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Yes!Yes!Yes! The Attaboy Factor is Back!

By : Attaboy Factor Posted on

Welcome to the Attaboy Factor! Its been 3 years since i last blessed with my analysis on professional wrestling.In case you’re new to the website and wanna know my track record, google attaboy factor and see whats up. Now, with that being said, here is the business at hand. First I am back writing a column for raw as of now, but who knows, maybe i will write some for friday night. The first thing im addressing is last nights Raw,which originated from Montreal,Quebec Canada. What a first night back for me as far as writing. Bret Harts first time in a wwe ring in montreal since Survivor Series 97.

What a start to the show!Bret Hart came out to a thunderous ovation.Bret thanked the fans in montreal and was cutting a half decent promo before being interrupted by current WWE champion C.M. Punk. The champ had nothing but disrespectful things to say to the Hitman. I really kinda find it funny how they character flip punk like they do. Needless to say,Punk didnt kick Hart like i somehow imagined he would.Punk cut a decent heel promo,saying that if he was there in 97,he would’ve beat Bret and left the “sinking ship” to wcw. All of this while wearing pink trunks and wearing pink kneepads, sheesh! Punk said he would put the Hitman to sleep, Bret fired back with “Like you’re putting everybody in the arena to sleep!” The promo was topped off with the classic Boring! chants as well as a obsenity.What a start to Raw!

    Kingston/Truth vs Miz/Cesaro

- Decent Match. The chemistry between Miz and R truth will always be there. In the end the tag team champs picked up the “W” with a “trouble in paradise” to cesaro courtesy of Kingston.

* Sheamus segment- This was a piece of work. Classic Sheamus,as he made a fool of David Otunga and Ricardo,and even tossed in a “Ci Senor” to Ricardo and a “goatface” reference to Daniel Bryan.Great segment.

    Eve,Kaitlyn,Layla vs Alicia Fox,Beth Phoenix,Natalya

- Ok match. The only thing i took from this is that Beth Phoenix looks like a woman amongst girls.

Cm Punk backstage confronts Raw gm Aj- Punk complains to Aj about his Rawactive opponent and how she has her “super friends” in the wwe universe ,and Aj gives him the business. I really must say Aj is a good gm.

    Randy Orton vs Cm Punk

-Great Match. Then Ziggler messed it up and it turned into a horrible tag team match, the only highlight was when Paul Heyman made his way to ringside and had a huddle up with punk.Vicky Guererro put her two pennies in while Punk and Paul E. discussed dinner options and downtown Montreal. Ziggler lost the match, and the thing i took from all of this, is Orton may have the greatest powerslam in history.

    Heath Slater vs Ryback

- Normal Ryback garbage. Heath Slater is annoying and kinda reminds me of a 1998 Chris Jericho(without the slamming chairs into the steel post) Feed Me More? What is this? a Chef Boyardee commercial? Ryback,Goldberg called and said he wants his style back!Ryback wins convincingly again.

*Note-I would love to see Primetime Players vs Cryme Tyme=Classic promos and garbage matches.

    Kane,Daniel Bryan vs Prime Time Players

(number 1 contenders match)- Ok match. Highlights of match?Hands down the “No” vs “Yes” debate and Kane chokeslamming Bryan on top of Daren Young for the victory. I compare the friction between Kane and Bryan similar to Kanes past teammates(Xpac? Rvd? Ring a bell?)

    Tyson Kid vs Alberto Del Rio

(in Ricardos voice)- not too much to say. Kidd got a nice pop when locking the sharpshooter on Del Rio, but in the end Del Rio got the “w” with the armhold.

Michael Cole-announces Jerry Lawler collapsed

    Sheamus vs David Otunga

- Sheamus destroyed him. Sheamus with the cloverleaf(I see you Dean Malenko). Sheamus topped it off with a Brogue Kick.Smackdown Gm Booker T came out and warned the Celtic Warrior that if he used it again,he would be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bryan and Kane(Segment 2)-Team Friendship. These two have good chemistry.I sometimes hate how the WWE makes Kane look soft.Afterwards Michael Cole announces Lawler was taken to hospital and that there would be no more commentary that evening. Wrestling without commentary is odd, I found myself almost falling asleep.

    Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

- Decent match. I have been a follower of Rhodes and his character development since Legacy.I also gave them kudos going back to 09 when i first started the column.Rhodes in my opinion will be a WWE/World champion one day.Miz distraction led to Rhodes victory. Rhodes then dropped Miz and held up the Intercontinental strap.Afterwards Michael Cole announced Lawler was breathing and showing signs of eye movement.

Bret Hart interview with John Cena-Bret and Cena had a decent interview and they compared Punk/Cena feud to HBK/Hitman feud.Cena actually held his composure when the fans chanted “You cant wrestle”. Bret said Cm punk was “Phony” which brought out the “Best in the world”. Punk said there was no comparison because he was better then HBK. Punk continued to insult, and when it looked like they were gonna throw down,they didnt. Punk attempted to attack Hart, The Hitman responded with a classic right blow,clearing Punk out of the ring. Punk walked back up ramp as the show was coming to a close. Michael Cole updated that Lawler was getting a cat scan on head and chest as raw went off the air.

What a first Raw back. Be sure to read next week. Im going to do some more things with this column. I am also opening a facebook and Twitter for the column. For now if you want to get my input or give me feedback email me at

Josh “Attaboy” Atterbury

About Attaboy Factor

I am a advid fan of the wrestling business. I have been watching wrestling for 25 years. I enjoy writing columns and expressing my opinion.
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