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WWE TLC 2012 PPV COVERAGE Live Right Now!!!

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We have Lilian Garcia have a bell going off 26 times for the Horrible Newton , CT School Shooting. Side Note – Are thoughts & Prayers go out to the family’s of the victims.

We get our video packages of hyping the main matches on tonight’s PPV.
#1 Contender Table Match For Tag Team Titles: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Vs Team Road Scholars
Before the match team road scholars does a promo about How bad brooklyn is then makes fun of them. not a regular tag match which is good so all four men start brawling untl the Mexican stars get the advantage with a double drop kick. they introduce the tables in the ring but hit Cody with one of them. Rey sets a table up as Cara goes up top as sandow is on the table but rhodes breaks it up. Rey is thrown to the outside of the ring as team road scholars beat down cara. Some shots to the head of cara followed by a double suplex but is blocked. Cara hits a spring board arm drag to cody but then is thrown head first into the corner & a drop kick to the back of the head to Cara. Rey is knocked down as the heels put the boots to cara. Cara is now thrown to the outside of the ring. Lil rey is thrown into the barrier as sandow brings a new table to the match. They hit a table on the leg which is caught between the steps & ring post of sin cara. Rey gets thrown into the barrier again. Two tables are set up outside of the ring side by side look for them later.Rey is put on the tables & cara is side by side. Team road scholars are in the ring for a double team move of some kind but rey attacks them with some ddt. Cody hits a powerbomb but is blocked and thrown to the outside. Cara hits a spring board crossbody & a hurricanronna followed by a spring board crossbody to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring rey & cody but cody goes for the alabama slam but is blocked as rey goes & hits the 619 which cody falls on the table. Rey goes to the top rope but is knocked down by sandow. Sandow backdrops Cara to the apron, andCara hits Sandow with another enzugiri. Rhodes pushes Cara to the outside through the tables set up earlier and this one is over.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow


WWE United States Championship Match Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth
The bell rings and we get a lock up with Truth backing Cesaro into a corner. Truth mocks Cesaro and punches him away. Cesaro kicks Truth in the gut before hitting him with a clubbing blow to the back and kicking him down to the mat. Cesaro locks in a head lock, wrenching back. Truth fights his way out of the hold, blocks a hip toss and rolls up Cesaro for two. Another roll up from Truth, another two. Truth takes Cesaro over with a headlock takeover. Cesaro fights up and out of the hold with a big belly to back suplex. Cesaro hits Truth with a giant right, then a head butt. Truth begins to fight back, but runs right into a knee to the gut that’s good for another two count. Cesaro clamps on a modified rear chin lock, rearing back and putting pressure on Truth’s neck. Truth is able to fight up to his feet, and Cesaro slams him into the corner, taking him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle all around the ring. Truth psychs himself up and slams Cesaro head first into the turnbuckle before hitting Cesaro with a couple of rights, and a nice spinning elbow. Truth kicks Cesaro in the stomach before hitting an axe kick. Truth pins Cesaro but can only get a two count. Truth hits Cesaro with a right, but runs into an elbow, only to hit Cesaro with a back heel kick. Truth tries for a suplex but Cesaro lands on his feet and hits Truth with an uppercut from behind. Cesaro hits the neutralizer, and pins Truth for three.

Winner and STILL WWE US Champion: Antonio Cesaro


WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
- Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett

The bell rings and Barrett slams Kofi right down to the mat. Barrett backs Kofi into the corner and hits him with a couple of elbows before trying for a quick cover. Barrett locks on a side head lock. Kofi fights up to his feet and sends Barrett into the ropes, but he eats a shoulderblock from Barrett. Kofi hits a couple of dropkicks that’s good for a two count, before kicking Barrett hard in the chest. Kofi hits the ropes and eats a clothesline that sends him to the outside.

Barrett heads to the outside and whips Kofi into the ring, where he pops up and leaps out to wipe out Barrett on the floor. Kofi sends Barrett back into the ring and leaps over him, springboarding into the ring. Barrett hits Kofi with a kick to the shin and takes him down to the mat with a suplex. Barrett blasts Kofi with a big right before hitting him with a big backbreaker that’s good for a two count. Barrett buries his knee in Kofi’s back and yanks back on his arms.

Kofi fights out of the hold and scores with a couple of kicks, but he runs into a tilt a whirl backbreaker for another two count. Barrett heads up to the second rope to deliver the elbow drop, getting another two count in the process. Barrett sits over top of Kofi and pulls back with a rear chin lock. Kofi fights to his feet and avoids another backbreaker, countering into a Russian leg sweep.

Kingston fights back with a series of chops, dropkicks, and a big clothesline. Kofi hits Barrett with the boom drop. He backs into the corner, but misses the trouble in paradise. Kofi tries for a roll up, not getting anything, but he scores with the SOS, and takes Barrett down for a two count. Kofi mounts Barrett in the corner and blasts Barrett with a series of punches, but he runs into double boots from Barrett. Barrett slams Kofi down to the mat hard for another two count.

Kofi heads to the top and hits a crossbody, but Wade rolls through into a pin for two. Kofi catches Wade with a roll up for a two count. Barrett hits the black hole slam out of nowhere and gets another two count. Barrett picks Kofi up and tries for the elbow, but Kofi catches him with trouble in paradise instead. He pins Barrett for the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

TLC Match: The Shield Vs Team Hell No & Ryback
They start out brawling, Ambrose & ryback are in the ring hitting him with some shots but doesn’t last long with ryback knocking him down then The shield attack ryback with some shots. Ryback gets out of it then clothesline Rollins out of the ring but ryback is drop kicked out of the ring but kane bring the ladder in the ring as ambrose & reigns beats down bryan. Mr Bryan meet Mr ladder bam he goes down. ryback is the the ring with a clothesline on the shield then he uses the ladder on ambrose and rollins. Out of nowhere reigns brings a chair to the ring then attacks ryback but kane attacks him. In the corner team hell no beat down reigns in the corner with some shots. A ladder in the opposed side of the ring and is thrown into it with bryan followed up with a drop kick. Tables are broguht in but rollins comes off the top rope but kane is there to hit him. Kane puts rollins into the ladder and hits him with a chair but ambrose brings a chair & hits kane in the knees with it. The crowd is red hit for this one. Ryback attacks the shield but the number out weigh him as they hits him in the ribs with a ladder. They slam the ladder on ryback A few shots to ryback followed by them trying to throw rryback but he blocks it then hits some clothesline. He throws 2 of them into the corner & clotheslines them. He grabs both of them & suplex em on a ladder. ryback trying to go for his finisher but reigns breaks it up. Ambrose takes a chair to ryback as they all have weapons in there hands. Reigns get the commentator table ready for business then they triple powerbomb ryback threw the table. After that Bryan hits a dive to the outside of the ring but then the shield gets up & attacks him. kane makes the save as we get back in the ring with Ambrose hitting them with a steel chair followed by a suplex with a steel chair on bryan. They set up a table on the ropes in the corner then they send Bryan chin first into the table. They put him on the table as they go up there as well then suplex him off of it wow. They go for a pin attempt but kane breaks it up. They double team kane and send him into the table again. They put kane on the table but kane shoves them off the hits a clothesline on ambrose. Kane hits some clothesline then a side walk slam on Reigns. DA or Deam Ambrose goes for a suplex but kane blocks it & he chokeslams ambrose on a chair for a count of 2. Reigns gets thrown to the outside but rollins takes the legs out of kane then reigns spears kane threw the ring barrier. They cover up kane in damages stuff. in the ring bryan puts in the no lock on ambrose until the shield comes in and breaks it up. They go for suplex but bryan blocks it but not for long as they kick the back of the head of bryan to the steel step. Here comes ryback as he hits a back body drop then a kick followed by a slam. Ryback throws rollins out of the ring then a spine buster on reigns, when he goes for the powerbomb ambrose attacks him but ryback hits a spear followed by a meat hook. When going for the shell shock then nails it but is broken up by the shield. Ryback fights back on them but the shield catches up to him with the numbers game. They fight to the top of the stage but a chair to the back of the head knocks down ryback. They put ryback on a table then rollins climbs a huge ladder but ryback gets up & follows him up the ladder then throws him off of it & he goes threw 2 tables awesome spot. Back in the ring they power bomb bryan threw the table off the top rope for the win.

Winner: The Shield


World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match: The Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus
The bell rings and Sheamus attacks off the bat, hitting Show with a series of clubbing blows. Show shoves Sheamus away, but Sheamus is right back on hit, hitting him with a low dropkick and hitting him with clubbing blows to the chest before taking him down with a chop block. Sheamus hits Show with a series of knees to the chest before Show swats Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus reaches under the ring and grabs a chair, but heading back in, Show swats the chair to the outside. Show heads out and walks around the ring. Sheamus follows and grabs a chair, but runs right into a big boot from Show.

Show hits Sheamus with a giant chop to the chest, following him around the ringside area and hitting him with another before sending him back into the ring. Show looks under the ring, but Sheamus is up and on the ring apron, charging and leaping off with a giant shoulder block to Show. Show comes back with a head butt, sending Sheamus back into the ring. Show heads in and goes into the corner, but walks into double boots. Show comes right back with a giant clothesline to lay Sheamus out.

Sheamus heads to the top with a chair in hand, leaping off with a giant chair assisted shoulder block to Show. Sheamus heads back to the apron and to the top again, chair still in hand. Sheamus goes off the top, and runs right into a big spear from Show, with the chair crumpling in between both men.

Sheamus falls to the outside and Show heads out after him, hitting him with a giant chair shot, then another. Show lays Sheamus across the ring steps and hits him with a big chop to the chest. Show brings things back into the ring and kicks Sheamus away from a chair. He goads Sheamus to get up, hitting him with a shot to the back. Sheamus tries to fight back, but Show knees him in the face. Show chokes Sheamus against the middle rope before hitting a big head butt. Show sends Sheamus into the corner, following with a running clothesline.

Show runs in with a big kick, but Sheamus moves and Show ends up hung up on the top rope. Show and Sheamus trade right hands on their knees, fighting up to their feet. Sheamus backs Show into the corner and buries his shoulder in Show’s midsection before hitting him with a big running knee. Sheamus ducks a punch, but runs right into a chokeslam that puts him down for a two count.

Show heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing another chair, and a second, tossing them both in the ring. Show goes around the ring and grabs a third, and fourth chair. Show finally heads back into the ring and kicks Sheamus away from the chairs before grabbing one and blasting the challenger across his back. Show lays a chair across Sheamus’ chest, heads up to the top rope and hits a giant Vader bomb for a two count. Show sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, then sets up another facing the first. Show grabs Sheamus around the throat and tries for a chokeslam, but Sheamus picks up Show and hits him with white noise instead through the chairs, pinning the champ for a two count.

Sheamus begins to psych himself up, pounding on his chest. Sheamus tries for the brogue kick, but Show moves and nails Sheamus with the KO punch. Show pins Sheamus, but Sheamus kicks out at two.

Show rolls to the outside and heads under the ring once more. He grabs another chair, and this one is huge. It looks like a cartoon chair, it’s ridiculously oversized. Show picks up the giant chair and blasts Sheamus with a shot across the back. Show pins Sheamus and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show


3MB vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Brooklyn Brawler
Slater and Del Rio kick things off and Del Rio takes Slater into the corner, hammering away with kicks before charging in and blasting Slater with a kick to the arm. Brawler tags in a clamps on a headlock, then hits Slater with a shoulder block. Brawler takes out Mahal and McIntyre, but he’s wiped out by a dropkick from Slater. McIntyre tags in and unloads with a series of rights to Brawler. McIntyre goes for the pin, but only get two. Slater tags back into the ring and takes Brawler down to the mat, but misses a fist drop from the second rope. Brawler makes the tag to Miz who comes in with a couple of clotheslines to Mahal before hitting him with a series of rights in the corner, then his signature corner clothesline. Miz drops Mahal to the mat and things begin to break down. Del Rio takes McIntyre out with a suicide dive and Ricardo pulls Slater from the ring. Miz hits Mahal with the SCF and tags out to Brawler. Brawler locks in the Brooklyn crab and makes Mahal tap out.

Winners: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and The Brooklyn Brawler

MITB Ladder Match: Dolp Ziggler Vs John Cena

Main Event time as they lock up, Cena hits a shoulder block. They tie up again as DZ locks in a head lock until they do some basic stuff. For the third Tie up cena puts in a headlock untl cena hits a hip lock followed by a headlock but ziggler gets out of it & puts his own on cena. Cena then works the arm followed by a suplex. He throws in ziggler to the corner & hits a monkey flip followed by throwing him out of the ring. Cena gets hit in the chest with a steel chair & back in the ring we go. Ziggler puts a chair into the corner of the ring but cena hits a flap jack slam on Ziggler. Cena brings out a ladder but Ziggler kicks it into cena. now in the ring Cena has the ladder & hits him with it. Cena throws Ziggler into the Commentator desk & moves a steel step then hits Ziggler in the head with it. A table is now in the ring but Ziggler pulls the neck of Cena on the ropes. Ziggler climbs the ladder but Cena knocks him down. They trade shots until ziggler puts in the Sleeper but Cena climbs up the ladder while Ziggler is on his back but Cena falls back & they both go threw a table. Ziggler sets up the ladder but cena closes the ladder then lifts it with ziggler on it & trys to hits the AA but Ziggler gets off it . Cena hits the 5 moves of doom but in the middle of it Ziggler hits the face smasher. Ziggler grabs a ladder until Cena locks in the stf. Cena gets a ladder but ziggler hits the Zig zag. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle but when going for the AA Ziggler hits a DDT. Ziggler goes & gets a huge ladder, he sets it up & climbs it but Cena meets him up there. They trade shots until Ziggler falls off. Cena trying to get the Brief case when Ziggler knocks him off the ladder but Cena beats him down in the corner. Cena goes head first into the ladder. Cena puts Ziggler threw a table then Cena grabs a ladder but Ziggler Drop kicks Cena. Ziggler trying to throw cena in the corner but cena fights out of it. Cena is thrown off the top rope & ziggler goes for a crossbody but is caught but Ziggler hits him with a steel chair. Ziggler clears the ring of all the damage goods then misses a super kick allowing Cena to hit the AA. Vickie comes out with a chair but AJ attacks her. Cena climbs the ladder as Aj pushes him off the crowd went nuts. Ziggler climbs up the ladder & gets the Briefcase to win the match.

Winner: Dolp Ziggler

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