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WWE Monday Night Raw PBP Coverage (9-17-12)

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We are welcomed by Micheal Cole & Then Paul Heyman Comes out. He says last night at NOC PPV that he & everyone got to watch history by Cm Punk Defend His wwe title against John Cena. He says that the match ended in controversy then he ask the referee from last nights match to come to the ring. The Referee comes to the ring & they show a Photo from last night pin. Heyman says everyone is an critic including John Cena & Heyman says that he made the right decision. The Referee agrees of it then heyman says that a fan video that was posted from NOC Main event of John Cena Vs Cm Punk Pin fall. It was a draw which ends up that punk retains the Title. John Cena Comes out & he tells Heyman to shut up then says he agrees with the outcome of the match. Cena says that is draw how the wwe universe wanted the match to end. Cena says that he wants to find out who the real winner is & they should have a rematch from last night on raw tonight. Heyman says that Punk would tell him what answer but punk isn’t here right now. Alberto Del Rio comes out & say’s that cena had his chance but lost it. He adds that the probe kick was banned then out of nowhere it was lifted & that’s why he lost to sheamus.ADR says he should get a title shot instead of Cena. AJ Lee comes out & say’s they both deserve a title shot then makes the main event. Alberto Del Rio & Cm Punk Vs Sheamus & John Cena. The winner of the match will determine who faces Cm Punk.

Micheal Cole Who is wearing a Jerry Lawler Shirt gives an update about him.

JBL & Jim Ross is introduced for Commentary for tonight’s telecast.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara Vs Primo & Epico
Cara & Primo start things off with cara getting the offense going with high flying style.
Rey is tagged in they double team in the corner then for a pin attempt for a count of 2.
Cara is back in & is working on the arm of primo that takes into commercial break.
Back from break & primo gets arm dragged then ddt. epico & rey get tagged in & he hits a arm drag then a near fall. Rey hurricarnada in the corner the both epico & primo get 619. Cara does a front flip off the top rope for the win.


Winner: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara


After the match Prime Time Players attack Mysterio & Cara. Titus O’Neil & Daren Young does a promo after the attack saying that’s how they deal with business & sent a message to the tag team division.


Eve Vs Beth Phoenix
Layla is commentary & here we go they tie up then eve getting pushed down. Eve gets a side headlock then into a Irish wipes then a big clothesline by Phoenix. Phoenix goes for her finisher but eve gets out of it with punches. Eve gets beat down in the corner. Eve pushes Beth in the corner & gets the roll up for the win.
Winner: Eve
After the match eve & layla stare down each other.


Brodus Clay Vs Heath Slater
Heath pushes clay but a big knock down by clay. In corner heath beats down clay with kicks & punches. He then puts a head lock on clay & clay throws slater then a couple of knockdown. Cessaro who is on commentary distracts clay then slater gets a big knock down. Heath comes off the top rope but gets head butted in the chest & that’s followed up by a splash for the win.
Winner: Brodus Clay


The Miz comes out for the first Miz TV show. He talks about last weeks 4 way title match & the talents that he has. He says what he show that will set apart from the other shows that his is awesome. He then welcomes Booker T to the show. He says that booker t being on the miz tv is the best thing that ever happen to his career. He ask why booker t banned the probe kick & then reinstated it. Booker grabs the microphone & says he needs a new person for the show. Ryback comes out & gets in the ring. Miz leaves the ring & Ryback throws all the furniture out of the ring.


Dolp Ziggler Vs Santino Marella
Santino knocks down ziggler then a drop kick by ziggler to start this one off. Ziggler goes a for punches but marella keeps walking & marella gets a take down into a headlock. Ziggler gets things going with a neck breaker & a elbow into a pin attempt. A kick then Ziggler grabs the cobra & throws it on the ground. They brawl but Ziggler gets the better of the two. Ziggler throws several punches until marella gets things going with hip toss & head butt. He goes for the cobra which is on the ground but Vickie grabs it & Ziggler hits the zig zag  for the win.


Winner: Dolp Ziggler


Wade Barrett Vs Justin Gaberiel 

Justin kicks wade in the leg then into a roll up for a count of 2. Justin misses a kick but kicked in the chest by wade. Were on the outside & wade beats him down then uses the ring post to assist in the destruction. Wade beats down Gabriel in the corner then a big side slam for a count of 2. Wade targets the midsection with punches then another cover for a count of 2. He puts in abdominal stretch submission but Justin gets out of it with knees. Justin kicks wade Barrett down but what a shot to the ribs then Wade goes for his finisher but blocked. Justin knocks him down then a monsult for a count of 2. Justin gets thrown in the air & wade puts in a submission then a big right hand/ forearm for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett


Damion Sandow & Jared from subway does a backstage segment.
Tag Team Title Match: Kane (c) & Daniel Bryan Vs Kofi Kingston & R Truth
Bryan & Kingston start things off with bryan getting a headlock then a couple knockdowns.
Truth is in the match with bryan getting the advantage with an arm lock. Kofi is tagged in with a splash. Kane gets in & they brawl alittle then kane beats him down in the corner. Kane headbutts but kofi kicks of his own & throws kane & bryan outside the ring. Were back from commercial with kofi getting th hot tag but in the corner as he punches to kane he kicks kane in the head & a big cross body on kane. Kofi goes for boom drop & when he goes for trouble in paradise its blocked. When kofi comes off the top he is hit with a right hand then Bryan is tagged in. They argue but r truth is tagged in & comes in with the hot tag. A big suplex by truth for a count of 2.
Kofi is tagged in they double team him with suplex’s then another count of just 2. Kofi has a arm submission then a big drop kick for a count of 2. Truth is tagged in they double team suplex for a count of 2. Truth has bryan in a headlock Then truth gets thrown in corner & kane is tagged in then hits a clothesline for a count of 2. Kane throws truth in the corner then a clothesline that is followed by a side walk slam. When bryan goes for tag in kane gets distracted but bryan throws kofi outside the ring. Kane chokeslam truth & Bryan puts in the yes lock for the win.
Winner & Still Champions: Kane & Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton Vs Tensi
They brawl with tensi getting the better of the two. In corner tensi beat down orton & working the midsection with punches & elbows. Tensi rakes the eyes but here comes orton but it doesn’t last long has his weak spot is his midselection then he puts in an shoulder submission. Orton gets out of it then hits the ddt off the middle rope. Orton goes for RKO but tensi blocks it then orton pushes tensi in the corner & hits The RKO For the win.

Winner: Randy Orton 



Damon Sandow does a promo about back to school



Damon Sandow Vs Zack Ryder
Sandow gets the first offense to this match with knockdowns & submissions. Sandow smothers ryder face into the mat then into a pin attempt that only got a 2 count. A side headlock by sandow then a neck breaker. Sandow hits a big elbow into a pin attempt. In the corner we go as sandow beats down ryder but when he Irish wipes in a roll up but only for 2. A couple of roll ups then ryder hits some elbows & a face smash. Zack gets fired up then goes for broski kick but sandow moves & goes outside the ring. When back in the ring sandow throws ryder in the corner but what Zack goes for broski kick one more time & hits it for only a count of 2. Sandow gets up & hits a his finisher for the win.


Winner: Damon Sandow

Sheamus & John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio & Cm Punk
Cena & ADR start things off they tie up then a couple of headlock & toss by both men. In the corner adr beats down cena. Then out of nowhere cena hits a back body drop then sheamus is tagged in. In the corner sheamus beats down adr & he then hits a front flip slam. Cena is tagged in but adr gets a kick in & Punk tagged in. Cena hits a bull dog then goes for AA but gets outside of the ring. Back in the ring punk beats down cena with kicks. ADR is back in after the double kicks to cena.Punk is back in & there working the midsection but cena is trying to fight out of it but cena gets the tag in to sheamus. He comes in & puts the boots to him then a clothesline into a count of 2. ADR is back in & kicks sheamus in the face but adr misses a dive & is hung out on the apron. Sheamus clubs his chest but adr gets caught in white noise. Sheamus is calling for probe kick but punk distracts him with adr getting the back breaker. Punk is in the ring & punk beats him down then puts him in a submission. Sheamus gets doubled team as adr is back in the ring. ADR continues the beat down but sheamus hits a big back breaker. Cena & punk gets the hot tag in then cena goes super cena with all of his signature moves but when cena puts stf its broken up by adr. ADR gets probe kick then cena hits AA on punk for the win but his leg is on the rope but the referee still counts the 3.


Winner: John Cena & Sheamus

Raw ends with CM Punk yelling at the referee saying his foot was on the ropes.

Update On The Future Of TNA iMPACT! Staying Live
Attaboy Factor Returns on 9-24
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