punk locks in the Anaconda Devise but Heyman comes in with a chair. While Punk is distracted & hits Heyman following that he locks in the anaconda devise but Lesnar hits with the chair. Lesnar hits the F5 on the chair for the win.

Winner: Lesnar

Dolp Ziggler & Kaitlyn Vs. Big E. Langston & AJ Lee

Langston & Ziggler start things off, Langston takes control with splashes. Langston works the midsection with clubbing blows but Dolp gets out & tags in Kaitlyn. She is all over AJ with a back breaker. Out of nowhere AJ lands a spinning heel kick then puts the boots to her in the corner. She locks in a headlock then two neck breakers. AJ gets a rear naked choke then drop kicks her in the back. AJ is in full control until Kaitlyn shoulder tackles her out of nowhere & tags in Ziggler. Dolp & Langston are the main guys & Ziggler off the hot tag with a neck breaker & several elbows for a count of 2. Ziggler goes for the fameaser but blocked & Big E. hits the back breaker. Kaitlyn breaks up the cover & gets a knee to the face for her troubles. Ziggler is thrown into the conrer & speared but misses the 2nd one. AJ grabs the leg of Ziggler & Kaitlyn spears her. Big E. spears Ziggie & goes for the Big ending but Ziggler gets out of it & nails the Zig Zag for the win.

Winners: Ziggie & Kaitlyn

We go back to the panel & predictions from them for the WWE Title Match.

WWE Title Match With Special Guest Referee HHH: John Cena © Vs. Daniel Bryan

Side note Cena as a elbow pad on this injured elbow. They start out with basic wrestling until Bryan hits a monkey flip then goes for the No Lock but runs out of the ring. Back in the ring more basic wrestling with headlocks then some test of strength. Bryan with a leg takedown, He locks in the surf board but Cena powers out. Cena goes for the AA but puts him on the apron & knocks him to the announce table. Bryan throws Cena into the steel steps then Cena suplex him on the outside. Back in the ring where Cena is in control & has him in a headlock but Bryan fights out of it. Bryan with several kicks in the corner. Cena with a punch to he midsection but can’t stop Bryan & lands a solid forearm shot. Bryan hits more kicks to the chest but misses the head kick & Cena hits him with shoulder tackle & a side slam. Five moves of doom  but when he goes you can’t see me he gets kicked in the face. Bryan  runs into another side walk slam & hits you can’t see me. He goes for AA but doesn’t get all of it. Bryan goes to the top rope & delivers a missile drop kick for a count of 2. Bryan with more kicks to Cena’s injured elbow then works the injured elbow even more. Cena trips him & goes for the STF but Bryan reverse & locks in the No lock but cena gets up & Bryan hits a german suplex for 2. Bryan does it again for a count of 2. He goes for a third time & Cena goes for the AA but Bryan reversed & locks in the No Lock. Cena gets out of it but Bryan locks in a guillotine & Cena keeps running Bryan into the corner to get out of. Cena hits the AA for a count of 2. Cena goes to the top rope but Bryan knocks him down. Cena repeadly pushes him off but a drop kick by Bryan gets his attention. They fight on the top rope but Bryan suplex Cena but Bryan held on & hits the head butt for a count of 2. Cena rolls out of the ring & Bryan goes for the suicide dive but Cena catches him with an elbow. Cena goes to the top rope & hits a big leg drop for a count of 2. Cena puts Bryan on the tope rope & tries to go for a super AA but Bryan fights out with elbows. Bryan hits a hurricanronna but Cena blocks it & throws him on his head to lock in the STF but Bryan rolls through but fading so they count 1…2… but Bryan stays awake but Bryan rolls through & locks in the No lock but Cena got to the ropes. Bryan runs to the corner with the kick twice but on the third he runs into a clothesline that turned him inside out. They trade right hands & kicks until they both go for running move & run into each other. They slap each other several times until Cena caught Bryan & goes for the AA but Bryan reverse it into a DDT. Bryan goes for the head butt but Cena catches him & goes for the AA but a roll through for a count of 2. Bryan with head kick then a big knee to the face for the win.

Winner & New WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan!

After the match Cena turns him around & shakes his hand but Orton comes out to cash in his Briefcase but just turns around then HHH pedigrees Bryan. Orton comes back in the ring to cash it in. Orton covers Bryan to win the WWE title! Winner & New champion Randy Orton.

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