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WWE Survior Series 2012 PPV Coverage

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Pre Show: Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal defeated Santino Marella and Zack Ryder


We get a video packages of the main matches tonight which include the World title match & the 3 way WWE title match. By the way Welcome to Survivor Series here we go.

Bonuses 5 on 5 Tag Match: Brodus Clay , Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd , Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio Vs Tensi ,  Primo & Epico , Prime Time Players

Kidd & Primo will kick things off with a tie up & some basic wrestling. They grapple some until primo gets out of it then its a roll up but a kick. They trade some roll ups until Kidd goes for the Sharpe shooter to have primo go to the outside then he goes for a kick but is blocked. Epico misses a front flip over the top as Gabrielcomes in off the quick roll up followed by an arm submission then a kick followed by a splash for a count of two. Kidd is back in the ring off the double team move for a count of 2. Rey is on off the drop kick then works on the left arm until he is kicked in the chest allowing DY to come in but rey gets thrown into  the corner but drop him & kicks him in the inner leg. Sin Cara is in off the double team move for a count of 2. DY tags in primo but not for long as Cara hits his signature move followed by a cross body for a count of 2. Cara hits a front flip roll up but primo hits a roll up. Tensi is now in of the power slam which he hits twice followed by some shoulder blocks then a leg drop on the left arm of Cara. TY is now in which is Titus who hits a double team slam with primo for a count of 2. Primo puts in a submission but gets out of it until tensi is back in the ring and hits a head butt followed by a elbow which he does twice then goes attacks the other team which allows Cara to hits a kick and tags in clay which hits a splash in the corner then a head butt to Titus , a power slam on DY. Primo & epico gets thrown to the outside of the ring allowing Kidd , Gabriel & sin Cara , Rey to hit some outside dives. This leaves clay & tensi in the ring which clay hits a face first splash but misses a splash in the corner. Tensi hits a clothesline & a splash to eliminate Clay. Gabriel gets in the ring but tensi clothesline him & tags in TY. TON which is Titus hits an back body drop but Justin battles out of it but tensi makes a blind sided tag & hits the body drop splash but kicks out at the count of 2. He goes for it again & misses it allowing Gabrielto be eliminated. After tensi is gone he hits a clothesline & TON pounces on him. Epico is now in & beating him down in the corner. Epico hits a double handle slam for a count of 2, Epico puts in a headlock which Justin battles out of but epico misses a elbow drop which allows kid to get tagged in & he hits an drop kick but is thrown to the apron of the ring & knocked off of it. Primo is now in & gets a count of 2. He kicks the downed Kidd followed by a choke in the corner. Kidd battles out of it but is kicked in the chest allowing TON to get back in with a huge power slam & throws kidd to the apron but TON misses a kick allowing kidd to hit a roll up eliminated him. DY comes in right off the elimination with putting the boots to him & then he tags in epico which hits 3 back suplexes but on the third kidd gets out of it & puts in the Sharpe shooter to eliminate epico. Right after hes bro is eliminated primo gets all over him then kidd gets back suplexed. Primo goes to the top rope & gets drop kicked in the air allowing kid to get a tag to Rey. Rey hits a kick to the head for a count of 2. Rey goes to the top rope but primo gets there but primo is pushed off allowing rey to hit a senton then setting up the 619 but misses it then primo misses the back stabber then rey rolls him up for a count of 2. DY is now in but they battle until Rey hits the 619 following Cara to hit a front flip splash then Kidd & Gabriel hit some diving moves. Rey finishes it with a splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Team Mysterio

In the backstage area Katelyn gets attacked by some chick but lays here out & eve comes up says are you ok then Katelyn Pushes her down.


WWE Divas Championship Match Eve Torres (c) vs. Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn attacks before the bell, taking Eve down to the mat and rubbing the wig of the attacked in Eve’s face. Kaitlyn takes Eve into the corner and hits and kicks her, stomping and following Eve around the ring. Kaitlyn slams Eve to the mat before kicking her again. Eve falls to the outside and Kaitlyn is quick to follow, slamming her into the announcer’s table before bringing things back into the ring. Eve rolls right back out and tries to head out through the crowd. Kaitlyn slams Eve into the ring apron before sending her back into the ring again.
Kaitlyn mounts and pounds away at Eve, but a break in her assault leads to a kick in the gut from Eve. Eve takes Kaitlyn to the mat and slams her head down repeatedly before picking her up and slapping her across the face. Eve heads to the top rope and sits on the top turnbuckle, pulling back with Kaitlyn in a rear chin lock. Eve hits an elbow drop to Kaitlyn’s back for a two count before locking in a weird submission focusing on Kaitlyn’s neck.
Kaitlyn fights to the ropes, forcing Eve to break the hold. Eve walks over Kaitlyn before heading back up to the top. Kaitlyn pushes Eve out to the apron, then out to the floor. Kaitlyn brings Eve back into the ring, and Eve begs off, crying and apologizing. Kaitlyn slaps her across the face before slamming her to the mat fact first, twice. Kaitlyn shoulders Eve and drops her down stomach first across the knee. Eve is still able to kick out at two. Kaitlyn pulls on Eve’s leg but Eve grabs the ring apron. Eve heads to the outside, and when Kaitlyn follows, Eve takes her feet out from under her. Eve brings things back into the ring where she hits a swinging neckbreaker for a three count.


Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s champion: Eve


U.S Title Match: Antonio Cesaro (C) Vs R Truth

A very quick start with some quick pin attempts by both guys then They trade some shots until Cesaro hits an clothesline followed by some shots in the corner & a headbutt followed by an arm lock. Truth fights out of it but then is thrown into the corner & is clotheslines followed by a slam & a double stomp for a count of 2. Cesaro puts in an body lock but truth got out of it then Cesaro puts up an knee then right back to the Body lock. Truth tries to get out of it but Cesaro power slams again for a count of 2. Truth rolls him up but then Cesaro uppercuts him for a count of 2 but right back to the body lock. R Truth fights out of it with some strikes then a knock down & a spinning elbow. Truth gets kicked in the face but quickly gives one of his own. Truth hits a suplex stunner like move for a count of 2. Truth misses his finisher then Cesaro hits an wicked uppercut followed by Cesaro’s finisher for the win.

Winner & Still U.S Champion: Antonio Cesaro


Aj Lee comes out & talks about the Vickie Guerrero Accusing her & John Cena Scandal. Aj says that Vickie is having a Scandal then Vickie comes out & Puts up a picture of Ricardo  Rodriguez , Jim Ross & other superstars. Vickie says she will slap Aj but then out of nowhere Tamina Comes out & Tamina lays her out.


Paul Heyman does an interview about tonights WWE Title Match.


World Heavyweight Title Match: The Big Show (C) Vs Sheamus

They kick things off with them just brawling but show gets the upper hand but they continue to trade shots. Show hits a clothesline followed by a chop & a splash but out of nowhere sheamus attacks his knee then locks up show in the ropes as he punches & chops the chest of the world champion. Sheamus misses the probe kick then flys off the apron. Back in the ring sheamus comes off the top rope but The big show spears him out of mid air. Sheamus rolls to the outside of the ring then show throws sheamus into the steel steps. Back in the ring show hits a huge slam followed by a headbutt , knee to the head. Show beats him down then works on the left arm of sheamus. Show throws him into the corner followed some more shots to sheamus. Finally sheamus hits an shoulder block but not so fast as show kicks him in the face followed by an elbow drop for a count of 2. Show puts in an arm submission but sheamus gets out of it but then walks right into a side slam for a count of 2 by show. Show beats him down until sheamus kicks him in the face then puts on a sleeper hold but show gets rid of him. Sheamus kicks him in the chest but sheamus runs into the ring post on accident. Show hits a drop move for a count of 2. Show goes to the top rope but sheamus puts him on his shoulders for an awesome electric chair for a count of 2. They trade shots until sheamus hits an forearm followed by a double handed knockdown. Sheamus goes for probe kick but blocked then sheamus gets out of the chokeslam & hits white noise for a count of 2. Sheamus accidentally probe kicks to the referee & knocks him out. Show hits a knockout punch for the win.


Winner & Still world Champion: The Big Show (C)


After the match Another Referee says that Big show has been DQ for pulling the referee into the view of the probe kick. As Big show is arguing with the referee sheamus attacks show with a steel Chair.


Winner By DQ: Sheamus


Traditional Survivor Series Match: Alberto Del Rio , Damien Sandow , David Otunga , Wade Barrett & Dolp Ziggler Vs Kane , Daniel Bryan , Kofi Kingston , The Miz & Randy Orton

Otunga & Kofi start it off with kofi hitting a drop kick that send otunga to the outside & kofi flys off the top rope & back in the ring for a count of 2. Bryan is back in the ring but otunga hits a power slam that allows sandow in the ring as he hits a neck breaker followed by a elbow for a count of 2. He locks in a headlock but Bryan gets out of it with a kick in the corner then kicks the hell out of sandow chest but misses the head kick & sandow walks out but kane chases him down & throws him into the ring for bryan to kick him in the head. Kane is in & hits the chokeslam for the win. Bryan & kane argue then kane throws to the outside of the ring allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the elimination. Orton & the miz argue until orton clotheslines him followed by a suplex for a count of 2. Kofi is now in off the double team then kofi hits a monkey flip for a count of 2. Bryan is back in the ring with some uppercuts but out of nowhere ziggler knees him in the chest for Wade Barrett to get in the ring but misses in the corner allowing Bryan to misses in the corner. Wade kicks Bryan off the apron to the outisde of the floor then driving Bryan back first to the apron then back in the ring Otunga is now in & hits some clothesline for a count of 2. A very cocky pin attempt allowing Bryan to hit the cross face for the elimination. ADR is now in & puts in a headlock but Bryan gets out of it but not for long as ADR hits the back breaker. ADR gets thrown to the outside of the ring. Kofi gets tagged in & hits some quick moves even a drop kick. Kofi is fired up then hits the boom drop & hits a crossbody off the top rope for a count of 2. Wade hits a side slam off the the distraction then Hits the bull hammer for the elimination on Kofi. Orton is now in & drop kicks him for a count of 2. Wade tries to battle back but not until he kicks orton in the face. Wade gets blocked & Orton hits a suplex followed by a knee drop for a count of 2. orton works on the arm & tags in Bryan. Bryan drop kicks wade for a count of 2.Bryan puts the kicks to wade but wade clotheslines him out of the ring allowing ADr to be the legal man and throw Bryan into the ring but as soon as they get in the ring Bryan puts in the lebell lock but adr gets out of it. ADR kicks him then puts in the arm bar for the elimination. The Miz is now in & they brawl until miz elbows him in the face & tags in orton. Orton kicks him then some uppercuts . Just picking adr apart then out of nowhere adr works on the arm allowing ziggler to get in the ring & puts in the boots to him. Ziggler puts on a headlock but then orton throws him up in the air allowing miz & wade to get in the ring. Miz off the hot tag goes off on wade then hits a clothesline in the corner. Miz goes to the tope rope & hits a double Sleg followed by a miss Finisher. Wade hits his finisher but miz blocks it & hits the scull crusher finally for the elimination. ADr now in they go at it but ADr its a german suplex for a count of 2. ADR is knocked off the top rope allowing the miz to misses in the corner then ADR kicks him in the back of the head for the next elimination. ADR & Ziggler Vs Orton is left. Orton & adr go at it but then ADR hits the kick for a count of 2. ADR tags in ziggler then Dolp hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. More double team by both guys until ADR comes off the top rope & orton drop kicks him followed by some clotheslines. orton scope slams him but distracted by Ricardo ADr kicks him in the back of the head for a count of 2. Mick foley puts Mr Socko on Ricardo. orton goes for RKO but Dolp drop kicks ADR then orton throws Dolp into the corner then RKO on ADR for the elimination. Orton misses the RKO & Dolp hits the Zig Zag for a close Count of 2. Dolp who is in shock misses a move & Orton throws him on the apron for the Rope DDT followed by the punt kick to the head of Dolp but dolp fakes it & out of nowhere Dolp Kicks him in the head for the final Elimination & win.


Winner: Team Ziggler


WWE Title Match: Cm Punk (C) Vs John Cena Vs Ryback

No major introductions then Cena chases Punk around the ring then its ryback turn. Ryback & Cena both beat down the champion until they argue with punk knocking cena in ryback. Punk beats down ryback until rybck kicks him in the chest but then a bull dog by cena. They throw out punk to the outside. Ryback & Cena lock up with ryback getting the best of the two. Cena shoulder blocks him the goes for the AA but ryback hits a shoulder block. Ryback beats down cena & cena rolls out of the ring allowing punk to come in & hit a suplex but ryback gets right back up & hits a slam on him. Punk goes to the outside of the ring & cena is back with a headlock on him.while the lock is on punk comes off the top rope & knocks cena out of the ring then punk hits a double sleg on ryback. Punk comes off the top rope but is caught then punk hits a kick on ryback. Cena is back in but punk hits a DDT for a count of 2. Punk puts on a head submission but ryback picks up punk & hits a power slam then cena hits a side slam but ryback gets right up. They both trade shots until Cena hits a shoulder block but punk pulls him out of the ring & throws him in the steel steps. Punk spring boards cross body on ryback for a count of 2. Punk puts in a headlock on rybabck but ryback gets out of it with a tackle followed by a back body drop & spine buster. Ryback motions for the meet hook & hits it. Ryback goes for the shell shock but cena grabs Ryback leg & puts in the STF lock but punk comes off the top rope & hits an elbow on cena. Punk motions for GTS & goes for it on cena but cena gets out of it then they trade some Strikes until Ryback clotheslines both guys. Punk is thrown to the outside of the ring as well as cena. All three guys are on the outside of the ring then ryback goes to the shell shock but Cena & Punk tag up on him then they double team suplex ryback threw a announce table. Cena & Punk back in the ring & cena hits a shoulder block followed by side slam & 5 nuckle shuffle then goes for AA but blocked then Punk hits the GTS for the close 2 count. Then out of nowhere Cena hits the AA for a close 2 count. Cena gets kicked in the leg by punk then punk misses a head kick allowing cena to go for the STF but blocked & Punk hits a knee to the face in the corner. Punk goes for the bull dog but is blocked then Cena puts in the STF until Ryback pulls him out & clotheslines cena. Ryback motions & hits the meat hook followed by the shell shock for a count of 2 because cena says it. Ryback hits the shell shock on cena until Security or three guys Jumps all over ryback & there guys from NXT. Seth Rollins , Roman Rain & Dean Ambrose put ryback threw a table. Punk covers cena for the win.

Winner: & Still WWE Champion: Cm Punk

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