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AR's Predictions For WWE Night Of Champions PPV

By : andyravens Posted on

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Lets get started by starting with the under card of this ppv which is decent but not bad either.


Battle Royal for a United States Championship match later in the evening
Look Santino Marrella is a in storyline with the u.s champion & it just make sense for him to win the battle royal.


My Prediction winner: Santino Marrella

Intercontinental Title  Fatal-4-Way match: The Miz (c) Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & Cody Rhodes

This is a good way to kick off the ppv for the following reason,The miz needs the strap for alittle longer & if he loses the title what & who does he have to feud with?. Mysterio & Sin Cara doesn’t need the belt & doesn’t need a feud. There tag team partners & Probably future tag team champions together. That lead Cody Rhodes who is in the shuffle & doesn’t know whats going forward with his character but needs a storyline.


My Prediction Winner: The Miz (C)

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
This could be match of the night so watch out of this one to a very Entertaing match.
Dolp Ziggler is the future right now & is mr money in the bank, He doesn’t necessary need a feud because at any time he can cash in the briefcase & that is he’s storyline. As for Randy Orton he is soon to be staring in a movie for wwe so this wouldn’t hurt him if he lost it & just gave Dolp more of a push. Im not saying orton is gonna be off of WWE TV for awhile but that is always a possibility.

My Prediction Winner: Dolp Ziggler

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus (C) Vs Alberto Del Rio

World title time will be early in the show for a couple of reasons, they can work & there will be a title change tonight. Sheamus has had the title since Wrestlmania from early this year & beating Daniel Bryan in 18 Seconds. Sheamus has had a good long title run but they way there pushing ADR it just looks like they have to give him the belt. This feud has been going for awhile now & i think this is the ppv is the end for this feud.


My Prediction Winner: Alberto Del RIo

Divas Title Match: Layla (C) Vs Kaitlyn
Now don’t be expecting much from this match for a couple reason. Diva matches are not in the big picture for wwe & its a filler match for this ppv. Im not a big fan of Kaitlyn just yet, she doesn’t look like a typical diva for wwe which is good & Layla can work with anybody so it should be a decent match at best.

My Prediction Winner: Layla

World Tag Team Title Match: R Truth (C) & Kofi Kingston (C) Vs Kane & Daniel Bryan
Now before i go anywhere in this one you need to understand that kane & Daniel Bryan is just for now.
I do believe that kane & Bryan will win the straps . Truth & Kingston have had the titles for a long time & they work good together but need a lose to regain that there beatable.  They have beaten everyone in the tag division except from the recently put together tag team ( Kane & Daniel Bryan).

My Prediction Winner: Kane & Daniel Bryan

Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Preshow Battle Royal winner
Now i predicted that Santino Marella Will win the battle royal in the pre show. Who ever wins the battle royal it doesn’t really matter because Cesaro is on a winning streak & a big push. Santino & him have a feud going on & i see it continuing at this ppv.

My Prediction Winner: Antonio Cesaro

WWE Title Match: John Cena Vs Cm Punk (C)
This is going to be a good match & here’s why. For one what a great build up that wwe has done for this feud. Second John Cena has beaten & made fun of by CM Punk, Punk has had the advantage over cena since this match has been announced. Now if were going back to the history of these two, Cena has never beaten Punk for the wwe title. Whenever cena is backed into a corner & not held the title for a long time he usually wins it. I see cena winning at this ppv which snaps Punks title run & setup a feud that can last a couple of months so we can have the rock vs john cena at the royal rumble.

My Prediction Winner: John Cena

Join us this Sunday at 7:20ct has we have live Play by play coverage of this event.

What do you think will win? leave it in the comment area below.

Final Card For Tonight's WWE Night Of Champions PPV
WWE Reportedly Staying Clear Of All TNA Talent
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